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  1. Well it’s good to know it’s nearly sold out. I think when I first booked I didn’t realise it was more of a one off Gala...I thought it was the Ukrainian Company and did think it a bit odd it was for only one night! I just wanted to see some ballet at the time so now this is turning out to be much more exciting than I first realised....though don’t relish the thought of London today it’s already really hot here in Brighton and it’s usually even hotter in London!
  2. I’ve not seen anything on Facebook though. Im sure I’ve liked both the Colisseum and Sadlers wells and ROH pages so should get notifications from them. I definitely get quite a bit from ROH but perhaps better check the other two. Or have the notifications come from individual dancers? As I don’t follow any dancers.
  3. I’m not on Instagram or twitter so wouldn’t know if it has been advertised there and I haven’t seen a hint of it on Facebook. Perhaps more recently some posters have been put up but haven’t been in London for a few weeks so could have missed these especially as I hardly ever use the tube now and there were often posters about theatre events advertised down there.
  4. I’m going to this tomorrow so very much looking forward to it! Am pleased to see some Royals dancing as well like Matthew Ball Cesar Corrales and Mayara Magri and a couple of ENB dancers too. It is a great shame it’s only on for one night though as if it wasn’t for a friend I would have missed this so don’t think it’s been that well advertised.
  5. I haven’t got the NHS App does anybody know how you prove you are vaccinated apart from that little blue and White card thingy you got with AstraZeneca jab? Do you have to ask your GP to write a letter 🤔 I’m thinking of the Albert Hall visit I have on December 1st ....want to be prepared in plenty of time lol! I would have no idea how you could prove it was you who had taken a lateral flow test. Somebody I know who has to take them regularly for her job says you don’t have to photograph the result even....you just have to put in that your test was negative and you get an email or text back confirming you are negative. So a lot of this is based on trust I think. Presumably it must be linked to your NHS number but all a bit precarious. When I looked up loads of theatres policies on Covid a few days back nearly all the ones requiring vaccine certification also said OR a negative test so they must realise not everybody can have the vaccine. Quite a few just strongly advised mask wearing while at the theatre and that was all... the Colisseum and Sadlers come under that policy.
  6. Well I hope they are not going to start saying you can’t go unless you’ve had a booster jab!! I may decide to get one if it’s offered but I’m not keen until at least the end of the year as my second dose was on April 27th. Also there’s no way I’m having flu and covid on the same day which is what they are suggesting! Nobody will persuade me to do that as my dad nearly died from the flu jab so he only had it once and I’m not keen in case I take after him though had no probs with Covid one. Im hoping they will allow some time for the booster roll out to take place so Theatres won’t be demanding that until after Xmas at least. Sorry this has gone a bit medical but even though I’ve been jabbed I’m not keen on the passport idea as you will end up not being able to do anything without this or that being up to date. A sort of Health tyranny.
  7. My feet are testimony to Anna’s post!!! In the 50’s children were often put onto pointe before they were fully ready so often did not have enough strength in the back to get onto pointe without putting too much stress on the knees and ankles. This of course can ruin young feet though probably not so acute for adults whose feet are already fully grown. My feet were growing perfectly straight until I started pointe work at 10 years old though it was a very minimal amount initially of course. These days most good ballet schools delay pointe work until at least 12 and only then if the student has reached a reasonably advanced stage of ballet which can be quite young in some students. In adults it is a difficult area as even some otherwise very good teachers allow pointe work too soon in my view as students wear them down in the end about when will they be able to go on pointe!! I would say for adults at least a minimum of three years dancing though adults returning to dance so have got to a certain stage when younger may make this sooner. Most adults are quite good at monitoring themselves once on pointe so if having a lot of difficulty won’t get much further than barre work which is fine. In many adult classes the adults take off pointe shoes at varying stages in the class and finish in demi pointe when it all gets too much which is a good approach rather than struggling to do everything until the end of the class but not very well. For most amateur adults pointe work is never going to be that comfortable as it takes years of training for the professionals to make it look as easy as they do.
  8. As far as I can see Raymonda is at the Coli in Jan and then in Southampton at the end of the year (2022) at the Mayflower. It doesn’t look ...currently ...if they are taking it anywhere else in 2022 so maybe 2023🤔 Unless of course some 2022 dates are still under discussion.
  9. Nice piccie Michelle! And no heavy lifting either! I know you like to do things at 110 per cent but a kindly reminder that we are not getting any younger ....I’m waiting for the expletives lol!.......
  10. I’m going along with the crowded indoor mask advice for the time being as people then start saying you are responsible for maybe killing their granny or somebody immune depressed 😱 I had hoped that duty to others would cease where Covid is concerned once double vaxxed. As you can only protect others so far anyway But now they say the vaccine may not protect as well after 8 months or so!! Though the four people I know ( two separate couples ) who got Covid after all this time and were double vaxxed were not particularly ill just had a sort of throaty cold for about a week but felt rough for a few days. One friends husband was more ill but just spent longer in bed and now fully recovered ...as all are. Perhaps this is the best one can hope ...that if vaccinated and you do get it you won’t be too ill and then will have extra protection after that with lots of antibodies ....So can finally stop worrying about it!!
  11. I believe there is a higher grade medical mask which I always forget the name of which has proved to be highly effective in hospitals in protecting wearers from people with active Covid. It may be useful for theatre use at least better than usual masks worn ...will look up the name. They are called FFP3 masks. They look alright but don’t know how comfortable to wear etc but you could just use for the theatre only and then revert to other masks afterwards etc I have a feeling they cost about £9-10. Apparently Boots do a version the FFP2 mask which may be worth looking into.
