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  1. This is a great thing to do and it looks like you're empowering your daughter and showing her by your example that it's good to speak up when things aren't right and that she has a right to be heard. I think it must be incredibly difficult for these young children in both dance and gymnastics who want to please their teachers and depend on them for exposure and career support and worry if they can't. It can lead to excessive pressure on them and leave them open to exploitation both in terms of their weight but also other forms of abuse. I am a middle aged amateur dancer who has no aspirations to any form of professional career and on the one occasion I felt a Latin dance teacher was being inappropriate I told him to piss off and never went back. Young dance students don't have the same luxury and it can lead to a very unhealthy dynamic. I've at least one friend whose daughter gave up ballet because the teachers wanted to control too many aspects of their lives.
  2. Oh dear, how dreadfully inadequate as a description. I don't think Vadim has ever shimmied in his life although he'd be probably very good at it (and I say that as a long time bellydancer) Also as attractive as I find him, it wasn't what I'd call sensuous. It was moving and plaintive and exquisitely danced but sensuous, definitely not. What a completely inadequate and incorrect description.
  3. I think I'd agree with this review in its entirety. This is quite rare for me so I'm pleased.
  4. I know, I wish they had got someone with more ballet / musical knowledge to present. I'd have loved Monica Mason or Kevin O'Hare or the conductor of the orchestra perhaps (whose name I should know but have momentarily forgotten). I'm sure Anita Rani is a great broadcaster and journalist but it did sound like she was reading from a card without any feeling for what was being covered.
  5. Vadim is beautiful and I entirely agree it was worth it just to see him moving with so much grace and elegance. Das Lied was amazing and I love Sarah Connolly in it. She has the loveliest tone in my opinion and so much stage presence. The last song was so moving.
  6. Brilliant. The independent ballet shop in my parents' town (where I go when I can because the customer service is great) spray painted their pointe shoes to resemble a rainbow for Pride week last year and has them in the window. I think they look fantastic and it always makes me smile when I go past.
  7. Definitely. There are many of the Royal Ballet dancers I enjoy watching but I find Vadim in a different league. There's just something about the way he moves and jumps that captivates me and the way that whether he's partnering someone or doing a solo, he looks like he's exactly where he needs to be. When I'm looking for ballet tickets the first thing I check is which nights he's performing and the second thing is I check if Gary Avis or Bennet Gartside are in the character roles. Interestingly unlike @zxDaveM I really like watching the men in a ballet rather than the women as I love seeing the grand allegro and the larger jumps. I have huge admiration and respect for the female dancers at RB, ENB and BRB who are remarkably talented, but my eyes are always drawn to the men on any stage.
  8. I'd agree, perhaps not the most joyful entry and more depressing than uplifting. I love the Butterworth song cycle but it's not exactly cheerful although Toby Spence is good. I'd listen to Gerald Finley in most things, he's got the loveliest tone in his voice. He's cute too, I can't believe he's 60. He looks much younger. The ballet was lovely but could have been longer. I guess rehearsing longer ballets is difficult. Still it's a start. I am looking forward to Vadim next week.
  9. I got this and have just booked and found the process quick and easy. I love both of the items. Das Lied is amazingly beautiful and the last song (Abschied) always makes me cry. Also I'd pay to see Vadim do anything at all, he's so exquisitely perfect in motion and has the loveliest smile. I always pick the nights he's performing if I possibly can because he is so pleasing to watch.
  10. They're amazingly good. I saw some of them perform when I was in Tbilisi a few years ago on business. I still don't like that position though as it makes me wince a the risk of injury.
  11. I don't know when pink would have taken over. In my experience shops respond to demand so if something is popular they sell more of it. I'm guessing the fact that most tights are pink now is due to the fact that people like pink tights or expect to see them. Certainly when I started ballet 18 months ago as an adult I was adamant that I wanted pink tights and a pink leotard because that's what I thought ballet dancers wore. Looking at the Move Dancewear site they have 26 options for pink tights and 22 in brown and far fewer in other colours but none in what looks like pale flesh (although I may be missing it).
  12. Yes. I wear pink tights for my ballet class and they bear no relationship whatsoever to the colour of my skin, but I like the way they look on me. I don't know anyone with salmon pink legs. In my adult ballet class we have a few of us with pink tights, one goth in black tights, and another who always wears white ones. I think it's great that there is more choice of colours available now and entirely agree that young girls should be encouraged to wear whichever colour suits them and makes them feel good.
  13. It's not precisely a ballet story but it is a dance story that I hope will be amusing and fit in. I was doing a tango class. We change partners every 2-3 dances as a rule and I was dancing with a slightly nervous chap I didn't know. We were doing a sequence where he has to bring his foot between my slightly parted feet and displace my free leg and then lead me to pivot backwards on myself. I hope this makes sense, it's rather hard to describe. Unfortunately he was a bit shy about getting close to me so it wasn't working because I wasn't getting the signal to move the free leg from him. Eventually I said "I think you need to come between my legs to make me move." Needless to say that didn't quite come out right. The man went bright red and stepped back and couldn't look at me for the rest of the class. It took me a minute to realise how my comment could be understood. I thought it was absolutely hilarious.
  14. In this context I love the piece that Marcelino Sambe choreographed which I saw this morning. I found it very deeply moving. I'm not sure if this is the right place for it but I thought it so good I wanted to share.
  15. They looked like they were having a good time and laughing together while playing basketball. It was rather nice to see the friendship between them.
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