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  2. Onegin has always been one of Bonelli’s great roles, and tonight reminded us why!
  3. I thought Naghdi would be good as Tatiana, but reading these amazing reviews makes me regret not booking for her debut. I will definitely try to see her in February! She has always been a beautiful dancer, but it's great to see her also doing so well in a more dramatic role. To be honest, I've never been a fan of Bonelli and really can't see him as Onegin, but who knows, maybe he'll surprise me!
  4. Three debuts tonight: I thought Naghdi virtually pitch-perfect as the gauche Tatiana in Acts I and II, although not quite as convincing as princess, wife and mother in the Act III ballroom scene. She certainly gave everything to that final scene. Anna Rose O'Sullivan danced beautifully (goes without saying?) as Olga: I do tend to prefer to see a little foreshadowing in Act I of her heedlessness in Act II so that it doesn't come as a total surprise - but if it was there I missed it. Joseph Sissens danced equally beautifully as Lensky, but seemingly without really using the choreography to tell us much about the character or his feelings: it's his first major role of that type, and I'm sure it will come - after all, as someone reminded me this evening, Bonelli's acting skills weren't exactly impressive when he first joined the company, and look at him now The corps de ballet aren't always making the most of their little "cameo" moments at various times during the ballet, but I'm assuming they are more or less all new to their roles, and that that's the price you have to pay for the work being out of the repertoire for 5 years.
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  6. Absolutely wonderful performance of Onegin tonight from The Royal Ballet, Yasmine Naghdi and Federico Bonelli were emotionally devastating in the final act. Anna Rose O'Sullivan was perfect as Olga, beautiful jumps and pure joy. Joseph Sissens was lovely as Lensky, not forgetting Bennet Gartside as Prince Gremin, dignified and honourable. A truly wonderful evening at the Royal Opera House, adore the music of Tchaikovsky so much, one of my favourite ballets as well. This was a lovely birthday treat from my sister and it seemed apt that the two lead female characters in the story are sisters too!
  7. Its rather spendid Yasmine gets to dance witha more experienced partner than herself. They were electric tonight - beautiful beautiful dancing, with an emotional tug, without being overwrought and overly angsty. The 'red dress pdd' with Bennet Gartside (as Gremin) was astonishly refined, so elegant, so 'just so', it made it believable how Tatania was ultimately so torn in that devastating final pdd. Just wow!
  8. Bonelli must not be allowed to retire! He is, I think, the best actor around, and a superb partner. He and Naghdi were so beautiful together - I've seen the ballet many times but this performance was the most moving i have seen since Haydee/ Cragun. Naghdi's portrayal of Tatiana is totally right, hard to believe it was her debut. And her emotion at the curtain call was perfectly understandable.. I also enjoyed O'Sullivan and Sissens. The latter seems to thoroughly enjoy being on stage and has the makings of a fine Lensky. On the way out i spoke to a man whose very first ballet performance it was. Delighted to say he was smitten! I warned him that it was addictive!
  9. I must say, other than the few minor mistakes lately and this email, they’ve been fantastic with communication on every other matter with us in the past so I do believe it’s just the flaws of getting used to a new system (or something of that sort). Fingers crossed that some places for those on the waitlist do come up soon. 🤞🤞🤞 I’m not getting my hopes up as DS is still very young.
  10. I got a sort of apology/clarification email back from Henry when I emailed to ask if it was correct or an error (I also googled him as bi wondered the same and he is linked with RB). But I’ve had a few emails lately with other children’s first names in and on speaking to them via phone regarding a other things they’ve said they are on a new computer system so to please bear with them. Hopefully it’s just teething problems but was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions getting that particular email. Thankfully I trusted my instinct upon reading it that it was an error and didn’t say anything to my DS. I feel terrible for those who did let their children know - I know it was an accident but it felt a little cruel, especially as it wasn’t rectified/clarified for a fair while.
  11. Totally agree. And lots of nuance in the first two acts rather than just 'haughty' or 'cad.' He's one of my favourite dance actors and I never want him to retire!
  12. What an amazing debut from Miss Naghdi. Such a deeply intelligent portrayal, and that final pdd, her inner turmoil, struggle and ultimate strength...just wow. And Federico Bonelli blew me away. He was simply outstanding tonight and his utter despair with life, then his brief glimmer of hope, then his rejection...he made me feel all of it right along with him. He and Naghdi are a wonderful, empathetic partnership, and you could see how much it meant to them at the curtain calls. It sure meant a lot to me too, just being able to watch them.
  13. I don’t think the one from ‘Henry’ was from the Royal Ballet, I got it too, and a couple of things in the wording were dodgy, and the email for financial assistance was wrong. I emailed the RB to let them know, in case they’ve been hacked, but they haven’t replied. Awful that some thought they had places by mistake.
  14. MrsMoo2

    RBS JAs 2020

    Yep, centre point for Manchester. Good Luck everyone! Sadly DS is too old now but he had a lovely audition there a few years back. xxx
  15. Wow! I think that was my favourite ballet performance I've ever attended. I saw the last run and it didn't blow me away, possibly because it was only the second ballet I'd ever seen or due to the dancer playing Onegin not being much of an actor. No such problem tonight! Naghdi and Bonelli had great chemistry and their storytelling and characterisation were crystal clear, especially in the last pas de deux where she played Tatiana's conflicting emotions so convincingly. There's nothing extraneous in the choreography and the music and costumes are gorgeous. Are these the most beautiful costumes in ballet?! I think so. I nearly didn't come as I have a cold and feared the dreaded tickly cough (funnily that happened in the last run during Lensky's very quiet solo). I nearly got away with it until the last act. Had a few panic-inducing coughs but thankfully got it under control for the last scene. So glad I came!
