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  1. Aha got it now! That's rather a nice idea in fact!.....but I wonder if by any chance on the day itself or just a few days before any tickets do get sold to the general public which have been returned for some reason.
  2. Many thanks .....but what is this anyway have never heard of it before....is it a Charity event?
  3. Strictly speaking this should probably be under the Autumn Season booking...am not sure. But can anyone enlighten as to why the Kaneko/Clarke Sleeping Beauty on Saturday December 7th is not on sale. It can't be a schools performance surely? If anyone is in the know.... is it likely that any tickets will become available to the general public at some point? Many thanks Linda
  4. After all this time can't wait to see it in November now! What is the surrounding Square like .....are there any other outlets/shops there or is it just flats? And did you find it only about five mins walk from the station?
  5. Not quite on the chair dancing level yet ...but might not be too far down the road!!
  6. I was just wondering whether Ratmansky's Sleeping Beauty for ABT has a closer link ....or just a different one ..to the original. And Again ...when are ABT coming to UK.....pleeeease a visit soon. Regards to speed of past performances etc .....but first ...I've given up these kind of comparisons as times change and every time has its great exponents of the Art so I'm happy with that! However just trying to get the old memory going.....and memory is not always that reliable ....but I do think ....the Royal at least ...did take things that bit faster back in 60's 70's and 80's. Not so many double turns as today but they were really excitingly fast across the stage. Dances like the Neopolitan in Swan Lake were at breakneck speed so again really exciting to watch......not just another dance god it through! I seem to remember that back then when the Russians came over they took things noticeably more slowly than the Royal....for real ...nothing to do with film speeds! ....but still loved them as they showed different interpretations which were much appreciated at the time. I was impressed in the above Fonteyn clip of just how deep a pliรฉ she comes off the floor onto pointe ....right at the end....makes my knees hurt just looking at it! Also her deep back bend. But the height of the legs was standard for the time. But her lines and phrasing immaculate of course!
  7. Would you mind telling me the name of your Dance Physio in London I can PM you if you would prefer?
  8. Great review .....and by the way there's no way your English is bad ... it's amazingly good in fact!!
  9. If I was a young professional or advanced student I would jump at this course sounds really interesting. What an opportunity! I still have a memory of Maina Gielgud dancing in a Bejart piece at the Colisseum .....an extraordinary and powerful dancer.
  10. LinMM


    Wow that sounds great a nice lot of variety there! Hope you have a good year. I can't remember if they mark the Discovering Repertoire in exactly the same way as the Grade exams but if they do I reckon you could work for a distinction in this.....or the equivalent of top marks. It's a nice programme and if you take your time with it I think its possible to do really well in this exam. Best of luck ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€
  11. LinMM


    I would go for it if you really like the idea of teaching. To be a good teacher you don't have to achieve a distinction in an exam. You have to know the syllabus inside out and understand the striving for the very best which you have experienced already and then can help to encourage and bring this out in your pupils. Every teacher just about is sooner or later is going to be presented with pupils who are more highly talented than themselves and I'm sure you will love helping these students achieve their distinctions!! But anyway who knows you are not finished yet a distinction for you may still be on the horizon ๐Ÿ˜Š
  12. Thanks Amelia ....I think that's the smaller theatre so I guess it's The Royal Shakespeare Theatre....the main one I was thinking of. Its quite a long time now since have been to the theatre there so have no idea whether the stage would be suitable for dancers or not! I was just thinking ....in a completely non joined up way ....about the Kobburg/ Polunin R and J possibly being staged at a theatre famous for Shakespeare and also producing a nice tourist promoting video as above to promote the show! As you do when too much time on your hands ๐Ÿ™„
  13. Whoops this clashes with my ROH Manon performance which I already have a ticket for otherwise would have been interested
  14. Just out of interest is the Stratford on Avon Theatre ....The Swan...I think .....in any way suitable for ballet performances?
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