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  1. That's hilarious. I've always thought Vadim came across as a really grounded, pleasant person with a sense of humour. He also has one of the loveliest smiles I've seen in a long time.
  2. I like Bennet Gartside's beginner class via Instagram at 1pm on Wednesday. He also does paid for Zoom classes. I find the Instagram one is slightly easier and more accessible. The zoom ones are good for a beginner but I personally struggle with the rather long fondu exercise he keeps setting. It's definitely barre, a short adage, port de bras and stretching. I'll definitely try the David Kierce one on Sunday as that's a really good time for me and I've been interested to try his classes. Thanks @RuthE
  3. So glad he's going to Royal Ballet. I see that Matei Holeleu is going to English National Ballet which is good. I liked his performances of the Paquita variation and thought he had panache in the jumps. I wonder why Yuyan Wang has forfeited her apprenticeship. Does that happen often? I thought she also danced well.
  4. High points were probably the lovely clip Birmingham Royal Ballet posted earlier of Tzu-Chao Chou dancing around his plant pots. I always love watching male dancers doing grand allegro and he has such lovely form and clean moves. The other was the online ballet classes I've been doing. Primarily Bennet Gartside's on Zoom and Instagram and Tierney Heap's on Instagram. It's harder in many ways doing a class with the teacher in a virtual space rather than being close enough for them to adjust me but it's also a good discipline for me and means I need to focus and really listen to what they're saying. I always feel better for it.
  5. I think that dog has a better arabesque line than I do 🙂 If we're posting our favourite ballet funnies, this one always makes me smile.
  6. Tango is a wonderful thing to do with someone but it's really dull on your own so it doesn't really lend itself to online classes. All the fun for me comes from the chemistry with your partner. If I try online tango lessons it just makes me sad that I'm not at the usual classes talking to my tango friends.
  7. I've not found any other ballet classes apart from the Claudia Dean one I plan to try tomorrow evening at 9pm (if I'm still awake) but I'll post it if I do. I think if any of the dance teachers on the forum want to run an adult beginner class on a regular basis, I'd be happy to pay for it and am sure I'm not the only one. I've done a really great samba class today with Monika Molnar from DanceMyWay (who teaches at Pineapple) and I'm doing a jazz dance class with Swing Patrol next week. My favourite dance forms apart from ballet are the more social partner dances so that's harder to do in isolation. So I'm doing whatever dance forms I can find online.
  8. It depends on the dancer @Peanut68. if it's Instagram / YouTube you just go there and follow the video. Sometimes they're recorded and sometimes they're not. Bennet Gartside's Instagram ballet class is I think not recorded, but some of the other classes are. For example I did a bellydance class on YouTube earlier this week which was recorded as well and I'm doing a swing class on Tuesday over YouTube which is also to be recorded. I did a samba class this lunchtime via Zoom which was more interactive and where she wanted to see what I was doing. That worked less well technically (although it was hugely fun) because I discovered my webcam wasn't working so I had to use my tablet which had a really tiny camera screen. None of them are a perfect substitute for being in the studio but they're the best the teachers can do in difficult circumstances as they're all making this up as they go. Also they stop me from going stir crazy from lack of dance.
  9. I thought it was a really good beginner class. I hope he runs them more regularly as I am getting withdrawal symptoms from lack of ballet.
  10. I think everyone is aware of how difficult things are for dance teachers at present. I am already paying for online dance classes (samba and bellydance) at present and would be happy to pay for ballet (bearing in mind that I don't have a barre so exercises need to be modifiable. I'm sure there are parents who would very glad to have some form of activity for their children to burn off some energy and would pay. That said I'm not a parent so can only speak for myself.
  11. Bennet Gartside is giving an online class tomorrow at 7pm (UK time) on the Everybody Ballet Instagram site. I don't know how well it will work as it's the first time but I'm going to give it a try.
  12. The McNicol ballet collective event at Bloomsbury theatre on 5 April has also been cancelled. I was really looking forward to it so am gutted 😞
  13. While it's not technically ballet, a friend of mine has prepared a list of resources for Bellydance classes online. So if any dancers are stuck t home and wanting some activity or a new challenge, you could always give it a try. https://sophiareports.wordpress.com/2020/03/15/coronavirus-stopped-class-heres-where-to-learn-bellydance-online/ I do classes with one of the people she mentions (Leila Isaac) and would recommend her approach.
  14. I think you're right. Both he and Muntagirov are amazing dancers but Sambe is like Pol Roger in that you are taken over by the bubbles and colour and dynamism immediately whereas Muntagirov is more like a really good quality Amarone , quieter at first glance but really beautifully rich and complex. I think they're both amazing dancers to watch. I'd definitely recommend the Nunez / Muntagirov cast (although I've not seen any others). She is absolutely exquisite in everything she does and he is stunning especially in the third act with the most amazing technique. You also get to see Sambe dancing with Kaneko and Magri beautifully. I also thought Bennet Gartside is positively the most unpleasantly evil von Rothbart I've ever seen. I don't know what the other casts are like but this one is amazing.
  15. I'd be up for that. Perhaps he could take over as vizier from von Rothbart, marry one of Siegfried's sisters and live happily ever after?
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