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  1. Anyone else now in love with.Bernard Bibby after listening to Woman’s Hour feature today? (Wed 21st Aug) 😍
  2. Hi, I have a great deal for Dinner, Bed & Breakfast plus 2 glasses of Prosecco at Clayton Hotel in Birmingham City Centre booked for just £99. I now realise however it is not ideal as I am unlikely to be able to use the dinner booking as there is not much time beteeen dress rehearsal & first show for DD & me as chaperoning to get there & back. Wondering if other parents on here who perhaps ate going to show or has family/friends going, might like to buy this stay from me (the hotel are happy to transfer booking into another name). I have found a closer B&B I can book at reasonable rate taking advantage of loyalty scheme if I can sell this on.... have stayed in Clayton Hotels before & they are really very good! DM me ASAP if anyone interested - thanks
  3. Thank you Lusodsncer for this sound advice! I absolutely agree that a measured stand back approach a good idea & important to see that if they only want you if you fit a certain mound then maybe walk away? All schools will want to mound into their ‘style’ to a certain extent but I am wary when body shape seems to be chief desired starting point....there just doesn’t ever seem enough time (or money or know how on my part!) to try ‘sample’ all with short courses/open days etc.... I hope your DD’s journey continues in a fulfilling, successful & happy way!
  4. Thanks - couldn’t get hold when there & no longer in Chichester now but DD often visits her Aunt there for a couple of days in school hols so may well be of use another time!
  5. Wow Lusodancer, you are a fountain of knowledge - thx for sharing & interesting to see your take on vocational school training v what seems a more non UK approach of intensive coaching for competitions & shorter term courses.... it is so so hard to feel one is doing best by our DC.....
  6. Hammond offer RAD exams at lower school. My DD has taken Inter F, Inter & Adv 1whilst there (at Manchester session) depending when ready exams either done at Manchester (usually Nov) or at Hammond (March) Working on Adv 2 now.
  7. Thank you Aracaria & good luck with your training at Moorlands! Been interesting to follow your journey; thank you for sharing!
  8. Might be being dense here but I assume Australian Summer School’s are held in Dec/Jan? Any expected date info (again assume they avoid Xmas & New Year? would be great! Thanks in advance!
  9. Be great if anyone knows of a good Ballet teacher who might be able to give 1 or 2 private lessons this week ideally in Chichester or within a 40 min drive... Thanks!
  10. Balletbean, thx for the info in your post.... can I ask how long it took to complete by distance learning & roughly how many hours per week were spent on it by the successful candidate - congrats to her btw!
  11. I feel your pain Balletbean....hope you got all sorted ok....🤞🏻
  12. Going by Spring course I think some of same age were in different groups but my guess was that a Sept birthday night oush someone to be with ones a year older more likely than say a July baby if that makes sense? There seemed to be lots all of one she so think some went with younger of the older... it seems logical am sure there could well be times when level of attainment May suggest how they group also hope all are having a fantastic time! Sadly we declined a Summer place as worked out it was just going to bankrupt us with hotel costs etc! Maybe next year....
  13. Family issue means 3 x tickets together available for final show Sat 2pm e-ticket - can split seats if not all needed. PM me!
  14. Family issue means 3 tickets available for Sat Matinee 3 together! E-Ticket PM if anyone interested.
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