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  1. Have just got off the busiest train I’ve been on for two years! By the time we got to Gatwick there were people standing. Luckily the young person who then sat next to me was wearing a mask!! I know it’s a bit grannyish but when I got off I thanked him for wearing a mask as mostly under 20’s in particular dont though it’s across all ages as well. I just expect older people to be a bit more responsible I suppose. None of us enjoys wearing a mask for sure.
  2. Not sure about the red colour but I wondered whether the costume is supposed to be a sort of sackcloth and ashes thingy?
  3. The irony is to me that people think it safer to take a mask off once seated! When you are moving around ( although hasten to add I always wear a mask indoors in public venues anyway) you have much less chance of passing Covid on if you’ve got it than when you might sit next to somebody for an hour or more!! It’s all a bit crazy really ...I go into a Pret ( or whatever) wear a mask when ordering and then take it off (obviously) to eat etc. Im pretty sure most cafes and restaurants have poor ventilation. We have been away twice in the last six months staying in Premier Inns so to be honest am amazed I haven’t actually caught it yet although double jabbed!! ( Hope not famous last words 🙄)
  4. I do feel for you Dawnstar a very difficult position you are in. Perhaps don’t curtail your theatre visits completely though. For example if you are going twice to Giselle maybe only go once and only once to Dante etc. If you and mum are both double vaccinated (and your mum should be able to get a booster by now) and you are both very careful ( using lateral flow tests could help with a bit of security around Covid too) then the chances of catching Covid and not surviving are actually quite small. Also there are a lot of new drugs around now for treatment if the worse should happen. You have to look after your mental health as well so need some outlet for enjoyment. It’s probably too complicated but I wonder if theatres can’t allocate parts or a part of the auditorium over for mask wearers only so you could book for that part of the theatre. I paid more for my seats so I could sit in row D of the Balcony so at least there is nobody sitting behind you! I also find it relaxing to sit there for the same reason.
  5. Only yesterday a friend was telling me not to worry about a ticket which may have the wrong time on it as she said in her past three visits nobody has even checked her ticket at all at any stage!!!
  6. I remember it as being at ROH It was a long time ago in the 70’s! Or if was 80’s very early 80’s I know the ROH was closed for quite a while a few years back but think it was before that closure.
  7. I’m trying to plan my booster shot ( due in November) around the ballet going and my birthday!! As don’t want to risk feeling any possible adverse reactions on those days.... well or the day before or day after as well.
  8. Spent six months there as a student! It was a very nice place back in early 70’s probably wouldn’t recognise today! Had lots of nice cafes and cake shops anyway!!
  9. I was at the performance when Monica Mason as Myrthe ( I would have been terrified of her on stage!) broke her ankle mid performance. I think she even briefly carried on but you could tell she was in trouble. I still can’t remember who came on to take her place.
  10. So lovely to see those pictures! Must have been pretty emotional in the House!
  11. Yes that is just about my choice at the moment as well but would add Adam Peaty and Katya.
  12. Would love to go to the Leanne Benjamin Ed Watson talk but have to be in London on Thursday that week so can’t do the Tuesday as well unfortunately.
  13. Keeping fingers crossed for McRae he’s worked so hard for this. The Psychological hurdle must be huge never mind the ankle!!
  14. Interesting. I know she will dance it well but I don’t see her as a natural Myrthe Now Monica Mason on the other hand...one of the best!!
  15. Did they ever officially announce that Oti and partner would not be dancing this week? It wasn’t until Tess said “” now all our couples have danced... “ that I notice they were missing so watched the recap carefully to see if I’d somehow missed their dance! When I googled Oti it came up that her partner had injured his back but I don’t remember it being mentioned in the programme at all. The marking is all over the place this year and Craig was unusually grumpy even for him for the first half of the show I thought he was going to hit Motsi at one point 😳 I know the judges always ham it up a bit but thought they must have had a row just before going on air!!!
  16. I don’t know Dawnstar what are we going to do with you! Crying at the R&J balcony scene...... I might be joining you on Saturday!!
