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  1. Yet some people have different photos, Leticia Dias, for example
  2. Oh ok...Christopher Saunders didn't wear the belly either. Looking at a different pic I see Marriott did have a hunch back too
  3. According to the exif data my first photo of Symphony in C for last night, Wednesday night and last Wednesday night was 10.40 and the last at 10.43....my camera's clock matches my iphone
  4. There’s usually an ad in the programme for Leica opera glasses...I guessed they would be priced at a ridiculous level like £350...turned out it was more than double that!! I presume they give a better view than the £5 ones I got from the book club at work though!! 🧐😂
  5. I’m sure there is film footage of it even if not to the degree last night’s Romeo and Juliet was covered, we just need someone prepared to be inspired by the linked story below but replace ‘18 Mini Discs of Radiohead music’ with ‘The Margot Fonteyn Celebration video’ and ‘$150,000’ with ‘a Donald Gordon Tier seat for a performance of my choice, a programme, a sandwich selection and ice cream voucher’ 🤗 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/11/radiohead-release-hours-of-hacked-songs-to-benefit-extinction-rebellion
  6. Was Matthew Ball’s Romeo the only one to lie down beside Juliet after he drank his poison rather than just fall to the ground and die?
  7. I think Benjamin Ella’s performance that I saw got more response from the audience around me
  8. Never got to that bit, just Mr O’Hare, a trestle table and a bucket
  9. Flickr was being a pain in the bottom and won’t let me get a link to post on here, so thanks Dawnstar 👍 I’m really pleased to see there is no mention of the on stage raffle that I dreamt about last night...it took up most of the first half!!😴🤪
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