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  2. Hi, could I buy this if it’s still available please?
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  4. Hi, has anyone applied for the Malvern summer course 2021? If so, can I ask how long it was before you heard whether you had a place?
  5. Elmhurst definitely requires photos and I believe they use them to select students Photograph Requirements | Elmhurst Ballet School
  6. I've sent you a pm @Tiptoet
  7. Is she able to keep up her singing and drama? My DD’s interests are all performing art related also, more a question of specialising in one?
  8. Which level did she get into @OnlyDance? x
  9. mine's 14 Congrats to your DD @Sugarplum21 🎉
  10. I hope she enjoys it 😍 Has anyone had a 'not yet' email?
  11. Thank you. She will be in group 1, we had an email yesterday. Unfortunately I can't see how many views or viewing time as we used googledrive. Hopefully lots more results will come out on Monday and lots more with a yes . Xx
  12. I only have experience from last year’s audition season and appreciate things could be different this year. Applicants seem to have a two week period to accept/decline their places, then it goes to first round waiting list. They in turn have the two week period to accept/decline & so on. DD knew of friends/peers still receiving offers two months after she gave her place back so that suggests there can be several rounds of offers. Certainly there is an awful lot of movement & wait list places can come up. The problem is knowing where you are on wait list...and of course deciding
  13. Congratulations 🎉 Did you hear yesterday? And what group is she in?.
  14. Hello. My daughter will also be starting on the 25th. Good luck to everyone still waiting. Xxx
  15. My favourite tweet about him
  16. Hi SillySally Think people were waiting for Tring funding results that came out yesterday and today.. Think it will be all sorted by end of next week as Tring need to know soon.
  17. I don’t know how many on the waiting list sorry🤪 but the student who have been offered places have to except by 14/04/21- I know there will be movement as I personally know a handful of student who won’t be taking their place at central x I wish you all the luck in the wold 💗
  18. Hi all, Has anyone been offered a place off the waiting list for Central yet? I'm interested to know if there has been any movement. In fact, does anyone know anything about the timeline? When do prospective students reply to their offers? Also, does anyone have any idea if there are 100 or 20 on the waiting list, its hard to gauge if moving from on the wait list is a realistic option or a nice pipe dream..... P.S. I must say that I really appreciate being a member this forum, it seems to me that people genuinely want to help each other and that is precious. Than
  19. Thanks for all your replies and for the welcome to the forum, Jan. My DD is currently at vocational school so is used to long ballet days but it’s everything else like the daily commute and having to look after herself at just turned 16 that concerns me the most. And this on top of the pressure of the ballet which is exhausting enough by itself. I’d prefer her to do A levels if she could but am of the view that she could always do them at a later date if needed. Loulabelle, it’s good to hear a positive experience of living independently in London, thanks.
  20. My DD made the same decision last year, although she chose to walk away from a place at Central rather than ENBS, as she was definitely not ready to live independently in London as a very young 16 year old. A year on, she is very glad she made the decision to stay on for Upper School where she was already known and is having the best time she says. I'm just thankful she has no regrets!
  21. My daughter never really had other things to give up, she hated sport and lived for performing arts from a very young age. She did give up piano when she went to vocational school at 11 but singing and drama etc were always and still are very important to her.
  22. @Ballet Power I think around 12/13? Not 100% sure my dd said 🙈
  23. With hindsight and due to an unhappy experience, we very much wish our DD had taken her Tring offer rather than ENBS. But it was not unhappy in any way due to living arrangements or capability to live in London independently. My DD would definitely have stayed in vocational school had she been completing A’levels as well, but she is very academic. Doing both is not for everyone but would have been better for her. It’s personal choice. The days at ENBS are very full, any academics would have to be completed independently (online maybe?) in the evenings or at weekends, there were a cou
  24. My DD lived very successfully in Queen Alexandra House and travelled to ENBS by bus (which is free). The students mainly travelled together or in small groups but by DD became very adept and confident travelling around London by bus or tube quickly. QAH is a little shabby but comfortable and the staff there are excellent and caring. Breakfast could have done with being earlier as it doesn’t start until 7.30am so the ballet girls were always waiting at the door for it to start and generally grabbed toast on the run. There was only one day a week when they struggled to get back for dinner
  25. You beat me to it, meadowblythe. Tring offers A Levels, ENBS doesn’t (as far as I know). Given my daughter’s journey, I would *always* recommend A Levels or equivalent so that you have an academic backup, given the likelihood of injury, the scarcity of paid jobs in ballet companies, or even burn-out where the student wants to change paths.
  26. Even before the pandemic my 16 year old decided not to go for a London college and to go for a school environment for similar reasons.
  27. You might also wish to consider the academic aspects of each school - how important is the opportunity to study for A levels?
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