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  1. Wishing your son all the very best Harwel and will miss your down to earth posts!
  2. I think Corrales may have been promoted if he hadn't had such a long time out with injury but it will be difficult to promote him this year on such few performances. He was a Principal with ENB so was probably originally heading in that direction.
  3. But for me it is precisely because of lines and aesthetics that I don't like the winged foot look ....it takes away from the beauty of the natural line
  4. I think it depends what you want the membership for. If you want priority booking especially if you are one of those who want to see every cast etc then it could be good for those cheaper seats.....and presumably stalls circle standing would be grabbed up by Friends before public booking. But if you want the membership to be able to gain access to events in the Clore Theatre for example like masterclasses or interviews with dancers or choreographers talking about their works with demos and the like .....then it may not be so good as usually these type of events are taken by higher grades of Friends ( because the Clore is so small) so often sold out already by ordinary Friends booking dates. I used to be a Friend but left a couple of years ago because I was prepared to pay a bit higher for seats ( not Stalls level prices though) and don't go to multiple performances so could always get what I wanted on public booking....or mostly anyway. The things I did want via Friends were continually unavailable so got fed up with paying for the membership. I joined ENB instead and this was fine until this year and now they are going the way of the ROH by introducing a new higher grade of Friends there!! I can still get access to masterclasses though.... in fact yesterday booked the first one at the new venue on City Island which I'm excited about.....but if that should eventually go then I will probably give that membership up too as I never have problem getting tickets on public booking opening.
  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "winged feet" but if you mean the foot sort of curves upward slightly from the leg....say in an arabesque ....then I have to say that personally I very much dislike this as I think it takes away from the natural line. I think this has become fashionable in recent years so I suppose it's the old story that if everyone else is doing it then why not etc. Im not sure why it is thought desirable and can look positively horrible when the leg is in attitude!! Just my view. Just hope it goes out of fashion again! I don't know about this hyperextended thing. If you have very straight legs then that sounds good to me....I wish mine were straighter but most people like myself have to work hard at getting that ( normal) extension at the knee. There is a natural curve there so dancers have to work hard to get that lovely line. Some people have what's called "sway back knees" which makes them look naturally straighter without having to work so hard.....but I understand this type of leg does have other weaknesses ....possibly in relation to the hip ....but am no expert. When your teachers are telling you to work for hyperextension are they talking about the actual extension of the leg ( how straight it is extended away from the body) or the height of the leg ....eg: how much higher than 90 degrees you can raise the leg in arabesque for example?
  6. I think as a general rule youth is preferable in this particular ballet but more important I think is the chemistry/ connection between Romeo and Juliet if that's not there the ballet doesn't work so well for me. However there are always one or two older dancers who because they are so spontaneous and in the moment emotionally can get away with dancing this role and being a bit older......a prime example for me is Margot Fonteyn. I think she was in her 50's when I saw her in this but was totally convincing as she looked so innocent on the stage. I believe Ulanova had this quality too though unfortunately never saw this dancer.
  7. Anyone tell me where this daily casting is? I can only get the dates of performances for Alina Cojacaru Isaac Hernandez and Jeffrey Cirio This is when you go into casting for all dates.....these three come up but no other dancers and when they are performing. 😬
  8. It's a bit irritating as an email dropped in my box announcing casting for Cinderella in the Round but it's only a very general casting giving some pairings and the role of Benjamin but nothing about who is exactly dancing on which day!!
  9. Aah thanks Janet I knew I'd seen it somewhere and then the dates clicked and I thought yes could be a possiblity!!
  10. I thought it was somewhere on the Forum but may have been on my Facebook page but there is a film being shown at the Curzon cinema in Mayfair ( in Curzon street) in June about Natalia Osipova. its called Natalia Force of Nature. If it has been talked about elsewhere then happy for this post to be moved etc Anyway there seem to be only two performances : one is on June 6th at 6.30pm ( Thursday) The other is on Sunday June 9th at 3pm It is 90 mins long. Ive been to this cinema before and it's a very nice venue not far from Green Park tube. I have to be in London on the 9th for a mini ballet reunion with a group of friends from the 70's and 80's! So this could tie in very nicely with that!! I think it could be quite interesting looking at the blurb.
  11. I think other current pointe shoe users will be able to,help you more than myself. However in my experience to date ( was en pointe back in the 70's and 80's ) I've NEVER experienced a really comfortable NEW pointe shoe!! They did get more comfortable as they got softer of course.......and I'm afraid I literally used to wear them into the ground ....till I could feel the floor with my toes.... Because I hated the idea of new ones so much! I know these days there is a lot more choice so have a better chance to get a reasonably good fit etc but I would be really interested to know if any others here have felt no pain at all in their pointe work classes!! especially with new shoes!! ......And advise ballet gremlin of course with her shoe situation!
  12. I don't think the OP is here till next January Blossom! But in January ENB will be doing Le Corsaire at the Coliseum well worth a look in. I can usually afford to sit a little lower down at the Coli ....well for ENB at any rate in the top price£50- £60 bracket This used to be okay for the Amphi at the ROH but this week for R and J ....in a central row C admittedly ....I paid a whopping £85...must be a record for the Amphi ....but I won't be doing that too often!! Usually with the RB it depends on the ballet.....triple bills are in a lower price range but I would expect the Sleeping Beauty to be at least in £70 range going by this year's prices for a seat fairly central in the Amphi say rows A to G You can get cheaper seats but they are always a very long way back or too much on the side. I cannot bear not to be able to see pretty much the whole of the stage for ballet though.
  13. I've loved her in everything I've seen her in so far! I don't get too much into "fanship territory" with any of the dancers as so many are really good today but she for me is a dancer in the purest sense because she is so natural so always believable to me. Has she ever danced Odette/Odile role ....at least at ROH?
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