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  1. A few of the pelicans in St James Park were wandering along the paths yesterday. I don’t know whether this is because there were less people around than usual but I’ve never seen them do that before. I think the pigeon ought to watch out as Pelicans will occasionally opt for a pigeon for lunch if get chance apparently!
  2. What about contacting BBO for that in Battersea there are bound to be some free days there in August. Maybe not such a lovely location but nice enough and a break in London. Remember football season starts mid August usually so Adrian could go to a few games!!
  3. Another secret of 12 carriage trains is to sit in the front carriage not many people can be bothered to walk that far down the station platform! I knew I needed the back of the train at Blackfriars so .. with mask on.. started to walk towards the back of the train and it just seemed to go on forever! I started to think there was some sort of mirror down the back reflecting the carriages back it took me almost from London Bridge to Blackfriars to get to the end carriage!! No doubt tonight it will be back to a Southern 4 carriage job 🙄
  4. Yes it may make a bit of difference the size of the space and a group of people in a meeting talking and laughing ( or crying with frustration lol!) and somebody sitting on their own reading a book as to just how much of these aerosols will be left around. I know that technically speaking I should have warn a mask and got on the train with it but couldn’t believe my luck how empty this 12 carriage train was ...there was nobody within 50 feet of me so felt a bit silly to be honest with mask on so took it off. If more people had got on I would have put it on and expected that at Gatwick but n
  5. Travelled up to London to Blackfriars today from Brighton on empty train. Nobody got in my carriage before Blackfriars so didn’t even have to wear my mask... which was at the ready. I think if really carefully planned I could have made the BRB performance on the Thursday and stayed overnight ( partners flat so not hotel) I just need to separate journeys out more not try to do all on one day as that doesn’t work at the moment. So nice to be up in London again and what a glorious day today to wander by the Thames and met a friend not seen since December for lunch at St Paul’s feeling ver
  6. Have just seen the BRB performances at Sadlers Wells are now sold out except for Sat night. Great news for the BRB dancers and for Sadlers Wells ....unfortunately decided not to attend this time around ....but thanks to people offering train advice and tickets 😊 Hope to be watching some live ballet or music in not too distant future.
  7. I got so excited at the prospect of seeing this that I didn’t think it through properly. Had forgotten would have to wear masks during the performance! Was thinking about Sat matinee but coming from Brighton that would be an hour and quarter on train then crossing London by bus from Victoria and then into the theatre. Unfortunately too long for me as could end up being without a break and I need to build in breaks with mask wearing. So realistically speaking it’s not going to be possible for me currently I think. Id love to have gone though and am still now toying with the idea of
  8. Am glad there will be at least some audience there for the dancers sake so have people in front of them to actually perform to rather than just an empty space!!
  9. Well I just tried this for the second circle and it just came up as standard ticket £25 and a red blob appeared where the blue one had been and the other seat next to it remained blue!! So it looked as if I could book it! But I didn’t proceed further so perhaps should have another go ..perhaps as it’s selling well they are now selling doubles off as singles....no doubt wishful thinking!! I am trying for the matinee on Oct 31st
  10. I don’t understand how the ticket system works!! Where there are two together it will allow me to book one of them but then does that mean somebody else could book the other or would it be sold as a single seat?? It doesn’t seem to require you to buy them both so can’t work out how it works. There are no single seats left without restricted view but is it correct I could but just one of a pair 🤔
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