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  1. Yesterday we went to a pub in Lewes which had only opened on Saturday for the first time. You could sit inside but they had tables outside and had also commandeered the Argos parking place ( Argos are not open yet apparently) which backs on to,the river so loads of space on a lovely sunny day. If you wanted to go and sit inside OR use the loos you had to have a quick temp check and then the loos were all marked out where to wait and you exited via another door in the pub. If wanting to stay and drink inside ( they haven't started food yet) you had to leave name and phone number on a pad. There was no linking of names with credit cards especially if doing contactless etc and they were not storing people's numbers etc on their phones a very good thing I thought. All the staff wore plastic see through visors and gloves and you were served where you were sitting.... No going to the bar. The organisation was terrific and we complimented them on this and the manager said having finally opened they didn't want to get closed down for not following the strict rules. A couple at the next table said they had just come from Brighton ( 15 mins on train or 20-25 min drive away) and had been in a pub which seemed to have no rules at all especially where social distancing was concerned. So I think you have to find a pub ( if you go to them anyway) or restaurant that fits how you feel safe and stick with them. We now have two pubs that are scrupulous in Lewes so probably don't need any others at the moment. A bit of sad news is that one of the main music pubs in Lewes The Lamb has closed 😢 and is being turned into an Italian restaurant. Not sure how wise that is as one of the big chains Prezzo recently (pre pandemic) closed down in Lewes. But we had many happy nights dancing to many different bands which appeared at the Lamb over the years so a bit of an end of an era moment there 😢 Have my first massage this coming Friday and have already been sent two forms I have to fill in and sign connected to Covid. It's touch and go with any activity against the moment as if one member of your or their household or say a pub team gets ill then you can't attend seemingly even if you haven't had a test for the Covid. So if you get an ordinary not even bad cold it looks like that's it ...curtains for doing anything. My first hair isn't until July 21 st and have been told will defo need a mask when having hair washed but otherwise it's optional for customers though staff will be in PPE and only two customers in the shop at a time...but with staggered appointments( so not arriving and leaving at the same time) To come back to ballet I'm glad Michelle you have decided to leave this year's trip as we are at a very dicey moment with this virus and you could do all the planning and then at the last minute end up in some local lockdown scenario!! The R number is at one ( 1.1 in London) almost every area of the country at the moment (though lower ironically in the Midlands) and East of England is lower at 0.8 too but all other areas as of yesterday were at one so there is no room for complacency. The R number areas are quite large so it won't mean the whole area is at one but it's at one in parts of that area. Ive decided that even if some studios do open in August I won't be venturing into a ballet studio before the second half of September as long as things are not worse than they are now. One has to feel safe travelling to the studios as well as when dancing in them.
  2. Yes it looks like this is true the National Theatre have also put out a statement I think Oliver Dowden has made an announcement on his twitter feed Fingers crossed
  3. There’s a little owl in the field next to our allotment again. They are quite cute and sometimes run along the ground as they eat worms too. So glad we’ve got one back again as last year just wasn’t around. As we are usually the last to arrive and last to leave at the allotment we often catch him/her on our way home. Yes we like Dunwich Heath too. There’s a nice car park there and you can do a bit of a nice beach walk without actually going into the reserve if you don’t want to.
  4. Some great piccies here many thanks all. When you say north Suffolk Quintus are you talking about Minsmere? We didn't make it there last year but usually do most years at some point ...love it there but still haven't seen the famous water rail!! Looks like we might not make it this year now either perhaps towards end of September.
  5. Yes this is why the person I work with ( for about 18 years now) had to cancel the July provisional appointment because although she is ready to go as such if she was to do a treatment without the okay of her main Professional Body her insurance would be invalid if anything should happen etc. I would feel safer going to her than even the hairdresser ( no appointments yet but starting soon!) Because there would be more people passing through that premises during the day etc. She told me that her main Body are now finally recognised under Sports therapy rather than "massage parlour" which is a great step forward. She certainly knows as much about the body's musclular system and general physiology as most physiotherapists but she would never class herself under this heading and always knows when an osteopath or physio might be of extra benefit etc when treating any specific injury although I don't just attend when I'm injured. So I guess when Sports massage is allowed then she will be able to return to work too but would never operate without the authority of her main Professional Body. So it looks like roll on August at the moment!! Somebody has now told me that the reason footballers can have their treatments at the mo is that the Premiership clubs are operating a strict temp control and testing regime not really available to Jo Public in the same way.
  6. The person I go to is very highly qualified and now belongs to various Bodies. She is definitely a health care professional not in the Beauty business. when were Sports Physios given the go ahead to go back then? I think it’s just how some things are seen rather than any logic in these regulations. As sports Physios would have some degree of hands on then there’s no reason why similar practitioners should not be allowed to return to work. The person I work with is safer than some clinics as she is sole person on the premises and there would be fewer general public on a daily basis on the premises seeing other practitioners. Id be more nervous seeing her in a clinic setting.
  7. Really if chiropractors are working then don’t see why health massage can’t go ahead if the practitioner can set it up safely ( I know my person can we’ve been in discussion about the safety provisions and protocol will be in place) etc) and if I didn’t think it was safe wouldn’t have made the provisional appointment. I wonder if the footballers can receive sports massage 🤔
  8. Well not the sort of massage I receive!! I class it on a level with osteopathy ....in fact usually keeps me away from the osteopath lol! And I’ve never had a massage in a massage parlour either! I originally had an appointment provisionally books for July 9th but had to be cancelled as Gov gave no announcement for these sort of treatments to go ahead. Just hoping will be by end of the month.
  9. Has there been an announcement on complementary therapies like osteopathy physio therapy and massage etc. does anybody know? I was thinking that as Premier League football clubs have now opened wouldn’t they possibly need certain treatments if they pull a muscle etc etc
  10. Confusion? Surely not? Things are usually as clear as the light of day with Gov instructions 😂
  11. LinMM

