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  1. I did my first online ballet class via Zoom today! Great fun ...just remember to keep some water at hand as because was at home forgot this and had to run out and get some half way through! Its a local class here in Brighton and the teacher is running her classes via Brighton Natural Health Centre. I can ask her if I can advertise her class here because she would need people's emails and phone numbers and then people would have to book the actual class via Brighton Natural Health Centre......they have a special online classes section on website now so it's easy to use. It's great having these classes to create some structure to the day and force you to tidy up and declutter a bit 🙄
  2. I don't have Instagram and don't particularly want to get it but do these then go onto YouTube anyway? I think Tamara Rojo from ENB is teaching classes on Facebook and or YouTube on ENB page which is easier for me but glad to see Sander is teaching anyway....people will be able to see how extraordinary he is! Ive downloaded Zoom App for more local teachers classes but haven't gone into it yet!
  3. Yippee I just managed to post this which I had saved from my Facebook page as thought was quite funny ....well last week anyway......Which seems about ten years ago!! Now I need to work out how to have the piccie and writing on the same page. Gosh how long have you been able to do this? Don't tell me ...the last five years 😩 I thought you had to send it to Flickr or somewhere similar first so a bit more complicated Many thanks for that Jan ....honestly I'm such a slow learner where anything connect to technology is concerned I've just downloaded the Zoom App on my phone ....have no idea how it works .....in preparation for a few online ballet classes that are coming. I can sense you might wanted to have added Dear Liza Dear Liza to your you've just used it twice comment!!
  4. Ha ha Quintus and bridiem very funny ..I missed this class today but will need to do a bit of decluttering in my ‘spare piano’ room first to do a grand battement without incurring an injury 🙄
  5. Oooh Carlos in Rooster would love to see that I just love that ballet.
  6. Actually I can now see I’ve lost it already🙄 Those comments were on the previous page!!
  7. Oh dear something is a foot! my above comment should have come where people were talking about TFL website don’t know how it got here 🤔
  8. I find the TFL website very unhelpful at the best of times 😩 Gosh closing down the tube it is getting serious. I suppose until the last couple of days I have not really been gearing up for all this ( just a few bog rolls left NO Pasta NO handgel NO soup ) and not finding things and it’s a good job I had some paracetamol left from August as since this article all over Facebook about not taking Ibuprofen for this the chemists are now out of that as well 😬 I was really hoping the UK wouldn’t get into this lockdown situation that’s in other countries ( our numbers are lower than some ) But anyway best wishes to all you Londonites can’t wait to be able to go up again.
  9. Sorry about the above I couldn’t get rid of it so posted it instead! I wasn’t intending on commenting on that so not sure what happened🤔 I actually wanted to double check when talking about ‘seasons’ do you mean the one starting in Sept ...so 20/21 new season or just shows further down this years season eg: in june and July
  10. JohnS well keep an eye on things...what if it doesn’t turn out as bad as they say you ...might be okay a bit before June ... nobody really seems to know .....but anyway to be honest inspite of the April 19 th date I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bit after that nearer May before ROH re opens. Goodness they’ve just cancelled the Eurovision Song Contest 😩...so sad 😢nothing much going on before May I don’t think!
  11. Ha ha Peanut68 I had to ask someone what Zoom is honestly had no idea 🙄
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