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  1. The programmes can also be downloaded and saved. If you can read Danish this is well worth doing as they are excellent resources.
  2. The Royal Ballet’s Tierney Heap will be doing a basic barre class on Instagram Monday to Friday at 10.30am.
  3. I do hope so; that thought crossed my mind the other day. I thought their performance was wonderful.
  4. I’ve just seen that Ballet Studio Live at the Royal Opera House next week is cancelled.
  5. I have SCS D48 spare for Saturday’s performance of Onegin. It is £9 and a paper ticket but I will be there to hand it over. Please pm if interested.
  6. It has been a while since I read Evgeny Onegin (back when I was at school) but if I recall correctly, Onegin does try to not kill Lensky. A lot of the nuance of Onegin’s character is lost in adaptation to ballet, which is inevitable I suppose, just like it is in translation. I find him a bit more sympathetic, although not exactly likeable, in the book than in the ballet (I don’t know the opera at all) – it needs a fine and sensitive actor to make the ballet character something more than two dimensional. I thought Bolle was superb on Wednesday and managed to create a fleshed out character,
  7. E-ticket so can easily pass it on. Seat is Stalls Circle C96 (close to stage but slight restriction on right hand side). £39. Cast is now Nuñez, Bolle, Hayward, Ball, Avis. Please pm if interested.
  8. Could it be stray confetti left over from the finale of Coppélia? I noticed it last night.
  9. The email I had from the Coliseum says that there are two intervals. Is this not going to be the case?
  10. I understand it is Naghdi he is due to be partnering tomorrow and next Thursday.
  11. Ball danced the Bluebird variation at the matinee on 14 December with Magri. I’m not aware that Naghdi and Ball have yet appeared together.
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