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  2. Yes @Astrid year 4 for our DD, she was in the 1045 registration group, I assume they were all year 4 in her group, all girls. She said very little about the audition other than she wasn't as flexible as most of the other girls (feet near face was not good!) but she said it was great fun! always a worrying comment for me. She also auditioned for RBS early May. Very doubtful she will get selected but at the moment there is still hope! Hope you get good news soon xx
  3. A very good point, I forgot she had been promoted last year!!
  4. Hello @Fairydust! Year 4..she was in the 1245 group. Her group was majority boys! are you waiting on year 4 too? x
  5. I think Sambe will be promoted to principal and agree with others re: Clarke, O'Sullivan, Debreuil (sp?!), Dixon, Gasparini and Sissens. What do people make of Clare Calvert's chances for promotion? At one point she seemed very much in the ascendancy...
  6. Hello Astrid, what year was your DD auditioning for? xx
  7. The stalls circle stage seats are definitely available for the Bolshoi season. I've booked in that area for most of my performances as those bench seats are cheaper than my normal front side amphi seats. They are also usually released for Royal Opera performances of Mozart operas. For example, for the recent run of Così Fan Tutte, they appeared without warning on the ROH website around two weeks before the first night.
  8. Returning to this...I’ve now gone through the monthly calendar view for February to the end of the season. In that time, out of 25 available Saturdays there are: 2 x main stage opera matinees 3 x main stage ballet matinees (including the Swan Lake Welcome performance, not available to regulars) 1 x RBS Summer Performance Additionally, on the 3 Bank Holiday Mondays (Good Friday being traditionally off limits) there is one “early evening” La Traviata and one Swan Lake matinee. There may of course also be a few Friends Rehearsals on Saturday mornings/afternoons which have yet to be announced, but it is surprising that the Main Stage will be so little used for performances over a six month period.
  9. Hi - I know exactly what you mean about the acro moves in improv (!) and I've said to my DD it's not that kind of improv! My understanding is that it's just about musicality and responding to the music, nothing major, and they should just listen and move in the way it makes them want to (on knees/seated/however they are told to on the day). I don't think it needs to be specific ballet steps per se, just movement (?) Good luck to your DD and everyone in Bath. We are inching closer to DD's audition in London at the end of next week, feels like it's taking ages to come round but at least its less of a wait till the results I guess!
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  11. Sorry JJ700 should also say good luck!! And to everyone else in Bath this week xx
  12. From what DD said she was on her knees, they had to respond to the music so move in time to how he played..I wouldn’t worry too much, I have a sneaking suspicion by that point they probably already know if they like any of them..they would probably just love watching her whatever she did 🙃 they do genuinely have a lovely time i think it’s so they can see their musicality (I’m on a steep learning curve 😂)
  13. Feeling your pain on all counts. Never had so many pointless emails it seems 😂 I feel like it’s going to be Friday maybe? They said before half term. She is away with brownies from Saturday so at least if at a no I get time to prep...😅
  14. Wow Vadimir Malakhov is looking very sharp these days! Congrats to the winners.
  15. Hello Shellym and welcome to the Forum!
  16. Oh tell me about it I had a nightmare getting a ticket for that Friday 7/6 matinee because Virgin advance fares on a Friday are not cheap to start with! Only that I got an offer of 20% off I got a fare for £65. Royal Ballet are the only company in the UK I know of that have matinees at 12noon all other companies are 2 or 2.30pm. I am aware that matinee means morning. In Europe often there are Sunday matinees at 2pm 2.30pm or 4pm. It's crazy.
  17. My daughter auditioned for BW Dundee Associates and we were told we would know within 2 weeks but still no word as yet!
  18. The Place's intensives have just dropped: https://www.theplace.org.uk/whats-on/seasons/summer-dance-courses-adults-2019 Both weeks look interesting but the second is pure cask strength Richard Alston...
  19. Hi everyone, newbie here. Good luck to everyone auditioning. My daughter is auditioning for bath tomorrow (I've seen there's a few others here, hi 🙋‍♀️). It's her first time, (yr4). I've seen comments about an under the sea section, is anyone able to elaborate on this at all? My daughters improv in front of others is - let's just say, it'd be about 20 cartwheels, 10 turns, maybe chuck a couple of aerials in there too and a whole load of penches🙈🙈 (Inless it's on tiktok then that's a whole different story 😂🙈). Anyway, for the under the sea, do they improv just ballet? Or do they do whatever they like? Is it all on the floor? Is it an actual dance, or just showing moves? Just trying to prepare her. Thanks all so much in advance.
  20. Does anyone know whether they were made available for the Bolshoi season? I think it’s been remarked previously that they (are able to) take a rather more relaxed attitude.
  21. But the orchestra for R&J is huge and the noise-level tests are undertaken on a weekly-average basis so I don't think you can really draw that conclusion.
  22. Hello all, I’m new here and new to all this! My DD auditioned for young dancers and we’re eagerly awaiting results for a year 6 place too. How many times can you check your email in one day??? Not very hopeful and dreading dealing with the disappointment if it’s a no.
  23. The orchestra in the pit was a fairy modest size for this triple bill. If the ROH was ever going to reinstate the seating in those areas of the stalls circle closest to the stage, this would have seemed to be an opportunity. But they didn't. So maybe we should conclude that those seats are gone for good ?
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