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  1. 17 November - double bill Chopiniana and Scheherazade Special offer - 40% off ? https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/14MVU-scheherazade-chopiniana/?utm_source=From+The+Box+Office+Newsletter&utm_campaign=93e95ca7b4-Orephee%2C+Nutcracker%2C+Le+corsaire%2C+The+Snowman&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0ab28542ae-93e95ca7b4-95557993&mc_cid=93e95ca7b4&mc_eid=7a07d33fc9
  2. I got an email today indicating a cast change for Dr Coppelius for 23 and 28 Dec - now Bennet Gartside. So it seems they have gone.
  3. Dowell did this as G.M. in performances with Guillem. He made more of it than Gartside did.
  4. I see that both Marriott and Howells are both still shown on the website as appearing as Dr Coppelius. (But then McRae is still listed on there for roles where a replacement has already been announced, so that isn't necessarily to be relied upon). Should we expect to see them in a final farewell performance do you think or have they already left ? I will miss Marriott in character roles. His King in Beauty has impeccable manners. I wondered idly where the next generation of character dancers would come from, but no names sprang to mind immediately.
  5. In the Linbury, seat numbers have now been added to the edges of the seats where they are clearly visible when they are flipped up. Previously, the seat number was on the middle of underside of the seat (it's still there) but the lighting meant that this was very difficult to see and many members of the audience quite clearly found it difficult to know where their seat was. It's taken them a long time to do it but the new numbers are a definite improvement.
  6. Details here https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/Y61G-le-corsaire/?utm_source=From+The+Box+Office+Newsletter&utm_campaign=1db207e999-Dance+-+Le+Corsaire%2C+Northern+Ballet%2C+Revolut&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0ab28542ae-1db207e999-95557993&mc_cid=1db207e999&mc_eid=7a07d33fc9 It claims there are reductions of more then 50% - for a limited time.....
  7. No you don't have to be logged in. ENB live rehearsal of Cinderella is currently on YouTube (recorded earlier this week)
  8. Looks like there are a series of different videos on the BRB facebook page that you have to click on individually. For example and this
  9. offer "from the Box Office" - 40% off https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/YM98-natalia-osipova-pure-dance/?utm_source=From+The+Box+Office+Newsletter&utm_campaign=310499cf84-Natalia+Osipova%2C+Some+Like+It+Hip+Hop&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0ab28542ae-310499cf84-95557993&mc_cid=310499cf84&mc_eid=7a07d33fc9 For a limited time, it says
  10. Woking details https://www.atgtickets.com/shows/dancing-for-a-dream/new-victoria-theatre/
  11. LinMM, Hallberg wrote a book about his injury and recuperation. See https://www.amazon.co.uk/Body-Work-Dancing-Edge-Back/dp/1476771154/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=hallberg&qid=1570368131&sr=8-2
  12. A survey of those involved in the arts with an input to ticket pricing, their views on dynamic pricing, discounting and so on. https://www.artsprofessional.co.uk/pulse/survey-report/pulse-report-art-pricing NB I think this is possibly the same agency that produced the article re ROH pricing a while back.
  13. I see that opera and dance magazines are now for sale again in the shop.
  14. Details are out now. Includes a new programme from Alina Cojocaru, new work from Crystal Pite, Ballet Boyz, final Richard Alston performances, new Khan for ENB, Northern Ballet, Rambert with DV8's Enter Achilles and lots more.
  15. Package booking opened for the winter season this morning, despite the web site previously saying it would open on the 24th September.
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