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  1. Am I the only cynic on here I wonder who will be musing at how much RBS & others will charge & how ‘open to all’ classes will or won’t be & thus how much an individual is likely to get from these? And if this will end up becoming a new very profitable income stream???
  2. Thank you Tango for sharing that laugh out loud story - so funny! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. When I first saw the campaign & I think subsequent launch from (a few?) brands of a range of skin tone co-ordinating tights & shoes it hit as I had never really thought about it before....& that disappointed me about myself & my ‘industry’ as it were. Glad things are catching up & if shops won’t/can’t hold enough variety of stock then I guess the online retailers will win the business....but come on dance brands; make sure your stockists know what IS available & provide them with samples /colour swatches of shoes & tights to ensure all store customers are included & they can at least see what’s available & for stores themselves to be able to place speedy orders - even if needs be in small or one off quantities.
  4. And also about having a good selection of images in studios representing all ages/genders/communities/ethnicities.... actuslly it is amazing to think we need to think this but must confess, most studios I’ve been in could do well to look to add in these policies....
  5. Sorry for my typo....should read analogy!!
  6. Just saw this opportunity that might be of interest to those graduating... https://www.thepointeastleigh.co.uk/artists/gradlab/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=grad_lab_callout&utm_campaign=grad_lab&dm_i=2MI5,1LDBB,9AY0CD,5EGYM,1
  7. Just saw this opportunity..... https://www.thepointeastleigh.co.uk/artists/gradlab/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=grad_lab_callout&utm_campaign=grad_lab&dm_i=2MI5,1LDBB,9AY0CD,5EGYM,1
  8. I ‘liked’ your post above Glidsade as totally agree re: oversolits snslogy....but I actually was grossed out by it too once I clicked the link 😱😂
  9. That spelling makes sense with the chicken story so I’m laughing at my very British spelling earlier 😂
  10. Tring I think do also have another programme caed Kick start for Boys....not 100% sure of content but think it’s possibly a monthly ofr once a term day with ballet & other dance genres & a mentoring approach? Possibly even free but I might be wrong....Am sure someone on forum will know more from having a DS attend! There’s also a boys only bursary (Paul Watson bursary?) that I think can help fund boys at Tring ‘extras’ like short courses/days of dance....
  11. Hi BalletBoysDad & thank you for your response....& for not taking any offence in words I proffered from a distance! Its great that your son loves ballet & has found a ‘happy place’ - especially important for our youngsters of whom so many just do not find that (& worse) in day to day school situations....And the many activities & disciplines he leans through ballet & dance - physical & mental & relationship building - will help him build a lifelong foundation of multi transferable skills plus the immense joy of dance, music & artistry! He is lucky to have supportive family (& teachers too it sounds like) so I wish you all well! But remember to maintain life/ballet balance as it can start to be a bit like a chore dictating everyone in a family’s timetables/finances etc.... (I did also forget that often not all associate schemes are weekly but may well be fortnightly or even just once a month) Explore all avenues & be guided by where your son feels happiest....& of course getting 👍🏻👍🏻 up & feedback from those on this forum with first hand experience will be useful too! (My DD had happy experience of Tring CBA back in the day....many years ago now....but I do recall it caused family agro with the costs of the course & travel & time away with resultant impact on rest of family life....& pretty sure it was just once a month then!) We parents can just source & research & try put opportunities their way to nurture & support our offspring as best we can! The future is theirs..... Good luck all!
  12. Two associate schemes? And on one day? And at such young ages? I know excellent training is one in a series of keys helpful to unlock future porontial but so is a happy childhood & family life. Best focus surely should be in finding an excellent local teacher to work with as close to home as possible (I think one mentioned moving to Midlands so am sure lots on forum can recommend teachers) I write this with no intention to criticise anyone, merely I know that sometimes it’s easy to get swept along on a magical carpet ride where it feels as if the mantra is a constant must do more/must do better/must belong to prestige schemes/ must do what X child does/ must also do what Y child does etc etc Just my own very humble musings.....
  13. Oh am loving this Chuckers story.... though picturing a top ballerina being faced with a dozen chickens, I’m wondering if they wouid be alive or pot ready?? And then imagining rather pot bellied dancers on stage as all full of chicken the day after a sell out show 🤣
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