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  3. While I agree that it’s mainly movement, The Cellist is a compelling piece of theatre and music. I loved the filming and how it captured the main characters’ interactions with family, colleagues, etc. Timing was perfect too - neither too long nor too short.
  4. I didn't notice that .... or the "oversolits" typo either!!! 😉
  5. Me too Joan. My gut feeling is we will be looking at December at the earliest - if not 2021. I suppose the next couple of weeks of being slightly unlocked will give us some indication of whether there will be a second spike.
  6. Funny thing is when I read your post I read "analogy" - I didn't even notice the typo!
  7. How terrible for you all, Lisa, and hoping for the best possible outcome, whether it turns out to be down to stachybotrys or not.
  8. A friend of mine who volunteers there said the programme is just provisional dependent on the Government giving the go ahead for theatres to open. If this happens they don't want to have nothing in place. If it doesn't then presumably they will have to cancel. Having said that you seem to be able to book seats already (I clicked on a Father Brown play for the middle of September where people have already booked seats and with no social distancing in place). I'd love to think it would happen but I have doubts.
  9. The companies performed at different venues across London during the closure which meant that they retained the audience's interest and support and had a stream of income which covered part of their costs but that is only part of the story. The real difference was that both companies were far less dependent on private money than they are now as their subsidy covered a greater proportion of their costs which made them far less vulnerable than now. In addition the opera company was far more conservative when it came to productions. There were no opera production involving radical revisions of texts or where the action was set ; no creating the operas the directors thought the composer and librettist should have written rather than the one they did with the result that the company had a back catalogue of classic or at least serviceable productions which singers wanted to appear in and audiences wanted to see revived over several seasons. This meant that a large number of the opera productions went into profit and helped pay for productions of operas like Henze's Boulevard Solitude which the management thought London audience needed to see but were unlikely to be popular successes or finally cover their costs.Such minor details make a great difference to an opera company's bottom line. Finally I seem to recall that the Arts Council stumped up additional money for the redevelopment when it was needed although they did so with bad grace.
  10. Sorry for my typo....should read analogy!!
  11. First of all if the West End are starting to put pressure on the Government for action and to put forward workable alternatives to the 2m social distancing measures, then that can only be a good thing. However there is a danger of Alex Beard making those comments (presumably to add pressure) as (1) how will staff react to comments like that and (2) what would be the point of donating further if the House is likely to close?
  12. Bruce Wall do you mean the ROH will not survive beyond Autumn 2020 or Autumn 2021?
  13. The Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet (and the ROH orchestra) continued to perform in other venues.
  14. I am wondering how the ROH managed to survive despite its closure for renovation between July 1997 and December 1999?
  15. In this context I love the piece that Marcelino Sambe choreographed which I saw this morning. I found it very deeply moving. I'm not sure if this is the right place for it but I thought it so good I wanted to share.
  16. from the point of view of asking the question in that situation , i think your input is useful...
  17. So sorry to hear this Lisa but thank you for sharing your knowledge about it. Hope you and your sister get a positive resolution for your brother in law. Take care x
  18. I've just watched The Cellist. 'In the flesh', I felt that it had both strengths and weaknesses. However, I felt that the less good aspects were somewhat emphasised by the filming. I have in mind in particular the relative absence of dance as distinct from movement and the activity of the busy corps detracting from what the central characters are doing. A pity.
  19. Hello DVDfan and welcome to the Forum! Thank you for sharing your experiences.
  20. A quote of some interest perhaps - certainly not unexpected - in the new edition of The Stage - (Alex Beard was in attendance for the ROH) 'Representatives from the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House said neither venue would be able to reopen with social distancing in place. The Royal Albert Hall said it is only able to survive until April next year under current circumstances before it is forced to fold, while the Royal Opera House said it will not last beyond the Autumn with current reserves. Source
  21. Hello, I haven't posted before though I've been reading the forum for some time, because I don't know much about ballet. However, the OPs problem has prompted me to make a tentative suggestion. If her daughter is also hypermobile, there may be an underlaying condition known as EDS or hypermobility syndrome. This is a connective tissue disorder and as such affects most of the body, quite often mildly but sometimes more seriously. Stress incontinence is one of the commoner symptoms and the way it has been dismissed when the doctor found no obvious cause is typical of the difficulties sufferers experience in getting a diagnosis. It is rare and so it's not likely to be the problem, but nevertheless I suggest the OP checks it out at www.ehlers-danlos.org, just in case, because an early diagnosis will make a big difference to her daughter if she has it. For the sake of stating my authority (lack of!) I am the parent of an adult child with EDS.
  22. I too am very sorry to hear it. I'm aware that there does appear to be a problem with various types of mould causing some peculiar symptoms and ill-health, but haven't really looked into it, so thanks for posting.
  23. Star-studded 90th celebration for bbodance! Patrons, supporters, and members from around the world came together last month to celebrate the 90th anniversary of bbodance, formerly known as the British Ballet Organization (BBO). Broadcasting from self-isolation, Patrons sent in anniversary messages and letters showcasing what bbodance means to them, while teachers and students shared videos of themselves practising at home during lockdown. Social media followers were also treated to a collection of images from bbodance's long history that brought back a lot of memories. "There are moments in any crisis when humour and individual actions lift the spirits. In the midst of the pandemic, we celebrated our 90th anniversary. We received lovely videos and messages of support from our President, Dame Beryl Grey, CH, DBE, our Vice President, Sir David Bintley, CBE, and all of our Patrons. One even going to the lengths (due to timing issues) of recording her message in the dark, in the middle of the night," stated bbodance CEO, Robin Bloor. Joining the celebration was also a large number of new teaching members, who have received access to bbodance syllabi until 1 September, and Dame Darcey Bussell, DBE, a long-time friend of the organisation who often develops her own educational offering in bbodance studios. bbodance was founded in 1930 by the renowned teacher, Edouard Espinosa, and his wife, the singer and actor, Louise Kelland. Today, bbodance is one of the UK's major dance awarding organisations, providing syllabi, Government-recognised examinations, teacher training, and inspiring events for everyone who loves this art form. "In its 90 years, the organization has touched the lives of millions of people, introducing them to the joy of dance, and has been responsible for starting the careers of many of the most prestigious artists in the world of professional theatre. What a fantastic organization — Compact, Friendly, High-quality, Ahead of its time, and Fast to react. Sounds a bit like its founder, Edouard Espinosa," wrote Chairman, Nic Espinosa, in his anniversary message.
  24. Oh dear Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your Brother in Law. It must be awful for you all, particularly at the moment when we are locked down because of the pandemic. Thinking of you all.
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