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  1. Thank you for this Alison - but what awful times! Really annoys me as Sky Arts repeat allsorts of "Discovering actor xyz" over lunch yet show ballet at silly o'clock in the mornings!!! Anyway Dutch National Ballet's Mata Hari is great and if it is the same video as the company streamed earlier this year it is beautifully filmed in fact it is possibly one the best filmed ballets I have ever seen. Anna Tsygankova was right when she said it was beautifully filmed in a promo video for the stream.
  2. I think it is Alison. However they only streamed 4 of the pieces from the show. Thank you Terpsichore for the review which I enjoyed reading. Het National Theater is probably my most favourite venue in the world as it so comfortable and not to be able to go there at the moment is a real shame. I really miss Amsterdam performances and to think Onegin will be on there next year!!!
  3. Yes I agree Jeanette! Glad you enjoyed it. I missed Waves as I had to go and eat my dinner :-(( I am hoping they will put the video up again as I have seen that the previous years' concerts are all on YouTube.
  4. Well the ballet was lovely, although it is already no longer available on YouTube or the UN website I really hope they put it back up minus all the speeches that took up the first 30 minutes! Nice to see some of the top dancers from La Scala and I thought i was nice the way they alternated between classical and modern. Something for everyone. I have a note of the dancers/works which someone kindly posted up on the YT chat thread which I can type up here if anyone thinks it's worth doing.
  5. Roberto Bolle has tweeted he is taking part in the UN concert for its 75th anniversary tomorrow (Thursday 22/10/2020, UK BST 5pm, EDT 12noon). There will be ballet from La Scala Milan, some classics and modern as well as music. The concert will be streamed on the UN YouTube channel as well as other platforms. Details here:- https://www.un.org/en/observances/un-day
  6. It would be nice if some shows were streamed but after the hiccups with the last stream I think they need to lower the price to £10.
  7. When I watched Dances at a Gathering it cast fine to my TV via Chromecast device. Yesterday's live stream would only work when I got the show up on my phone in "Desktop View" to get that click the 3 vertical dots top right of screen and select. Then I got the Chromecast device to cast) mirror my screen off my phone. The disadvantage with this is you can't switch the phone off. Last time with DaaG there was a cast Icon so I am hoping this will appear when I watch on repeat. It still needs the chromecast device though to be plugged into the smart TV. YouTube is a much easier platform to use
  8. Oh yes Evseyeva was in DonQ last time the Mariinsky were here and she was amazing!!!
  9. I enjoyed the show last night when I eventually got the stream to cast to my TV. The usual ROH IT shambles again. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Elite Syncopations last night, yet when I saw it in the theatre I didn't like it much. How odd?! I thought Melissa Hamilton and Paul Kay's Alaskan Rag duet was brilliant and reminded me very much of characters in The Concert. I liked Diamonds with Sarah Lamb and Ryo Hirano. Such a nice change to see it danced by someone other than Nunez. As for the DonQ pdd was it just me or did the music seem a bit slower than usual for Nunez's solo sections
  10. It will be up for a week BRB just told me, as it's too late now for me to watch rehearsals. I thought it was going to be a show in costume! I'll catch it tomorrow.
  11. Nope not here either neither the website nor Facebook work. They should have used their YouTube channel!!
  12. I agree, the last thing I would have thought of was insurance! Just shows how deep the effect of this insidious virus is.
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