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  1. I meant underused by the ROH... the ROH news page is now pretty rarely updated compared to what it was before the latest website changes....
  2. https://www.roh.org.uk/news/catch-the-royal-ballet-on-tv-this-christmas A useful link to the (now underused) ROH News page, detailing the RB-related programmes to be broadcast on the BBC over Christmas 2019. Fortunately "All programmes will be available to watch on-demand after broadcast via BBC iPlayer" so we can still catch up if the broadcast times are inconvenient and we haven't recorded them.
  3. Just thinking back to the first night of Coppelia and would like to commend the great support for Francesca Hayward as Swanhilda from her "friends" - Bradbury, Gasparini, Grennell, Hinkis, Pajdak, and Stock. All very talented and experienced Company members of course, but that night I was particularly struck by new First Artist Mica Bradbury who always looks so elegant, and by Hannah Grennell (First Artist since 2017) who seems such a reliable and accomplished member of the Corps.
  4. Yes she really stood out for me in this role in the Hayward Naghdi/ Campbell cast. Bright, as you say, and very good at projecting to the audience, I thought.
  5. Indeed ... and actually his dimness is rather endearing ! I still chuckle, every performance, when at first he seems unable to spot Aurora on the bed, then he seems surprised to find that she is sleeping and doesn't know what to do about it, until Lilac Fairy effectively mimes that he should just use his noddle! I suspect she has already had to explain his role to him, several times over, during their carbon-neutral* journey through the enchanted forest..... * which is commendable, and contrasts very favourably with Carabosse's vehicle, which is obviously high-emission and also hopelessly inefficient as it has to be helped along by the rats... Incidentally, does anyone know how (in reality) Lilac Fairy's vehicle moves so seamlessly around the ROH stage ? Are there a couple of stage hands hidden in the rear, pushing it along, for example?
  6. Yes indeed, also with 🐈🐈🐈 coming out....
  7. Dr Coppelius is on the case... But unfortunately this is the result....!
  8. Pardon my ignorance Katharine (as a relative newbie to ballet) but which is Chloé Révillon and which Elizaveta Petrova? My inexpert eye cannot really discern the differences you describe and it might help if I was at least looking at the right dancer !
  9. This RB Insight on the Evolution of Pointe Work seems pertinent to the discussion on this thread.
  10. Carlos Acosta will be appearing on Strictly next week it seems !?!
  11. The Coppelia music is lovely, but impossibly catchy! I have been stuck with the "dancing dolls" ear worm all day... Just one of the joyous parts of this ballet was seeing Francesca's Swanilda, in Act 2, transform back and forth between highly convincing doll and incredulous/amused real girl wondering what on earth was going on between Dr Coppelius and the recumbent Franz.....
  12. Tonight the cast includes Avis as Dr C , Dean as Coppelia, Magri as Peasant Girl, Kaneko as Aurora (confusing!), and Hamilton as Prayer. Plus of course the dream team of Hayward/Campbell as Swanilda and Franz.
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