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  1. Thanks Bangor - Wasn’t too sure.....knew about the tax hencevno benefits etc....still UK passports now/post Brexit? And so how do these Island residents get funded for vocational training out if interest?
  2. Again I may not be right on this but think places like Jersey/Isle of Man might not elegance for MDS so it’s possible local authorities may assist funding as I’m sure I’ve heard of people from those regions attending schools with help...they are still part of overall UK so might give a precedent for you to present?
  3. Local authorities used to be the bodies that funded arts education but I think once MDS & DaDa funding from Central government was established this largely ended....though each authority may be different so worth looking into for any candidate. Also they can usually provide you with a list specific to your region of charitable bodies which might help arts (though in my experience the funding generally - not always - is for more university age or for small amounts more like a grant towards kit etc....but as they say, every little can help!) Also look for very local to you organisations; we’ve benefited from small (c. £300 annually) from a local Arts Society who make awards to children & adults in very small geographic area to help further studies/but kit/attend courses etc. I have heard in large city areas of sizeable awards (probably not anywhere near full funding but might be a game changer!) from organisations like Rotary/Lions & Masons (though it can be a long drawn out process with no guarantees & often needs to be almost a year in advance if starting (which is daft as you don’t know you need funding until after finals etc....) But if you don’t ask you don’t get! good luck to all still needing that vital funding xx
  4. Do check what T&C’s you’ve signed up to with registration for this if any school/course with Sept start date. By simply not paying may not protect you if you’ve actually signed what could be construed as a contract or written ‘significant intent‘ to join as that might make you liable for the first terms fees that they could (let’s hope none would) go after you for....and if schools are suffering financially in these challenging times their governing boards & finance masters may indeed force hands to chase for any contractualMy agreed payments!!! CHECK!!! and good luck to all still hoping to secure places/funding at any schools x
  5. I thought Carlos Accosta had recently become Patron of Elmhurst Ballet School? Please correct me if I’ve got that wrong! Is this then a sign of forging closer links with the two schools closely aligned to the two ‘Royal’ companies (RB & BRB)? It does seem that ‘names’ are often linked left right & centre as they are regularly asked to align their name to help with prestige/fundraising etc (though some could potentially view these 2 asssociations as a conflict of interest....?)
  6. I suspect ‘make-up’ was a euphemism to explain money to buy ‘unmentionsbles’!!! Ie. To buy sanitary products for time if the month....my we have come a long way with more openness etc....now did the VAT on said items get cancelled in the last budget orbis that a battle still to be won??
  7. Never really thought about it but actually the MDS dance kit allowance probably ought to increase by age (& dare I say gender?) to reflect extra costs when numerous pairs of pointe shoes are used 0 per term plus dance uniform requires tutus & skirts....maybe reduce the early years (sorry - that will make me unpopular!! ) & make kit allowances to up the pointe shoe years....????
  8. Remember there will be new drama & new music course year 7’s (though they do not qualify to be considered for MDS....not sure if any fee remissions go to those courses either?) Pretty sure a few years back it was 16 started year 7 dance but that a couple left over time & lots of new starters in years 8/9/10 so it expanded in size
  9. Wow, that’s a lot of shoes....so RBS shoes not free to all then? Another one of those ballet myths?
  10. It can be Day or Boarding (from school year 4-6) but it is not really so much an early start in full time vocational as we understand it from year 7, but more a very small prep school within the larger setting of Tring (with no funding available). They benefit from performance related lessons in addition to regular academic curriculum with great vocational teachers (dance/drama/singing etc) & using the wonderful Tring facilities. Plus a chance to see the older students productions etc so it’s a lovely immersive experience. It is entry by audition (but remember, no funding so it’s not going to be an opportunity available to all so not a true reflection of the greater talent pool out there!) with a mix of interests across all performance genres. I would not say it is perfect preparation for pure ballet vocational auditions for year 7 entry nor is it a guarantee of a place (or funding) to join onto any of the courses at Tring main school. They still have to audition for places on the courses (dance/drama/music/performance foundation) & if successful first round of dance then they have to do the MDS funding audition alongside every ‘external’ candidate. I would really assess your own individual family needs & finances & see what you can achieve in terms of quality/quantity of training locally & with associate schemes etc. Tring CBA (Classical Ballet Academy) & other similar quality ‘associate’ schemes probably offer higher level targeted ballet training than in the Prep ballet classes as it’s entry by ballet audition so all in classes are ballet focussed with ballet potential. Good luck all! And as others say, the rejections can be character forming & helps individuals truly set their goals & design paths to achieve them!
  11. Should have been words along the line of “.....and I believe they get visits from very experienced fitters (& shoe makers?) & get a completely individual ‘prescription’ if you like for the best shoe for them” If they need a longer this or that it a firmer section on one foot - they get it with chance to tweak & redo their ‘prescription’ as they grow/develop as dancers. With that level of personalisation I expect even within just one brand all could happily get the ‘dream shoe’ with the school benefitting from more standardisation of colour/look & knowledge of level of expertise in fitting & steady supply! All that from my line of gobbledeegoop!! 😁
  12. Oh dear....what was that???? Can I blame typing on an iPhone late st night???? I promise no 🍷🍷🍷involved!!! Will go back to my messsage to see what I’d INTENDED to type & re-write!!
  13. Here’s still hoping for your DD Princess Dreams & for others still waiting.... Still hold hope as I do think this year -more than any other - places are not 100% firmed up yet & even come September/October there could be options opening up...xx
  14. I may be wrong but I think a certain prestigious school insist on one particular brand....but then I believe (again, might be wrong!) thatvthrg get I fividusljt fitted & if needed bespoke shoes made to fit/suit each individual wearer....& (agsin, I might be wrong!) they are free to the wearer!!! My DD would be doing pointe in Dr Martens if they were free 🤣🤣🤣
  15. I think the grade was mentioned more as a guide with caveat to take advice from current teachers.... if a current regular teacher has put a 9 or 10 year old up to audition for RBS associates & suggested they apply for Spring or Summer Intensives my gig says they already know that pupil is of good enough standard/motivation/commitment & ability to learn amongst others who may be already in higher grades. Remember RBS has its own ‘system of training’ & their full time pupils generally do not - within school - work towards of take any of the standard dance awarding bodies Exams anyhow. So to any who had a place at an RBS intensive, they selected the individual based on the individuals qualities they saw in photos (& perhaps also from what they see/saw in associate classes/auditions) so that I’d say you’d every reason to still consider it. Take any advice from main teacher coupled with your own knowledge of your child & how they might cope with more challenging/new work etc....& of course there will be a decision to be made as to wether it’s a good financial investment! Anyone know yet of the proposed costs of any of the formats of lessons???
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