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  1. I thought he was very good. Re debut, I’ve seen him at least twice as Mercutio in 2019….22/5 and 1/6
  2. What a relief, Romeo successfully died without injuring himself 👏👍
  3. https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/romeo-and-juliet-by-kenneth-macmillan/cast-list/48941 We’ve got Friar Ponytail tonight. He looks a lot more willing to dispense poison than marry people.
  4. A fantastic response from the audience when McRae made his entrance 👏👏👏
  5. Tierney Heap has posted that it will be her debut as lead harlot tomorrow 🙂
  6. I see from Gary Avis’ latest Instagram post that the whole cast appeared at the opening night curtain call but that seems to have changed to the final act’s cast for later shows.
  7. That often happens and it did with Yasmine too but that isn’t the occasion I meant, it was during the pdd when Juliet is ‘dead’
  8. I heard a flutter of laughing on two occasions during Act III and feel pretty confident that, unless it was coming from Mr Bravo, those responsible completely misunderstood Juliet’s movements and was nothing to do with Yasmine.
  9. More Dante pics to come but Strictly is about to start and dinner is almost ready…
  10. I don’t have a plot synopsis to hand so forgive me for asking….is the conductor supposed to throw his baton across the stalls at the end of Act II? Was this The Baton Projectile? 🤷🏻
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