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  1. If you have more than one dependant under 18 (a policy might even cover up to older ages if still in full time education) it could be worth looking at a personal policy (or family policy) & adding on kids. I have an Aviva policy which then cost me about an extra £22 a month to add DD onto it but it then covered all other kids in family for free....I only have one other bit even if I’d 10 more they’d be covered so great value for larger families! It’s also worth cross reffing the level of cover & also if you have a preferred physio or other treatment practitioner as some may be covered by one insurer & not another. A London practitioner we were recommended to wouid be covered by Aviva but Nit by AXA. Also, recently found DD could be covered for local physio during lockdown for up to 20 appointments via Aviva but it would only have been 10 sessions maximum with AXA. But - I think - AXA better if consultant appointments required.....it’s not a science this insurance business it seems! good luck!
  2. Don’t be put off by the extreme perfection but rather look at the new product.... I had a mailshot email today but have deleted it so can’t find perfect link, but it’s about new Releve ballet shoes which are designed for maximising opportunity for toes to spread on floor for maximum stability etc. Could be worth a look at? https://www.instagram.com/p/CP-XJechrgZ/
  3. It so saddens me that still smoking & illicit drinking seems to be seen as a teenage ‘right of passage’.... I remember a 9 year old boy relative hassling his Dad to not smoke...yet the minute he was under peer pressure at school, there he was aged 15/16 smoking away!! Now aged 30....he’s swapped his cigarette addiction for vaping....it looks like he’s puffing on a catalytic convertor leaving a massive plume of smoke in his wake...and you know an added tracery? The 40someting Dad then re-took up smoking with his teen in what? An attempt to be ‘cool’??? Oh dear..... As an aside....I do wonder the longterm consequences of putting water vapour (so water) with chemical flavours & scents in it into a pair of lungs... Isn’t that what drowning is caused by...water in lungs? And another thing that amazes me as not having heard been raised in discussions in these covid times...the additional geographic spread of any virus by the excessive pushing out of exhaled breath that these devices seem to cause....I truly hate it when walking down the street you are suddenly plunged into a sickly smelling dense cloud of vape exhalation with no chance to avoid it. Seems accepted as ‘the lessor of 2 evils’. Well, for the converted ex smoker maybe but it’s so anti social & I wonder if also an enhancement to spreading of viruses of all kinds that can affect anyone innocent person in its wake... yuck. Especially worrying for babies & young children....as many are also high in nicotine, couid this not be leading to nicotine being inadvertently regularly inhaled by them? Mind boggles....
  4. Very astute observation that has really got me thinking.... trouble is, it does rather firmly & painfully point a finger at me as having been weak, indulgent & continuously on a guilt trip as to wether I’ve done things right or for the best... Out of interest, do others feel lockdown & home schooling has exacerbated these ‘push the boundaries’ & rebellion issues? I feel they have all been stuck at home (& almost locked in when back at vocational school) with minimum social contact that once they have the opportunity it’s all far more exaggerated in trying to grab that ‘good time’ moment. Also, as a parent of a DC boarding from age 10, I have over the years consciously tried to ensure any time at home (exeat/holidays) was relax time. It was ok to sleep in, to veg on the sofa in PJ’s the whole time, be rather slack at completing any schoolwork (didn’t even really pry that much as to wether they had any), to give any dance opportunities a miss unless they truly wanted to do them, stay up late, eat crap, be a phone addict (oh boy, was THAT ever my biggest error!) etc etc. So of course, all those weeks that turned into months of time at home meant it was nigh on impossible to redefine the boundaries from pretty much zero to ‘this is a school day’ . I cannot tell you how helpless I have felt in all this...
  5. I can empathise with all your feelings & situation...no idea if smoking has become a thing but I’m finding 6th Form a whole new world of asserting independence & (it feels) rebellion.... but as others on here say, it’s all part of growing up & maybe growing away from needing us mums quite so much 🙁
  6. There are several dance colleges that offer degree courses alongside dance teaching qualifications I think... though funding may need to be checked as im not 100% sure where they stand for student loans etc... Thinking LSC does this??? There is if course the RAD but I guess the genre focus will be Classical Ballet. Am sure others here will confirm & add additional suggestions. Many insist too on an Intermediate exam pass as a dance qualification entry requirement so it probably would be a good idea for your DD to get Inter in her one or more of her genres Good luck!
