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Found 21 results

  1. The annual matinee was on Sat 10th July. The digital programme booklet can be found here https://royalballetschool.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Digital-Summer-Performance-Royal-Opera-House-10-July.pdf This also (page 15) gives a list of contracts for this years graduates, scattered across the world. Four ladies from the school join the RB Aud Jebsen programme. At one point it was announced that last years Aud Jebsen dancers would appear, as they had missed their graduation performance last year, but this didn't happen. It had also been announced that the performance would be upper school only, but they were able to include an appearance from White Lodge Year 11. A packed programme, over three hours in total, including a complete performance of Elite Syncopations. The Defile was a mix of virtual (screened) appearances from White Lodge mixed with the Upper School in person, ingeniously done.
  2. The Royal Ballet School have just announced “exciting changes” to their audition process. I can see that the dates have been brought earlier than they were this year, but it just looks like they’re reverting to the pre-Covid system of in person prelims. Am I missing something?
  3. Just saw that The Royal Ballet School have launched their Online Summer Intensive again and they are now also offering Adult sessions. Cant wait! Here is the link to all the info if you are interested. Sounds amazing! https://royalballetschool.org.uk/train/dancer-training/intensive-courses/online-summer-intensive/
  4. Hi, I have a spare ticket for this Saturday's (26June) Royal Ballet School Year 3 students performance in the Linbury, Upper Circle A-27, £15. You'll be sitting next to me, I'm fully vaccinated and past the 2 week mark, regularly take the lateral flow tests. Thanks, Silke Programme according to ROH website: "The School's third and graduating year will perform extracts from Ben Stevenson's award-winning Three Preludes and Carlos Acosta's Don Quixote. A new work, created on these students by Ashley Page gives them an opportunity to perform classical pas de deux with a contemporary twist. To finish, students will perform MacMillan's joyful and ever-popular Elite Syncopations with music by Scott Joplin."
  5. Ljmk


    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some information regarding applying at RBS. It states on the website you pay relevant fee when applying, but I cannot see how much this is? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong section, but could anyone enlighten me to the cost. TIA
  6. I hope it's ok to start a thread for 2020 auditions for The Royal Ballet School. I see there is an Elmhurst thread and it's been lovely to read. We're on the audition circuit this year for year 7 and always find it helpful and supportive to find a thread with people going through the same thing. Good luck to everyone auditioning this year and big hugs to the supportive parents who ride the rollercoaster with them! X
  7. This is available now for streaming. Recorded about 10 years ago. Where are the students who appeared in it now ? I'm sure that some people out there will know. And, by the way, why do I have nagging memories of Martin Harvey in Peter and the Wolf ? An earlier version ? Seems like there was one back in 1995. Your memories please ?
  8. Hi Looking for experience please, would someone be kind enough to tell me what generally happens at the first auditions for Year 7 RBS and Elmhurst please. Things like do they need to do splits both types front and box, froggies, improvisation etc that sort of thing... do they take their shoes off etc. All this is new to us and I'm on a fact finding mission 😂 thanks in advance 😊
  9. Hi does anyone have any idea when the junior associate audition results for Totnes are out? Thanks!!
  10. Hi my daughter auditioned for the JA for Year 5 - first time we have ever done anything like this ? Did anyone else’s daughter audition? Does anyone know when you roughly hear back ?
  11. I don't know if this is already common knowledge but @MrsBBB has drawn this link to my attention, which sets out some details of the programmes. I've very pleased to see Flowers of the Forest, which is a piece I think works well for senior students (and which I thought might be coming up as we saw some RBS students rehearsing it in a recent insight evening). I also think Marriott's Simple Symphony is a great piece for the students.
  12. Hi my daughter wants to apply for the RBS spring intensive and summer school for 2019. She isnt bothered which one she attends if she is even lucky enough to receive a place (she knows its a huge long shot). Question I have though ....can we do one application and one application fee to cover all 3 options? Or do we do a seperate application for spring intensive and one for summer school? I have emailed and asked but no reply yet. Also has anyone applied and know when we will be notified of results? Is a week for spring intensive long enough? Has anyone had a child attend? thanks
  13. Auditions are coming up soon for Mid-Associates year 9/White Lodge lower school, and though by no means the main issue to consider, my dd had a question about make-up! On the info sheet it says no make-up. From anyone's experience, do the 13-year-old girls literally wear no make-up or can they wear subtle natural-coloured mascara and a little foundation, or how strict is it?! Any advice welcome.
