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  1. Another area that surely needs tightening up (& would be relatively easy to do?) is where the awarding bodies such as RAD & ISTD with Registered Teachers who have to fulfill certain criteria in order to receive that registration (& presumably offers a level of reassurance as to qualifications & suitability to teach to parents when choosing dance schools) with policing it more as I see that many schools have classes taught by non registered teachers but st exam time enter the pupils under the name of the one registered (or the one ‘paid up’ registered?) teacher or even under the name of a freelance teacher or one at another school all together. This surely is a misrepresentation of the pupils teaching & also gives no real value to being registered with one of the bodies.... Completing a training course & ongoing CPD is no guarantee of a good teacher (we all know those who just ‘have the skill’ with no recognised teaching training qualification. But bodies representing teachers surely would gain in value & be of more value to join if this ‘loophole’ were closed. I am also a big believer in there being some ‘ofsted’ style overseeing of any ‘out of school’ activities for young people....
  2. Sounds like we are of a similar mindset FredF! As so many on this forum say ‘there are many roads to Rome’ so hats off to all the DC, parents, teachers & schools (& funders be it the government or others...!) that take on this journey however, wherever! 👍🏻
  3. I so wish people would stop using the phrase ‘the big 3’ Or the ‘big 4’ in relation to vocational schools.... It is continuing a ‘class system’ which is not helpful for children, parents or any of the very many & varied vocational dance schools themselves. People may choose schools for a variety of reasons which could be geography, finance, peer groups etc..... it is a personal & individual thing for each family & let us all respect this.
  4. Well I might need to rethink our arrangements!! Maybe relook at my own cover too as foolishly I have not ‘shopped around’ or compared the market for years!!
  5. Is that quote just for your DD? If it is I would - if I were you - ask for a ‘gamily’ quote as it may not be much more to include more people.... young adults in full time education are then often covered for only a small monthly add on.... to give you an example, I pay about £133 a month.... the premium for fairly high cover for me is around £111 (I am over 50 so if you are younger I expect premium for you would be lower) with an additional c.£22 which covers both my DD and then son with no charge. So you may find it’s not much more to pay to get a lot more! Remember also that even with no claims they do tend to up the premium year on year....So again, if you start out just insuring your DD, as she gets into adulthood & wants to take over policy with continuing cover with this or another insurer costs could well start off higher than if she were a first time customer say at 21... just a thought - hope not confusing things more 😬
  6. I feel your pain as I too am 2.5 narrow feet! Slippers are worst as at over 50 I do not want sparkly princess or Disney Character slippers 🤣🤣🤣 The demise of Gamba - who did a lovely shoe for my foot - & also of the original Porselli with the Nicolini super narrow shoe as worn by Pavlova - such a shame as these shoes were lovely & I bet would’ve been perfect for your DD! I wonder what happened to the lasts these shoes were made on???? Could they ever be resurrected???
  7. I found adding my DD onto my healthcare cover (with Aviva) was way cheaper with an added cost to my - already very expensive - premium of about an additional £23 per month. Much cheaper than the termly premium to join school policy. It also covers any additional dependant children (so great value had I another dozen kids 🤪 - just the one but nice to know cover there for them too if needed) I also see the cover is much more generous for physio (more sessions allowed) etc & no excess as far as I can tell....Very easy as upon telephone approval billing/payment etc was direct between Aviva & the Physio place. School did ask to have a copy of cover as proof & also worth checking a) level of cover & b) if the physio school uses is one supported by which ever provider you use.... (have heard for example that one insurance provider did not pay at one particular physio clinic but made one go to another on their list which could prove tricky if away at school/college for transport etc) Am sure a solo policy could also be possible - cross ref several providers on costs & level of cover for all areas - esp. physio as in our experience that will from time to time be required. Arguable that paying for those sessions independently could work out cheaper than a solo healthcare cover but a) school insists on cover & b) prudent should anything more in depth be required... Peace of mind is ever more important when they are many miles from home as we are of course so lucky you keep them at home! Good luck!
  8. Thanks - agree it’s pricey! But might try an Inter taster session one time if only to say I’ve danced at the ROH!!
  9. Well it certainly looks like it’s a valid interpretation of Shakespeare’s play just as West Side Story before it & countless re-setting of time & place in stage play versions. This trailer has made me keen to go see this - even as a devotee to Classical Ballet & the original score....
