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  1. Wow Vadimir Malakhov is looking very sharp these days! Congrats to the winners.
  2. Oh tell me about it I had a nightmare getting a ticket for that Friday 7/6 matinee because Virgin advance fares on a Friday are not cheap to start with! Only that I got an offer of 20% off I got a fare for £65. Royal Ballet are the only company in the UK I know of that have matinees at 12noon all other companies are 2 or 2.30pm. I am aware that matinee means morning. In Europe often there are Sunday matinees at 2pm 2.30pm or 4pm. It's crazy.
  3. Just had time to look at the ballet offerings and one thing stands out a mile to me and that is the lack of matinees. And of those a good proportion are weekdays(very dear to travel weekdays). Only ONE matinee for Onegin??? It's not looking good for me.
  4. Pleased to say I saw a lovely performance of John Neumeier's Illusions Like Swan Lake last Thursday in Hamburg. I really enjoyed this unusual take on the traditional story. It was very well danced by all not least Alina Cojacaru - although I did think at first she didn't have that much to do! However she came into her own in Act 3 and yes there were 32 fouettes as well! I am now really hoping to be able to go again next year to see this show. Thank you to all on here who said to go and see it! A few pics from the curtain call:- Ensemble Alina Cojacaru (Princess Natalia), Edvin Revazov (King Ludwig), Anna Laudere (Odette), Florian Pohl (The Man in the Shadow) Anna Laudere (Odette), Florian Pohl (The Man in the Shadow also played Rothbart), Patricia Friza (King/Queen Mother) Emilie Mazon (Princess Claire) and Jacopo Bellussi (Count Alexander)
  5. Thanks for this review Squadron - I will read your blog! I have always wanted to visit Singapore and knew they did a DonQ so it's great to have a first hand account.
  6. She was and I think Thiago was her Franz (before he was a Principal) I have just checked my spreadsheet and it must have been before 2007 as its not on my spreadsheet for performances I have seen which I started in 2007. Wow I really thought it was 2007 or 2009.
  7. Sigh why didn't ROH list the opera and ballet separately on the press release and finish with a calendar of all performances on the back pages. Great to see Onegin back and the new Swan Lake which I've yet to see live. Coppelia, Manon and SB I will probably pass if those prices are correct. Typically they've got a good triple in June with, I am presuming, very few performances again just like this year's triple so another bun fight for tickets. Doncaster tour - not the most obvious place, but it's up north so that's good. No Balanchine. Virtually no Main Stage Ashton. Very disappointing. That's me off to Europe for Balanchine✈️
  8. Any idea when we might expect the ROH 19/20 season to be announced? I've never known it so late as this year.
  9. Judging from Nunez's Instagram feed she's doing a lot of away dancing at the moment as has Muntagirov. Presumably they are allowed in their contracts. Nunez has been in Italy Poland and further afield recently.
  10. And Alina Cojacaru dances in Illusions Like Swan Lake on 16 and 18 May at Hamburg - Luckily I managed to get a ticket for 16th can't wait!!
  11. Yes where you sit definitely affects enjoyment I think. I saw the Christmas triple bill from the Ampi and then Balcony it was so much more enjoyable from the Balcony for me. I think the first ballet I sat in the ROH stalls was Coppelia (with Marianela) in row H and I was amazed how good it was but I prefer overall to be high up as I love to see the patterns in the choreography. Just lately I find it difficult to get into any ballets I see, maybe it's ballet fatigue.
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