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  1. I had a brief bit of buffering during Concerto, other than that it was fine all night
  2. That's what I'm hoping for, wait until we hear that this lockdown will end on the date we thought and then open up bookings very quickly. I wonder how much the admin involved with refunding costs the ROH.
  3. Weird, in my experience BBC channels know how to broadcast 4:3 content, it’s channels like Drama, Yesterday and other channels that rely on it led BBC content that don’t and leave it to the viewer to adjust their TV’s aspect ratio
  4. Grace Blundell has just announced tomorrow will be her final performance with the RB
  5. Claire Calvert has just posted that she's performing The Dying Swan tomorrow
  6. Oliver Whatnot has stated film and TV productions should continue, along with the football....
  7. Marcelino Sambé and Anna Rose O’Sullivan are doing the Tchaikovsky Pas de deux Balanchine on 6th and 7th Nov
  8. I admit I was concentrating more on ‘someone difficult to identify wearing a long sleeved leotard’ than the exact colour of it 🤔🙂
  9. Don’t forget to point out that the Theatre Royal in Bath (for example) has managed to adapt its seating plan booking method for its reopening programme of plays. Still able to choose your own seat just fewer seats to choose from.
  10. I think you'll have to make do with following them on Instagram, or in some cases follow their colleagues for snippets of news. A bio on the ROH website shouldn't be any more than a brief summary of their ballet career and a pic for helping to identify them. I know we've got used to football managers discussing the injury status of players in press conferences and before or after matches of the but we'll never get Kevin O'Hare appearing on Dance of The Day on a Saturday night.
  11. That sounds exciting....can we buy tickets to this? 😄 I assume that, if they did, they would say my sofa is reserved for couples so I would only be able to sit at my dinner table or on the kitchen stool. Can you make sure they are asked about the reason behind taking away the ability to select your own seat please?
  12. Wish I could have seen it live but today was one of my two days at work this week....very pleased to see I've got 4 hours of RB to watch tonight though, the Coppelia blu ray will have to wait until tomorrow 🙂
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