  7. Do check if the sliding scale might take into account your other children as I think there may be an ‘allowance’ towards each dependant (ie. an amount per child taken off the total household income that’s assessed for funding). You may find this could bring you into a lower Band & perhaps offer more? Best of luck
  8. Always interesting to read of others experiences & comparisons!
  9. Is this a placement within the ENB company itself or the School? My understanding is that the Vompdny or already established within its new London City Island home but the school plans to move were postponed & no dates yet for any move (but others on here may have more info they can share!)
  10. Frankly I wish full time vocational schools would all catagorically ban their students from attending any regular classes (eg. a weekly/fortnightly/monthly held class....allow occasional holiday course as these do offer good opportunities to broaden horizons & friendships etc)that’s deemed an ‘Associate’scheme. Why would they want their students associated with a different school to their own? By allowing Associate attendance elsewhere doesn’t it kind of send out wrong messages? That they agree their students need more trining than they provide,that they are not covering all the training needed in the genre, that the other school is ‘better’, that students should ‘hedge their bets’ , that some pupils are worthy of having more training than others, that ever training is good, that having a rest day is not necessary or indeed is bad....etc etc etc.... it creates an uneven playing field too & that’s not fair. It also can further promote the imho already unhealthy hierarchy between schools & courses & kids & is parents. I speak from experience of eventually getting sucked into the whole ‘more is better’ & after years of not getting into a certain scheme that once offered a place you just ‘do not turn the hallowed one down’, worrying if one did it could prevent being selected there for any other courses ever again. etc etc etc & permission was granted by voc school. It was a huge mistake. Pretty sure lockdown did not assist as only one in person Class was attended but it was clear it was ‘more about me’ being part of the scheme than it was about being good for my DC. Hindsight? I’d have said thank you but no thank you (as originally trying for it was only ever intended as the Plan B.... to add onto local classes if unsuccessful at gaining a place in full time vocational training) Its also wrong for these institutions to promote these Assiciates schemes as such but to then allow them to filled by those students already lucky enough/talented/trained enough to gain full time (and often with government funding through MDS/DaDa schemes) vocational training places. I truly hope the place my DC very happily handed back has indeed gone to that dancer who didn’t get a funded vocational place but is still perusing & lovinv their journey in ballet & that this will enhance their training & joy!
  11. Thank you Momapalooza for telling it like it so sadly is in quite a high proportion of circumstances!
  12. The younger years are very much classical emphasis as a) that is pre-requisite to be a recognised school for government MDS awards....also a training that has strong technical ballet provides an excellent foundation for almost every other dance & performance genre (plus many many general life skills such as discipline, timing etc too!)
  13. Shame this had not been the case back in our day when being realistically the only ballet focussed kid felt very isolated, unsupported (especially by peers), frustrating (for some staff too) & caused huge anxiety as it was clear there was nowhere near enough hours/focus/advanced training for Upper Schools audition preparation....particularly as Hammond US clearly had no Classical pathway necessitating being successful at auditions elsewhere. So pleased the school has addressed this as they have the facilities & the staff to provide the best for all their pupils with this new re-jig. Couldn’t agree more how having the great all round training is a huge added bonus for all in younger years (skills they will have for life) but do feel that by year 10 it has to hone in on specific genres to make the most of each individual’s talents. It sounds win win for Hammond & Pupils - so pleased for all now there & future pupils! Onwards & upwards! Good luck to your DD Margarite too x
  14. Well, it certainly seems as though the school in a relatively short time has turned around really the only 2 issues that sadly were of concern to us when there.... The new boarding sounds exactly what was required & I recall a conversation where for older years, genre streaming was suggested! At year 7 so many start out with a ballet dream but by year 10 those wanting to focus in on ballet as a career were a very small minority & the timetable & then felt very much for the all rounder. No complaints at all about teaching or opportunities beyond those that have now been addressed it would appear so bravo to Hammond!
  15. Wow, FlexyNexy, that’s some story & some daughter!! Am I right to assume she is studying in Russia? Good luck to her & to you, the support from afar!
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