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  1. She has also been broadcast in Romeo and Juliet, and The Winter's Tale, (some may regard that as a modern classic) !
  2. She is also appearing in the new Marston, so that makes 4 (3 live plus the repeat).
  3. This link should allow you to search for your nearest participating cinema. https://www.roh.org.uk/showings/the-nutcracker-recorded-2019
  4. Fiona there should be room for a wide range of opinion on here and I would hope you might reconsider and stay. I have sent you a p.m.
  5. The book refers to it as a bold reinterpretation of a cherished classical ballet, thrust into contemporary dance. Not really the same as saying this production has itself become a classic ballet.
  6. I can recommend this book too, both as a good source of ballet information (consultant Viviana Durante) and lovely pictures, and as a solid, sizeable hand support for operating one's PC !
  7. I did not have the privilege of knowing John but clearly the wealth of tributes and expressions of sadness here are testament to the loss of a wonderful person. With every sympathy to his family and friends.
  8. I should add "...other than inspiring people in the beauty and excitement of ballet, of course, whether as participant or watcher".
  9. Indeed, in fact she says in this Vogue edition "I’m very proud of the colour of my skin and that I’m inspiring people from all backgrounds, but I think it will be great for the next mixed-race or black female Principal dancer that she doesn’t have to be asked about that." (my emphasis). Perhaps the best change she can inspire is for people to respect the wishes of those, like her, who don't want their racial background to be constantly referred to or raised on their behalf by others, for whatever motive.
  10. As we head towards general booking for the Autumn RB season, there seems to be a good range of seats still available for virtually all the performances as far as I can see. One notable exception is that for the two Nunez /Muntagirov performances of Coppélia there are hardly any Stalls Circle or Orchestra Stalls seats left. Whilst I realise they are a popular duo, it seems strange that so few seats are left in those areas for their Coppélia - there are still loads of seats available for them in The Sleeping Beauty, for example. I wonder if there has been some sort of block reservation for these particular Coppélia performances, and whether more could become available later on...
  11. Not so much "gone", as never in this particular package option in the first place. For The Sleeping Beauty, amphi packages are limited to the three highest brackets - the cheapest of those possible being £ 59.40 (£66 less a 10% in a total ballet package). If you don't want to go down the package route, for The Sleeping Beauty the Amphi currently includes plenty of seat choices priced at £8, £11, £21, £30 or £45. Incidentally for the other three ballets, the amphi packages extend to the four highest price brackets , so for Manon for example you could get seats for £27, £33.30, £45, or £60.30 (in a total ballet package).
  12. Actually not yet in a major classic as such, although he was Leontes in the cinema relay of The Winter's Tale in Feb 2018. Of course he was not made a Principal until 2016. Certainly in the last 8 years or so Bonelli, McRae and Muntagirov have dominated the live relays, leaving fairly slim pickings for anyone else. The same applies to Cuthbertson, Lamb, Nunez and Osipova with the ladies.
  13. Pretty miffed that we haven't seen those recordings here !
  14. Rob, you only pay for your package once you have selected your ticket, or tickets, for each performance. So for the total ballet package, for example, until you have picked a performance in each of the 4 Autumn ballets, you are prompted that "your package is not yet complete". When you have selected all, a time limit starts (about 30 mins) for you to go to your basket and pay. Hoping you get what you want!
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