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  1. Thank you! Yes La Fille Mal Gardee as well - I did think of that AFTER I had shut the pc down!!
  2. My wish list would be for - although most would probably need the dancers to be vaccinated as well! I would love for The Trocks and The Mikhailovsky to tour to the UK (when safe to do so) For The Royal Ballet Don Quixote Jewels Onegin Swan Lake Month in The Country Les Patineurs In The Night Any other Ashton Any other Balanchine For Dutch National Ballet Frida Onegin (which is/was in 2020/21 season) Don Quixote Paquita (which was in 2020/21 season but was cut short by quarantines) Cinde
  3. I have been reading some biographical type books about ballet just lately and I thought it may be nice to have a thread where we share thoughts on the various books out there? Some books are also hard to come by so this be a place where we can exchange info about where to find books or arrange a loan or swap etc... The first book I read was "Balanchine and The Lost Muse, Revolution and the Making of a Choreographer" by Elizabeth Kendall which I got cheap 2nd hand on Ebay (my go to place for books!) This was an interesting read starting from George Balanchine's childhood and
  4. May I add my thanks to everyone behind the scenes that keeps BCo going! Happy New Year and stay safe and well everyone!
  5. I tried to see the RDB Nutcracker but is geo-blocked. There are however loads of Nutcrackers on youTube such as Mariinsky, Kieve Ballet, Bolshoi....plus ENB will stream from Thursday.
  6. Really pleased about this as I like Eagling's Nutcracker. It will be interesting to see how they do it! I have added the event to the calendar. Plus we get to see their newest principal Natasha Mair.
  7. Such a shame the live stream has been cancelled. However, I know it's not RB, but ENB managed to record their Nutcracker Delights and will show this free from 24 December 2pm for a month as a gift to patrons in their 70th anniversary year. Details in the Events Calendar.
  8. I saw that Marque was promoted to Etoile. Unfortunately I can't say I had heard of him, but congratulations to him anyway. I find it disappointing that Francois Alu is still not an Etoile. It seems Aurelie Dupont has a downer on Alu, such a shame as I was so impressed with him when I saw him in Rubies and again in Swan Lake, albeit as Rothbart. Personalities really should be set aside and promotions made on merit. I have to say I joined the comments on instagram questioning why Alu has not been promoted (not that he appeared in this particular show) as there were many others
  9. The YDA have mentioned on Instagram that you can "purchase access" to view the show on demand, still can't see anything on their website as to how much or where to buy so it must be on the day.
  10. This showcase looks rather nice especially as there are guest dancers from the Royal Ballet - Nunez, Muntagirov (Nutcracker), Naghdi, Ball (Corsaire), Bracewell (Swan Lake). It seems to be free but no idea how long it will be up for so best watch at the stream time of 6pm GMT. I have put it in the events calendar. https://www.youngdancersacademy.com/
  11. I really enjoyed this gala, surprisingly! It is probably the quirkiest show I have ever seen but it was most enjoyable. Despite it all being modern dance the music and they way it was presented in short works suited my tolerance level for modern stuff. For me the highlight was the "Buzzard and Kestrel" premiere from William Forsythe with Tiler Peck as the female lead, and she was wonderful. Osipova's piece was nice too I liked the music but agree her dress was awful! The most fun pieces were The Wine Dance and the piece with the Soweto dancers. Hofesch Schechter was just bonkers! I enjo
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