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  1. Was Guilia Frosi also with the Norwegian Company? She is a lovely dancer too and disappointed she didn’t join the Royal a couple of years back now. I may have spelled her name wrongly though.
  2. LinMM


    How can you tell when the jockey gives the horse an indifferent ride?
  3. I will try to sort out with the non Serco NHS App. Id be happy just to show my vaccination card etc nice and easy but I suppose this could be open to abuse without some other form of ID as who knows if it’s really your card or not 🤔
  4. Well if theatres are requiring vaccine passports then they must want tests as well ....only because having had the vaccine doesn’t mean you cannot catch Covid. So not sure why they need the vaccination certification as well ... as a negative test should be sufficient in the end. I hope there’s a way of recording a negative test result without having to have the NHS App!
  5. As far as I know Bluebird Takada and Corrales should be performing Giselle on Nov 19th and Dec 1st all things being equal of course.
  6. I’m glad he managed to get his second dose in the end!! It seems a shame not to allow some to have a lesser gap between doses when you hear some places are returning vaccines because not enough take up in those areas. I suppose it is all a bit complex though to anticipate how it will go now throughout the country.
  7. This vaccination was originally recommended to be given 4-6 weeks apart but for expediency purposes in the first instance was extended to 12 weeks ....in actual practice this was found to be too long a gap between doses ......and now for other expediency purposes has been reduced to 8 weeks... which is probably better but in my view it seems things are organised around supply and demand etc rather than purely Health issues. Other countries are now catching us up in number of double vaccinated people who have not had this 12 week gap in the first place.
  8. I don’t blame anyone who switches it off at all ( I never downloaded it in the first place ...I’m assuming it’s the one run by Serco? That was enough for me) I don’t work and don’t have children or grand children ( unfortunately) so decided it wasn’t worth me getting it and when things opened up in May I sign in and out of everywhere I go and activities like swimming ( where there are still no lockers or changing rooms open anyway) are all pre booked so they have a list of everyone at any particular session and the same with studio Ballet class so all participants can be easily traced if need be. Im just about to do a two hour ballet Rep session at the City Lit and if you don’t have that App or their App you sign in on the computer as you go in and anyway the teacher has a list of all attendees. The App is too vague to be fit for purpose as it is at present. Im hardly likely to catch Covid from somebody sitting three seats away on a bus or train and we are both masked and never even spoken to each other but could possibly from someone in a class I attend where it would be covered without the App. Just because you don’t have the App does not mean you are not acting responsibly.
  9. Apparently there can be a time problem with this App. Somebody phoned LBC to say his daughter got pinged and they eventually worked out it was at a restaurant she had been in with her mum for lunch for about an hour and a quarter but they discovered the App thought they’d been there for about six hours!! So they may well have not even been in the restaurant at the same time as whoever it was who had tested positive. Can you not be allowed to take a test if you get pinged especially when have no symptoms so that only if it’s positive you should have to isolate? But I suppose they just haven’t got the number of tests that would be required to cope with so many. There should be a way of being able to sign out of somewhere so it’s not pinging you unnecessarily.
  10. That’s a great review Mandy 😊 Is this the first time Yeo Valley have put this on? Such a shame about the stage as otherwise seemed like a really enjoyable day out to see ballet ( though I’d have turned it into a stopover) as £85 even for Charity is a lot to ask if you can’t actually see anything!! Annoying as they are these sight line issues are not quite as bad for watching singing or theatre productions but for Dance are a bit of a no no. Hope they can get this fixed.
  11. Have two films of fish diving couples been removed? Im sure I saw them in a post earlier but didn’t have time to watch then so thought I’d re visit and now can’t find the post 🤔
  12. LinMM

    Room 101

    My partner is always on the phone to certain delivery people complaining he was in all day so why was there a card put through the letter box suggesting he was out. We have a ding dong doorbell but sometimes I think they don’t bother to even ring it if the house just seems quiet! I know they are under pressure but it is infuriating if you’ve been in all day and they don’t bother to knock/ring etc.
  13. Whoops Alison only just got what you meant earlier! You mean the music by Arvo Part or rather it’s overuse! Yes probably that piece has been a bit overused generally in the last couple of years though loved it when I first heard it. For some weird reason I thought you were talking about an expression people had been using too much in their posts hence my comment that I hadn’t seen it 🙄
  14. Not sure I’ve seen it Alison but whenever I see the word Spiegel it makes me think of the Spiegeltent here in the Pavilion Gardens in Brighton which is put up for performances for the Brighton Festival ... just finished yesterday as has been later this year. They never seem to have any ballet in the Spiegeltent unfortunately though!! I agree with those who say there is room for different interpretation in the music for the fish dives in Beauty...or the music taken at slightly different paces maybe. Osipova is Osipova and Nunez is Nunez and love them both.
  15. LinMM

    Room 101

    Agree Janet it really is so disappointing and disgraceful and spoils the whole mood for us all. I hope the people who have shown this abuse are banned from social media. I wouldn’t put the teams defeat in room 101 though Bridiem 😊 Throughout this tournament the English team have been giving real football fans a lot of pleasure and playing with real spirit skill and intent. I watched Italy in a few matches and have to admit was dreading getting them in the final if we got there as I genuinely believe we would have beaten any other team!!! Definitely the two best teams were in the Final!! The two teams could hardly be separated even at the penalty shootout 😱 So although was not the final result we all wanted after being so close to getting that Trophy 😢 there are lots of positives we can take away from this Euros Onwards and upwards as they say though not sure can go through it all again quite so soon ...next year!!
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