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  1. Saturday 16 May 2020 Matinee 1.30pm Naghdi/Ball 1 standing ticket (in the old Balcony Right section of the theatre) Balcony B70 (warning applies - "not suitable for persons of small stature, heads of patrons in front may block view" etc..) £11 E ticket so can email upon receipt of payment.
  2. Yes I agree! I think also I saw Salenko with McRae at some point at ROH as well? Both Royal Ballet and Dutch National Ballet perform Jewels much better I think and NYCB of course!
  3. I was just in Berlin to see the performance of Jewels on 31st October. Hmm not sure what to make of it. Overall I felt rather disappointed with Emeralds and Rubies. Emeralds was nice but the second lady Weronika Frodyma did not manage the first set of clock movements which was a pity and I sensed that her partnership with Arshak Ghalumyan was not that great. For the clock moves my benchmark is the unforgettable performance I saw of this section by Leanne Benjamin at ROH years ago when they premiered Jewels. The lead couple was Aya Okumura, recently transferred from Dutch NB, with Cameron Hunter (below) and they were very nice. I felt Hunter was a very elegant dancer, so well suited to Emeralds. I enjoyed the pas de trois team of Iana Balova, Danielle Muir and Ulian Topor, whom I really liked watching. However I do wonder if this performance of Emeralds lacked the presence of a principal dancer? Just to raise it up a level? Rubies was a bit flat for me it lacked the excitement and fizz I witnessed when I have seen when McRae/Osipova with tall girls Yanowsky/Lamb dance and when I saw Nancy Osbaldeston and Osiel Guneo in Munich last year. Dinu Tamazlacaru is a favourite dancer of mine and the only principal dancer fielded in this piece, but I felt he needed a bit more speed in places. The 2 ladies were both performing their debuts and I thought Sarah Brodeck did a nice performance of Tall Girl/Solo and Yolanda Correa with Tamazlacaru did well but lacked the sass I have seen displayed by so many other dancers. I also felt the footwork which is quite "square" in Rubies could have been sharper. Correa/Tamazlacaru/Brodbeck I was also disappointed with the Rubies costumes because, as you can see, the pleats on the dresses have no big gems on them and therefore did not make the click clack noise you get with the original Karinska versions as the dresses move. That is somewhat a part of Rubies for me so I missed that. The set was quite striking for Rubies. For me the whole show was saved by Iana Salenko and Marian Walter who gave a good strong performance in Diamonds, and especially the Grand PDD. I thought Salenko looks on great form after her maternity leave and it was so nice to see her on stage again. The costumes worn by the corps and 4 couples did not quite do it for me again either. I did not see Walter kiss Salenko's hand at the very end though, as it usually ends with the lady being surprised by this? However, Salenko always does the most steady en pointe balances and great fouettes and pirouettes so It was lovely to see these and Walter did his circles of jetes really well with very quiet landings! This couple are just very good together and the partnering is spot on in my opinion. As you can see I had a stalls seat so the choreography does not show "quite" as well as when you sit higher up for Balanchine, but it was still OK. The music was very nice and I think played at the correct speed but there was one horn in Diamonds which seemed to totally dominate the whole sound! As I say I was not over enamoured by the overall performance which was a shame given the effort to get there to see it! At least I have now seen Berlin do Jewels, but really I think their Bayadere is much better and perhaps more them.
  4. Thank you - Front row Balcony (using x50 optical zoom lens!)
  5. He as absolutely fabulous I loved him! Very strong assured performance and the drunken scene was great! Second only to Carlos Acosta IMHO!
  6. Well I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Manon on Saturday afternoon with Hayward and Campbell. The time seemed to whizz by! Cesar Corrales was just fabulous he was so strong and his steps so assured I loved him! Mayara Magri was great as well. Francesca Hayward played Manon to a "T" and Alex was such a sensitive and caring De Grieux I really liked him, even if Corrales did slightly eclipse him dance wise. Glorious music under the baton of Koen Kessels. What a lovely afternoon - not a favourite of mine, Manon, but this cast was just the ticket. I really enjoyed it and it ended with a tear brought to the eye, so "job done" as they say. Lovely to catch up with some fellow balletco-ers as well - you know who you are! Some photos from the curtain call:- Hayward and Campbell Gartside, Magri, Corrales, Hayward, Campbell, Arestis, Whitehead Hayward and Campbell Magri (and Corrales) Hayward and Campbell
  7. Wow she really was loved. What a lovely send off.
  8. Very sorry to hear of Alicia's passing. RIP. I remember singing Happy Birthday to her once at ROH a few years ago when she was in the Royal Box - I cant remember what the ballet occasion was or why she was there - anyone else remember?
  9. Theres is NO Circle line this weekend and part District service so should be OK from Victoria to Temple/Embankment are ok on District and easy to walk up to ROH from either. The 91 bus from Crouch End to Trafalgar Square ( Kings X and Euston) will terminate short at Aldwych and not go along Strand to Trafalgar Square due to a Peoples' Vote March. 59/68 cross river from Euston looked OK when I checked yesterday.
  10. I think I have seen more of NYCB and ABT in Paris than I have in the UK. Easy enough to get to and well worth it every time I have seen them. I personally am desperate to see Vienna Waltzes but that can only be seen outside Europe as the Strauss music has some weird embargo that it cannot be played in Europe although I am not sure if that rule isn't expiring shortly? Unfortunately the VW is being done in NYC in May but it is rather dearer to visit NYC then! I cannot understand why NYCB do not commit their work to DVD especially the Balanchine and Robbins works and yes I agree it is about time they started cinema relays but I suspect it all down to costs.
  11. I am going soon too but they do not seem to have put casting up for the triple bill -I have been waiting and waiting! Not sure why. I may tweet them to give them a nudge as they usually do put casting online on the show's page.
  12. I think you will be ok, but they usually have booster cushions in German theatres some take a small deposit refundable upon return. Just ask at the coak checks who are probably best to ask (on the ground floor after you enter) if you think you may benefit from one, but I find the seats at the DO are very well upholstered and "high" anyway! The rake isn't huge but their layout works very well. Hope you enjoy Giselle! I found a photo I took of the auditorium last year you can see how the tiers are right at the back here too.
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