  17. I first came across Osipova on YouTube quite a few years ago now. When I took up ballet again the year before I retired and finally had an IPad ( instead of a work laptop) I got obsessed with watching YouTube videos of dancers and students of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi etc. (An amazing one of the 14 year Diana Vishneva in a Carmen piece). It was almost enough to put you off taking up ballet again lol as they were all SO amazing! Especially one video of Osipova and another student in a final year demo. I then started to follow a few of them on any YouTube videos could find of them dancing or being interviewed etc. I was particularly taken with Vishneva Osipova, Lopatkina and Zakharova among others. The first opportunity I had to see Osipova was in Don Q with Vasiliev at the Colisseum and have never been so excited by any performance before! They were showy but totally amazing and as have said before here literally kept me on the edge of my seat....what a performance! I thought that’s it ...it’s time I went to Russia! By the time I did get to see the Mikhailovsky a couple of years later (still a great Company and love love love that theatre!) Osipova had left of course. I was so glad when she joined the Royal so have seen her many times now. For me there is a link with Nureyev and Osipova artistically speaking ..in that when they are/were on stage I feel it is a bit life and death for them so the performance they are giving becomes very real and they manage to draw you in and make you care about what they are doing in the moment ....even when not dancing! This is a rare gift and Osipova is one of those who has it. A bit like singers who really live out their songs on stage so are riveting to be in the presence of. Her Giselle ...totally different to Don Q...was truly wonderful definitely one of the best I’ve seen over the years. She is not always the most pure of classical dancers ( as Nureyev wasn’t) but I don’t mind this as she takes risks and I really admire this in an artist so I’ve never been disappointed by any performance she has given. You can’t just switch off when she is dancing ( if you are tired for example) I personally think we need dancers like her as well as those with the more purely classical technique etc. There are some dancers who can really move you to tears through their technique alone because of the sheer beauty of expression with it.....Lopatkina and Makarova come to mind for me) and others who are somehow more vulnerable in themselves in actual performing and wanting to communicate their love of their Art with an audience ....Osipova Fonteyn and Nureyev for me are/were moving in this way. On a lighter and totally superficial note I secretly love the fact that she is not a total “bunhead” and has shorter hair and even ...heaven forbid ...a fringe 😳😱😩😂 ....or at least did for a while!
  18. 😂 That is funny Fonty!! I needed a laugh this morning!
  19. Once went on a school trip to see Der Rosenkavalier opera and a friend and myself got into a huge attack of giggles which we just couldn’t control during one of the big duets!! Must have been very annoying for others around us but assume must have been a schools performance. We did get told off though!
  20. Really? I can’t imagine there being anything funny in that at all!!
  21. I can’t comment on Dante as haven’t seen it yet but a sentence stuck in my mind from your long review Nogoat “ or did the usual get out clause apply that it meant whatever it evoked in the viewer” This is because I read of an artist recently who literally put a blank canvas on view in a Gallery! Perhaps the ultimate experience or ultimate insult lol! At least I hope McGregor will not have short changed to that extent! I’m sure the Divine Comedy is a huge work to choose for a ballet so could never give it complete justice just as a ballet about Virginia Woolf was very ambitious ....as which works do you include and which not!! Ballets tend to work better when focussing in on just one story on the whole. For me in Dance half the battle is won by the choice of music so by all accounts it does look as if at least the score for this Ballet will be worth listening to! Anyway am looking forward to seeing this soon ....but first Romeo and Juliet ....now there’s a good idea for a Ballet! Just slightly related but if anyone can bear it Radio 4 are broadcasting Milton ‘s Paradise Lost tomorrow afternoon....at least the second part ...the first was on this afternoon. I had to study this for A level!! At 18 I can’t imagine what I got out of it or what on Earth I would have had to say about it .......must have all been rather cerebral anyway.
  22. I had a reply already! From Sandra. she said after consulting with the managers they advised her to tell me that my browser may have an automatic time adjustment on it if in a different time zone and to use a different browser. Highly ironic as I haven’t left the UK now for over five years ( unfortunately) so certainly nothing to do with my browser! However it did occur to me that perhaps whoever sent the info out to my Events Page may have been in a different time zone at the time lol!! I did order them in August and an hour ahead suggests European time 🌞🧳🩱🏊🧉👒🏖 Or could just be a glitch on the ROH computer who knows!!
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