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  1. So looking forward to the comments on tonight's performance! Best of luck to all!
  2. Well, this has been a fun journey! From R&J to the Exorcist to inappropriate giggles (guilty, but mostly in church!), to nude ballet. There was a troupe named Pilobilus (I probably did not spell that correctly) that was well known for their nude productions some years back. My then boyfriend and I went to see them. I cursed my weak eyesight, as he seemed to enjoy the performance much more than I did! 🤣
  3. Well, that will be something to strive for! I might never want to come home...🤣
  4. How wonderful you have the opportunity to see all of these performances! I cherish the memory of seeing the RB live when they toured the U.S. many years ago. Saw R&J with Sibley/Dowell and it was a life-changing event. My favorite ballet company in the world with the best dancers. The prospect of seeing Muntagirov live is the one thing that might get me on a plane again. (Terrified to fly! LOL!)
  5. Maybe he needs just the right partner to pull it out of him. Wondering why he and Nunez were not cast as R&J?
  6. I want so much to see Muntagirov's Romeo, but will have to rely on the forum comments to bring it to life for me. I am hoping there will be a video capture of some sort. Have greatly enjoyed reading the comments about the R&J performances so far!
  7. Artificial camels??! Oh, I don't think I would have lived through that one! If I didn't leave I am sure I would have been asked to! LOL!
  8. Well, I don't usually post but must chime in on this! I have a good friend (since elementary school!) that is as passionate about ballet as I am. We have attended many, many performances together and, traditionally, will go out for a bite afterwards and discuss the performance. On this particular Saturday night we were supposed to see the Miami City Ballet and I cannot remember what they were performing (undoubtedly something Balanchine). I was very tired from working all week, but took a long, hot shower and got into my theatre clothes. She was supposed to pick me up and did arrive in plenty of time so we did not have to rush. I got in her car and we sat back, looked at each other, and sighed. "You up for this?" she asked, wearily. "You just want to get something to eat?" I said. Her face lit up. "Yes! Let's get a burger!" We went to a nearby restaurant that had great hamburgers, then she said, "You need something from Publix?" That is a local grocery store chain in the same parking lot as the restaurant. So, there we were, on a Saturday night, dressed in black glitter, doing our grocery shopping. I remember spending an obscene amount of time smelling the different soaps on the bath aisle. I am sure the performance we missed was stellar, but sometimes fatigue just gets in the way. I can honestly say that is the only time I have ever intentionally missed a performance. I do crack up every time I think about that night.. 🤣
  9. What a fabulous birthday present! I saw the RB on their US tour a looooong time ago. My ballet teacher and I drove to Atlanta from FL. Swan Lake with Nureyev and Fonteyn in the evening and R&J the following day with Sibley and Dowell. Seeing them was a life-changing event. Hope you get your tickets. What a good friend you are!
  10. If my memory serves me, don't the Russian companies leave out the fish-dives altogether? At least the Marinsky. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I, for one, flee to the great classical ballets as an escape from this crazy world. It saddens me to think of them altered or reimagined. Sometimes they are the only things that make sense...
  12. Do you know if the class will be livestreamed?
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