  16. @AdageKitty @TwoDancers @MyBalletboy my dd auditioned on 7th and we were told 10 days! But the boys, who auditioned in the afternoon, were told 3 weeks! So my guess we will hear in the next few days! 🙏 good luck to you all!
  17. @tutugirl we are still waiting too! They did say approx. 10 days! Fingers crossed we hear back soon! 🙏
  18. I know a few people who do the Improvers who really like his classes a lot but unfortunately don’t know anyone who does the beginners class but it’s the teacher who is important I think so I’m sure his beginners will be fine .....though be aware that ‘beginners’ classes in London are often rarely for real beginners especially if it has the word ‘general’ after it!! though you sound as if you have some experience anyway. I’d give it a go. If you can make it regularly ( as they don’t do drop in anymore ) there is a very good class on a Monday at the Rambert ( Waterloo) which is Intermediate level with one of the Rambert dancers Luke Ahmet ....I think it starts at 6.30pm Also check out ENB Monday classes over on City Island.... the earliest classes there usually start at 7pm. Not completely up to date yet this year as still recovering from injury.
  19. At the risk of gushing (and it is only act one) Yasmine Naghdi seems born to play Tatiana. What a debut so far ✨
  20. Sorry to bump this thread, but have any of you taken Adam Pudney's "Beginner/General" class at Pineapple? I love the sound of his Improvers, but can't make it; nor can I figure out how the two are relative to each other! Thank you in advance
  21. And the whims of the artistic director. If the candidate has sparkle (undefinable) they may have a chance. Don't forget students from other vocational schools often audition for the year 8 to 11 places, some of them get in lots don't. WL is not easy to get into.
  22. Thank you for the welcome! This is ballet, so I see precision is a virtue
  23. I agree it could be so much better. I wonder if the Friday showing is not on the wesite yet as it is over a week away? This is the link I use to search Sky Arts for ballet shows. I can't remember how I got hold of it. Sometimes it goes a little funny and doens't work for 24 hours but it always seems to come back. https://accessibility.sky.com/tvguide/search/index.html?ignorexsl=yes&tvgEncoding=UTF-8&tvgBroadcaster=BDSSkyCable&tvgReferrer=SkyAccessible&tvgClockStyle=ampm&tvgSearchPhrase=ballet repeats:on flag:%&tvgFoundText=There are %number% %shows% %phrase%%&Phrase=ballet&tvgFlagFilter=%&tvgRegion=London&tvgPageNumber=4&colour=one
  24. That's interesting. The Friday screening is on the screen guide but not on their website. In fact, there's very little on the website, apart from pictures. You'd think a media company would try a little harder to keep their customers informed. Linda
  25. Yes welcome Meetatthebarre...it looks like you have found out pretty early on that a few of us on this Forum (not excluding myself) can be pretty pedantic!
  26. Thanks Alison...you know I was there! The other rehearsal was wonderful...the amazing Zenaida Yanowsky and Christopher Saunders taking Mayara Magri and Marci Sambe through the beginning of the first PDD in Act 2 of Swan Lake. The audience gave rapturous applause, especially at the end when we were told that this was the first time these two had rehearsed this together, in anticipation of their forthcoming debuts in these roles. Very special...
  27. Hello Oakley, The advice regarding distance learning is good. And you should line up contemporary lessons or attend strong contemporary summer schools courses and masterclasses.Investigate whose round you. Look for pop-ups. Off the top of my head, spend time and have fun with Rambert if they arrange anything, Rosie Price, Emily Charlton, and the other strong contemporary schools featured for example on The Greatest Dancer. So many great teachers out there. Try the Escola de Dança de Conservatorio Nacional, Lisbon, Easter or summer schools; Quorum Ballet summer school, Lisbon; Longiano, Italy, summer school; Elephant in the Black Box, Madrid; Brussels summer school. Look out for the Gaga Vocabulary workshops touring presently. Maybe look for courses that integrate a showcase at the end to do more ensemble work. Look up Move It and check out the contemporary classes there. The idea of a post grad year is also a good one. My daughter is now enrolled in the UK on a self funded vocational dance course that will include teaching methodology, so a double qualification and something to fall back on, but she is adding to that two A levels for now with a tutoring program attached to the school. She will be looking for company jobs soon and does not intend to do a post grad year even though she could convert it all to a degree now, as she hopes to do an academic degree later, for which she will reserve her Student Loans funding. The thing that may hinder her for company jobs will be her age as much as any thing. She will be finishing, company ready , barring injuries God willing, and yet still not have reached 18. Most of her old European colleagues that have been in specialist vocational training will be looking for jobs with just their sixth form qualifications and 8th Grade Vaganova level or similar, usually with no trouble. Those that have attended more past-time schools,but are interested in dance, normally go on to the degree course to improve technique there and develop choreographic skills or teaching skills. But there are many children being snapped up at 12, 13 for international vocational schools and doing their education in their home language and system; others integrate into the new school system if they have to. Many move around for months at a time to work with certain teachers in certain styles, and end up extremely versatile and independent. In my opinion this can give them an edge. If you stay independent, you could have this choice too. To pick up and move to spend time in interesting places working with different dance pedagogues. Something to talk about with your mentor, who knows what connections they have. There are just so many ways to achieve your goal, but that's just it. It is your goal and if you want it , you will find the way and work hard to succeed, because there is no short cut, but lots of choices. There is so much useful information from many people here with diverse experiences to be gleaned here. I find it fascinating as I am sure you do. So keep asking. Someone is bound to know the answer or where to look and probably have lots more names to add to the list above. Wishing you all the best.
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