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  1. I've met Susan Hampshire there too - I plucked up the courage to speak to her one she was lovely!
  2. Friday Nights gala was nothing short of fabulous. Really enjoyed the show - ENB are very adept at doing these films intertwined with the show (Agnes Oaks retirement gala) my only gripe is that I would have liked a bit more light in places as some pieces were quite dark to see. Talking of Agnes Oaks she was guest as I saw her in the cloakroom and someone I spoke to had a seen Vadim as well. I did see Alina Cojacaru in the curtain call such a pity she was not able to dance. I really hope ENB do more birthday galas in future I will just about still be here for the 100th! Francesco G Frola was amazing in everything but especially those leaps in Etudes and I really enjoyed Jo Caley as well in La Sylphide and Brooklyn Mack in Coppelia. Shiori Kase is a delight and I loved Precious Adams' solo in Who Cares. What a rich variety of rep we were treated to. Some photos from the curtain call. Etudes finale
  3. I have seen the phone in other theatres too most notably La Fenice in Venice as one! It is a microphone I believe.
  4. Yesterday afternoon's matinee was a lovely show and I thoroughly enjoyed it, special mention to the corps for those 2 great run/leaps across the stage in Act1 that is one of my all time favourite "ballet moments"! Soares and Mendizabal were great and I agree with the comment above about those fantastic lifts and whipped spins/turns in the bedroom PDD they were so fast! Hinkis and Donnelly both made their debuts and very accomplished they were too. At the stage door every dancer said how they really love this ballet - it really does "have it all". Oh and when asked why Vadim isn't dancing, KOH said it was "his choice" at stage door. Interesting. Some photos from the matinee yesterday afternoon:- Ensemble Mendizabal and Soares solo curtain call (still in character) Mendizabal and Soares Hinkis and Donnelly
  5. How come "opening night" is tonight? Surely the opening show and #1 cast was the matinee I saw this afternoon? If not I feel that rather devalues the cast this afternoon.
  6. Thank you very much Northstar! I agree considering the length of the run they do well, although we saw them at the start of the tour, so whether it will be the same at the end who knows! Interesting what you say about the Russian Princess, you are right she rarely dances over here. I like that dance and I have to confess I missed the oboe/harp solo. Alison - I remembered when I went to bed that actually in Act1 there were some character artistes as courtiers to The Queen only about 4 though. 2 ladies and 2 cavaliers I think.
  7. I really liked her so I hope you see her too. They opened with SB last night but I didn't see that.
  8. No I don't think there were any character type artists at all, in fact the company looked very slimmed down compared to previous years and certainly several soloists did 3 different roles each there were about 16 corps in Act 1 plus the 2 PD3 girls who danced with Siegfried. 18 swans tops.
  9. I saw a very pleasant performance of Swan Lake this afternoon at the Liverpool Empire. I got tickets for my favourite seats at half price in the sale so for £17 inc fees I had a lovely afternoon! The company now uses a projected back- screen instead of scenery and I thought this worked well, although the flying swans were a bit amateurish and distracting. Anyone who knows the Liverpool Empire will know it has a pretty large stage, but somehow RSBS managed to make the stage look too small for them?! I felt the dancers were a bit tight for space at times when all they needed to do was pull the red curtain type side drapes (see pic below) they had at the sides back into the wings a bit and they would have had another 2 meters to play with. Or maybe they keep it tight so they dance to the same spec at every theatre seeing as they are touring to a large number of venues? Odette/Odile was very competently danced by Anastasiia Belonogova - she had very expressive arms and a rock solid technique when it came to the full set of fouettes and more in Act 3. Her Prince Siegfried was danced by Francisco Gimenez and he was very nice, even if he did land rather heavily from his jumps. Rothbart wasn't quite menacing enough for me but well enough danced by Egor Oskoin. They have a Benno in this production and this was nicely danced by Marcello Pelizzoni. I must single out the Act4 black swans for praise, my goodness they were SO precise in their moves and timing, dancing as one and when the "block" of dancers moved across the stage they kept their lines perfectly, not one put a foot wrong. Dare I say they were as good as the Mariinsky for precision this afternoon, amazing to watch them. In general all the swans kept very straight lines and moved pretty much together and the 4 cygnets did their dance really well. I particularly enjoyed the Spanish Dance in Act 3 and Odile's fouettes were just fabulous she hardly moved off the spot and knocked them out at speed as the orchestra really played fast! The ending to this Swan Lake is a bit sad as Siegfried jumps into the lake with Rothbart, leaving Odette all alone at the lakeside. Ahhh. It was a pity that the house was not full but it is fuller this evening, however they got plenty of applause and, in true Russian style, really milked every last clap out of the audience throughout the show LOL! The costumes were very pleasant and colourful and Odile's sparkling black tutu and red tiara were beautiful. The orchestra was only small but played really nicely, and at times (Act 3) really fast, under the baton of Anatoliy Chepurnoy who also had a sense of humour - he conducted the audience's applause when he came on at the start 🙂 His long frock coat had some black diamante on it which I thought was a nice touch! I like that this production combines Acts 1 and 2 into one half and Acts 3 and 4 into the second half with only one interval so total run time was 2.20. There are loads more performances in the Tour around the UK throughout this winter/spring so catch them if you can I would say. A few curtain call pics. Ensemble Egor Osokin, Anastasiia Belonogova, Anatoliy Chepurnoy and Francisco Gimenez Anastasiia Belonogova Anastasiia Belonogova and Francisco Gimenez
  10. I saw the matinee yesterday and absolutely loved it after wishing I had not got a ticket and dreading sitting through this lengthy show! I was so pleasantly surprised and thought it was so good yesterday. I really liked Gina Storm Jensen as Lilac and I thought the story telling yesterday was very good. In several of the solos you could hear a pin drop - unheard of at ROH in my experience, very rare! It transpires Marianela's parents were in the audience too so it must have been a special show for her. Muntagirov and Nunez were just great together nothing to not like. I was delighted to see Mayara Magri and Cesar Corrales dance together again as the Bluebirds (fortuitous for me again that Hamilton as replaced by...Magri). The one and only dancer/artiste for Carabosse for me was the wonderful Elizabeth McGorian I was chuffed that she was cast. We were treated to Gary Avis as the English Prince as well so that is always good! A few pics from the curtain call:- Ensemble Gina Storm Jensen - Lilac, Cesar Corrales - Blue Bird, and Mayara Magri - Princess Florine Ashley Dean & Tomas Mock Red Riding Hood/Wolf and Mica Bradbury & Kevin Emerton as White Cat/Puss In Boots Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov Elizabeth McGorian - Carabosse Isabella Gasparini, David Donnelly and Mariko Sasaki - Florestan and his sisters
  11. I've seen people wearing HATS as well???? Yes I've often seen high buns or bouffant hair dos and thought no consideration for people behind.
  12. We were indeed treated with that Nijinsky we saw in Paris with Frola and Lunkina. Pity they didn't bring it here but SB probably sells better to the masses as you say.
  13. Email from ROH today advised Lauren Cuthberson is replaced in all three shows (the 3 Soares shows) by Itziar Mendizabal. To be honest I felt I couldn't really see Lauren as Tatiana, but I'll be very interested to see Itziar's interpretation.
  14. I can't see a post about NBC on the spring casting thread 🤔 Could a link to the post be put in here to save hassle going to another thread?
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