    Room 101

    Scheherazade that’s exactly how it strikes me! And a feeling that it’s the normal of the future for evermore ....and we’d better jolly well get used to it 😬😡😱😢
  12. LinMM

    Room 101

    Is it just me but does anyone else hate the expression "New Normal"
  13. The Brighton clinic has already stated that people will have to bring their own yoga mats when it reopens and as said no hands on corrections will be allowed. There will be more space between classes as well but not sure who will be doing the cleaning though ....probably students and teacher of outgoing class!! But dance/ yoga studios are much easier than gyms as it’s only the barres and maybe floor will need a wipe whereas gyms you have all the equipment. In the Pilates class I go to in Hove we always wipe equipment have been using anyway cleaning stuff is always on hand a few mins routine at the end of a session.
  14. I don't think gyms are opening on the 4th July Michelle The only date I've heard as a possibility is 15 th July but that's not written in stone ....in fact I was guessing it would be September .. However I've been doing a couple of classes on Zoom via the Brighton Natural Health Centre and yesterday they sent out a questionnaire for us to fill in as they work towards their reopening!!! So they must know something! As well as their own plans which definitely includes smaller classes and no hands on etc they were asking what we might want to be expecting One of the suggestions was would we like classes to be on Zoom still ....either separately... or at the same time as actual classes in the studio which I thought was nice for people who may be more vulnerable and not wanting to travel just yet to be able to join in. But it was definitely looking like no drop in .....you would have to pay in advance either for a week a month or by buying a series of say 10 classes etc. Although classes in Brighton are never overrun as they can be in London. Also the Brighton studio is a good size and has big windows you can easily open for ventilation. Im really hoping classes may restart sooner rather than later but they do usually have a summer break so not much usually goes on in August anyway so I'm thinking September and keeping fingers crossed. Ive been doing zoom classes with one of my main London classes too. This studio is in the basement of a church and would not be so good for ventilation unfortunately so have no idea when that will open but my problem with that is that I still don't want to travel up to London still. I haven't even been into Brighton ( about four miles) on the local bus yet so not sure when that confidence will return. I know I could choose travelling times to get a train up to London which would have hardly anybody on it but it's the thought of anything going wrong.....I wouldn't be keen to sit on a train for hours with a mask on especially not in hot weather. Thinking of your journey though Michelle I absolutely wouldn't do it by train but if you are driving up there then that would be a little safer I think. As long as there are no sudden big spikes many hospitals are pretty empty at the moment so don't think you would be putting pressure on them as long as you are absolutely fit when you start off etc. However the problem with hotels is if you have to have an advanced booking you just don't know what will be happening with the virus in mid August in either Scotland or Lincolnshire so I Wouldnt want to book until the day before!!! Look at Leicester suddenly in a lockdown all of its own ( though interestingly it's not the area with the highest R number ) and it could happen anywhere. It just seems a bit risky for more long distance travelling at the moment. I know this is disappointing but I wouldn't go unless you can arrange it right at the last moment and if the teacher is happy for that too etc. You should be safe with only three of you in the studio in terms of distancing though. I know this may seem a bit mean but I'm rather hoping we have unsettled weather in August so people don't descend on Brighton in their thousands as now the shops and bars and restaurants etc are open sooner or later we will end up in lockdown like Leicester 😢
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