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  1. I filled one out on someone's behalf... 17. I like people hearing me shout BRAVO!
  2. I'd like them to finish this season before they start next year's 🙂
  3. I found Mayara Magri and Matthew Ball had a class too on the petitedanse Instagram page
  4. Am I correct in assuming you have none of these DVDs? Have you read the reviews of them on Amazon? Many have plenty of detail I think I have all the 'modern' recordings, it's difficult to say which versions are better, as you say, it's very subjective re dancers. I didn't think there could be a better Giselle than Osipova but I'm glad I bought the Nunez one too last year when it was on special, she's not better, just different
  5. If Alison's post about private lives is refering to a post that has been deleted it either needs deleting itself or amending, when I came back to the forum it looked as though Alison was trying to say talking about the content of an Instagram story was discussing their private lives which they haven't made public.
  6. The Guardian have not been able to give us any more info https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2020/mar/23/royal-ballet-cuts-ties-with-liam-scarlett-after-sexual-misconduct-claims
  7. Yasmine Naghdi has just announced on her Instagram Story that she'll be doing a barre class on Blochdanceusa Instagram at 5pm tomorrow
  8. Or maybe did nothing wrong enough to be suspended for x months and so resigned
  9. Do you want to explain a little further? It was you that started this thread. Has Francesca Hayward breached the forum's AUP?
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