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  2. Layla Harrison was in the West End cast of Phantom of the Opera from about 2011-2015, as one of the dancers & understudy Meg Giry. I've just dug through my programmes & found her biography and it gives her training as at the RBS & says that she created the role of Bird in Peter and the Wolf.
  3. Hi, does anybody know the time for the MA class in Bath?
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  5. The RB's Aud Jebsen dancers also know which of them will be joining The Royal Ballet next season but are not allowed to say yet! So Sumina has rather 'jumped the gun'.
  6. It will be interesting to see what (if anything) they do about the production though, because I would have thought that all being well/possible they would now bring back SL next season even if that hadn't originally been planned.
  7. Perhaps not for the cinema showings though, which is unfortunate. But I'm done speculating!
  8. Here is the official announcement from Prix de Lausanne. https://www.prixdelausanne.org/schools-companies-chosen-by-the-2020-prize-winners/ 1- MASCIARI Marco – Italy Company chosen: the Royal Ballet / Apprenticeship offered by Oak Foundation 2- ARBUCKLE Ava – USA School chosen: John Cranko School / Scholarship offered by Bourse Jeune Espoir 3- SANTANA João Vitor – Brazil Company chosen: TO BE CONFIRMED / Apprenticeship offered by an Anonymous Donor 4- ZHANG Lin – China School chosen: the Hamburg Ballet School / Scholarship offered by Émile Chouriet 5- KANG Chaeyeon – South Korea School chosen: the Royal Ballet School / Scholarship offered by the Fondation Coromandel 6- HOLELEU Matei – Romania Company chosen: the English National Ballet / Apprenticeship offered by Fondation Albert Amon 7- VAZ Vitor Augusto – Brazil Company chosen: the Royal Ballet School/ Apprenticeship offered by Fondation Caris – Jeune Espoir 8- WANG Yuyan – China Forfeited her apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is offered to: PIRES Catarina – Portugal Company chosen: Dutch National Ballet – Junior Company / Apprenticeship So a few other winners will be joining RBS, and Matei Holeleu will be joining ENB as apprentice. Last year's winner Sumina Sasaki (currently on apprenticeship) wrote on her blog that she will be joining RB as artist next season.
  9. Can't remember if it's been mentioned yet, but 'All the Superlatives', the documentary about Anthony Dowell shown in ?1977. I know it's on YouTube but last time I looked it was terrible quality (which also makes me wonder if legit). I'd never seen any live ballet when I saw this and it opened up for me the whole world of beauty that is ballet.
  10. Not sure why anyone would think that - Cuthbertson is only 35 and in top form.
  11. He’s just put this on his Instagram account. Presumably as the Prix de Lausanne Apprentice 2020/21. Good news. Everyone must have made him offers.
  12. I d on't think so. There was also a portrait documentary about her, directed by Derek Bailey, some years earlier - it might have been in that. And that would certainly be another programme well worth repeating.
  13. I’m sure that is the way forward. I thought Ashton’s Act 4 was truly beautiful, although I’ll stand up for LS’s Act 3 Pas de Trois and Spanish Dance (especially for Tierney Heap). One shouldn’t speculate, but does anybody else think we are now unlikely to see Lauren Cuthbertson return to the role of Odette / Odile? Did she ever dance it after those wonderful debut performances with Rupert Pennefather?
  14. I have just found my VHS tape of Peter and the Wolf. It was filmed in 1997, with Sir Anthony Dowell as the Grandfather, Martin Harvey the Wolf, the rest of the cast I don't recognise, but somebody may know of them. Peter - David Johnson Bird - Layla Harrison Duck - Karen Lingham Cat - Elizabeth Halliday Hope that helps.
  15. We held what seems to have been a quite successful virtual ballet evening yesterday evening - see the original announcement thread here: and the discussion thread here: Now that people's lives are presumably starting to settle down into some sort of pattern, I wonder whether Saturday evenings are best, or whether we should try a different time/day next time? If I've got this poll right, you should be able to select as many options as you like as to what suits you (responses should be anonymous). Assume something like 2-3 pm starts for matinees and 7-7.30 pm UK time for evening "performances", depending on length. And please post any pertinent comments, especially on days and timings, below. (Looking through the - very incomplete - schedule of ballets I've produced in Outlook up to now, I notice that Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be distinctly empty, ballet and dance-wise)
  16. As I remember it 'Sir' Peter and the Wolf was choreographed by Matthew Hart. I have it somewhere.
  17. Yes, I did wonder whether Saturday was actually a good night, or whether people were more likely to arrange other things then. Perhaps we should run a poll ...
  18. Josh Barwick is hosting some barre classes next week. Although not obligatory he is asking for donations as he is a freelance dancer now without income.
  19. When David Bintley re-made Cyrano for Birmingham Royal Ballet he got the RB set and costumes to cut down on costs. With the new RB Swan Lake I don't know how many of the interpolations are Scarletts but would it be possible to strip them out and empty someone new to use the non-Scarlett bits and create the rest of the production using the new set and costumes - preferably using the Ashton Act 4, the Ashton pdq and, of course, the Ashton Neapolitan?
