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  1. Happy to purchase separately - needed asap Thank you
  2. I do believe the current Elmhurst Year 11’s have had to/will have to audition for places/funding. And presumably if Elm lower school have done their job well then their own pupils will be likely to be successful in gaining places.... that’s not to say that if they see better external candidates that they won’t prefer to give places to newcomers....Sixth Form intakes in many schools can often vary & increase in numbers - exp if living off site as opposed to school provided boarding. I’m sure it’s same at other schools too.... after all, White Lodge should’ve done a fantastic job that all their year 11’s would be good enough to join RBS Upper School should they want a place.... but past eveiermce perhaps paints a different picture? Auditions I do think are a big PR boost & even can offer a financial boost to schools!
  3. Is this something we could’ve seen on BBC TVot will get to?
  4. I’d add to the online issue.... is she feeling ever more negative or inadequate or not talented enough based on all the Instagram dance ‘stars’?? Note these are usually social media savvy over posters NOT pro dancers in companies with proper jobs. These maybe same age, with thousands of followers & be ‘influencers’ even monetising their ‘fame’ with free stuff (very rarely is it proper hard cash...) & they are only worth their following today.... as likely to be replaced tomorrow by the next new ‘star’. And who are these stars? Ones with parents who take it on to ‘manage’ their kids media image...or teachers...or photographers..competitions.... All trying to get some reflected glory/money....Or rather self obsessed individuals.... And what are the posts? The image they want to portray; how many takes to get that one perfect pirouette of umpteen turns? Not every time was ‘perfect’ or off the charts! In years gone by that flook multiple turn was just self satisfying & proof to oneself you could do it.... great if witnessed in class or by an audience, but it was none the less valuable for not having had 1000’s of likes & worse, the innane comments like your rock’ ‘yaaazzzz’ ‘go gurrlll’ & then the more troublesome ‘how did you get to be so good?’ ‘Why can’t I be you?’ etc etc.... a troubling picture can emerge.... Best advice I was ever given in life was ‘never see someone else’s success as your failure’ (& conversely ‘never see your success as someone else’s failure’ A grounding ethos.... keeps optimism levels up & ensures one remains humble & kind.... I am rambling & did actually say very similar things in another thread.... one in reference to marketing actually from a leading institution that in my opinion is rather skewed in its aim...& rather potentially damaging as it represents an image of ‘perfection’ few can emulate.... without the help of studio photographer shoot, video trickery, digital enhancement & retouching....Actually, that’s just it, with trickery & editing we can all look like that.... but we don’t when there living & breathing in front of an audience. Do we want real reality or Instagram ‘reality’ ??? I suspect it has also created much annoyance amongst peers & parents of that institution also.... I think this time is immensely stressful & overfilled with important stuff (GCSE’s, auditions, recalls, interviews, decisions) And social media does seem to mean they make snap decisions & snap comments.... far too much living in the brief snippet of Snapchat of other such video.... If I could UNINVENT social media I so would....hypocritical I know as I sit typing on here 🤣
  5. Surely a new dance related career journey is just about to begin & your viewpoint as a parent of one about to enter the profession could be ever more valuable to many of us on here....or perhaps you may find another forum more related to the MT industry? Either way, your posts have always been informed & measured. Much respect & you will be much missed. Thank you & best of luck to your DD & rest of your family xx
  6. What a great topic for debate!
  7. Guess I was rather hoping for ROH!!! Bemused Onegin omitted from Live Cinema screenings....wonder if it was filmed at all for DVD release or anything? And do we ever get live screenings from US productions I wonder? Have only come across UK ballet companies & Bolshoi so far.....
  8. So does anyone know of the Nunez/Bolle pairing will occur again???
  9. I can second Friars Balsam! Smells so hidious it makes you feel it must be doing good! Dues everything in sight a dark brown too so be prepared for stained tights/shoes/feet/carpet!!
  10. Oh my gosh.... what a dream dream cast!!! I saw Nunez on Sat night & was utterly blown away. Rest of cast great too (& wonderful to see a ballet where the corps get to perform challenging with dramatic lifts choreography!)..... but if only I could’ve made this cast too as it had ALL my favourites! Is there another performance withit’s that casting does anyone know? I will beg, borrow or steal to get a ticket 😂
  11. Efftee your heartfelt reasoning will resonate with so many at this audition time of year & I am sure many will empathise with this exact same background issue & also many many others....such as former injuries now healed, any previous use of counselling services etc.... Couid these jeapardise chances? Well, I expect that yes, they may well could - possibly with good reason as these organisations have years of experience in selecting & training students & have knowledge of how to understand strengths/weaknesses of individuals & all the other things that come into play day to day. There is quite a high drop out rate in first year of training it would seem in many (all I’m sure do get this).... for many many unique in each case reasons.... These schools may need to minimise this drop out rate (business/cash flow/PR/ reputation etc will all be part of this) & the audition/interview stages will be utilised to help identify/flag up any possible areas for concern. Think about how any of us choose so many things in daily life? We are selective & sometimes harshly so.... You are clearly a supportive concerned parent who wants the best for your DD. I think msny more open frank discussions between the two of you may well help decide best course of action (short/mid/long term) & help both to manage expectations. Good luck xx
  12. This is a pertinent strand for any dancer & their family & friends - male & female - as it is a ‘so easy to slip into’ illness when desperately trying to ‘fit the perceived X school or X company ‘mould’ of theideal dancer they give places to/employ.... The combination of a desire to succeed & the very real fear of failure at an age of natural development must be truly challenging. Plus our natural (Brit?) tendency to ‘brush under carpet’ or hope it’s ‘just a phase’ have too easily let things get too far before help is sought. I fortunately only have experience of seeing it happen to others but I do see how open discussion, the strength to admit there’s a problem & seeking help are not easy but are the critical first steps to recovery. There needs to be less worry of the stigma of ever having this illness, the worry that having that ‘label’ will hinder future chances. But health & welfare of the individual must always come first and it is also important to protect impressionable young minds. If an individual known to be suffering from an eating disorder & who openly discussed/witnessed symptoms/actions is still feted by schools/social media etc & seen to be a ‘dance success’ then I do worry about the impact & possible ‘normalizing’ of this life changing condition which could further exacerbate poor body image etc in others & lead in turn to eating disorder/over training issues. This was a problem in the dance world before Social Media.... the pressures now must be so much more stressful. Although I do also see how it can be a platform for positive open discussion & a force for good in this area & others (👍🏻👍🏻 for this forum) Health & happiness to all
  13. Just came across this.... highlights how at Universirties there may well be fantastic ways to continue (& combine) dance/ballet into academic life! If I had my time again????!!!!
  14. 😱 I’m sure it really wasn’t this tough back in my day of ‘O’ Levels....
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