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    Dancing tango and swing (adequately), learning ballet (badly) and watching professionals dance a lot better than I can.

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  1. I saw a concert version of it at the Proms. It was very interesting musically but not exactly fun. I think I will pass on this one.
  2. One of the teachers in my class (ex royal ballet school) makes us do them at the end of barre. We do 16 on each leg and the last 4 are a complete killer. We go up for a count of 2 and then down for 2. She usually uses the song por una cabeza by Carlos Gardel for the exercise so it's fairly slow and you definitely feel you've done them.
  3. I saw this as well. My ballet teacher is in the company for this, and they're currently rehearsing in Moscow. I'm hoping it comes to the UK as well so I can see him performing. It looks very interesting and dynamic.
  4. In my experience it's more that you find a good teacher via group classes and then arrange a private with them. Privates do cost more than group classes which is how they can afford to offer them. Privates can be expensive so I would want to see how they teach and ensure compatibility in a class first and then book. To take a non ballet example I've regularly been to tango workshops by one visiting teacher from France. I liked his style so I had a wonderful private lesson with him last week. Unless it's Baryshnikov, I wouldn't take a private on spec. That said, if I did have one with Baryshnikov I'd probably be too embarrassed at my crapness and smitten with his lovely eyes to dance. Is there anyone you've been to a class with that you could see as teaching in a good way for you? If so maybe ask them what they charge?
  5. In answer to the other question yes there are male teachers around. My class usually has a man. I've not noticed anything vastly different between him and the female teacher who covers when he's out. They are different because they're different people but the gender doesn't seem to affect their teaching. I learn loads from them both.
  6. I've been dancing ballet just over 1 year and I think everyone struggles with centre. It's the most challenging part and often where new content is introduced. There is usually a comforting routine to the barre even if it's hard to make the body do it. Centre is less predictable and harder. My teacher introduced the entrechat last weekend and we mostly sucked at getting the legs to cooperate. That said in a proper beginner class they should be open to breaking the move down. My class has a fair amount of "which foot are we on and which way do we turn" and "are we doing stuff with the arms" type questions. You need I think a teacher who can teach and adapt to different learning styles. You need someone who works for you and that's harder to find. I am not a visual learner so need the step and body parts involved explained. So I look for teachers who will do that. I'd definitely suggest a couple of privates so you can go at your own speed. The other thing I found helpful was watching company class with BRB. Seeing the centre work done professionally helped me understand what it involved. Ballet isn't easy. It's the hardest thing I do and some days I want to scream. That said I am completely addicted to it. it can take a few months to start getting the hang.
  7. I'm very happy for you to suggest yourself. Your skirts look lovely and actually a bit longer than the ones I've seen which is good. I will find a tape measure and send you an order later this week. I know what you mean about being sized out of things. It's a real shame that they don't make dancewear in larger sizes as a rule. I had great difficulty finding a larger leotard with some chest support. If you made things in larger sizes, I would certainly consider buying them.
  8. I agree, Muntagirov always looks like he wants his partner to shine whoever he is dancing with. He seems like a really nice person whenever I've seen him interviewed and has a really sweet, shy smile. Steven Mcrae always strikes me as someone who is considerate of his partners as well, when I've seen him in rehearsal. I love Nureyev too but more when he's dancing solos and can really let rip with the jumps and spins. I've never danced ballet with a partner, but I dance tango and swing dance with many different partners and to me the best ones are those who are considerate and responsive, not trying to show off how many complicated steps they can lead and how flashy they can be, but simply enjoying the embrace and the feeling of unity in the dance and the music and the moment. There's a quiet intensity to me in a good dance with a partner and I come away from the dance feeling good about myself.
  9. Hi I'd really like a wrap skirt for ballet class but I am struggling to find them in larger sizes. Does anyone know where I might obtain one? I'm about a size 18 in street clothes and it seems impossible to find anything close online. I don't want to go to physical shops because I'm concerned people will laugh at the fat woman doing ballet (like they did when I looked at shoes in a couple of shops) so would prefer online. Does anyone have any ideas which makes I could try? I love my ballet class and while there isn't a class uniform I'd like to look more like a dancer when I do it. Thanks
  10. I wasn't planning to go to see this but we've been dancing Waltz of the Snowflakes (badly) in class this afternoon and so I've got the music on the brain. With those prices, I might be seriously tempted. Any idea of the cast and who's in it?
  11. There's only 1 date I can do so I had booked one of the offers blind. I had hoped for Brooklyn Mack and Shiori Kase but sadly not. Still delighted I have Erina Takahashi and Francesco Frola. I liked him in Cinderella. This will be so much fun.
  12. I hope he is recovering and can dance it. I love watching him and was gutted he was injured. If the casting doesn't change, I'd have a difficult choice whether to book for that cast or for the Sambe / Heap casting as I love them both. Tough decisions 🙂
  13. Yes I've observed this too. I once sat behind 2 men who spent the whole interval discussing the fact that one of the dancers was apparently carrying more weight than she had last time they saw her. They weren't commenting on her dancing skills but entirely talking about her bodily proportions and comparing them unfavourably with a different dancer. They seemed actually quite indignant that she had dared not to maintain the same weight. Honestly I was quite annoyed by the whole thing as it was her body and no business of theirs. I've always viewed pointe shoes as a tool. You choose the ones that work for you bearing in mind the feet you have and the works you're performing in. The information on how they can be customised is deeply fascinating though. I had no idea they could do so much to adjust them.
  14. You're right, Conrad can come across as rather bland if the performer isn't careful because Lankendem and Birbanto are both strong characters.
  15. Yes, whenever I've seen it, Conrad is the largest male role and the hero although all of the male parts are pretty good. It's very annoying that the Coliseum doesn't publish casting very far in advance. I messaged them on facebook and they said they'd announce the Coliseum cast this week. I hope you get the leading man you want for it. I've just picked the day I can do and am hoping for Brooklyn Mack as he looks amazing on Youtube. Although I'd be happy with any of them as I like most of the principals at ENB.
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