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  1. Great, thanks Naomi!☺ The fairynet.co site details have been translated by Google rather poorly, particularly in one respect!😮
  2. Well it hasn't been released yet, so perhaps it's a bit premature for Amazon Japan. But I wonder which company or companies are producing and distributing it and whether there are direct links to them...
  3. I found this on social media.....a Blu-ray of the Takada/ Campbell performance of 2019 is apparently due for release in May. The ROH told me in January that the recording company Naxos has no plans to release this, so I assume it is a different recording (but the same cast) to that shown here in cinemas - but presumably only to be released in Japan. I am wondering who is distributing the BluRay/DVD and how to get hold of a copy here....... Having no understanding of Japanese, can anyone help out?
  4. Raising a glass to all Ballet Forum members as we await the opening of the ROH auditorium for La Bayadere: looking forward to a wonderful cast that includes Nunez, Osipova, Muntagirov, Whitehead, Avis,Campbell, Choe, Naghdi and Takada. ...hoping everyone is keeping well and in good spirits..!
  5. Alexander Campbell led Claire Calvert through a great class this morning at the kitchen "barre", and the two did a Q and A afterwards. Most enjoyable... it should be on Instagram until tomorrow...@bloch_eu.
  6. Yes, thanks... I was referring to the Takada/Muntagirov photo/performance. Now everything makes sense!
  7. Yes of course...thanks Balletfanp. It looks like the photo is from one of the performances those two gave in December 2017.
  8. No, though rather remote to view, presumably it is Lauren with Vadim Muntagirov in the video, but in the still picture surely that is Akane Takada with Vadim ? But what was the occasion for these RB dancers appearing at La Scala?
  9. I don't know the Peter and the Wolf ballet but Metamorphosis doesn't seem like a particularly joyful offering at the present time. I hope the ROH will be able to offer something more uplifting in due course.
  10. Well not officially cancelled yet, I thought, as the email sent out with the link to the three options just refers to cancellations up to 19 April. So I have only responded, as yet, for performances booked up to then ( I decided on a combination of donations and refunds). Are they responding in the same way already to tickets bought for later performances, Beryl?
  11. No but it is available on DVD/Blu-Ray. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tchaikovsky-Marianela-Muntagirov-Kessels-OABD7256D/dp/B07PYJ4FHZ/ref=tmm_blu_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1584549743&sr=8-1
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