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  1. I agree with Woodland Glade at being most disappointed with the ROH ballet offerings. They have been rather paltry compared to the riches shown by NYCB, Dutch NB, Perm Ballet Theatre, Mariisnky. Poor show ROH (although it does not surprise me for some reason). Anyway I have just found this DonQ tonight on YouTube - Brooklyn Mack and Lali Kandelaki not sure which company but the writing looks Georgian. Lali does a very unusual move in her fouettes at the end - see what you tin its at 1:34:10 onwards in the video, she seems to hold her leg out at 90 degrees and then whip it in in a rather pronounced slowed down way she only does it couple of times but its new to me. Then I found a delightful DonQ with lots of ballet school children dancing in it it looks really sweet! Its from teh Russian Ballet School Oralndo.
  2. That gala was lovely when I watched it first time it was streamed really lovely and so happy to see it again!
  3. Just watched the new MacGregor piece. Not impressed - not that I could ever be where his work is concerned. The dancers did their best but the style of dance was completely wrong for the music. In fact it is not really dance but gymnastics. At a time of national turmoil due to various reasons I think something to lighten the sombre mood not darken it further would have been more appropriate/welcome. It is a great pity and lost opportunity that Francesca and Cesar didn't get to dance one of the Swan Lake PDDs which they were about to debut before all of "this". Hey ho.
  4. A bit late to the party but WOW Donizetti Variations was amazing. Probably now one of my favourite ballets! I think I watched it 3 or 4 times LOL!
  5. So was I at the performance as was our very own JMcN. There was I recall quite some discussion in the interval about Hernandez - he didn't look like he quite belonged in this ballet somehow is what I recall of it! Dronina wonderful of course and James Streeter as Rothbart well he was in his element!
  6. Yes I found it all very dark - I increased the TV brightness which helped a bit but overall the theatre should have lit the stage mush brighter for the filming performance. That said, the best lit of the 3 pieces was Les Patineurs and what a treat it was to see Les Patineurs - I loved it! Perm really so seem to be a very nice company I have been impressed with what I have seen so far.
  7. I'm afraid I can't see theatres opening "as normal" until at least September 2021. Too many practicalities to overcome if we still have to social distance. All we can do is hope the scientists can find a vaccine. My friend in China says theatres are/will be allowed to open with 30% capacity but we couldn't see how that would be profitable.
  8. Perm's DonQ was very nice yesterday. I was impressed by the Queen of the Dryads' superb set of Italian fouettes which are fiendishly difficult and Kitri's 32+ fouettes in the gpdd were rock solid ending perfectly en pointe facing the audience. Brava to both ladies!
  9. I was extremely fortunate to see the ballet for real last year in Hamburg and I absolutely love it! I will watch again over the weekend. I was treated to Alina Cojacaru as the Princess/Odette - fabulous! I thought the way Neumeier wove the story around King Ludwig's incarceration was very clever.
  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the NYCB snippets that have been streamed. Unfortunately I didn't watch Ballo a second time and missed Rotunda. The only one I haven't liked was Wheeldon's After The Rain. The Balanchine pieces have all been glorious what a genius he was and the Ratmansky DSCH was a pure delight from start to finish (including Ratmansky himself what a lovely man!).
  11. I was fortunate to see the Dutch premiere of Frida in February. I hadn't seen Broken Wings but loved Frida. Now having seen ENB's stream it was good to compare. I find myself preferring the Dutch version but only because there is more time to develop the storyline. Dance wise there is little between them as it's the same choreographer. So if you want more see Frida. Either way both are great productions and I enjoyed them both immensely.
  12. It would be helpful if people creating events in the calendar could please put the link to the performance in the text box when they create events so you can "click and go". I have done this for the Polish SB.
  13. Ahh it jumped and froze on me too do it wasn't my connection then. I saw Glass Pieces in Rome in January for the first time and really enjoyed it even if the music is a bit repetitive.
  14. Rome Opera Ballet are streaming yet another Sleeping Beauty with Nunez and Lantratov on you tube
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