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  1. Thankyou Alison! I just haven’t been on the ROH website for weeks now though am sure will get more interested when there’s a real possibility of attending in person again. It will be nice to see a full length ballet too.
  2. I’d probably be happy to pay £10 for this but after the event as it were! Just not for the actual live event as that was so frustrating last time. And there never was an explanation from ROH as to why so many people couldn’t access it on the gala night. However I expect most people are paying to see it go out live. I agree that if they were to put too much out in the next 30 days for free that would be annoying if you’d paid £10 for it. But perhaps they are hoping to entice people like me who are not up to speed on this latest stream to buy it now!! I still don’t know what’s performed
  3. But was this Swan Lake pas de deux the one which was performed at the theatre for the live-streaming? A couple of friends went to the Nov 4th show and I’m sure they said Hayward did do Swan Lake but it wasn’t with Corrales....in fact he wasn’t on stage at all that night. Im a bit confused ...was this a livestream..as in the first gala they had a few weeks back or was this just a sort of streamed recording? I wouldn’t risk a livestream anymore as didn’t work last time at least not on the night otherwise you are just watching a recording anyway? If this will all be eventually released I su
  4. Am just so hoping that by May/June theatres might be pretty much back to normal...I’d even be first in queue for a new vaccine if thought it could help to get at least half decent audiences back in and could meet friends for a cuppa in the cafe. And of course to see these two for real!
  5. I don’t know if there is another thread for ROH incidental videos...so not part of this livestream but have just seen a short extract of Corrales and Hayward dancing the White Swan pas de deux from the second Act! This was only a short extract but so moving they are really terrific together again!! It also reminded me of what I’d missed last April when had tickets for their debuts together in Swan Lake 😢 It would be lovely to hear that Swan Lake may be on the menu for the summer 2021 season at the ROH and even lovelier if these two could make their debuts then 😊
  6. I think I’ve just had a friend request from the same young lady as you Michelle!! I will message you with her name in case it’s a different person but have already deleted the request because I cannot see why on Earth this very young lady would want to be friends with an old lady like me who she is never likely to meet lol!! I usually only accept friend requests from people I know already or from somebody I know really well who knows them.
  7. Can’t the Wednesday 4th Nov performance go ahead if lockdown doesn’t start till thursday? I’ve got a few friends with tickets for this so hope it’s okay for that day at least
  8. Yes I got this as well and agree more choice in where you can sit even if under current restrictions of pairs and singles etc would be desirable. There are some areas of Amphi can’t sit at all these days!
  9. Is that one person signing the others names in then? Definitely down here now....mainly talking about Lewes ...they want each persons name and number or people who have the App can use the QR code thing. Also we were in Devon last week of September and it was the same there. I wonder if some restaurants and Pubs are worried they will be closed down if don’t play it absolutely by the book. Anyway a long way from ballet!
  10. Just a comment BBB made ...I can’t remember the exact date but think it was around 23/24th September ....perhaps when rule of six came in but when you go to a pub or restaurant now everybody has to sign on track and trace ( or use the App) Initially back in July it was just one member from a group to sign in for the others but this changed about a month or so ago. Certainly down here in Sussex all the places we usually go make us both sign in now. Im still considering eventually getting to a theatre but I would have to choose where I sat even within the limited provision. I thou
  11. Do you think she’s taking too much of a risk taking a Pilates class if she works in a Care home? care home staff are supposed to be tested regularly ( don’t know how far this is happening or not) but people attending the class won’t be. I think it really depends on what you think about the social distancing in the class. If you can reach out and touch another member whilst on the mat then probably not far enough away but if not then it could be okay. Some people are not using the full 2 metres distance but one metre plus but you will soon find out!! When you said was in someone
  12. Have they fixed that problem with the App where unless you order a test via the App itself you can’t register a negative result so it automatically puts you into quarantine when you don’t need to be ....does anyone happen to know?
  13. You don’t have to leave your details in shops at least I’ve never seen it. I leave my details in cafes pubs and restaurants ( not that I’ve been to many) and the gym where I do my weekly ballet class. I’ve never seen this demand for track and trace details in shops so far but I don’t feel so threatened in shops anyway. The amount of time you spend in one particular place and being more static in that place is much more crucial as to whether you might pick up the virus or not. Smaller shops are fine as not long in them anyway but only thing in supermarkets is if there is a long queue...bi
  14. I still don’t think I’ve got a grip on this whole test and trace thing! For example if my partner and I go to a restaurant and we leave our details etc. We are there from 7-9pm say. We are sitting on our own table socially distanced from others there. Then somebody who happened to be in the restaurant at the same time later in week tests positive for Covid would everybody who was in the restaurant between 7-9pm get contacted and have to self isolate or just the people that person was personally with 🤔
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