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Happy Christmas and New Year.


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OMG Melody that's an awful lot of decs!! But beautiful. It must have taken you years to collect so many! I think I definitely need to up my Christmas spec a bit ......have got a bit lazy in last few years!! It tends to happen a bit when you have no children or grandchildren but deep down I still do love it all.


Ive saved the video so I can follow those science links.......they look really interesting will let you know x


Happy Christmas everyone and lots of dancing / dance watching for 2015

Make it a year to go and see a Company have never seen before!!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to 'All BalletCo' addicts (or is that just me!! :) )


Melody - I can now say that I know someone who has more trees than me - I have 4 indoors and 1 outside each year.  Thank You!


Harwel - DD just received her RAD Intermediate result last week so we are certainly celebrating (rather than waiting anxiously!).  Hope everyone else received a lovely RAD Christmas Present too.

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My goodness, Melody! How impressive! I wonder how long it has taken you to build up your collection?


Happy Christmas everyone. I hope the coming year will bring lots of happiness to everyone.


A little over 30 years. We have ornaments on those trees that I remember buying in the 1980s (which means they've survived two cross-country trips during our moves between here and California), and we bought the tall skinny tree (the one decorated like a rainbow) in 1995 or 1996 (that's our oldest tree). We're really buying very little these days on account of we now have more stuff than we can display at once.

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Where do you store it all during the rest of the year, Melody????  It's absolutely gorgeous - reminds me of Christmas at Downton Abbey!   Tonight is the 8th candle of Chanucah, so as well as wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2015, I'd like to wish my fellow candle-lighters, a very happy Chanucah and hope you've gone easy on the doughnuts!

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