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  1. I’ve noticed a label on the door saying words to the effect ‘not all disabilities are obvious’ recently
  2. Alex Beard has talked about this subject before following the popularity of various operas. They are aware of it, maybe cancelling tickets is easier said than done given the infrequent zapping of ticket barcodes at the entrance to the auditorium.
  3. Isn’t Shen Yun an American company? And having seen the Woking ticket prices I’d call them extortionists as well as contortionists 😮
  4. I’m pretty sure it was 1982 and the chaps were called Del and Rodney 🤔🙂
  5. How wonderful....it being his birthday is a very handy icebreaker! Yes I saw Isabella Gasparini before the start, and I'm always pleased to see Francesca Hayward's gran
  6. It was fun seeing people spot him.....I also saw Susan Hampshire a bit further round the the Stalls Circle from me, and had the pleasure of walking right behind Sir Mark Rylance from the old foyer to the new bit
  7. How many Lilac Fairies were there this time? The ones I saw were Claire Calvert, Gina Storm Jensen, Fumi Kaneko and Mayara Magri.
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