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  1. Some may be interested in watching Tiler Peck being coached by the wonderful Stephanie Salande, a NYCB veteran, in the opening Green Girl solo from Robbins' DAAG in the NY City Center Studio 5 series here:
  2. Agree this is glorious. We were SO lucky to have all three named dancers with ENB for a time. It is lovely to see them all move so brilliantly.
  3. Congratulations to all those with promotions, but I must confess I will miss many of the fine artists who are leaving. I wish them well, especially during this period of most challenging circumstances.
  4. Thank you, bridiem. Much appreciated. That noted I will stand by what I said.
  5. It is The Stage - which has written of its own struggles ... thus the 'struggling'. I know Sleepless is opening this week ... and Jesus Christ Superstar is currently playing in a socially distanced fashion ... and the upcoming exciting solo performances at The Bridge, amongst others ... This is simply raising the issue of insurance being a concern in terms of substantial return. It is an issue which hasn't been given much popular play but which I know is a considerable professional concern and i'm sure will be overcome - alongside all - in time. I won't quote or post in this particular str
  6. See the struggling STAGE has a headline article about an issue I raised a bit ago here: Producers are warning that their inability to insure shows against cancellation due to coronavirus is fast becoming the biggest obstacle to theatre’s recovery ... According to producer Edward Snape, the current situation "will stop work happening in the first place”, because producers will not be able to proceed with planned projects uninsured. "Without it, we don’t restart", he added ....
  7. Getting back on topic - or certainly closer ... sadly just saw this ..
  8. Don't know if this has already been counted here .... If not here's a down home take on Bolero by a variety of Julliard students ... with guest appearances by some rather noted alum ...
  9. Another thread in the intriguing SFB output, Guernica. This one od based around a piece Annabelle Lopez Ochoa did for the Unbound Festival. Of local interest will be Solomon Golding, an ex-RB dancer (now an ex-SFB one also). Thought the cinematography employed by Kate Duhamel was quite electrifying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SsCdMtZwfQ
  10. Christopher Wheeldon's FOOL'S PARADISE as danced by BalletMet
  11. I may be wrong - and in a sense I hope I am - but I have a feeling that a virtual arm will now be mandatory for even small theatres with a hope of long term survival. ACE has been/is making clear that 'digital outreach' is now mandatory in terms of core - albeit ever diminishing for the foreseeable future - support. They note that this is going to be the new way of 'ensuring access' - and - in many instances - I can see how it will be easier for them (and us) to track. Those of us without what David Cameron used to call 'the deepest pockets' may well be settling in front of yet more screen
  12. Life (as we knew it) altering certainly. I pray only that SOME good might come out of this. Surely it MUST .... SOMEHOW. Or am I just being idiotic?
  13. Not ballet, but a few hereabouts might enjoy this - perhaps ... These lyrics wag a Covid tale ...
  14. From the struggling STAGE: Guidance has been published on how arts organisations can apply for the government’s £270 million repayable finance scheme. ....
  15. From the struggling STAGE: Sadler’s Wells has extended its closure until January 2021, cancelling all Christmas performances across its three spaces. Neither Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!, which was due to run at Sadler’s Wells’ north London home, and Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s The Snowman, scheduled to play the Peacock Theatre in the West End, will go ahead this year as a result of the ongoing closure. Bourne’s company, New Adventures, has confirmed that alongside the Nutcracker! dates at Sadler’s Wells, the production’s national tour for 2020/21 has bee
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