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  1. Do posts reported by others automatically get removed because somebody else disapproves or is it discussed whether this should happen or not first?
  2. So it might be worth to keep checking the website say for RBS Linbury performances
  3. I just recently paid a similar charge for the December R&J at the Albert Hall. It was such a long way ahead I decided I wanted the ticket in my hand lol! Im still not use to e-tickets and end up defeating the object by printing them out at home 🙄 My visit to the June triple is an e-ticket ....I didnt think there was a choice or at least didn’t see one. So will try to just keep this one on the phone. If you want the person you are going with to also have a copy of the e-ticket can you just forward your copy to them via email or do you have to ask ROH to send them one separate
  4. It’s years since I’ve seen a yellowhammer! When I first moved here just outside Brighton over 20 years ago now 😳 we used to see quite a few skylarks yellowhammers and linnets up on the Downs (about 4 mins walk from our house) in the days when we walked across the Downs to Lewes ( with a very nice pub at the end of the steep descent into Kingston) But sadly there has been a decline in these birds in recent years though a neighbour told us she had heard skylarks back up there last week! If I hear any I will try and record and send here.
  5. I’m delighted this morning as am going after all with a close friend....after ages hoping for a single ticket....absolutely nothing doing there 😢 I’m going just the once in the whole season but the one performance which was my absolutely favourite one on June 10th and front row of Amphi a very good price at £43 At least I can hang on to the front rail as it is middle row ish but with Row A I think you can enter at that level so not too much walking down the steps to seat which I won’t relish. Anyway pleased am going at all and that two seats were still available today.
  6. For the first time in my entire regular ROH going which started around early 1972 when I went to live in London as a young teacher I’ve sent an email of complaint to them. Im not expecting a reply but just wanted to get the huge disappointment off my chest that there are NO single tickets available for the summer season. I was very generous to the ROH back in the Spring donating all my cancelled tickets from back then to them but feel more than a little miffed at what feels like discrimination against people who for various reasons often have to go to theatre on their own.
  7. I think they could have made more concessions if only for ONE performance from each programme so only singles and doubles able to be booked and everybody Friend or public restricted to two tickets per performance. Even better .....that except for student performances ....everybody restricted to two tickets. This could then allow more tickets to be sold as singles in any area of the house not just dump a large number of singles into restricted view seats etc. Im pretty sure they would have still sold the same number of tickets as so many keen to go at this point. I can accept there wil
  8. Regards the vaccine status as long as you are not breaking any Gov rules then it’s a matter of personal risk assessment between any two people concerned. I believe from May 17th up to six people from different households can meet indoors. Nobody has to meet anybody at all of course but each individual ....within the rules ...will decide what to do with that. I won’t be going on holiday abroad this year as that’s a risk too far for me just at this point but many will go even in my age group.
  9. Thanks bridiem I wanted to put this emoji by your post though : 😢
  10. LinMM


    There’s quite a lot of ballyhoo around at the moment
  11. Am waiting nervously to hear how ROH Friends get on with booking today!! Can anyone looking at Thursday June 10th tell me how it’s looking for that day 🤔
  12. Yes Janet I’ve got my eye on them too!! I just wanted to get this Fridays bookings out of the way first and then go ahead with everything else 😊
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