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  1. Tony Hall will take up a new role as chair at the National Gallery https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/bbc-chief-tony-hall-national-gallery-a4339431.html So not retiring as such - changing role.
  2. Even the programme booklet is well produced, which isn't always a given on these sorts of occasions. For the curious, there is a complete list of all the repertoire ENB has ever performed along with date ranges and numbers of performances. I hadn't realised for example that the Khan Giselle has now had 90 performances: the Skeaping version 409. And Apollo has been performed 158 times. It sheds light on lots of corners of the rep that are unfamiliar. Lots of detail on the company's history, and reminiscences from former members.
  3. The coaching details used to appear on cast sheets previously, but were a casualty when they briefly changed to the unpopular "open up" much smaller cast sheets. They reverted to the original size, but the coaching details were not reinstated.
  4. Odd, isn't it, that details of who has been coaching the principals appear on these cast sheets for the cinema relay, but no longer appear on the cast sheets at the ROH. If you see it live you have to acquire a programme to get those details.
  5. There's an article on the V&A website from the time of the exhibition in 2017 celebrating his 80th birthday which has a number of photos https://www.vam.ac.uk/blog/news/photographing-people-and-performance-crickmay-at-80
  6. There's lots to look forward to from the big companies of course, but I'm looking forward to some performances from smaller groups as well , for example Russell Maliphant at the Coronet in February, Viviana Durant'es company at the Barbican in Feb, and Mark Bruce at Wilton's in March. Very curious to see how ENB's new Khan work turns out too.
  7. Oops. Apologies . My mistake.I think I got that muddled with some other guest appearance elsewhere.
  8. It was a very long run in 2000. (I think that's what Jane was referring to.) Details are in the ROH performance database here. (scroll down) You can see how many performances Benjamin did. http://www.rohcollections.org.uk/production.aspx?production=1929&row=1 I thought I recalled seeing Sarah Wildor also paired with Kobborg, later in the run and I did. I don't think they danced together otherwise. I see Morera, Nunez and Galeazzi were all friends of Swanhilda at that time.
  9. Special offer for the Nutcracker at the Albert Hall. This one's from See Tickets. Book by Dec 6th it says.... https://www.seetickets.com/tour/the-nutcracker-rah?aff=id1etSN011219&sc_src=email_996383&sc_lid=68108224&sc_uid=MCbls5Qe5l&sc_llid=38946&sc_eh=fd794c84edc6f75d1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emarsys&utm_campaign=2019-12-01+08%3A00%3A00-Sunday+News+ind+011219-
  10. From an email Click here and use the promo code OLT20Balcony £14 or £19 – now £10*Upper Circle £45 – now £25*Upper and Dress Circle £60 – now £35*Or call the London Coliseum Box Office on 020 7845 9300 and quote "Official London Theatre Offer"
  11. Got an email from "From the Box Office" with offers on ENB Corsaire, BRB Nut, Zakharova at the Coli , and the McGregor / Mugler programme at the Coli, https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/special_offers/?utm_source=From+The+Box+Office+Newsletter&utm_campaign=1202c0d925-Black+Friday+-+Dance%2FCircus&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0ab28542ae-1202c0d925-95557993&mc_cid=1202c0d925&mc_eid=7a07d33fc9 Not sure how long this will run for.
  12. 17 November - double bill Chopiniana and Scheherazade Special offer - 40% off ? https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/14MVU-scheherazade-chopiniana/?utm_source=From+The+Box+Office+Newsletter&utm_campaign=93e95ca7b4-Orephee%2C+Nutcracker%2C+Le+corsaire%2C+The+Snowman&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0ab28542ae-93e95ca7b4-95557993&mc_cid=93e95ca7b4&mc_eid=7a07d33fc9
  13. I got an email today indicating a cast change for Dr Coppelius for 23 and 28 Dec - now Bennet Gartside. So it seems they have gone.
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