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  1. I noticed last night that the ROH website has stated which Nutcracker performances will be for schools/children only since I last looked...Sat 4th Dec will be the Paul Hamlyn performance (Cuthbertson as SPF) and the Tuesday 7th Dec matinee will be for schools (so the general public miss Tierny Heap as SPF ☹️ )
  2. Nice to have a five day advantage over general release....although the idea that I'd have to see the Dante Project as many times as R&J/Giselle is a touch depressing!! I think I'll give up the 8% additional discount and just 'design my own'
  3. And the ability to design your own Stalls.....I'm just off to get some fabric samples, paint swatches and a higher seat 🙂
  4. Open a Flickr account (it's free) and host them there, then link to them here...you then don't have get the file size down at all
  5. Good enough to think of it as £85 a pot with a free ballet performance thrown in? 🙂
  6. I thought the organisers sounded familiar, they did the performances in the south of France that various RB dancers went to a few years ago, photos show they put up raised seating for that
  7. Anna Rose O'Sullivan has just posted some pics including one that gives a hint of the audience view...even stood up and standing in the middle of the aisle seeing anything below the knee was a problem for the photographer
  8. Fumi and Reece are dancing After The Rain and the Manon bedroom pdd 👏
  9. Is the seating unreserved? It looks my idea of a nightmare, sitting in direct sunshine at this time of year, staring at the back of someone’s head (they’re bound to have a big floppy hat on 👒)
  10. Despite Hanna being listed in the digital cast sheet she didn’t appear, she was replaced by Yu Hang
  11. Were you in the front left curve of the Stalls Circle? Some people there couldn’t contain their laughs, a bit distracting. I really enjoy it, both Magri and Osipova were fantastic. I was really impressed with Joonhyuk Jun’s Bluebird, so pleased I got to see that.
  12. Oh and thanks to an Instagram story from Fumi Kaneko, the person I couldn't work out was Philip Mosley
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