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  1. The orchestra in the pit was a fairy modest size for this triple bill. If the ROH was ever going to reinstate the seating in those areas of the stalls circle closest to the stage, this would have seemed to be an opportunity. But they didn't. So maybe we should conclude that those seats are gone for good ?
  2. There was a notice up by the bar in the amphi (on Tues this week) that an exhibition on Fonteyn was beginning to be installed and would be completed in about a week's time. There were just a few empty cases at the time - it wasn't clear how extensive this exhibition was going to be, but if anyone spots further developments, please let us know.
  3. There seem to be 35 tickets now available for the previously sold out 4 June performance. (at lest at time of posting...)
  4. Jonathan Goddard was terrific. In yellow if you are catching up on the live stream.
  5. The live stream events for the Cunningham centennial can all be accessed from here https://www.mercecunningham.org/activities/night-of-100-solos/ Includes the performances in New York and Los Angeles as well as the London performance. Dancers in New York Kyle Abraham, Christian Allen, Mariah Anton (understudy), Reid Bartelme, Jacqueline Bulnes, Cecily Campbell, Peiju Chien-Pott, Maggie Cloud, Jason Collins, Marc Crousillat, Angela Falk, Peter Farrow (understudy), Tamisha Guy, Jacquelin Harris, Forrest Hersey, Eleanor Hullihan, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Claude “CJ” Johnson, Lindsey Jones, Sara Mearns, Sharon Milanese, Chalvar Monteiro, David Norsworthy, Keith Sabado, Vicky Shick, Joshua Tuason, and Anson Zwingelberg Dancers in Los Angeles Paige Amicon, Cemiyon Barber (understudy), Barry Brannum, Lorrin Brubaker, Rena Butler, Tamsin Carlson, Erin Dowd, Katherine Helen Fisher, Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson, Casey Hess, Thomas House, Laurel Jenkins, Burr Johnson, Vanessa Knouse, Cori Kresge, Brian Lawson, Jessica Liu, Victor Lozano, Una Ludviksen (understudy), Daniel McCusker, Polly Motley, Jermaine Maurice Spivey, Savannah Spratt, Pam Tanowitz, Ros Warby, Riley Watts, and Sam Wentz I think this is available for one week.
  6. The Jury this year (buried deep in the benois web site) List of the Jury 2019YURI GRIGOROVICH – President;DIRK BADENHORST – CEO of the South African International Ballet Competition, Director of Mzansi Ballet andCuDanSA school;TED BRANDSEN – Director of Het National Ballet;SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA – Primaballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia;ANA LAGUNA – International Star, ballet master and coach;AGNES LETESTU –Etoile of the Paris Opera Ballet, costume designer;VLADIMIR MALAKHOV – International Star, coach, choreographer;RACHEL MOORE – President and CEO of the LosAngeles Music Center.
  7. I noticed from the cast sheet from Saturday's matinee that Guest Principal Coaches were given as Leanne Benjamin, Viviana Durante and Robert Tewsley. Benjamin and Durante are certainly names you might expect and have previously coached at the RB. But I don't recall Robert Tewsley as a coach before. Was he (very briefly) with the RB ? Does anyone recall him as Romeo elsewhere in his career ? I understood (from the streamed Insight) that Watson was coaching, but he doesn't get a mention on the cast sheet - presumably because he's not a guest.
  8. The Barbican's Night of 100 Solos on Tues April 16th, celebrating Merce Cunningham, will be live streamed. Dancers taking part in London include: Luke Ahmet, Harry Alexander, Elly Braund, Siobhan Davies, Inés Depauw, Daphne Fernberger, Jonathan Goddard, Asha Gracia, Thomasin Gülgeç, Francesca Hayward, Hannah Kidd, Catherine LeGrand, Sophie Martin, Estela Merlos, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Michael Nunn, Rowan Parker, Elsa Raymond, Joseph Sissens, Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Toke Strandby, Asha Thomas, Billy Trevitt, Luc Verbitzky, and Benjamin Warbis. Details here https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2019/event/night-of-100-solos-a-centennial-event
  9. I suspect that the filters have been coded so that they select on the basis of OR rather than AND which I suspect many of us might prefer. So you get opera or cinema broadcasts ie masses of results, not Opera cinema broadcasts. You can't use the filters to narrow down what you are looking for.
  10. By the way, on Monday the Grayson Perry frontcloth was not there. Was it only used for the opening night ? Or was Monday a glitch and it has subsequently reappeared ?
  11. Links to all the featured segments are available here on demand https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/errz3d/play/p075mx13 Very much worth your time. Scroll down , then across for the considerable number of segments available. A few glitches on the live transmission - each segment didn't appear immediately, you needed to keep refreshing and couldn't always get it until 3 Mins in or so (and so missed any intro and context for each). This may be better in the recording. The BBC made a real effort to present from around the UK so there are representations from Birmingham, Belfast, Wales, London, Scotland and others.
  12. It was extremely brief, just a couple of minutes. Mainly about the recent film.
  13. For Orpheus in the Underworld, the choreographer is given as Ella Murfitt. Do they in fact mean Etta Murfitt (as in Matthew Bourne's New Adventures) ? I noted the designer was Les Brotherston, so it seemed likely. I can't seem to find an Ella Murfitt choreographer......
  14. As well as the running order for 5 April provided above, here's a link to all the material available on demand via i player https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/CryZGNzjl8y2F4ZRYb5PWx/dancepassion-on-demand Scroll down - there's a lot of material there.
  15. Currently one ticket in the stalls for the Fonteyn. But I suspect these vanish quickly There do seem to be tickets at all levels currently for the mixed bill on 13th and 14th, with better availability on the 7th.
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