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  1. Yes I noticed this too, Luca Acri was far quieter in his section and Alexander Campbell throughout. Someone mentioned earlier that Corrales goes to bits of the floor others don’t but the noise was everywhere he landed. Very enjoyable to watch though
  2. Indeed, I’m sure the database is set up in such a way that it’s easy to send the info to people affected quickly .
  3. I’m a general public and I get notifications although I don’t remember getting one when the change is made on the day of the performance
  4. Once again the ‘take your seats’ woman has been replaced by an American android whose power cell needs charging.
  5. In the next version Florimund will ballet mime ‘Siri, play Aurora’s favourite alarm call’
  6. I was about to say that the Lamb/McRae combo isn’t on dvd the most recent release featured Nuñez and Muntagirov...the older one was Durante. So maybe it was from a cinema screening
  7. I thought it was lovely to see Hang, Maeda and Dias...a pleasant change from watching soloists and first soloists. Could really have done without the overly long chat about the twaddle though. If your Lilac Fairy is dressed all in black you've done something wrong, I think.
  8. Thank you, I hope the pics look ok to people, they look a little dark looking at the forum on my phone but perfect on the laptop
  9. Well given a lot of people at the time were getting up and leaving it’s not like my non-flash photography from the very edge of the auditorium was distracting anyone, I was sat down and nobody was trying to get past me in my row. I also overheard the usher telling people to stop taking ‘curtain’ call pics at the Royal Albert Hall when I saw the Nutcracker there last year before I’d even thought of trying to get a pic of Celine Gittens 😇
  10. To be honest the most important thing, at least at the time of the first one they used, is that it confirmed that the taking of curtain call pics is ok. I had an issue at Bristol when I saw BRB’s La Fille last year where I was stopped from taking a spur of the moment iPhone pic of their curtain call, I’d really only taken the phone out to check the England v Sweden game
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