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  1. Never done anything like that but seem to recall seeing one time that Masters of Ballet (I think?) held acting for dancers one day course once aimed I think c.age 12? Perhaps also look at where ballet companies are performing as often hold workshops across various ages based on the current rep so would include the acting required to tell story of that ballet perhaps? I know BRB & ENB both hold Nutcracker workshops across age groups - lots of acting required in that ballet! New Adventures also.... Plus RAD run various courses that might be relevant around the country. Good luck! Just acting look also at drama schools & National Youth Theatre
  2. The deadline was a good while back so hopefully someone is quietly in post doing said strategic consultancy role to move it on ever upwards! But someone must know who this is & how things are progressing as surely they are visibly out there talking to relevant important industry people & influencers?
  3. Does anyone know any info for a 2020 NYB company.... The likely audition/rehearsal/performance dates etc would be great to know about as soon as possible! Highly recommend it!
  4. Last time I flew with BA the in flight magazine had an article about the creation of Chanel no5 perfume with much of the background story ‘told’ (albeit somewhat historically sanitized) here....very helpful! the costume/staging was immaculate (yes, obvious but how could you not be with such an iconic & recognisable timeless look that is Chanel?) I quietly admit to never having seen any Bolshoi work or evebbany footage/photos of this enchanting star....I did find there was almost a too perfect look to the female dancers that kind of made be love the ‘ordinary’ & varied look of our own RB by comparison! I imagine though a corps of swans all with these ‘perfect’ (?) proportions of overly long limbs & wistful faces would be truly stunning. An earlier reviewer suggested that Zakharova rather than acting embodies her roles. I agree with this.... like a method actor.....I imagine she wears nothing but Chanel in the run up to this (& glorious she looks too!). You could sense the time it took to ‘leave’ the role during the bows... Loved the costumes & effective lighting for the minimalistic staging of the first piece. Feel publicity could’ve been better to make it a sell out. Ballet school students ought to be at shows like this to see the variance in performance/training styles.... though I suspect it would further ‘depress’ many who struggle with this impossible to attain image of physical perfection that Russian dancers seem to all exude! I actually almost preferred watching the men as they were more varied & somehow more real.... but then didn’t seem to ‘mstch’ the women.... like they’d never be dating the girls; looked out of their league lookswise!! But they more than matched them in virtuosity & I feel have a greater feeling of emotional intensity. A really interesting night out!
  5. It’s really good on this forum to share & hear of all news.... the good, the bad & - dare I say? - the ugly! The good news can spur others on to try again, the conversions over time of no’s to yes’s are always really encouraging & even hearing about what can seem a brutal ‘No’ does offer to readers a level of empathy & solidarity. Speaking as a parent of DC with experience of no’s, wait lists, reserve lists, and the odd very happy YES along the way! Have gained advice, empathy & laughter by sharing & reading things on this forum!! Good for a sanity check & private messaging has proved invaluable in getting (& sharing) info & advice, do thx to all who make this a great place to ‘visit’!
  6. Confusingly the names used by Tring for their programmes differ from other institutions. Tring Park CBA is their equivalent of RBS Junior/Mid/Senior/Advsnced Associate programme ie. a part time course with students selected at auditions. Tring Park Associates is in effect their part time school in association with Tring Park (same location, possibly some crossover with main school &/or CBA staff) These I anticipate are to be seen more as regular dance school weekly lessons on a termly basis as opposed to the CBA which is more an additional elite add on to your local dance school training - a great option if you are local enough to travel there regularly. In addition open to all there are regular courses such as Days of Dance in various genres across the year plus longer courses in school holidays so lots of options to explore! And remember a not yet may become s yes after more time/experience etc so good luck!
  7. And remember too that they can offer bursary assistance which may pay some or all of a week or more! You need to look at the bursary info on website for conditions so you can dertermine if you could qualify to be considered & how to apply.... not do not let the finance put you off applying! After all, if it really is not possible you can always turn a place down.... ive said elsewhere on here too that sometimes you can ‘think outside the box! to help pay for these things....money from family/friends for Xmas/birthday rowards dance fund, selling things, doing a fundraiser cream tea or similar....Also chevk fit local charities that may support the Arts or even Lions/Rotary clubs etc 🤞🏻🤞🏻 to all attending scholarship auditions but it’s not the only way to be able to raise the funds to go!!
