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  2. Don't know if this will be of any use? https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html
  3. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that ROH have sold any singles at all... Bolshoi ONLY sell tickets in pairs since they reopened.
  4. I think I saw something requiring people to have their Friends membership cards, somewhere.
  5. Struggling to make sense of the schedule on here https://worldballetday.com/ .... I may have to make my own in Actual time order .... unless anyone knows of one already ?
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  7. It was actually to this that I was referring when I asked my question. I hadn't seen it before. I, may, of course have been confused. I wasn't clear vis a vis what specific 'identification' they were referring to.
  8. Who knows... we genuinely won’t ever know what number of views, when, for how long etc mean. I’m sure they’ll all be looked at multiple times. All the views in the world could still result in a no. I really hope there’s not another YouTube auditions again because having access to the analytical data is borderline torment. No one would ever know in a studio audition!
  9. No more views for us... no surprise based on videos! Sounds promising for a lot of you 😊
  10. Yes. Probably, like me, they've tried selecting a few price bands and are getting fed up with the "We could not find 1 tickets together. Try requesting fewer tickets, or select a different area." What should I go for, 0.5? 0.25? And of course they can't find 1 ticket together Shame the system can't filter on the number of tickets looked for.
  11. Tickets that many single/solo people would be delighted to buy if only they would sell them to us!
  12. I’m beginning to wonder about the ticket limit. All levels of Friends have now booked and Public Booking is open. Yet there are over 100 tickets still available for every performance of The RB Live. Maybe people are more reluctant to return or travel than anticipated?
  13. Although it does say, when you get to the Checkout page Identification is required to confirm eligibility for these tickets. Please present your identification along with your ticket.
  14. Wonderful news from SFB! A true digital season with complete works - either full-evening ballets or triple bills of complete one-act works. However, it is not cheap - $34 for access to 1 show (for 24 hrs) or $289 for full season pass (longer access for ea show). The latter half of PacificNW Ballet’s digital season will also be like this...full works in spring/early summer.
  15. You have to “sign in” for track and trace when you attend so you don’t have to prove your identity. Only one person per group is required to sign in (in line with other places, including pubs and restaurants) so a second name is not required when you buy your tickets.
  16. Well on the ticket is says that it's non-transferable, and the T&C say that it can only be resold or exchanged through the ROH. It doesn't mention the ID being checked at the theatre, but maybe that was covered at an earlier stage of booking (can't remember).
  17. I assume that ALL single tickets that can't be used (for whatever reason) will need to be returned to the box office for resale because the name on the ticket will have to match the identity requested at the theatre I assume. (Am I correct in that assumption? Does anyone know.) That - I think - should open up opportunities for people who weren't lucky enough to gain them (i.e., single tickets). Can I ask: When you booked two tickets did the ROH system ask for the name of the other person from your bubble that would be joining you so they could follow through on the identifica
  18. 2 mins on 1st video, and 1 min each on 2nd and 3rd here 😳 I'm guessing this is either really good or really bad 😕😂 It wasn't my DD finest performance, but so hard for the children online at home. Good luck everyone!
  19. Plus we get the delayed premiere of Cathy Marston's Mrs. Robinson. That does sound enticing.
  20. It's all so tricky isn't it. I haven't been to England since the start of the pandemic so will have to check out all the rules! This is all assuming the restrictions here allow it - I haven't actually been allowed to leave Cardiff for a month and currently in a "firebreak", which prevents me from seeing the Elite Syncopations programme. I have bought a ticket for the last Within the Golden Hour, crossing my fingers that I'll be able to travel!
  21. But places are offered based on the videos, no? Just not funding. Or have I misunderstood?
  22. San Francisco Ballet are doing a digital season 7 shows from Nutcracker to the end of June. It looks interesting and I remember how much I enjoyed all their ballets in lockdown. https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/2021-season/ https://youtu.be/GvHkwfmRcn4
  23. A very similar amount of time to @Spamcatspent viewing the videos today (They were being watched this evening, around 7pm when I got off the train home). Approximately: 9 mins of first vid 5 mins of second 5 mins of third
  24. I I've seen that written down somewhere Lizbie. The nearest I can come to what I have read is in this government page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-levels-what-you-need-to-know
  25. If you’re travelling to a lower tier I’ve seen that advice. I haven’t seen any specific advice if you are travelling from a lower to higher tier, as theoretically you would be less of a risk than those living in the area. I was wondering whether it is allowed to travel with a friend to a performance but I guess the answer is no if the location is in tier 2!
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