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  1. I've watched this video a number of times now and have come to the opinion that she's not having a go at George and his love of ballet or ballet but that the curriculum is hard work for a person starting school...the pointers being the title of the video, the bit about her being glad she doesn't have to do homework any more and 'between religious studies and computer studies going back to the play doh'. The issue is what she means by 'we'll see how long that (George's loving ballet) lasts, William'
  2. I've just spotted that as well as the new Nutcracker DVD/Blu-ray mentioned by Marianela Nunez on her Instagram there's also volume 2 of the Ashton collection out on the same day, 30th August (according to Amazon) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tchaikovsky-Nutcracker-Royal-OABD7259D-Blu-ray/dp/B07VHY4TSN/ref=pd_sbs_74_1/259-4549276-1153855?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07VHY4TSN&pd_rd_r=cfe0c5f3-9d40-4770-857d-98206fb245d7&pd_rd_w=ZfFkw&pd_rd_wg=Ktx0q&pf_rd_p=15756fbb-4ceb-4379-9d2c-7af36daab01e&pf_rd_r=8TY9AW657S6C7Q6KC21A&psc=1&refRID=8TY9AW657S6C7Q6KC21A https://www.amazon.co.uk/Frederick-Ashton-Various-Royal-Opera/dp/B07VHY7G1Q/ref=pd_sbs_74_1/259-4549276-1153855?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07VHY7G1Q&pd_rd_r=ddafd73f-76d8-4aa9-b2d3-80d7e1aefae0&pd_rd_w=RFpFc&pd_rd_wg=FDZAU&pf_rd_p=15756fbb-4ceb-4379-9d2c-7af36daab01e&pf_rd_r=CQ5G8VQ8KSCVJDQD6C89&psc=1&refRID=CQ5G8VQ8KSCVJDQD6C89
  3. Well it was changed in time for the curtain call sadly
  4. From my view in the amphitheatre it looked like she lost her balance while kind of kneeling
  5. Wooohoooo thank you for this info, just booked a ticket to see the 45 year old virgin!!!
  6. I can hardly believe I bought so many Stalls Circle Standing places 😮
  7. Thank you all, that was unbelievably straightforward and hassle free....I'm even thrilled with the seats.
  8. Tomorrow I shall be attempting to buy a package for the first time, can someone tell me whether the booking procedure is just the same as normal but with a performance in each ballet needing to be bought before you can proceed to the payment screen? Anything else I should be aware of?
  9. The person that uploaded Mayerling, Nutcracker and LB had their account closed down by Youtube
  10. That Francesca Hayward the trailer introduces us to looks rather good 🙂
  11. They also illegally had La Bayadere too . Amazon haven't told me about it not being issued so that must mean I'm receiving it
  12. Great news, I'm particularly delighted for Isabella Gasparini and Ashley Dean. I'm also pleased to see that there are no surprise leavers!!
  13. Can non-friends book these packages to save money on multiple performances too?
  14. You don’t have to buy them and so long as the main roles are taken by different people I think it’s great for us to have the choice.
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