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Privacy Policy

Privacy & General Data Protection Regulations


  • This privacy statement is to meet GDPR requirements effective from May 25 2018, and to explain how your personal details and data are used by the BalletcoForum website.
  • The only items required when you sign up to BalletcoForum are your email address (we do not accept so-called ‘disposable’ email addresses) and a user name. Your email address may or may not directly identify you – some people use their real name before the @ sign. That address is not visible to other members of the forum or to the Moderators, the only person who can see it being the Administrator in charge of vetting applications for membership. We never pass on your email address to other members. If we need to contact you it will normally be via the internal mail system rather than by email. Your user name is displayed in relation to posts you make on the site. It does not have to be your actual name – most members use a pseudonym.
  • Part of our spam prevention precautions when new members sign up is to use Google reCAPTCHA. This is a spam protection service provided by Google Inc. and the use of reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google privacy policy and terms of use.
  • You may choose to add personal details or a photograph to your online profile which will then be accessible to others, but that is entirely up to you.
  • The system retains your IP address from when you signed up and in relation to individual posts. In the Notification section of your Account Settings you may choose whether or not to receive email notification of a range of occurrences.
  • BalletcoForum does not share members’ data with other websites or bodies and will only surrender what data we hold on members if legally required to do so. When you follow links to other sites from posts on BalletcoForum any data that they may collect is outside our control.
  • Cookies: for best operation the website stores items of information ('cookies') on your computer or device. These enhance use of the site by, for instance, allowing you to log in without having to retype your user name and password each time, and remembering some user preferences. Cookies are not shared with any third parties. Cookies can be deleted, or their storage can be prevented, by using appropriate settings in your web browser’s Preferences.
  • Members are not able to delete their own account on BalletcoForum: this has to be done by an Administrator. When an account is deleted any posts by the member may be left to stand, either with the member’s existing user name, or anonymised to ‘Guest’.

Third Parties

Spam Defense
The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source.
This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device accessing this website.
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