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  1. I’m not sure what the ushers can do about the smart watches as they tend to light up inadvertently; I just wish the wearers would be more aware of it and perhaps wear long sleeves!
  2. I agree that ringing them at 5 minutes would be preferable, however I would rather they had a the ringing via speakers/sounders like they do in some other theatres. I find the hand bells far too harsh. And yes, I ignore the bells being rung at 10 minutes along with nearly everyone else! I think especially with a ballet the length of Sleeping Beauty they should give us a chance to stretch our legs/sit down/take a sip before starting to herd us back in!
  3. The person doing the calls yesterday spoke in a low, drawn out manner and it was quite hard to hear them clearly above the hubbub; their voice was rather quiet. Having both clear diction and an urgency to the tone would help to get people moving. I do wish they’d dispense with the awful clanging bells, though. When you’ve just sat down to enjoy your drink (they start ringing 10 mins into 20 min interval) and then it ”chimes” at ear level at goodness knows how many decibels as they walk past, it’s frankly painful. I was one of those who had their view disturbed by the couple taking their seats and it was highly irritating. They were back in good time for the second interval - pretty sure they had been given an earful by some of their Row A neighbours. I noticed lots of people being told to shut their phones off by ushers yesterday. Many more than usual. Also people’s Apple watches lighting up all over the place - one man was clearly checking his notifications (yes, I saw you!) but others just light up whenever people move their arms because they have them set on ‘raise to wake’.
  4. I have C87 Stalls Circle going spare for the Concerto mixed programme on Monday 28 October at 7.30pm. £26 - it is marked as restricted view/bench seat It is an e-ticket so can easily transfer it. Please pm if interested.
  5. It’s per performance. I’ve definitely gone over 9 tickets for a production. 😬
  6. I understand it’s three working days for an exchange but for returns it’s as @oncnp says.
  7. This is awful for him, especially after being out for so long. Tonight should have been a triumphant return.
  8. I have central balcony standing D32 going spare for the performance of Manon tomorrow (Thu 17 Oct) at 7.30pm. The cast is Cuthbertson/Ball. The ticket is £9 - I will be there so can arrange handover. Please PM if interested.
  9. I noticed the casting for Onegin has gone a bit squiffy with the update... It is still all there but not displaying consistently - some are out of order. I am still not impressed with the new website and wonder why they’ve spent so long tinkering about with it for such reduced functionality. I cannot see how it serves as an asset for the ROH; if I was a casual visitor to the website I would be completely put off as it is so unwieldy to navigate. And does anyone know what the point is of the sliding visuals when you click on an event?
  10. Here’s the link on here from 2017: https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/15450-sir-roger-moore-rip/?tab=comments#comment-213360
  11. I certainly think there are dancers who speak to me as an individual better than others. Dancers who create a great emotional impression that others do not. Not sure I’d describe it as “in love” but I do know where you are coming from!
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