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  1. Really good points! Sorry you’ve not had help from local dance school.... I must say ours always bends over backwards to support where they can....especially the boys!!
  2. I have a theory here (happy to be lambasted over it!!) that as there are sooooo many more girls than boys ‘in the circuit’ parents become increasingly wary of sharing information to protect themselves/DC’s a little? To ‘cushion the blow’ of a no, & yes, avoid the snide (firsthand experience of this from parents, pupils & im afraid some teachers....)side remarks - I’m sure most of us on here have witnessed on some level of the bitchier side of this ballet world....& also we have to accept that competitiveness & sometimes undermining the competition is likely to be a part of life
  3. Feeling so relieved I dodged the bullet on this as being cameraman, lighting & sound technician & artistic director to produce a key decision making video for a DC fills me as a mum with extreme horror! My thoughts with all you supportive parents pushing through this to give your DC the best chances in these so difficult times.... Good Luck all & just think the relief when those videos are ‘a wrap’ & ‘in the can’. !!
  4. I have often wondered how come the whole ‘level up’ debate has not seen Elnhurst rebranded as Birmingham Royal Ballet School & Be the chief associated School with BRB - I think it is long overdue! Suspect issues around name change due to the legacy funding/covenants etc when established as Elmhurst but surely powers that be wouid very happily incorporate that golden ticket ‘Royal’ into any name & see it as providing huge extra kudos & benefits! This wouid go some way to level up, thumbs up to the old North/South Divide & actually make a more level chance playing field. I also t
  5. Yes, safe professional training with experts does often lead to ‘improved’ feet; I think it’s the combination of added strength of all muscles & improved & ingrained technique. ‘Pulled up’ non rolling of instep massively helps with both these elements IMO. Its so sad that ‘we audience’ have become so prescriptive as to our likes & what we applaud as it were that dancers feel they have to all become identikit replicas..... & fake it to make it. ENOUGH!!!
  6. Can you enlighten me as to what ‘arch enhancers’ are? Are they the rather gothic horror wooden stretch contraptions that look like they belong in a medieval dungeon that I presume are to over time using force the bones & foot to stretch beyond its natural position? Or are they the silicon ‘cheat feet’ (like bust enhancing ‘chicken fillets’ but arch shapes strapped on top of feet) I’ve seen advertised & rather suspect I may have seen on stage worn by pros who should know better....& their bosses certainly should ban this practise. A stretched foot is all part of that
  7. Think we can see those five SWL & raise you! I estimate over JA’s/MA’s/SA’s/ADA’s/Spring & Summer WL intensives & CG Summer intensive.... there has probably been around 4 No’s, 7 Wait Lists (called various things....never understood if all lists are equal? Been called over the years Short Wait List/Select Wait List/Directors Wait List....who knows??? So much to speculate....think perhaps that’s their little game???!!!) and 2 Yes’s!! Worth it all? Always view it as a bit of a lottery & auditions as a chance to dance in hallowed Royal studios so worth it for that alone!
  8. I must say Elmhurst must rate top of the list for PR savvy! Hope they are putting as much effort into training students as they appear to be at gaining media mentions!
  9. Sounds to me Alison that now could just be the time to take up your clarinet again! (assuming it was ever cast aside?) Am liking reading people’s upbeat takes on this situation as am struggling to see beyond the gloom & doom....so thank you forum community!
  10. I have no particular interest in this course & the rights/wrongs BUT I do think there is often need for greater transparency....particularly as RBS is a greater recipient of government (& indeed from charities) funding than most other dance training institutions so they really do need to maintain clarity. I think wording was perhaps unfortunate as saying that the Director of RBS will be ‘watching’ does give that golden glimmer of a chance to be seen that does give ‘added value’ (& an unease to me personally)....having said that, many many times on this forum I seem to recall people
  11. I know the (not my usual) school which I did my Inter exam through also had a while adult ballet class of I’d say around 12 (including one male dancer) who took RAD Grade 3 (I think) together. Big age range, some returners to dance, some complete beginners (one even pregnant I think?!) but all oh so joyous!
  12. Great advice about researching.... I felt a huge problem of School loyalty (a common theme when we discuss our dancing children!) I almost felt I had to sneak around to do my exam & only confessed to it In ‘regular’ school months after the event! This based on my attending one very mixed (ages 17-80+) adult ballet class & occasional ‘open to all above grade 4’ class there! And the ‘rival’ school was over 20 miles away so not exactly same catchment area! No bells & whistles but I think most of us adults taking exams are doing it for our own personal satisfaction & sense of
  13. I restarted aged 40.... had taken my last RAD exam aged 16/17; the then Elementary....never had the chance to do the next one up - Intermediate. So, finally after 9 years & loving being back at ballet & getting back to a pretty good level IMHO, I plucked up courage to look at doing my Intermediate exam! (Apparently the old Elementary is equivalent to new Inter but it was really about the ‘name’ & not sure that a) I’d have managed the Pointe work required for RAD Advanced 1 or b) found a suitable class....) It became a bit of a ‘do before I’m 50’ bucket list thing! i
  14. You could be (maybe are?) a life coach glowlight!
  15. I dread to think what was going on those crazy summer days when the Bournemouth beaches etc were packed out as all the local public facilities were closed as were most bars/cafes....
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