  12. My hairdresser insists on masks being worn by all by the way. If you’ve been going to the same one for years you usually feel that respect for them anyway. Sorry this has gone a bit off topic about stage door. I wouldn’t do so just at the moment anyway unless you may know a particular dancer really well so the relationship is that much more personal. But not being able to leave a card seems a bit over the top to me.
  13. Well I did think the advice was masks to be warn in “indoor crowded places” ( which theatres at full tilt would be) even after July 19th. I’m no fan of masks but always wear one on transport ....again could be sitting next to somebody for over half an hour or more.....and in shops ....though I’m not that worried in shops because you are moving around a lot. And of course any indoor crowded spaces like a theatre now will be. Just have to hope for the best then. Last time I was at the Wells pre pandemic the couple next to me brought red wine to their seats ( so of course can’t wear a mask while drinking) I had to ask the lady to move it away from my foot as was worried about knocking it over and she replied oh don’t worry I can just go and get another one 🙄 I think theatres are now taking the approach you go at your own risk.
  14. Yes that’s the problem!! it’s just an encouragement! Wasn't the ROH stricter about this? I thought you couldn’t attend at ROH without a mask? Mind you I’ve only been once since Covid arrived and it was still in social distancing era.
  15. Never mind the stage door lol what about theatres themselves from the Autumn. I have first visit to the theatre next week to see Ukrainian Ballet on Tuesday at Sadlers Wells. Ive not been told of any requirements other than masks but am not sure if these are absolutely obligatory in the theatre🤔 Im double vaxxed etc and to be honest have never been overly nervous about it all ....but ...as there’s no social distancing now am assuming people will have to wear masks to attend...no exemptions! Ive been prepared to take a few risks since double vaccinated .....(it’s been showing in very recent research that you are 50 percent less likely to transmit the virus if vaccinated..) I’ve been attending well regulated ballet and yoga classes in very well ventilated rooms and meeting up with friends etc but people in these groups I know well are mostly vaccinated now but I have suddenly started worrying I could be sitting very close to a non vaccinated person who is not wearing a mask 😱 Its the stationary aspect of a couple of hours sitting closely next to somebody which worries me more as it’s the most likely way the virus is passed on rather than brief or fleeting meetings.....everybody I know (and that’s less than 12) who has had Covid ....including four people already double vaxxed 😳 caught it from family members they were living with or staying with!! So had lots of close contact (Luckily none were very ill with it) Im not going to suddenly make a dramatic exit from the theatre if it should happen but just wondered what the rules would be as had thought evidence of a negative covid test might be required by the Autumn for theatre visits but obviously not.
  16. I had a terrible experience the one and only time I tried to be really organised by pre ordering a London Black cab. I usually take public transport after theatre trips but knew I’d be quite late on this occasion (December 2019 so pre pandemic) Anyway the ordered cab did not turn up so tried by a different method by ringing from a hotel in St Martins Lane but after waiting half an hour for that one I got lucky and managed to get one by hailing in the street!! I felt slightly guilty in case the ordered one eventually did turn up but it was pretty late by then so just went with the flow!! I won’t use an Uber on my own for a variety of reasons but I’ve never heard of Addison Lee before....is it a mini cab organisation?
  17. All very curious! I went back in just to see if situation was the same but this time there was a place to remove item again (£3) so now nothing in the basket. I went back to the original seat which was still available ....so thought I was doing a completely new booking ....and it came up but with the £3 removed and said I had 8 mins left to book!! Anyway it’s done and sitting in one of my two favourite seats in the Balcony in row D so a pretty eye watering price but am only going four times or will be only four if I book the Nutcracker ....so about to dive in again...when I’ve made my mind up as to which one!!!
  18. Well first booking went through for Dante Project no hitch at all. However when trying to book for the Kaneko Bracewell R &J I booked the seat but decided to remove the £3 donation ...which I did keep in for Dante...but then when proceed to checkout it tells me I’ve one item in basket and total owed is £3!!! So daren’t go any further in case I’m just donating £3 with NO ticket purchase. I don’t know how to change it so am letting this time out as I write but has anyone else had this happen 🤔
  19. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Royal Ballet version of La Sylphide! Last time I saw it was the Queensland Ballet of Australia’s performance at the Colisseum six years ago. This was the Peter Schaufuss version and his son danced the role of James. I’ve just finished attending a series of workshops on La Sylphide which have been very enjoyable and great fun! The versions used were based on ENB ( but from Festival Ballet days) and the Danish Ballet version. We learned bits of the Sylph corps work, some of the wedding corps work and bits of Madge the witch’s interaction with James so including quite a bit of mime so this has renewed my interest in this ballet as have only seen it just that one time....as far as can remember but may have seen it once many years ago now as well when Festival performed it with Peter Schaufuss dancing ....but anyway really don’t know this ballet that well at all.... So yes be great to have a new Kobburg version for the Royal.
  20. I’ve never had a problem booking tickets for the ROH with either my Lloyd’s or Nationwide cards before now so hope this is not going to be a new thing?
  21. I was thinking the Strictly audience were quite tame compared to the “Greatest Dancer” audience!! No amount of money Taxi would get me on Strictly though I might be okay as the “comedy” dancer with Anton ....and he is definitely the one I think I’d have the greatest laugh with ... I’m sure all the other Pros would be a bit too much on your case lol!
  22. Many thanks for that Amelia!! One of my treasured teachers who unfortunately died earlier this year was a great admirer of Ulanova and had a photo of her on the cover of a book he wrote....I’m pretty sure this was of her in the Juliet role.
  23. I’ve never been able to cope with multiple bookings to be honest. If I am booking say three tickets in one go all for different performances I do them all separately ...one by one!! I don’t know if it makes it any more relaxing overall but can usually get one done without panicking about getting that one completed on time ... although of course time is still ticking away having to go in three times! It just feels as if I have more time.
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