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  1. Well it would be far more preferable to us ending up with closed or socially distanced theatres again.... not good for business in either scenario and not good for experience from audience or dancers point of view In the second scenario.
  2. No I’m afraid I didn’t see that streaming 😢 I only tried the streaming from ROH once and it didn’t work!! I could have seen more but could only have watched on my iphone so decided not to bother. Maybe I will find it somewhere on YouTube
  3. Yes Agree! What a triple bill : Dances at a Gathering, Month in the Country and Concerto would be ...my dream combination ❤️ In fact perfect for this narrative thread!! Month has a full on story with real fictional characters etc Dances has no real characters or story but sort of leads you to form your own narrative around the groups of dancers. And Concerto you just enjoy for both the wonderful choreography and music.
  4. Was talking about the ballet Concerto on another thread and one of the most recent performances was in June 2020 and just realised I missed Kaneko partnered with Clarke in the second movement!! Would really love to have seen that!! But that year didn’t venture into London again until the September. Was the ROH really open for performances as early as June that year?
  5. The second movement of Concerto gets me most times as well! One of the very earliest performances I saw of this ballet was at an RBS students performance and Denise Nunn ( now in Australia) performed the duet in the second movement. I can’t remember her partner now may have been Michael Batchelor but this was such a moving performance and has stuck in my mind all these years. Must have been around 1974/5 as very soon after that she was plucked out of the corps to play the very first Vera in Month in the Country and that was 1976. I did so love that very first cast!! For the OP ....Month in Country would come under a narrative ballet ( though it’s short) and Concerto is non narrative but it’s the same STYLE of dance as someone has already said here and that’s what makes it a Ballet or not because it’s in the Classical style whether it has a story or not.
  6. Well that is good news! Julia is one of a few young dancers I circled in a programme because I thought they looked particularly promising ( though all were pretty good that year) when she was in an Upper School performance at the RBS some years back now. Unfortunately she has been injured for a while so it’s nice to see her not only back dancing again but getting a plum role like this.
  7. Just going to say Rob R Julia getting a chance at Myrthe is great news so pleased for her. I was only going once to Giselle on the 19th but would love to have seen her debut and unfortunately her other date is the 20th so will only have been the day before. But how exciting!!
  8. Well you’d be hard pressed not to call Concerto ( music Shostakovich) a Ballet and that has no narrative other than the music! Quite a few like that.
  9. No but you have to have it on by the time you actually board the bus! Then flop down on some seat not too far away to get your breath! I only run for buses these days if trying to link with a train or otherwise would be late for a class if miss it! The idea is NOT to get into these scenarios but I can be a bit of a last minute Annie on occasions though TRY not to be!!
  10. Perhaps they can have a run of Giselle in the Spring of 2023 so not too far away especially as this run seems fairly short compared to the many combined Autumn/Spring R & J shows.
  11. The only time I find the mask difficult these days is if I have had to run to catch a bus or get on a certain train etc Then I just have to pull it down for a couple of minutes just until I’ve got my breath back. Im still under hospital investigations for some very frightening fainting type fits in which I was struggling to breathe which started in 2018. It was like I almost went into heart failure for a few minutes ..a mini blackout ...but luckily so far nothing serious has been found but as I’ve had at least three of these “attacks” on the tube and mostly when up in London anyway ( so could be connected to air quality) I haven’t used the tube for over two years now. I manage the condition by trying NOT to run for buses etc as it’s very sudden exertion combined with stress especially in hot weather which is most likely to bring this on. I guess I’m just getting old 🙄 It’s strange it has never yet happened in a ballet class but I think that’s because everything there is so gradual and is not full on aerobic from the off set. I probably could be exempt from mask wearing but decided to see how I got on with it all first before panicking and going to GP. And I found that mostly it was okay and especially if plenty of air flow ( I’m sorry to say I have become one of those annoying people who opens windows on buses if not already!) I try to plan theatre trips now so I can have gaps in the mask wearing though after train and bus journeys etc. For example on Saturday I arrived in Covent Garden two hours before Performance start so could wander around for a while without a mask outside and then sit for a nice long time over a tea and sandwich before entering the theatre itself. I do find it extraordinary that people standing in Stalls Circle area would not wear a mask but try not to be too condemning about it all as unless it is mandatory there is not a lot you can do and I know that when I’m going to the theatre I am taking a risk but am prepared to take some risks because I choose to.
  12. Well seeing her as Myrthe would be good too! However I now see her as a natural for Giselle! Perhaps next time around? Please don’t let Fumi Kaneko go back to Japan Kevin O Hare before she has been cast as Giselle at RB!! ( Not that she has any plans to lol ... that I wouldn’t know)
  13. Yes Fumi Kaneko is rapidly becoming my very favourite dancer at RB among so many very talented dancers currently too. After her Juliet on Saturday she has now become the one to book for!! I can’t wait to see her as Giselle...am assuming that she has not performed this before.
  14. It’s interesting that there are a lot of Japanese dancers in the Amateur Ballet world as well and some of them are very good too!! So ballet is obviously a very strong tradition in Japan. There has been a ballet link going on between Japan and U.K. for many years now almost certainly since the 70’s as far as I know. Certainly one of my own teachers was out teaching in Japan in Tokyo as far back as the 70’s and another had links with South Korea. I think the original Tokyo Ballet was founded back in the 60’s. Miyako Yoshida is now Director of one of the main Japanese Companies the new National Ballet Company also based in Tokyo. It’s not surprising we are now seeing so many good dancers who started their training in Japan and more coming through from South Korea now as well.
  15. I’d be pretty sure that somebody in my age group would not be asymptomatic with Covid!! Even if vaccinated. Tests also don’t show positive results in the very early days of an infection. Personally I think they should only be done if you are feeling ill and not sure if it’s Covid or if you were going to see somebody particularly vulnerable and you had done quite a bit of mixing in the few days before I’m retired so it’s much easier to pinpoint any particular occasions when there has been any real chance of picking up Covid such as yesterday going to the ROH to see Romeo and Juliet!! So I wouldn’t go and see anybody particularly vulnerable in the next week unless they really wanted me to. I don’t expect my friends to do routine lateral flow tests just because they are seeing me ( and they don’t) but would hope they wouldn’t turn up with a terrible cough and cold without having tested!! Not happened yet anyway.
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