  20. Friday 27 March 2020 For immediate release Northern Ballet announces Pay As You Feel Digital Season Productions featured include: Jonathan Watkins’ 1984; Mariana Rodrigues’ Little Red Riding Hood; extended highlights from Northern Ballet’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala; andDavid Nixon OBE’s Dracula. Kenneth Tindall and Dan Lowenstein’s dance film EGO will also be released. northernballet.com/pay-as-you-feel Due to the impact of COVID-19, many of Northern Ballet’s upcoming performances have been cancelled or are under threat of cancellation. Whilst the Company is not performing live at this time, aselection of ballets from Northern Ballet’s repertoire plus a new original dance film will be available to watch online or on television as part of the Company’s Pay As You Feel Digital Season. Over the next few weeks people will be able to tune into 1984, Little Red Riding Hood and Draculafrom the comfort of their home. The Company will also release a new dance film, Kenneth Tindall and Dan Lowenstein’s EGO plus the extended highlights of their 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala which took place at Leeds Grand Theatre at the beginning of the year. Northern Ballet are asking audiences to consider making a donation as they watch content from the Pay As You Feel Digital Season to support the Company, their people and work during these unprecedented times and the significant financial hardship the Company is facing. Lost income from cancelled performances could affect Northern Ballet’s ability to pay their workforce, many of whom are freelancers, as well as their ability to present new ballets, including Merlin which is planned to première this autumn. Those who wish to support the Company can donate at northernballet.com/pay-as-you-feel. Kenneth Tindall and Dan Lowenstein’s new dance film EGO kicks off the season and will be available to watch online today, Friday 27 March, from 7pm at northernballet.com/ego. EGO explores parallel versions of one couple's relationship. At first appearing the perfect Hollywood romance, the couple’s alter egos tell a different story filled with raw animalistic emotion, asking ‘How much does your ego control your behaviour?’ First premièred in 2015 to critical acclaim, Jonathan Watkins’ award-winning 1984 will be available to watch from Friday 3 April at northernballet.com/1984. Based on George Orwell's masterpiece, the ballet follows the story of Winston Smith and his life of conformity under the watchful eye of Big Brother. CBeebies will screen their special version of Mariana Rodrigues’ Little Red Riding Hood on Friday 10 April at 9.30am. Created especially for children, Little Red Riding Hood retells the classic fairytalewith a Northern Ballet twist. From Friday 17 April, extended highlights from Northern Ballet’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala will be available to watch at northernballet.com. This sell-out performance featured excerpts of productions from Northern Ballet’s history and brought together dancers from The Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre alongside Northern Ballet’s dancers. After wowing audiences during its live to cinema performances last Halloween, David Nixon OBE’s Dracula will make its television debut as part of the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine Season. Seducing countless generations, Bram Stoker’s legendary vampire lives on in this extraordinary ballet which will be available to watch in the coming weeks on BBC Four and iPlayer. To find out more about Northern Ballet’s Pay As You Feel Digital Season, please visit northernballet.com/pay-as-you-feel. -ENDS- Notes to Editors Pay As You Feel Digital Season northernballet.com/pay-as-you-feel Kenneth Tindall and Dan Lowenstein’s EGO Available from Friday 27 March at 7pm northernballet.com/ego Jonathan Watkins’ 1984 Available from Friday 3 April northernballet.com/1984 Mariana Rodrigues’ Little Red Riding Hood Friday 10 April, 9.30am CBeebies 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala - Extended Highlights Available from Friday 17 April northernballet.com David Nixon OBE’s Dracula Part of the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine Season Available in the coming weeks BBC Four / iPlayer About Northern Ballet In 2020 Northern Ballet is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Northern Ballet is one of the UK’s leading ballet companies and the widest touring ballet company in the UK. Bold and innovative in its approach, Northern Ballet is prolific at creating new full-length work with a unique blend of strong classical technique and impressive storytelling. Northern Ballet’s repertoire embraces popular culture and takes inspiration from literature, legend, opera and the classics, pushing the boundaries of what stories can be told through dance. A champion for the cultural exports of the North, Leeds-based Northern Ballet is dedicated to bringing ballet to as many people and places as possible, under the leadership of Artistic Director David Nixon OBE. Northern Ballet’s Company of 43 dancers performs a combination of its full-length ballets and specially created ballets for children at more than 40 venues annually.
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    waxing it on the raw surface or some thinned coats of satin varnish ... to get a surface finish a bit like laminate wood floor / parquet
  22. I got sidetracked by Mr Font into watching something else. I did manage to grab a fascinating 30 minute documentary on R & J on Youtube, featuring Rojo and Acosta among others, and narrated by Jonathan Cope. And what an excellent narrator he was too. Am happy to join in another one, but Saturday is not a good night for me. Any chance of a matinee performance?
  23. I can't remember if I ever saw the Schaufuss one, although I would be surprised if I hadn't. The Makarova programme was very good. Was that the one where she was talking about dancing with Nureyev, and described him as a "very difficult" partner?
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