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  1. I've had a couple of much appreciated notes from BcoF members with kind words about the work, i.e., the few segments of which I've shared here. Thank you. To let you know how it actually comes about - and has now for some 23 years - I'd like to share an infomercial (there are several now actually - but this was the first) made to engage the prisoners on their closed circuit television service in reference to remote programmes run during the Covid interval. You can find that here - should you be remotely interested. You will need a password. It is 'LSWCR' - ALL CAPS. (Very im
  2. And now for something COMPLETELY different .... well, not about dance ... (or maybe it is) .... It is a fantasy sonnet on Birds. Might be good for a giggle .... and, for surety, it is only one minute 41 seconds in flight .... https://youtu.be/LHYH2z9Ay0g
  3. The Les Etes de la Danse programme - originally planned for 2020 - and re-organised for 2021 - has now been cancelled due to the uncertain times as wrought by the global pandemic. Chères amies, Chers amis, Après ces longs mois compliqués et laborieux pour tous, les temps à venir sont malheureusement encore bien incertains et troubles pour le spectacle vivant. Dans le contexte que nous connaissons actuellement, les compagnies programmées en 2020 et reportées en 2021 ne sont pas en mesure de nous garantir leurs présences pour les représentations prévues en juil
  4. Again not ballet - but certainly theatrical .... and it does reference 'little girls in ballet dresses'. I was asked to record this as part of a series that will soon be released. It's Noel Coward's 'The Boy Actor'. Very much a character study .... and - at least for me - an act of coordination trying to hold the phone still. Thought you might enjoy it .... and some of the young students auditioning might well be able to identify/laugh along with certain segments. (Well, it's a hope anyway.)
  5. 2021 DIGITAL SEASON Just announced today, New York City Ballet is creating several new works and special programs for digital release this winter and spring. Following is an overview of this exciting programming with more on our winter activities below. All performance streams and Inside NYCB presentations will be available free of charge. Visit our website for complete details and The New York Times for additional coverage. FEB 23 - MAR 18 Three Sides of Balanchine We’re kicking off an array of programming with a three-week series exploring the narr
  6. Such wonderful news. Munich here I come (yet again) ..... when safe!!!!
  7. The Club we both belong to has a very detailed one for members. Well worth the resourcing. Have found a lot of riches there.
  8. FAO: jmhopton - Hi Joan, If you ever want to get rid of formatting here .... copy the text you are struggling with over in Word - select it all - and then hit Control + Space Bar. That will take out the troublesome formatting. Then all you need do is copy it over into the BcoF box and it will look perfect. It will also keep any links you may have in-bedded in the original text. Hope that helps.
  9. A feast of finesse as bright and buoyant in its relief as that Amanda Gorman gifted the world with yesterday:
  10. I know a lot of people here (including myself) enjoy Cranko's Oneign ... so you might be interested in the segment from the NBoC (National Ballet of Canada's) digital season just released. You can see Lunkina/McKie in that a piece from that work.
  11. Think DonQFan's list is excellent. Would just like to add for the Royal Ballet FILLE ... because I have a feeling we all need its sun just now ... If there ever was a ballet to evoke smiles that is it in my book.
  12. Again not dance - (although this one does have Tchaikovsky) - but another piece of verse written by a prisoner in an LSW session. It made me think that so many people (including myself) have been incarcerated during lockdowns, separated from their loved ones and mental health we're told has been impacted throughout. It suddenly put a wider spin on the words here beautifully etched by Alfred Enoch. https://vimeo.com/495573260
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