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  1. No list of prospective dancers this year? I guess it will depend on the travel codes at the time. I would imagine it will be very hard to plan. Also, I just note that you cannot - at least at the moment - book a seat in the balcony!!
  2. Not before its time - that's for sure ..... This promotion was far too long in the coming ... but wonderful that it FINALLY has. There is no question bit it has been well deserved FOR AGES.
  3. Catching up with the Forum this morning .... I hope you were able to resolve this issue. I'm sure it may well be a Vimeo surcharge. I did not actually receive it for the recent stream - but then I (well, my email address) has an established Vimeo account with an annual surcharge already in place. Considerably above 72 pence I might add. The title 'OTT ROH' did make me giggle, however. It would be - indeed is - very much 'Over The Top'. That kind of wit I would not normally have (I think) associated with the ROH billings.
  4. I would love to see the SB TBC to be Takada / Hay .... That WOULD be special .... as it has been in the past.
  5. And those eyes .... THOSE EYES ... have a world of character richness in them ...
  6. This evening's Apollo was on a completely different level. It was - without hesitation - a dish fit for a king. Well, a Prince of Wales, certainly and his consort - both of whom were in attendance in the Royal Box. Naghdi was truly extraordinary .... She has the haunting aura of a Martha Graham - whom she to some degree resembles in repose. There is no question but that a musical light shines on and - most potently - through her. Always. All women here were well cast and made an electric and electrifying whole. I wish I could say the same for the TPDD. Osipova persevered bravely - as she had done before when better partnered - but Corrales was a shadow of the dancer I have for some time been passionate about. I had seen his earlier effort and was hoping that was was simply a difficult debut. Indeed I had this evening everything crossed that this might be the case. Sadly here too his partnering was beyond coarse ... maladroit I might say - and he was often turned in - something I hadn't remembered him being previously. (I pray these are not the direct results of earlier operations.) There were, of course, happy elements - the charismatic smile travels some distance - but that too often became somewhat fixed against a battlefield shot through with unrefined and straining feats and pounding landings. It had, I fear, ever diminishing returns ... at least for me ... and I had OH, SO wanted to be thrilled by it. I was MORE than ready to be so. Still, there was THAT Apollo which did but flourish .... It STILL does in my memory. How I wish that this performance - this team - was the one to be captured for the world on film. There is no question but that this evening's THRILLING rendition of that particular Balanchine landmark was MORE than worth the price of ANYONE's ticket. I wasn't able to stay for DAAG this evening due to work pressures ... and, of course, the incandescent memory of the evening before. Still, I will look forward to seeing this cast again at Sunday's matinee.
  7. Muntagirov bedazzled in the TPDD this evening through the veritable ease of his technical largess' majestic expanse. With us all he shared his unalloyed joy. The essence of such too was carried forward throughout the vast majority of tonight's DAAG. O'Sullivan and Hay were both alluring and adorable - at one and the same time - in the encircling waltz of their wit and winsomeness ... and Reece - here perpetually celebrating the benevolent endowment of his own line - held the ever-engrossing Naghdi up to both arrest and monopolise heartfelt lustre's very core. Together their sun rose on new birth. No question of that. Nor could there be any doubt that this was - in its entirety - an outing ripe with cordial capacity. Nothing was muddied ... and that is just how it ought to be.
  8. Thanks to wonderful Ryo, All has now been most happily sorted. I cannot thank her enough.
  9. I totally agree, Janet. There was no usher present in the Upper Amphitheatre area - much as there hadn't been the other evening during the opening performance of this fine triple bill. When this couple got up and began to go out during the pause between Apollo and the TPDD the ROH usher on the lower amphi level called out to them that this was 'just a pause'. Neither had a mask on at that point. Nothing was done to rectify that situation. I have decided that if this happens again I'm simply going to go and stand at the back. It's quite clear that in such a situation as was present at the ROH last night you are left to simply take your life in your own hands and protect yourself. I was relieved that I had chosen to double mask myself - much as I always do on public transport. In this case it certainly was proven to be prudent to do so.
  10. Apollo last night was even better than the superb standard set at the opening performance. All enveloped the very soul of Stravinsky's music as if it were - in and of itself - an act of celebratory resurrection. Moments in DAAG - especially when involving Morera, Kaneko, Nunez, Bonelli, Campbell and Bracewell - made the Chopin sound for all the world as it were the most vivid plainsong known to man. Osipova etched the Tchaikovsky with the accelerated thrill of her determined joy. What was disappointing for me was not the behaviour on stage - but that in the audience. I sat (much as RobS had as he noted about his Stalls bench) in my single seat locked in on the far cusp of the of the Amphi separated by two only seats from a young couple who had their masks either off or below their chin and who - while rightfully enjoying the balletic fare - spoke and called out throughout. I must confess I felt far from safe in these particular environs.
  11. If anyone has a spare or single ticket for the Royal Ballet School Summer Showcase I'd love to buy it. I aimed for this first thing at the General Booking and it was full from the start ... Please feel free to send me a PM. Much thanks. Cheers, Bruce
  12. A firecracker - with legs of steel - if there ever was one. That is how I will remember her. Long may she rest in power.
  13. Hugely enjoyed this evening. What a stellar combination of choreographic wit, wisdom and, most crucially, joy. There were a goodly number of standouts but Muntagirov took all of us with him whilst scaling the heights of Apollo amid his bevy of gloriously characterised muses. It made this masterwork sing anew. What jubilance .... Something oh, so desperately needed just now surely. .
  14. I'm entirely confident that Beatriz will prosper wherever she finds herself. Well done her, I say .... and Stanford is oh, so lucky. In the pre-pandemic world I ran programmes in tow with them both here as part of a programme at Oxford and in San Quentin. Who knows, perhaps I'll have a chance to bump into the ever glorious Ms. Stix-Brunnell one of these days. What a treat it would be to personally thank her for all the joy she has brought to my own personal table.
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