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  2. I think it would be most like an audition if you just do it once and film them the first time of doing it. That's what we're going to do. Wouldn't some people "cheat" though and practice it first? I hope not as there would surely be a risk of it looking practised (especially any improvisation) and them getting marked down because of that? Or some people might get their teacher to come and correct? How can they make it fair?
  3. Does anyone have a dd at YDA Associates? Mine is joining this Sept and I'm looking at uniform. There are some optional items- warm up and tracksuit and I'd like to know whether most kids wear them? If they do I'd like to get them but don't want to waste money if most don't use them. And any tips on other things for a YDAAC newbie much appreciated!
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  5. From memory it was on their knees but DD and I disagree about whether she got to hear it first or not!
  6. They prefer it all in one go without interruption unless your device is not able to record all 36 min in one go.
  7. My Light Shines On: An Evening with Scottish Ballet (from the Edinburgh International Festival)
  8. Hi, please may I have the other one? x
  9. I'm going to throw in inconsiderate people who light bonfires when its this hot - horrible smell when you open the windows but you need them open evenings and early mornings to get some cooler air in
  10. Vets - and not for the first time. I recently had my cat's blood and urine tested because of excessive drinking and weight loss. Because the results revealed nothing untoward, I was persuaded to agree to a heart scan and blood pressure measurement because of an existing heart murmur. Well I claimed on the insurance for the first set of investigations but the vet has seen fit to link the two sets of investigations together for insurance purposes under the general heading of "heart murmur". Needless to say anything connected to heart murmur is excluded from our insurance policy because it was an existing condition when we rescued the cat in the first place. So I claimed a modest amount for investigations that were (as far as I know) unrelated to the heart murmur, but the vet has apparently submitted two claims for the same investigations at the same cost with two different reference numbers. When I rang the practice to ask for clarification I was told that the vet was away so I would need to discuss it with her next week. I only hope my cat doesn't have an accident and break a leg - doubtless the vet will claim that the accident only occurred because the heart murmur slowed down her reflexes. Not happy!
  11. Thank you @Whiteduvet. Are you allowed to pause the video of the class to re-position etc.?
  12. Can I have the darker pink one please x
  13. Weather forecasts that get it very wrong. We had our outdoor mosaic workshop cancelled today because the forecast was for rain and thunder all day and we would have been sitting on metal chairs under a metal framed gazebo. The sun has been cracking the flags all day so far!
  14. Jane

    Room 101

    I put the farmers in room 101 who move pig poo up and down the road all day in this heat encouraging the flies. I’m sure one tractor drives it from A to B and another from B to A.
  15. Hello. Just a query is the Jacket you have for sale specifically for seniors only?
  16. oh really , have Hammond been in touch with you ? How exciting
  17. Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any preloved Ballet Boost Associates uniform for sale? Looking for a jacket and a bag. Jacket Size 11-12 or 13. Many thanks.
  18. From the struggling STAGE .. Theatres are entering a critical stage in their fight for survival, with the cancellation of the 2020/21 pantomime season expected to cost the industry more than £90 million in lost revenue .... Theatres that have already announced the postponement of this year’s pantomimes include Hackney Empire, Birmingham Hippodrome, Blackpool Grand, the Mayflower in Southampton, Hull New Theatre, Nottingham Theatre Royal, Lyric Hammersmith, the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and Theatre Royal Stratford East. Selladoor Worldwide has also announced that its subsidiary company Prime Pantomimes will not be producing any shows this year .... There is much more but want to stay within the BcoF quotation guidelines .. This should give you a sense of the rest ... It goes on to list a goodly number of other cancellations (i.e., those beyond Qdos) and those on the brink of doing so ... plus redundancies ... much as is the case for so many institutions in the creative industries.
  19. Thanks - that's great to know! Was it kneeling (just arms) or standing? And did they get chance to hear the music first or did they go straight into it?
  20. Oh one bit I missed was that they had to do a short improvisation. It didn’t have to be classical steps, just a chance to show their musicality and love of dance.
  21. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    Flies. Those big black/green buzzy ones - as soon as I open the back door a crack, or a window, its as if they are queuing up to come inside, where they frantically buzz around bumping into things - everything apart from the way out....
  22. Thank you for the information @Whiteduvet - that's really helpful.
  23. My congratulations on quite an impressive editing/compilation achievement.
  24. I have two Degas 9502 leotards for sale in size T0 (equivalent to Adult XS). Like new (worn a couple of times only). Meryl soft fabric. Front lined. £30 each plus postage.
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