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  1. Is anyone ever promoted up two levels or is it just one rung at a time? My candidates for promotion would be Sambé, Dixon, Dubreuil, Sissens, Edmonds, O’Sullivan, Dias, Gasparini and Storm-Jensen.
  2. I’m a Friend. I like to see various casts so I will see a production several times. I find that most of the ‘good’ cheap seats tend to be gone by the time general booking opens (at least the ones I like to sit in) and sometimes availability for those is lacking even when Friends booking opens, but on the whole I do pretty well with purchasing tickets in the priority period. I try to go to Friends rehearsals whenever I can and really appreciate the opportunity (and the pasta pots!). I would say try it and see how you find it.
  3. Just seen this on the News section of the ROH website. The laying of flowers on the Founders of the Royal Ballet memorial stone at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 18 May following 5pm Evensong. https://www.roh.org.uk/news/margot-fonteyn-a-celebration
  4. More from the Royal Ballet next Sunday, too! Sun 19 May 12.45pm - Ashton Triple Bill. The Dream, Symphonic Variations and Marguerite & Armand.
  5. Yes, it seems like something has happened! I’m looking forward to seeing what else they show now. Their offering was getting pretty dull as everything had been shown umpteen times.
  6. RB Anastasia is on at 1pm on Sunday 12 May. It’s repeated later in the week, too. It’s listed as “New”.
  7. I’m more and more impressed by Téo every time I see him perform; such a beautiful dancer. As for Leo – I completely agree and have been keenly following his progress for a long while now.
  8. He was in the Hamilton/Andrijashenko cast I saw, but I don’t know which of the casts yet to come he will be in.
  9. Those sketches are probably first stage, general idea/concept, not the actual finished designs. Within the Golden Hour is one of my favourite ballets but I’ve never liked the costumes, so I look forward to seeing Conran’s creations on Wednesday.
  10. I loved watching Teo Dubreuil as Benvolio. I thought his performance very impressive; wonderfully centred and clean with a good dose of personality and great acting skills. I’d be thrilled to see him as Romeo one day.
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