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  1. RE reading the original post something has struck me. If this teacher knew about your Child's problem he/she may well have not allowed the clapping as for some children loud noises like clapping can unsettle them. For example I know there are special music concerts which children can go to ....I believe they are called "Relaxed Concerts" .....in which clapping isn't allowed. I would have thought a child being able to cope with a ballet class though wouldn't have quite as sensitive needs as this. So perhaps it was the "divide and rule" type not allowing clapping for some ....but allowed for others .....after all!
  2. I'm almost speechless! Am really finding this hard to believe as this against all modern thinking in how to treat children ....well in State schools at any rate...and it's a sort of negative way of learning. In State schools smacking or pinching would be illegal anyway. But even if it wasn't ....teaching like this doesn't get the best out of pupils at all. There has been a bit of a history in the ballet world with extreme harshness as par for the course but I'm hoping we've moved on since the beginning of the twentieth century!! All very strange....and filmed too!
  3. My goodness this is such a shame for children giving up their school holiday time to work hard on their ballet in a summer school. I think the teachers running these summer schools should be particularly mindful of that ....and that the children are happy to work hard but the general atmosphere should feel light and fun so they all enjoy being with each other as much as possible.....ballet can be competitive enough as it is without encouraging this atmosphere. I think that all the children should be given some individual personal encouragement at some point in the week ( even if it means the teacher keeping a mental note ....or even written one ...of who they haven't spoken to yet!) Some of these summer schools are extremely expensive so children should be feeling they've achieved something positive by the end of the week. It could be for some younger children eg 10/11 year olds that it's the first time they've experienced such an intensive time ....just working a whole day on different aspects of Dance....for as long as a week ...so this can be tiring as well so any negative comments/ experiences can seem heightened. Hopefully for the OP's child things will improve as the week goes on.
  4. I think there's a clue in the music! If you just lie on the floor and listen to it.....I know it's a familiar piece so often harder to listen to with fresh ears etc.....you may feel what the music is trying to communicate. I always suggest before doing any set steps to give some time to just improvising what comes to you when you hear the music. This can help to get into the feeling of the piece before learning any set choreography. To me it does feel sad....that this beautiful swan is coming to the end of its days ...is trying to resist the inevitable for a little ....and then has to accept that it will die. Perhaps there could be a feeling of relief right at the end but to me more resignation in the acceptance of death. I love Lopatkina dancing this but Ulanova was brilliant as well. It was Pavlova's signature piece of course so watching her should be pretty informative. But best advice is feel the music and lots of luck with it.
  5. Was this a one off performance Sim or does it have a run?
  6. I'm a bit confused now about Shale Wagmans position at the moment!! When he was saying ( apparently) Goodbye London Hello St Petersburg ....could this not have been for this guest appearance he is making in La Sylphide? Has he actually joined the Mariinsky Company on a more permanent basis? Has he actually left ENB permanently or just not with them currently while guesting etc?
  7. From the glamour of the ROH stage to the mundanity of the no. 11 bus. On my way back to Victoria station saw one of the RBS students with mum( I think!) and tutu in tow .....didn't realise they had to transport their tutus around on the bus!! Still it was a nice opportunity to say just how much had enjoyed the performance!
  8. Great show this afternoon. Some real talent on show. Probably for me one of the standout performances from the Seniors was Kele Roberson ....and his own choreography too ...he definitely had the wow factor .....but is not joining the Royal Ballet as one of the Aud Jebsen apprentices at any rate. Lucky Company who gets him! Some lovely performances from the pre Upper school groups but won't mention names for these younger students just hoping that quite a few of them have got into the Upper School for next year!
  9. Can't seem to copy the link to the Cariad Ballet website at the moment! Anyway it's cariadballet.com
  10. Cariad Ballet run by Michelle ......forget her surname ....but she is qualified teacher etc ....also does the RAD Advanced classes ....usually either in a studio in Brixton or at the Elephant and Castle depending on the day of the week. If its general Advanced or Professional level classes then of course Central Nights in Islington, Danceworks just off Oxford Street and Pineapple studios in Covent Garden all have some classes at this level.
  11. Haven't seen it yet! But caught sight of the winner on the BBC news page! I'm glad somebody can now take on Serena Willams though at 37 she is still pretty amazing.
  12. Thanks JNC I'm sure the date has been mentioned on the Forum somewhere as well but don't know why I can't find it on the ROH website. Thats a difficult booking date for me online at least as am in London all that week and won't have easy wifi access and don't like using my card online to pay if am in a Neros or Prets!! However I will be close to the ROH itself every day that week so may have to go in to book in person so have to hope too that there are some seats left by then! Am after Oct 9th and Oct 29th or 19 th matinee at the moment.
  13. The only disappointment for me is that Joseph Sissens hasn't been promoted to soloist I really think he deserves it he always stands out.
  14. I can't find when general public booking opens for Manon anywhere on the website does anyone know? The usual box where it says not on sale used to give you the dates of booking but now just goes into the storyline of the ballet.
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