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  1. Full details, and booking for of this live event next weekend, can be found here: https://bridgepointrye.com/upcoming-events/wingspan-by-lynne-page/ The 4 Royal Ballet dancers performing are Ashley Dean, Leticia Dias, Francisco Serrano and Joseph Aumeer. https://bridgepointrye.com/artists-in-residence/
  2. Thanks for this Joan! Rye is quite local for us, so we have booked our first live dance since March! As this is a live performance, rather than lockdown streaming etc. I am putting up a separate thread for it with some more details.
  3. It is so good that these wonderful dancers are performing again. Thanks very much for the reports and pictures so far, Mandy, Fiona and Tony. For those of us that can't go, I found these links to three of the works, as performed earlier by the same dancers. Equivalent links for any of the remaining pieces, that other people have found, would be good ! In order: Moonlight by Erico Montes Marianela Nunez Within the Golden Hour by Christopher Wheeldon David Donnelly and Teo Dubreuil Nocturnes by John Neumeier Akane Takada
  4. And here's two more: http://www.balletnews.co.uk/from-student-to-star-maddison-pritchard-the-royal-ballet/ http://www.balletnews.co.uk/from-student-to-star-marco-masciari-the-royal-ballet/ Ms Pritchard featured on the 2019 World Ballet Day being coached along with these two Principals..
  5. There do appear to be some additions, highlighted here, which were not in the BBC transmitted version. 1. "Giselle" Act 2 "Pas de Deux"... Natalia Osipova, Carlos Acosta 2. "La Bayadere" The Kingdom of Shades”…Yuhui Choe, Yasmine Naghdi, Akane Takada* & Corps de Ballet 3. “Don Quixote” “Solo of Espada”…Ryoichi Hirano 4. Act 3 of the Swan Lake “Pas de deux… Marianela Nunez, Vadim Muntagirov 5. The Nutcracker “The Waltz of the Flowers ”… Yuhui Choe, Francesca Hayward, Gary Avis, Alexander Campbell 6. The Nutcracker “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” Lauren Cuthbertso
  6. The disc cover (rear) gives a running time of 1 hour 28 minutes.
  7. Super interview from Meaghan...the only blot was the interviewer being seemingly unable to pronounce "Hinkis". Meaghan indicated she was still working on the possibility of filming some of the pieces. Also a mention of hopefully getting something for a live audience at the ROH by Christmas...such as Nutcracker. She referred to proceeds going to an arts charity but didn't name it.
  8. Unfortunately it seems that won't be possible; Meaghan has explained on IG that because the RB has such a treasured repertory they aren’t allowed to record many ballets as they are protected by trusts. However there will be a photographer there, and she will document behind the scenes footage.
  9. The quoted performance time varied initially from just 1 hr (including a 15 minute interval ! ) to 1 hr 30, but now the website https://www.athelhampton.com/ballet is indicating two hours (5:30 to 7:30) with a 20 minute interval. Rather better value, especially for those already within striking distance ! Over two hours, presumably the same programme is being performed both evenings ? The £200 seats for the Saturday are already sold out - good news for the fund raising.
  10. The later broadcasts may be edited...also, won't they have assumed a likely positive trade-off having regard to payments received from BBC Radio and TV?
  11. Hmmm, not sure exactly what he is factoring in with that statistic...but if this is correct, isn't that why they get all the additional public funding, now to be augmented further due to Covid?
  12. Not a silly question at all, but given that the ROH is there for them, is a wonderful venue, and is actually to be used for these announced performances, let's hope some creative thinking can get audiences in too pretty soon.
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