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Found 14 results

  1. I thought I might as well make a general thread for these occasional emails from Dance Books, so here's the latest one: "We are happy to announce a reprint of Cyril Beaumont's 'The Diaghilev Ballet in London', a vivid recollection of performances seen and friendships forged with company members. And a recent warehouse tidy has revealed a stock of new copies of Maurice Leonard's hardback biography of Alicia Markova, listed at £20 whch we're happy to order for just £4.99. You'll find full details and ordering facilities on our web site, www.dancebooks.co.uk Finally, we're auction
  2. I have been reading some biographical type books about ballet just lately and I thought it may be nice to have a thread where we share thoughts on the various books out there? Some books are also hard to come by so this be a place where we can exchange info about where to find books or arrange a loan or swap etc... The first book I read was "Balanchine and The Lost Muse, Revolution and the Making of a Choreographer" by Elizabeth Kendall which I got cheap 2nd hand on Ebay (my go to place for books!) This was an interesting read starting from George Balanchine's childhood and
  3. Can anyone recommend some books about ballet? Dd has the ballet encyclopaedia, but she’s looking for some more - particularly anything about famous current or recent dancers. Could anyone recommend some? She’s reading at an adult level, but she’s 12, autobiographies that are too graphic wouldn’t be suitable.
  4. Dance Books are publishing a book about Mark Morris. It is called Mark Morris Musician Choreographer.It is available at a 20% discount until the end of this month. £40 rather than £50. Full details are available on the Dance Books website.
  5. I've been asked by some year 8s to acquire some dance books for our school library. Ideally they'd like some on technique (they said ISTD but I think they may be pushing their luck here!) and also a couple of biographies - we have Hope in a Ballet Shoe but I fear others are now pretty outdated. If anyone can suggest singing technique books along the same lines that would be wonderful. We have a number of older students who also dance so obviously I am hoping to stock titles that will also appeal to them.
  6. Bill Cooper, the photographer of this recently published book, and some Royal Ballet principals will be signing copies after the Manon rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday, 1st October).
  7. Hi all. After picking up Darcey Bussell's excellent photo book at a talk and book signing, I've quite enjoyed building up a bit of a mini-collection of some of the other ballet photo books that are floating around. I've grabbed the Andrej Uspenski Dancers: Behind The Scenes With The Royal Ballet (which is a wonderful thing ), as well as The Royal Ballet: In House and Pas De Deux: The Royal Ballet In Pictures. Next on my list is The Royal Ballet: 161 Images which I'm particularly looking forward to as Johan Persson's photos frequently stunning. I've also scooped up the Natalia Ospi
  8. I am just reading a novel called 84 Ribbons, which I suspect is for young adults really, but I am loving it. I am constantly looking for ballet novels and biographies, but I have have read everything I can find on Amazon,etc,and am now struggling to find anything new. Has anyone got a favourite that they can suggest that I might not have read? I suspect that my standards are lower when it comes to ballet books than they are for other books!
  9. Hello everyone! I love to read books about ballet and to see ballet movies and documentaries (not recordings of ballet performances though!) . I think here we can share suggestions with each other about those books and films we like and recommend. All the following I've seen or read and recommend highly: In no particular order: Books: Nureyev by Kavanagh Apollo's Angels by Jennifer Homens White Swan, Black Swan by Adrienne Sharp (fiction) Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal by Toni Bentley Margot Fonteyn by M. Daneman Does anyone know of any good novels set in the world of
  10. I'm sure I've seen a particular encyclopaedia of ballet recommended on here, but all my advanced searching isn't finding it. Dd is asking for books for Christmas (though I'm sure other ballet-related presents would be acceptable) so I've been looking on Amazon, but I can't tell which are any good. Has anyone got one they'd recommend? She's 9, but a good reader so it doens't need to be particularly easy to read. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! This term in my library science degree I'm writing a paper on how dance is documented, (using 'The Rite of Spring' as a case study). Right now I'm looking at the specifics of notation and passing on choreography to different companies. Does anyone have any good recommendations as to books, documentaries, etc that talk about this subject? I'm reading a few things at the moment, but obviously wanted to get some recommendations from serious balletomanes.
  12. Not sure whether this has already been discussed on another thread, but it seems that Peter Wright's book may be something of a potboiler. It seems that he has been very candid about feuds and very nasty behaviour at the RB - only Monica Mason seems to be come out of it well. Should be an interesting read.... https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2016/jun/17/sir-peter-wright-ballet-memoir-rudolf-nureyev Note from the Editor : This post was originally started today by Two Pigeons at this post: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/13093-sir-peter-wright-the-autobiography
  13. This just in from Dance Books: Dance Books is delighted to announce a reprint of the book 'Ninette de Valois, Adventurous Traditionalist'. First published in 2012, the book quickly went out of print. Based on a conference held at the Royal Ballet School in 2011, the book contains essays by and interviews with some of de Valois' closest collaborators, and is accompanied by a 4-hour DVD of interviews, classes, and coaching sessions. As usual, you'll find full details, plus ordering facilities, at: www.dancebooks.co.uk
  14. Nobody seems to have mentioned this book and so I thought I'd start a new thread for comment and thoughts - its very rare for RB to document a bill in this way. Do post up your thoughts on the book and the idea behind it in this thread. I do though have another reason to post - I'm really pleased to say that six of Dave Morgan's pictures are in the book and feel so pleased for him. Huge congrats Dave and we look forward to seeing more in books! Christopher Wheeldon and Alastair Marriott’s Trespass with Yasmine Nagdhi and Melissa Hamilton. © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / F
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