  14. This was the programme on Thursday 28th June: Larina Waltz - Ashley Page (Upper School 3rd Years) Sea Interludes - Andrew McNicol (Upper School 1st Years) - new work Self and Soul - Robert Binet (Upper School 3rd Year) Napoli - Act III Pas de Six and Tarantella - August Bournonville (White Lodge Years 10 and 11, Upper School 1st Years) Bach, Multiplicity Forms of Silence and Emptiness - Excerpts - Nacho Duato (Upper School 2nd and 3rd Years) Aurora's Wedding - after Marius Petipa * (Upper School 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years; and White Lodge Year 8 for Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf) * Just in case anyone doesn't know, this is the SB Prologue Fairy sequence combined with a version of SB Act 3. However, the principal couple's pdd coda was replaced a Russian dance by three men. The staging was by Anthony Dowell, no less. Although I have the outline programme for the other 3 shows, I wasn't able to attend these so I think that it's best if others post the details here (just in case I get it wrong). I was extremely impressed with what I saw. The dancers who shone the very brightest for me were: Daichi Ikarashi and James Large (both now 1st Year Upper School but familiar faces from their White Lodge days), Marianna Tsembenhoi (also 1st Year US) and graduates Amelia Townsend, Yuki Sugiura and Yu Hang.
  15. I can't be the only one who was at the RBS showcase this evening, surely? I only started attending RBS events a year ago so am a bit green and don't feel qualified to comment in detail, but I found it absolutely strong throughout. Varied repertoire, no weak links, dancers who consistently engaged with the audience. Though it was a "mostly Upper School" showcase, I actually probably enjoyed the one White Lodge piece (Erik Bruhn's "Here We Come", danced by boys from years 10 and 11) most of all. For me, the standout among the Upper School boys was - as it was last year - Harrison Lee. Many strong dancers among the ladies but I was particularly taken with Yu Hang (the pas de deux soloist in Concerto). I spent the interval chatting with Mike Volpe, OHP general director, who (having watched rehearsals) picked out Nadia Mullova-Barley as having particular star quality (for the record, last year his similar pick was Arianna Maldini).
  16. Very sadly, I missed out on getting a ticket this year, despite a mix up with my very early 'friends' application. I wonder if anyone has a spare ticket?
  17. Opera Holland Park have just announced that they will again be hosting the RBS end-of-year performances, as they did in 2016. Booking from 20th March. http://www.operahollandpark.com/royal-ballet-school-2017
  18. From the list in the Linbury performances programme: Reece Clarke The Royal Ballet Calvin Richardson The Royal Ballet Gina Storm-Jensen The Royal Ballet Grace Blundell The Royal Ballet Young Dancer Programme Grace Horler The Royal Ballet Young Dancer Programme Alexander Bird Birmingham Royal Ballet Edivaldo Souza da Silva Birmingham Royal Ballet Maud-Hélène Treille Bavarian State Ballet, Munich Adam Russell-Jones Stuttgart Ballet Drew Nelson Royal Danish Ballet Samuel Rees ` Royal Danish Ballet Mica Bradbury Royal Ballet of Flanders Fiona McGee Royal Ballet of Flanders Minoru Kaneko Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse Madeleine Dowdney Zürich Ballet Kieran Brooks Zürich Ballet Giordana Gallo National Romanian Ballet Alessandro Audisio National Romanian Ballet Ross McCaw National Romanian Ballet Barnaby Rook Bishop National Romanian Ballet Giorgio Garrett National Ballet of Canada Hannah Bettes (2nd Yr) Boston Ballet Samuel Zaldivar Boston Ballet Lily Howes Sarasota Ballet Barny Sharratt Sarasota Ballet Erin Holloway National Ballet of Uruguay Dianyu Wu Singapore Dance Theatre Apologies for the format. I've pasted it in from a Word document but the spacing seems to have gone awry!
  19. Those who have seen the RB promotions press release will have seen that Kenta Kura will be teaching at White Lodge. The RBS have also announced that Carol-Anne Millar will also be teaching at White Lodge and Daria Klimentova will be teaching in the Upper School. Link to the news here.
  20. Hello. I'm very new to all this - both this forum and the whole dance world in general, so please bear with me! My 8 year yr old daughter's ballet teacher has suggested that she auditions for RBS JAs. I'm hugely proud of her for this accolade alone but am also completely taken aback and a little scared by the whole thing! I didn't even know JAs existed until she mentioned it and nothing like this was ever on the agenda until now. Dd loves her ballet but it has always seen it very much as a fun hobby. She is excited by the prospect of auditioning and visiting Covent garden but realistic about the commitment involved if she were to be lucky enough to be offered a place. I've been doing lots of research and have read some really useful threads on here which have helped a lot but I'm still in two minds about the whole thing. It sounds like an amazing opportunity but also a huge commitment - both financially and time wise. We live a fair distance from London so it would involve a lot of travelling. Does anyone know what time the Covent garden lessons start as this would be a major factor for us? Also, does anyone know anything about bursaries and is there likely to be any consideration of travel costs? I know this all seems like I'm hugely jumping the gun but just need to be realistic. I'm thinking we might take her to the audition for the experience as that would be an experience in itself and we will always wonder if we don't but I still have so many questions. Thanks for reading and any insight anyone can give will be much appreciated!
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