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  1. Really good point! Many ‘Adult Clases’ in many areas of exercise do seem to be daytime only & actually if you look st the female participants there are perhaps 2 main categories represented predominantly; young mums & retired ladies spanning a few decades. I reckon your suggestion will add much needed revenue to any teacher wise enough to open up evening classes!!
  2. Going back to fees.... am I right in thinking that the schools included as ‘conservatoire’ are indeed fee capped at the standard rate (c. £9k) and would qualify for full standard student loans? Honestly, I thought I’d researched & knew about fees & funding inside out but I’d not at all realised that ‘orivate’ institutions providing degrees fees are different.... I’d assumed any degree course meant equal playing field financially.... Can some also offer DaDa’s which, based on means testing might cover more of fees? Am also concerned seeing A Levels might be required for degree courses in dance.... is this true for entry post sixth form?
  3. In theory possibly.....bit who gets to decide who/what/where???? Hmmmm
  4. The money went to the school NOT the students???? Outrageous!! So ticket buying public are yet again hood winked as to where their money is going.... Again I say, where is the transparent public auditing of schools & companies??? And why are people not shouting long & loud? Or is this a sign again of the long ingrained fear that anyone who speaks out will be cast out? Or rather.... never ever cast at all!!!
  5. I’d also be interested to know what enables a dancer (or actor) to join Equity? Back in my dark ages days, you had to have an ‘equity recognised’ contract for work at equity rates of pay....this discounted much of the first jobs many took (certainly in acting....think little touring companies & profit share that were all too commonly the work pitched for graduates offering no or minimal pay & pretty poor work conditions & no stability) I imagine that low pay/no pay is still rife in the arts; pitched as chances to get experience/to be seen/something on CV. It always struck me as ludicrous that only if you had enough jobs that matched equity conditions could you join the union when surely any union should be there to protect the vulnerable, the naïve & the basically abused as let’s face it much of this type of work frankly was/is. I hope minimum wage etc has sorted some of these issues? But I doubt it....
  6. David Cameron has much to answer for.... bit what did he do? Run away to big cash rewards in the private sector!! HE is the hypocrite here!!
  7. Peanut68

    U.S Visas

    ‘Talk to immigration lawyer’..... yep, direct you to sinking ever more money....typical!
  8. I can’t be the only person to read the above who feels uncomfortable & a big sick at the thought of all that??? really bit appropriate in this day & age....who is auditing all these processes? And I can’t hekp but wonder if again this is why so many overseas students:- less hooos to jump through???
  9. Peanut68

    U.S Visas

    Your words will ring so true with many & - I suspect - will be prophetic for even more over the next couple of years.....😢
  10. Ah ha - thank you!! Not that a USA trip seems realistically possible in these current times...even looking for next year....sigh
  11. Peanut68

    U.S Visas

    Oh yes it does.... my Hisband keeps reminding me & my 15 & 17 year olds.....feeling very anxious....& that years of training & costs could do easliy amount to nothing.... the whole visa situation sounds a nightmare too...is this also an issue to attend summer intensives there? Thinking next year...
  12. All very unusual tines... I just truly hope that the UK Arts sectors can get on track soon & maybe look to support its on affiliated training establishments more too?
  13. I am interested to see that it appears far more WL trained students are gaining places in RBS US this year - bravo!! My only (slightly cynical?) thought is, will this just be a one off (maybe 2 year) blip due to pandemic having meant fewer international competitions/masterclasses/intensivecourses attended by the ‘powers that be’ & fewer overseas students risking travel to auditions etc & indeed fewer overseas patents willing to risk sending youngsters abroad in these times when there is still a danger of schooling moving online at the drop of a hat...I know I’d hate a youngster of mine to be overseas in these uncertain times.... Of course, I absolutely salute those gaining places at RBS wether via WL or any other route from home or abroad as am sure they are all extremely talented, dedicated & deserve their places.
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