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  1. I'm watching The Bolshoi's Marco Spada on YouTube on the TV tonight. (Couldn't get DonQ from Dutch National Ballet in my TV so I'll watch on the computer.)
  2. La Scala Milan are to show an opera/ballet every day until 21 April and each video is available on demand for 30 days Kicks off with Sleeping Beauty starring Polina Semionova and Timofej Andrijashenko (sp) as per the above https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/labellaaddormentata?wt_mc=2.social.tw.raicultura_raicultura.&wt Dutch National Ballet will be showing ballet as well - including Ratmanksy's Don Quixote!!! Schedule tba. No idea when I will fit all this in.
  3. BBC Arts are showing all sorts of cultural things from exhibitions, plays, a book festival to dance looks worth a watch/listen/read. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/culture-in-quarantine
  4. I thought it was very uninteresting rep when you consider what they must have in their vaults.
  5. I was clearing a load of stuff out yesterday (to prepare for WFH) and I happened upon 2 ROH booklets - you know those lovely 1/4ly ones they used to do and Polunin was on the front and inside cover - he was in his black Rudolph costume and I had both copies signed by him. I don't think her ever actually danced Rudolph at ROH in the end did he?
  6. I would also remember how ROH treated its regulars in the recent past by increasing prices to attract new audiences and to discourage its bread and butter regulars from coming so often. If my show in May is cancelled I am sorry to say I will be asking for a refund. This elephant doesn't forget.
  7. Please note that Bavarian State Opera are now streaming JEWELS on Saturday 21/3 instead of Swan Lake I think because the show isn't actually being performed to be live streamed. This is the Jewels that was live streamed last year ( I remember being really cross with Somova for wearing her own Mariinsky tutu for Diamonds - it was so old, greying and grubby looking which ruined the overall look as BSB had all beautiful shiny new costumes - Somova stuck out like a sore thumb yikes!)
  8. Zurich Opera have now cancelled all shows until 30 April - they are supposed to be "crediting" client accounts with the ticket price value to be used indefinitely against future shows - cheeky. They should be issuing proper refunds not a credit. I am not happy about that. If you want a refund you have to apply on a form - but no option to repay to the credit card you paid with as they ask for bank details. So out of touch/old fashioned.
  9. Zurich Opera House has cancelled all shows until 30 April. I was due to see Nutcracker next week but I will no rearrange my trip. Oddly they are only crediting funds to client theatre accounts though not issuing proper refunds unless you specifically request buy completing a form!!! I am not very happy about that, albeit I only bought cheap tickets anyway but if they cancel they should refund.
  10. When asked ROH advised me they will contact patrons as and when events are curtailed in the UK - meantime they are liaising with PHE.
  11. Oh dear - I hope the dancers are all Ok and that the show will proceed on 20th as I am going to Zurich to see it. If not then hopefully our tickets will be refunded. As it stands audience numbers have been reduced to 900 anyway to comply with local restrictions.
  12. Teatro de'll Opera Roma has cancelled several ballet and operas and I believe other Italian theatres are also reducing audience numbers to within prescribed limits. Zurich Opera Theatre has reduced audience to 900 persons. All seems sensible to me Just hope I get to see Nutcracker in Zurich in 2 weeks time.
  13. A week since I saw Yasmine Naghdi and Federico Bonelli's super performances as Tatiana and Onegin. The music is still going around in my head. The show was lovely and I enjoyed Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Joseph Sissens very much as O&L. Onegin is clearly a ballet that gives the dancers so much and we as the mere viewers are very lucky indeed to be able to watch them. Every single dancer at stage door said how much they love this ballet. I'm pleased to see Onegin will be on again in Amsterdam next season too. A few pics from last Friday. Ensemble Naghdi/Bonelli O'Sullivan/Sissens O'Sullivan/Sissens/Naghdi/Bonelli
  14. I have some curtain call pics from the Saturday matinee - I enjoyed most of the programme and especially loved Les Lutins and M&A. Frola was great and Alina was...Alina! Great to see Johann and Alina dancing together as well. Sorry not great quality - the first half bows. Alina and Francesco Alina Conductor/Johann Kobbaorg/Alina/Frola/Marriot after M&A
  15. Thanks to the ticket offers posted on the Special Offers forum I got a 40% ticket for the matinee I used the Lastminute offer as I could pick my own seat with them, I could not with the other slightly cheaper offer, however for £5 more I picked my own front row seat! Hoping M&A is good and that Frola is dancing as I really like him as well as Alina! Thank you to all who posted the offer links much appreciated as I was in London anyway for Onegin on Friday, not often that happens for me.
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