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  1. What was the amount subsequently charged? Was it the full price, or that less the pre-charge of £.72
  2. Yes Takada /Hay would have been wonderful but unless she is picking up, say, a Princess Florine in SB Act 3, it now seems she won't be appearing for the rest of the Spring/Summer RB programme.😕 She is scheduled for Dracula in Japan in August and for Athelhampton in September, so hopefully she expects to be fully fit again for those.
  3. Very interesting ideas about how many people may view ballet, which I hadn't really considered before....thanks Rina
  4. Dawnstar the ROH box office have told me there is no decision on the availability of packages for the Autumn season yet, pending confirmation of the Covid measures that may apply at the time. Apparently the website hasn't been fully updated in this respect so what you have found may not be accurate for the Autumn.
  5. Glad people enjoyed it, but for me, Khan's Giselle is the sort of example of modern dance that has "reimagined" (or plagiarised) a wonderful classical ballet and made it into something pretty horrible! I don't like Bourne's work for the same reason. This is the very trend I hope Acosta, the BRB and other ballet companies are not going to follow.
  6. I was thinking the same...I had wondered if the 3 additions had been made in anticipation of others moving on, but it seems not.
  7. Is this still the case Lizbie? They seem to be loading fine for me, and it's great to be able immediately to see all the seats for each performance with filters for date, seat price and type, and views of/from all the seats in advance of booking. Fingers crossed that it all works well at booking.
  8. I thought Clarke/Osipova in Onegin (Jan 2020) worked very well (he stood in for Muntagirov, after the latter decided the role was not for him at that time). Clarke did also perform Des Grieux, albeit briefly, in Oct 2019 when he stood in for McRae after the latter's horrible injury, to complete the performance with Takada. He was excellent, especially given the circumstances.
  9. Fascinating...where is this info. from, please, oncnp..? Ah, sorry...just got the email...much to study!
  10. ....but they now seem to be available again, if anyone is feeling particularly flush.
  11. Booking opened early...the £200 seats for Saturday were already gone so that temptation was fortunately removed....! Athelhampton Instagram post states: Lots of amazing dancers and some TBC...to name a few -Miss Marianela NuñezMr. Marcelino SambeMiss Akane TakadaMr. William BracewellMiss Anna Rose O’SullivanMr. Reece ClarkeMiss Fumi Kaneko and MORE!!! Prices will be the same as last year. ❤️Audience will now be covered so we can proceed rain or shine and the stage will be raised for better sight lines
  12. From Cast Sheet... "(Due to injury NATALIA OSIPOVA has been advised to withdraw from this performance)"
  13. Yes, whilst I am far from being able to comment usefully on piano technique I did think some things went a little awry on Thursday. Would there be any excuse in the fact that this requires an unbroken stint of over an hour of solo piano, some of which is pretty complex?
  14. Still don't see how The Cellist is "classical" under these criteria....
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