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    Dancing tango and swing (adequately), learning ballet (badly) and watching professionals dance a lot better than I can.

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  1. I must say I had assumed the others were shipwrecked around the coast and that Ali was salvaging the provisions and making Gulnare a nice cup of tea.
  2. I can't comment on Hernandez as I don't think I've been when he's been performing. I agree though that Shevelle Dynott has great timing and style and brought a lot of character to a small part.
  3. I thought about this news in swing dance class this week, as my teacher came and adjusted my posture and straightened my shoulders, which is a thing I'm completely happy for a teacher to do. Dancing can be a very intimate thing with a lot of physical contact. I'm a middle aged. middle class professional with a reasonable degree of confidence who pays for dance classes for my amusement. When I did a tango class with a teacher who I thought was being inappropriate I told him to piss off and never went back. It's a lot harder to do that as a child or teenager who depends on their teachers more and looks to them for support in a career journey. It's even harder if a predator grooms the child to accept unacceptable behaviour. So I think parents definitely have to be careful to make sure their children are being protected.
  4. Praise is due to the chap who told off the 2 people texting at the start of the third act of Le Corsaire tonight. Thanks whoever you are for taking action. No praise to the woman behind me who started asking her friend which of the men was the hero really loudly at the start of the piece.
  5. Just back from the evening performance. I thought the dancing was amazing. Erina Takahashi was a thing of beauty in motion and Francesco Frola jumped as though suspended in air. I loved all the parts but Daniel McCormick shone as Ali in particular. I'm no expert but he looks like he's got the potential to go far.
  6. So pleased to hear this. I booked for the 1 night I was around before the casts were announced, wanting Kase / Mack but got Takahashi / Frola. I'm so glad you've said it was so good in the dress rehearsal as I'm now looking forward to it even more.
  7. I think I'm looking forward to this the most as I loved the production before and want to see what they're going to do with it.
  8. Definitely. I started just over a year ago and the first few weeks were very confusing. I was lucky because the teacher I had to start with (who is not teaching at present) went in for a lot of explanation of everything. I found it really helpful to watch company class by a professional company to see what the moves look like when they're done properly. I really enjoyed Birmingham Royal Ballet in company class because the balletmaster said the moves really clearly so I could follow what they were doing and how it fit the music. There are a few on youtube if you look for World Ballet Day.
  9. For me it would be Matthew Bourne's Romeo and Juliet. I know it got good reviews but I hated it. I hated that I couldn't tell the people apart because they all dressed the same so it was impossible to identify who was who or build up any feeling for any of them.. I hated the fact that the ending made no logical sense to me. I liked some of the ideas but found the delivery rather a letdown. I think Matthew Bourne has done some amazing pieces of work but I don't think this is one of them. Apologies to anyone who loved the piece. One of the people I saw it with loved it, but I'm afraid it wasn't good for me.
  10. Agreed. I thought her Giselle was amazing. I really hope she gets to play Kitri in Don Quixote next year. I think my overall favourite of the year was the ENB Cinderella at the Albert Hall. I loved the staging and the design and Maria Kochetkova was beautiful to watch. I thought the whole production was absolutely perfect.
  11. I also love the fact that as well as being technically brilliant, whatever he's in, whether it's rehearsals or performances, he looks so happy and as though he's having the time of his life and that he's found himself in the place that's right for him. He also seems like a thoroughly nice person when he's interviewed.
  12. That's stunning, he's always so beautiful when he jumps and spins and looks so beautifully light in motion. I agree with others that lighter coloured tights would have shown off his legs better. They did rather blend into the background.
  13. How interesting đŸ™‚ . Mind you I'd just say Gary Avis is brilliant full stop. I can watch him in anything, he adds so much to all the characters he takes.
  14. I saw a concert version of it at the Proms. It was very interesting musically but not exactly fun. I think I will pass on this one.
  15. One of the teachers in my class (ex royal ballet school) makes us do them at the end of barre. We do 16 on each leg and the last 4 are a complete killer. We go up for a count of 2 and then down for 2. She usually uses the song por una cabeza by Carlos Gardel for the exercise so it's fairly slow and you definitely feel you've done them.
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