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  1. Thank you Momapalooza for telling it like it so sadly is in quite a high proportion of circumstances!
  2. The younger years are very much classical emphasis as a) that is pre-requisite to be a recognised school for government MDS awards....also a training that has strong technical ballet provides an excellent foundation for almost every other dance & performance genre (plus many many general life skills such as discipline, timing etc too!)
  3. Shame this had not been the case back in our day when being realistically the only ballet focussed kid felt very isolated, unsupported (especially by peers), frustrating (for some staff too) & caused huge anxiety as it was clear there was nowhere near enough hours/focus/advanced training for Upper Schools audition preparation....particularly as Hammond US clearly had no Classical pathway necessitating being successful at auditions elsewhere. So pleased the school has addressed this as they have the facilities & the staff to provide the best for all their pupils with this new re-j
  4. Well, it certainly seems as though the school in a relatively short time has turned around really the only 2 issues that sadly were of concern to us when there.... The new boarding sounds exactly what was required & I recall a conversation where for older years, genre streaming was suggested! At year 7 so many start out with a ballet dream but by year 10 those wanting to focus in on ballet as a career were a very small minority & the timetable & then felt very much for the all rounder. No complaints at all about teaching or opportunities beyond those that have now been address
  5. Wow, FlexyNexy, that’s some story & some daughter!! Am I right to assume she is studying in Russia? Good luck to her & to you, the support from afar!
  6. Good luck to all awaiting results... I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to NOT be in that position for once as no applications any! How much stress I have saved by not having the photo or video sagas to go through & how much healthier my bank balance is for not shelling out for applications to merely be looked at!! Looking back on the years of no’s/wait lists & the occasional yes I can’t help but think silly me banging that RBS drum for DD....I reckon I must have spent in total over the last few years well over £400 on Spring & Summer intensives application fees (w
  7. Now there’s an idea......🤔 I expect now there could be the necessary talent available to work to assist in establishing such a company with knowledge/contacts to secure funding (what about from the covid relief funds too?) Set up as ‘not for profit’ but paying a living wage to all workers (unless there are any philanthropic dance sponsors & professionals who choose to volunteer some services for free of course!) And to be run on truly ethical grounds in all ways.... Got to be legs in this idea?
  8. And it’s starting to replicate the shameful system of unpaid internships or when people pay to join Chambers in Law....bit Dickensian having to buy your way into a firm....money potentially talking its way ahead of talent yet again. Sigh. Surely ballet companies could offer paid apprenticeship places under the government funded apprentice scheme? Why should job prospects in dance be so different to plumbing or accountancy? And there is a danger that training goes on & on. Also I am uncomfortable that it can become an income stream for companies (& limits the payroll costs).
  9. I’d like to see something like this that was for UK Dancer’s only if that’s allowed....???
  10. Not all 6th form in new House sadly.... quite a few in Mansion which is a shame - particularly with the current covid restrictions which limits inter-house mixing especially at weekends. Self isolating at school due to cases was particularly challenging & depressing for those brave youngsters who stayed in school (rather than go home) in order to protect their families; can’t have been easy for them or staff whichever boarding house they were in (though sone rooms more spacious than others for trying to dance in!) I think the 6th form students around the country are so missing out on the e
  11. Really good points! Sorry you’ve not had help from local dance school.... I must say ours always bends over backwards to support where they can....especially the boys!!
  12. I have a theory here (happy to be lambasted over it!!) that as there are sooooo many more girls than boys ‘in the circuit’ parents become increasingly wary of sharing information to protect themselves/DC’s a little? To ‘cushion the blow’ of a no, & yes, avoid the snide (firsthand experience of this from parents, pupils & im afraid some teachers....)side remarks - I’m sure most of us on here have witnessed on some level of the bitchier side of this ballet world....& also we have to accept that competitiveness & sometimes undermining the competition is likely to be a part of life
  13. Feeling so relieved I dodged the bullet on this as being cameraman, lighting & sound technician & artistic director to produce a key decision making video for a DC fills me as a mum with extreme horror! My thoughts with all you supportive parents pushing through this to give your DC the best chances in these so difficult times.... Good Luck all & just think the relief when those videos are ‘a wrap’ & ‘in the can’. !!
  14. I have often wondered how come the whole ‘level up’ debate has not seen Elnhurst rebranded as Birmingham Royal Ballet School & Be the chief associated School with BRB - I think it is long overdue! Suspect issues around name change due to the legacy funding/covenants etc when established as Elmhurst but surely powers that be wouid very happily incorporate that golden ticket ‘Royal’ into any name & see it as providing huge extra kudos & benefits! This wouid go some way to level up, thumbs up to the old North/South Divide & actually make a more level chance playing field. I also t
  15. Yes, safe professional training with experts does often lead to ‘improved’ feet; I think it’s the combination of added strength of all muscles & improved & ingrained technique. ‘Pulled up’ non rolling of instep massively helps with both these elements IMO. Its so sad that ‘we audience’ have become so prescriptive as to our likes & what we applaud as it were that dancers feel they have to all become identikit replicas..... & fake it to make it. ENOUGH!!!
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