  8. 2 X Student tickets £5 each - on one e-ticket so need ideally to sell together. This has been a sell out with great reviews & incorprates dance with RB’s Leo Dixon & Elizabeth McGorian & others (including older male students from Tring & other schools?) Tues 3rd Dec the whole of ROH Amphitheatre has benefactor subsidy for Students so both these tickets can only be used with valid Student ID for each person (any standard student ID - do not need to be a Young ROH registered member). Please DM if interested!
  9. Thanks all & aplogies Viv.... Hoping you find a happy ballet solution soon xx Bone health interesting....are there genetic elements too I wonder? I’d been justifying my (almost) daily latte fix as necessary to ward of osteoporosis.... & why despite attempting to lose excess weight I didn’t have it up!! Wishful thinking from a caffeine addict perhaps 🤫
  10. Thank you for info.... out if interest, do women/men get as a matter if course screened for bone ‘health’ and if so from what age & repeated at what time intervals ?
  11. Sorry to divert from your dilemma Viv, but am interested to know what Osteopenia is as not heard of this? Pups & Lin - hope you find ways to improve & manage this xx Hoping to stave off future age related issues if at all possible though tbh my current method is to ignore & avoid GP.... I know not the best thing to do (but never seems to have the time to address the creaks & clunks.....in denial??? You bettcha!!)
  12. My DD lovedvthe SI she did at WL too.... but think there was a tinge of low self esteem that ‘not good enough’ / ‘not skinny enough’ which was a little bit reinforced by those saying they were at/going there etc. It is a tricky area as anyone who has achieved this should be able to shout it from the rooftops & quite rightly be applauded for & enjoy their success but just occasionally a little bit of tactful regard for others feelings wouldn’t go amiss! But, as I say to DC’s, it’s a tough world out there & the sooner they learn to take words like bullets off a chieften tank the better & it’s the long game that matters! As I said, we got to live the Royal dream for that one week that one time & will be ever grateful that we ‘ticked that box’ - I wish that as many as possible can get that opportunity also so good luck to all awaiting results from this years applications! 🤞🏻
  13. Fiz, I ‘liked’ your post by way of empathising.....how awful that injury has set you back currently. Wishing you speedy recovery & hope you come back stronger with paced recuperation & a safe careful return to dance! 💜
  14. Lara, one year my DD has a yes for Spring & Wait List for Summer with same photos... One other thought about current WL kids attending (& being - I’ve been told on good authority made to feel they must apply...) maybe it’s a bit of a loyalty test? Or even they don’t want them going elsewhere with the rush of other internationally acclaimed institutions offering them opportunities? Must happen as enough overseas kids seem to get offers at International intensives & competitions attended by senior RBS staff (are they teaching? Judging? Are their trips/time paid for by overseas courses or paid for by RBS? Scouting for talent??) to come either full time or as a temp International Scholar... always with the chance they could get offered a full time place. The cache of RBS is global but it must be galling for any other top notch institution of they feel their best dancers get ‘poached’... just a thought....
  15. I continuously kick myself for having been ballet free for over 29 years when 10 of those were mostly in London.... I as young, free & single & wth lots if dispisable income too.... never occurred to me that adults did classes unless they were pro dancers! And having had the stuffing kicked out of me by 2 years Sixth Form vocational I was not about to enter the Gladiatorial Arena pro dancer zone I thought these studios were for! What a fool I was..... have done 2 open Inter class’s in London this last year & what joy!! Having said that, I’d be first putting my hand up to move to Australia!!! Again, spent much time in Sydney over 4 years.... never once looked out any ballet to do or even watch!!! Now? Well, don’t get to many classes partly for issues outlined in earlier post but I do try to see as much as I can... got 4 ballet/dance shows booked 😉 Wush I lived nearer London though.... can’t afford time/money to go up for class/performances as often as I’d like...move closer? Hmmm
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