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  1. As we are not supposed to comment on General Rehearsals, I am sorry I cannot tell anyone publicly how absolutely fantastic and emotional this was. But for health and safety reasons I must advise bringing plenty of tissues to the performances....
  2. Cast for today's General...Nunez, Takada, Hirano, Edmonds, Braendsrod. Plus McGorian as "A Widow", Murphy as "Nurse". Very pleased to be here!☺
  3. Great appreciation in our Cinema....spontaneous applause (which is rare) and one gentleman nearby was chuckling in pure delight at some of the variations. Sorry for Lauren, but well done Kumi, and lovely to see Bonelli again. Also loved James Hay with his "sisters".
  4. If the box office staff are authorised to explain the reason for a cast change, to anyone who calls them, I don't quite understand why people in the know cannot pass the information on to anyone else.
  5. I heard the audience response last night, and on previous occasions, and I would characterise it as chuckles of amusement, rather than gasps of horror. I suspect most of the audience find the King's arbitrary judgments (changed at a moment notice), rather quaint and comical. There was similar amusement in the ranks last night at the idea of the King indicating to Aurora that now she was a beautiful (16 year old?) Princess it was time to choose a husband from the four on offer. I just enjoy the knitting needle scene as a bit of a hoot, and a suitable excuse for the King making his beneficent gesture of pardon that initiates the joyful and beautiful Garland Waltz music and dance.
  6. They were amazing, indeed another wonderful performance by the whole Company!☺
  7. Super last night of Coppelia from Morera, Campbell et al.☺!
  8. But as Lizbie points out, John, not the same as the at-a-glance pages that were available before....which covered past years' seasons as well, now all gone.
  9. For Main Stage ROH ballet at least, an extended "Autumn" ends 16 January, with the last performance of The Sleeping Beauty. "Winter" has yet to arrive...it manages to hold off until 18 January (Onegin) and then extends to 16 May, the last night of Swan Lake! Meanwhile "Spring" encroaches into "Winter" by starting with the Triple Bill on 02 April, ending 01 June (last Dante Project). No wonder the website has given up with Seasons.... Perhaps it's all to do with climate change?
  10. The ROH Summer Magazine 2020 informs us that this additional event will be an evening of exceptional music and dance, including some of the Royal Ballet's celebrated Principals and Guest Artist Roberto Bolle. Booking from 29 January.
  11. I was looking forward to this as perhaps some sort of magical fairytale ballet, and I had printed off a synopsis in anticipation. It didn't make much difference ....unfortunately, for me, the ballet felt pretty lifeless and flat. The main dancers did their best but the choreography and music didn't really inspire me, there seemed little real sense of drama, or humour on the other hand, the staging seemed cramped, the period settings weird, and the costumes unflattering....Kai's knitted jumper, and Gerda's red jacket, over her dress, rather incompatible with graceful upper body movement. Plus, as prs69 described, "Dora the Explorer". Such a shame when you think of what other wonderful ballet might have been screened instead....
  12. Does anyone know who this young dancer is? I have noticed her in the Corps in the last two Coppelias.....(she is also just behind Akane in the still of the curtain call clip above).
  13. I see some kind person has posted the Red Rose incident on YouTube - a lovely, enthusiastic and amusing curtain call!
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