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  1. Very much enjoyed this well judged programme. Was pleased to see David Yudes back on stage.
  2. This isn't ballet but I do think it is heart warming. This is a film of two very short poems - each six lines - both written as a class exercise in no more than five minutes. One is by Simon, a British young offender and the other by Glynn serving her sentence in a UK women's prison. This particular item is called 'Ruby Reservoirs' and is a part of a larger project etched in the hope that such links might go some distance on a released prisoner's CV when proffered to a prospective employer or perhaps as a small device to give a soupçon of confidence to a potential landlord.. Hopefully the
  3. I totally agree, Sim. The clip was the beauty of dance incarnate; incarnadine in this glorious woman's mind. It was inspirational. I merely quoted the item because David had referenced me in terms of the specific question.
  4. David, you may be interested in the paragraph in an NPR (National Public Radio) article: Alastair Macaulay, a prominent dance critic formerly with The New York Times, has been chasing González's history and posting his findings to Instagram. On Tuesday, Macaulay posted that he has located a mysterious 1966 document, bearing what appears to be a Cuban governmental stamp, from a non-existent organization called "The Higher School for Professional Studies, Nueva York," saying that "Marta C. González Saldaña" could be called a "prima ballerina" in the "Ballet de las Américas" — but
  5. I wish I could like this a thousand times. Thank you, Sim. Such a glorious post. So filled with the joy of life. May this be a constructive signal towards a renewed climate of future positivity here and far beyond. There is no question but that the quest for hope is tantamount. Long may it be celebrated and encouraged.
  6. What a magnificent programme. Such a glorious celebration. The cherry on top of this illustrious fare for me will most definitely be Sambe/O'Sullivan in the Tschai PDD. They were blistering in it in NYC and the capacity audiences there present took them immediately to their hearts. The echo of those cheers will definitely be in my ears when I watch them on Friday.
  7. How lucky we were to enjoy the illustrious Alina Cojocaru in so many ravishing performances with ENB. Prime amongst these for me will always be her gold standard Aurora. She will I know be much missed by many.
  8. Sheila, I saw him do the narration with the Joffrey at NY City Center. He was a total delight.
  9. Enjoyed the last in the NYCB Fall ('Autumn') Digital ('New Works') series - a love-letter dance work by choreographer/director Justin Peck ('Thank You, New York') to a city stubbornly brawling against being down. His is a noble melee. Loved the elongated shots by Joby Lipes ('Ballet 422') - only intercutting in promptitude at the end so as to mark a significant climax for the wonderfully diverse dancers (four) as much as for we, the viewers. We are one in these individual heart-smiles and look up (as Manhattan so often forces you to do) through Sara Mearns' defiant stare from the conclusion
  10. Maybe they could stream some of the other performances of the mixed bills - doing it akin to the elite sports who are able to go ahead behind closed doors. They would be able to increase on their audience size I'd imagine as people with tickets had already committed to the time - (and I'm sure a majority would make a donation of any fiscal overage given the unforeseen occurrences) - and I'm certain many others would eagerly jump aboard who may not have felt comfortable attending or travelling to the venue physically.
  11. In the penultimate effort in this NYCB Fall (Autumn) Digital series, NYCB again makes waves in the Lincoln Center reflecting pool, toying once more alongside Henry Moore's majesty and even finishing with the instrumentalists in the water. When the choreographer (Alvin Ailey's Jamar Roberts) was asked by Jonathan Stafford in the post interview what made him choose the young NYCB corps member, Victor Abreu, he said it was first seeing him in a performance of Justin Peck's Belles Lettres. I think I may well have seen some of those same performances. (You can get a taste of it/him - and him in
  12. If the story that just broke in The Times and has been picked up by Reuters (and the reported PM's press conference supposedly to take place on Monday) is true, I fear the matter may - just may - be academic. (Indeed, such spectres may well have been one reason casting and other details were not announced in advance.) Let's hope for all the rightful excitement expressed here that it is not the case. Fingers crossed.
  13. Don't know whether anyone is following these new NYCB works that are being relayed nightly - but they will certainly give you the chance to get to know the many stunning outside spaces in and around the iconic glory that is Lincoln Center. They are all beautifully filmed - on film (as opposed to digital) by Ezra Hurwitz. He has (IMHO) done a brilliant job - and the lighting and texture of each is as distinctive as the choreography. Having had the privilege to work there myself - and to have spent so much of my life amongst those spaces - I really valued this opportunity to see them celebrat
  14. I know this link is PNB's (Pacific Northwest Ballet) but it is Peter Boal and Wendy Whelan and - most crucially - is in loving memory of Albert Evans who was - if nothing else - NYCB through and through. I found this segment very moving - but then I was lucky enough to see Albert dance so, so much. (Indeed from his time as a student at SAB.) I am so pleased that Whelan remarks on the 1994 RB guest appearance with Evans and how people have told her that Albert's appearance as a black principal on the Covent Garden stage made a profound impact. That is especially impactful this year I feel.
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