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  1. No not really! Just a passing thought on my part. I admit to being disappointed for Akane and concerned about her, so probably feeling rather disgruntled all round...
  2. Perhaps rather insensitive, yes, or perhaps a bit thoughtless. I don't think you need to be confused.. the distinction surely is that the cast change, if correct, has yet to be officially announced, so not "confirmed", and the change information may be sensitive in terms of timing, or even inaccurate, and he is a member of the Company and presumably subject to the sort of protocols Capybara indicates. I would have thought that anyone who is on this Forum talking about a dancer whose has a confirmed injury is reasonably free to speculate about its ramifications, subject to the normal sense of decency and provided they are not themselves Company members (you would not expect a Company member to speculate publicly about other dancers in the Company).
  3. Hmm, maybe, but I am not sure it was for him to make that assumption without checking first. Although I suspect the ROH are just being dilatory, there may be some good, or sensitive, reason the ROH has yet to post the cast changes. So I still think it is preferable for all concerned that social media posts do not pre-empt official announcements in such cases. It is not even as if Sambe were himself the dancer replacing anyone.
  4. With under 24 hours to go, at the time of writing this, Akane Takada is still listed as Medusa on the website. I would have thought that out of respect to the performers involved, and the customers, the ROH should have flagged up this important cast change well before now, without learning about it indirectly from social media. Actually I also think it is rather insensitive of Sambe to post this before it has been officially announced.
  5. Thanks for posting the link. I think this could be an extremely moving work, given the music and the subject matter. Here is Jacqueline du Pre playing the concerto ....
  6. Joanna ..welcome to the Forum! (getting in with this before the usual welcome from one of the mods.!)
  7. Slightly off the topic of R&J but in the context of Francesca Hayward's roles, mentioned above, she will be dancing Vera in the forthcoming A Month In The Country.
  8. I agree; although I am a tremendous Frankie fan, I was just thinking today that I see her more as Manon than Juliet. For me she also brilliantly inhabited Clara, Giselle, Perdita in Winters Tale, and Princess Stephanie in Mayerling, rather more completely than she inhabited Juliet, somehow. I also agree that this is no way detracts from her wonderful performances in the Juliet role to date, by any normal standards! On seeing Akane Takada in her debut run (which was also my own "debut" for seeing R&J live) I thought she did truly encapsulate my idea of Juliet, and I suppose when you form that sort of opinion at the outset it can influence your view of later performers.
  9. The ROH website is not properly showing Insights for the new season. However the Autumn Season magazine lists: New Pam Tanowitz 30/09/19 7:30-9pm Clore Studio £11-£20 RB in rehearsal 14/10/19 7:30-9pm Clore Studio £11-£20 Coppelia 12/11/19 7:30-9pm Clore Studio £11-£20 The Sleeping Beauty 18/11/19 7:30-9pm Clore Studio £11-£20
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