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Found 6 results

  1. Hope this new thread is welcome... though starting with sad news: According to her Facebook account, Polina Semionova will leave Berlin State Ballet after this season - no idea so far where she's going. "Dear friends, I would like to announce that the 2011/12 season will be my last season at the Staatsballett Berlin. Sincerely, Polina"
  2. Moving this out of the "Germany ..." thread so it doesn't get lost among 3 dozen pages: Munich:
  3. Dear dance community, I have a question about training abroad. In the UK, lower school training that requires boarding is SOOOO expensive, even taking into consideration government funding. In contrast, the Arts are more heavily subsidised in some other countries, meaning that if one gets accepted at audition the actual training is much much much cheaper... we are thinking of auditioning e.g. at the State Ballet School in Germany, and wondering whether anyone has experiences with trying to train abroad? Thank you!
  4. For the first time, the Youth Grand Prix Germany takes place in Berlin. I am especially looking forward to the Gala on October 3rd. According to the venue Admiralspalast, the following dancers are scheduled to perform: Lucia Lacarra and Matthew Golding - Ballet Dortmund Kristina Kretova and Igor Tsvirko - Bolschoi Ballet Maria Khoreva and Kimin Kim – Mariinsky Ballet St. Petersburg Dorothée Gilbert and Hugo Marchand - Paris Opera Ballet Elisa Carrillo Cabrera and Mikhail Kaniskin (former) - Staatsballett Berlin Mackenzie Brown and Henrik Erikson - Stuttgart Ballet Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko - Teatro alla Scala Note: this cast has not been confirmed/published on the YGP website yet. Links: www.admiralspalast.theater https://en.ygp-germany.com
  5. Hi there, my daughter (12yrs) is currently trained in Russian Ballet method and has recently decided that she would like to go overseas to full time vocational school at 14yrs (gulp!). After the initial shock, we are trying to look into some realistic options as most schools are complicated by the language barrier and secondary school certificates. My daughter studies German, and is quite game to study a lot harder and improve her German language. Fortunately she is quite good at languages and her German teacher thinks this is possible. So my big question is about Berlin State Ballet School and their application process- at what point does she have to take the German language test, and what level does she need to be? I know that the school takes international students but I'm unsure about how and if that happens midway through lower school..? I've tried looking on their website, but I don't really understand what they mean about aptitude test, and when they would actually look at her dance! Any advice or info regarding Berlin State ballet school would be much appreciated. We are obviously looking at others but this is one of our first choices
  6. Hi, hope you don’t mind I ask a question. I am considering Germany for my child. She is currently at 1.62 m and is 16. Yes, we have been told her height maybe a tad short for Germany.. what are your thoughts? thank you.
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