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  1. Dance Europe April/May 2021 has a good review of this premiere by Yuki Nagano - however it only seems available in the full (paid-for) version of the Magazine*, not in the free selection of content to be found at https://www.danceeurope.net/ The free content online does include this interview with Johan Kobborg: https://danceeurope.net/japan/ヨハンコボー-インタビュー-johan-kobborg-interview/ One interesting snippet is that Takada's "dazzling" second Act solo was not originally planned (the same music had been used in Act 1), but because she was so strong in the studio Kobborg decide
  2. Not too much of a problem, I would think, if it means seating can can filled.
  3. I found a short snippet from the premiere on the following webpage, yesterday.....today I am surprised but delighted that a 29 minute extract has just been added! It looks enchanting.... https://www.kobborg.uk/visuals
  4. Oops, sorry! I thought I had seen her review but couldn't find it and I forget there was a "performance seen" thread for this.!...lockdown fatigue.
  5. A tantalising clip from the premiere, and some lovely still photos, can be found on this webpage: https://www.kobborg.uk/visuals
  6. Also: "Friends' booking for the 2021/22 Season will open online on Tuesday 17 August 2021. Your Season Guide for the 2021/22 Season will arrive in the post in June 2021 giving you fuller details".
  7. Yes Fille would be great and would be my choice if The Dream were to be slotted more appropriately into one of the earlier programmes. Apologies if that is still cheating!
  8. Sorry I didn't notice that limitation! The Dream then...
  9. Yes, more uplifting Ashton please....La Fille, The Dream, Rhapsody, Meditation from Thais....favourites on disc but none of which I have yet to see the RB perform live in full.
  10. Brilliant news! A perfect couple...best wishes for their future together...
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