  10. Thank you for posting that rehearsal clip! Served as a wonderful tease to convince me I must must must get to see thus duo....in cinema at very least as unlikely to make it to ROH again! Had the absolute joy of seeing Hayward’s Juliet - simply delightfully believable & sublimely danced; for me a perfect Juliet. I agree with other posters that this Naghdi/Ball clip does lack something.... but isn’t that the whole point of performances? The stage, the set, the lighting, the costumes, the live orchestra, the audience, the adrenaline....it is the high point, a culmination of all the hours of studio work & no one can ever expect to see or feel that same effect from a practise run through...& I for one don’t want to.... I want to be bowled away by the whole immersive experience when at the theatre (or indeed cinema for a live screening) But lovely too to see this slower paced carefully placed run through to really appreciate the choreography & the sheer efforts needed to dance it...purity of lines will probably be better here in the studio but add in the passion of performance - almost giving an added element of danger - & wow, we can expect something great! Had the pleasure of seeing the Fonteyn Gala & greatly enjoyed Osipova interpretation of Juliet too...Feel so lucky that I will have had the joy to experience 3 Juliets & 3 Romeos!
  11. How lovely to see clips like that rehearsal.... seemed if could be any of today’s dancers rehearsing!
  12. Sorry to go off thread folks, but what is ‘Everybody Ballet’? Interested if there’s chances to do classes taught by RB dancers!
  13. It feels muddled & confusing.... could not work out at all where one was or wasn’t allowed to be with a drink in the interval.... or how to go to the more expensive be served place.... all looked open access but yet didn’t feel that it was... guessing it was the bleak part of terrace with fewer people at it? I only saw an easel with menu for this section after buying drink at bar..shame as this area had much more extensive drinks choices...though I question if there would be time in an interval so perhaps this is more aimed at visit to this bar/restaurant as main reason for visiting the ROH. But there is no discreet restaurant on top floor anymore....Would not feel ‘special’ being gawped at by all & sundry whilst parting with big sums to dine there.... the old one (only went the once sadly) was perfect for a special occasion. I also imagine less ideal for any celebrities as again too on show, too open to all (I think we all actually like to have different levels to experience at different times...) & how does this possibly work for security? When I go to a theatre I love the fact that everyone in the building is there for a shared reason. There is a special temporary camaraderie that develops. This new free flow in & out, whilst honourable & admirable in its intentions, seems to devalue the brand IMHO. As do the flimsy already looking wobbly & scruffy retro styled tables & chairs. Especially horrid are the tall tables with spindly legs. Proportions look wrong, lifespan looks short & where is the glamour of a World Famous Opera House? Sorry for my rambling rant! I miss the ‘old’ place....Sigh.....
  14. Just got home after attending this memorable event.... can’t help but wish it had been a live cinema screening too as I imagine there would have been many many more people across the world who would have loved to have shared this event & ‘been there’ too.... albeit via the wonders of live broadcast. Especially the very many older ballet fans who in my experience frequent the ballet screenings; many would have watched Fonteyn perform I am quite sure & quite likely she was a pivotal part of igniting their love for ballet....I do hope there was filming that will be shared...??? Rob S, your raffle dream made me chuckle... although actually wouldn’t it have been appropriate to - in a discreet manner - use this performance to add to charity coffers? One of the charities/foundations where Fonteyn was a Patron? Or set up a new Fonteyn Centenery Fund to support say - for example - reviving ballers created on Fonteyn? Am sure very many of us there would happily have donated in whatever way (coins into buckets or..... drumroll.... buying raffle tickets!!) So pleased though that there was no trestle table, ticket pulling & Mr O’Hare calling numbers 🤣🤣 The company & orchestra were all sublime....a fitting tribute & actually how amazing would it be to have more special evenings with a collection of short pieces? A crowd pleaser & a great way to introduce lesser known works & perhaps promote in advance of revivals or use as a ‘dummy run’ to gauge audience interest to see what could be most popular to schedule into future seasons programming? Just a few thoughts.... The audience reactions & engagement were far greater I thought than at a ‘usual night at a ballet’ so it was certainly a crowd pleaser! I sadly never saw her dance but photos of Fonteyn dancing connected with me so movingly; her acting skills, artistry, beauty of line & passion just shine out from every image....lovely to see the large projections & quotes on screen & the framed pictures & memorabilia around the ROH. Am looking forward to reading through my programme. Thank you RB & ROH! But most especially, THANK YOU Margot Fonteyn for your priceless legacy of supreme talent, beauty & joy!
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