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  1. A surprise conversation with Marianela Nuñez today 🙂
  2. Dance of the Blessed Spirits has been uploaded to Youtube by the ROH
  3. So glad I was sat down when I read that!! 😂
  4. How much did it cost you all together with postage?
  5. I was disappointed when he said that, but he's had a good run. The Christopher Saunders one was particularly good. I'll just have to pray my favourite gets interviewed by Dancersdiary instead. 🙂
  6. I liked the ‘red beach towel’ and would happily pay £4.99 for one of my own.
  7. I’ve been wondering how to watch these films for ages and now I’ve been able to watch and download them 🙂
  8. I'm sure there will be a blu ray, maybe there isn't a release date yet for the same reason the Medusa dvd/blu ray had different release dates
  9. Annoyingly the blu ray is not yet available to pre order yet
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