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  1. Shop around too.... I found them on a sports website cheaper as free postage than on Amazon...think I found it via google?
  2. My DD was recommended the squares.... eyecwateringly expensive but I think tub will last a year or longer! Not heard any grumbles so think they must work wonders as her feet were a wreck after doing more pointe in a week than she’d done in her lifetime in the summer 😱
  3. Saw this at Birmingham Hippodrome with 15 year old daughter. We were warned that content included a scene of hanging.... well that was a valid warning to give as was quite graphically & effectively portrayed. Could be a little traumatising so perhaps one for some cautionary comments before? But actually would’ve preferred a heads up (bad choice of words???😱) aboit the rather graphic simulated sex scene.... never have a mother & daughter so carefully positioned themselves to be diagonally facing opposite directions, as far soarer as sears next to one another could make possible, hands up shielding face, eyes never to meet....!!! It was cleverly choreographed & performed but possibly a little too much repetitive ‘action’ imho...a bit like, yes, we get the picture & fortunately there was other less steamy action to watch on opposite side of stage with the very clever devise of a ‘chorus’ in the style of a Greek play ‘narating’ & telling other side of the story... I’m sure I wasn’t alone too in clock watching the length of their dalliance!!! Ah.... Youth....🤣 I must say I loved the complete piece....& DD & I managed to share our joint embarrassment with a good giggle afterwards.... but it was very full on! I thought the worst would be if a school group of 12-16 or so were in audience!!! Could have been a ploy to sell more ice cream in interview as it was pretty ‘hot’ in there 🤣 I did love the story & the stylistic telling; brilliantly simplistic staging; the set & perfect costumes were cleverly used as part of the action & mood...really well cast & danced.
  4. Oh KateN that is so wonderfully put! Exactly explains it - thank you! The thing I always try to get across is that when performing it’s not a repeated event.... the dancer/actor has to believe each time is the first time they have heard/thought/spoken/danced the ‘words’, felt the emotions etc.... & the audience thus will be taken on the journey with them as opposed to merely being voyeurs! I think I shall borrow your perfect description if you don’t mind!!
  5. As they say, gotta be in it to win it!!! What seemed like years of no’s in JA’s & no for intensives followed by places on wait list that never came good...finally then a place at Soring one year.... so DC (& D mum!!) got to life the White Lidge dream at least just the one time!!! However, getting wait list again following year was a huge blow to confidence as then it was felt ‘they actually saw me but must hate me as no place again’ So be careful what you wish for...finally getting a hallowed Royal yes can still end up being bitter-sweet.... sigh.... But overall, it’s an experience well worth trying for!!! and the whole pick from photos must be supplemented by a bit of research as standard at RBS definitely higher than the Elmhurst SS also selected from photos where levels really varied in our experience (quite a few years ago now - junior course only) Good luck all!
  6. How much are you looking for... a friend may be interested! No idea how much they are new!
  7. But think of the shoe choice? Gotta be worth 2 days travel & all those $$$!!! 🤣
  8. Viv, I think Wisbech needs to be your next travel destination 😉
  9. I keep getting emails offering £10 student standbys to Opera for DC signed up to the scheme.... not once had offers for ballet when preferences all signed for ballet & (so far) only bought ballet tickets. have had occsssikbsl ballet in cinema offers.... but only after we’ve already paid full price & these locally tend to be pretty well sold anyway so discounts not really necessary? Breaks my heart to think if empty seats greeting these dancers when so many more would go if advantageous prices were offered..... Out if interest, does anyone on here signed up to young roh scheme ever get offers to buy ballet at ROH?
  10. That’s an encouraging statistic to know.... I guess that the Royal title probably has the greatest pull for international applications of any intensive...?
  11. Fees for each & every one I seen to remember! One form may cover all courses but still think it’s a seperate fee that has to be paid for each one!! Seems such a lottery when based on photos & I do think that all intensives that are marketed as International do then take a large number from overseas....almost a game to see how many countries can be represented.... have wondered if reverse is true & would UK DC’s maybe stand better chance of being selected for National schools abroad? But then if course costs would be ever higher with flights etc... Wishing you good luck!
  12. I think watching dance is a key component to training as a dancer.... it is amazing how few performances those in training may actually get to.... would love to see schools (vocational & regular & ‘local’ dance schools) making more effort to get group trips organised to live dance/cinema screenings/workshops/events There’s so much going on out there.... & if course the internet does add in much more too with opportunities fir live streaming & watching historical performances too... no idea how I have time to do anything other than watch dance!! I wish...
  13. Thanks Jan - looks amazing & fantastic value (all that really for under £600??) Reading other threads here where learning how vocational costs appear ever more extensive it does make one wonder if there are other routes worth considering?
  14. I’m also confused re: student loan for degree courses. We’d nit qualify for any living costs under dada rules, but are families means tested for living cost for student to get loan? And how does that sit with the fact that family expected to help support financially yet are not allowed any feedback??? I really have not looked into this yet so any definitive info from those in the know would be great - thanks!
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