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  1. SCS D4 £15 ticket for Bolshoi Spartacus at ROH Sat 10 Aug 7.30pm. The ticket is not marked restricted view but there is a bit of a restriction and heads of the people in front can get in the way. Paper ticket - can post or hand over at ROH tomorrow evening (Weds). Pm if interested.
  2. Very sad to hear this. Immense gratitude for his work on this forum and deepest sympathy to all his friends and family.
  3. I’m through now but wondering if they have the prices right for this – side amphi for Manon £23? Seems very high when some of those seats for performances are £18...
  4. Leticia Stock returned a little while ago. She was in the later performances of Romeo & Juliet and was in the mixed programme (she was certainly in Symphony in C). She has also been on the tour.
  5. According to Rhys Antoni Yeoman’s Instagram story, it was Shale Wagman’s last day with ENB today. Shale posted a story yesterday that suggested he might be on his way. Rina Kanehara has also posted a photo of herself with him saying that she’ll miss him.
  6. Yes! I had noticed this with the pair of them (together and separately in all manner of pieces) and now I deliberately seek it out. It’s something I love to see because for me it makes their dancing all the more complete and takes their characterisation to a deeper level.
  7. I can’t speak for it in terms of dance, but zinc oxide tape is the business when it comes to preventing blisters while trekking and climbing. I even use it when breaking in new shoes. If the skin starts to feel a bit sore but is not yet a blister, some spray plaster (build up a few layers) and zinc oxide tape over the top works well to head it off. For a developed blister I’d just pop it if appropriate, clean it and put the zinc oxide tape straight on to it — the blister should start to dry out quite nicely through the tape. The zinc oxide helps to prevent infection. I find that the tape often needs to be held down by other strategically placed strips or some micropore to avoid it moving around; I have trouble getting stuff to stick to me, too!
  8. The skirt was quite full so she probably wouldn’t have felt him fiddling about with it unless he yanked on it. 😂
  9. She hadn’t let them go from around her arms so they were in front of her dress rather than trailing behind. Thought he improvised very well.
  10. Weren’t they just? The orchestra, too. I thought everyone was rather brilliant. Firebird got me teary-eyed, even before the farewell to Kish, A Month in the Country was wonderful and Symphony in C was the most enjoyable performance of that in the whole run for me. Great evening.
  11. I have upgraded my ticket so have SCS D3 going spare for R&J tonight 7.30pm. £11. It’s a paper ticket but can arrange handover before the performance as I will be there. The ticket doesn’t say restricted view but there is a bit of one and some heads of the people in front may get in the way. Having said that, I have stood there before and had a very good view. Please pm if interested.
  12. Next Sunday 16 June at 10.45am Sky Arts is showing Ratmansky’s Cinderella performed by The Australian Ballet.
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