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  1. That looks interesting. I wish it wasn't Friday because that's when I have my usual class. By the way has anyone done the classes that Bennet Gartside is teaching at Everybody Ballet? I see Leanne Cope is also involved. I had my first ever ballet class with her before she went off on the last tour but see she's teaching here now. Does anyone know the studio and have any views? I'm tempted by the Thursday beginner class.
  2. I am so jealous. I adore Gary Avis. I've tried to get tickets for this but never yet managed. It sounds amazing. I went to one of the choreo workshops at ENB on Nutcracker last year though and that was also very good, accessible and understandable and really well explained.
  3. I saw this when it came on tour in 2018. They are very good and I would recommend this for anyone interested in stage tango and its artistry and wonderful music. Tango will always be my first love as a dancer and it can be really interesting to watch some of the techniques and tricky steps
  4. I can't comment on the technical issue but Joseph Sissens is a beautiful dancer. I saw him rehearsing the Neapolitan dance in the Swan Lake insight event last week and he's a lovely dancer to watch.
  5. Hi Silke can I check is that a seat or a standing ticket?
  6. I am not sure if the youtube clip I've tried to link will post but if it does, I think this is probably one of the clearest demonstrations of a jete entrelace that I can see. It's basically where you turn in the jete and land in arabesque. I don't know the teacher at all but I thought it was a pretty good clip of what it looks like. It's not a beginner move (I certainly can't do it) but it looks beautiful when done well and needs really solid technique in the arabesque to land properly.
  7. I've not been doing ballet for very long but my teacher definitely emphasises that the hips should be square. He is very clear that it's better to have the hips square and a lower leg than to force the leg higher up by twisting the hips. It could be that people do a slgihtly exaggerated twist and lift for photographs to make it look more impressive but that's definitely not what one ought to do if actually dancing.
  8. Awesome, I loved him in Le Corsaire, his jumps werea thing of beauty. If he's in it I'll definitely see if I can afford a ticket.
  9. I think so. There was a post show Q&A at the very end, which I note was not recorded. At the start of that Kevin O'Hare said he could not answer any questions about the matter as it was being looked into. I think they're being extra careful as a result which is a sensible approach in my view.
  10. I would agree the insight event was amazing. The presenter was called Tamsin Roberts and I agree she was very good. I really thought Zenaida brought the best out of the performers. She's a really interesting person with a lot of insight into the characters. Both Fumi and Mayara were amazing. I was so inspired by the fact that Mayara fell at one point and picked herself up, shrugged and went on dancing. I do a beginner ballet class and when I stumble or fall I usually spend the journey back from class beating myself up. In future I'm going to shrug and go on with confidence, like she did. I also really loved watching Wayne Sleep coaching. He's so full of intelligent comment and funny anecdotes. I thought the dancers were superb and had so much energy and brilliance. I also really thought Kevn O'Hare came across well in the introduction and the post performance Q&A (which I don't think was captured on the recording). When you see him in person you realise he has rather lovely eyes. I don't normally go for men with beards but he's actually quite cute.
  11. Watching the ASM doing the acting must be interesting to say the least. Were they any good in the role? I thought it was a really impressive solution when I saw the phenomenon in my first opera and it's what hooked me on the opera ever since.
  12. Gary Avis should definitely not be allowed to have a body clock, he's too amazing to do without If he ever stops doing Rome and Juliet I will cry.
  13. That's awesome. How great having them all rally round like that. it reminds me of the first ever opera I saw as a teenager. It was Magic Flute done by Opera North. Tamino had a really bad cold so he couldn't sing. They'd found a tenor from ENO but he didn't know the staging so the chap with the cold walked through the opera (sneezing a couple of times) and the ENO tenor stood in the orchestra pit and did the singing. As a teenager I thought it was amazingly cool having the voice coming from a different place from the action. I think that's been my favourite opera ever since.
  14. Yes. I was at the Piano des Jacobins festival in Toulouse watching a recital by Nelson Goerner and the 2 men next to me did nothing but moan the whole way through and refused to clap at all. I thought it was most disrespectful to the pianist and wanted to strangle the pair of them. Fortunately the woman in front of us turned around and told them to button it at the end of the first half. I've been to things I've not enjoyed but you either leave at half time (which I've only ever done once for a really bad play) or you sit through it quietly.
  15. Perhaps I was unclear. I mean he needs to charge enough to cover his costs but not elevate them so much beyond the cost of doing business that it will mean that people can't or won't attend. Obviously he needs to cover the cost of running the show but it's no good covering the cost of running the show if the tickets cost so much that people don't want to buy them. I discussed this show with a few people from ballet class today and some of us thought the prices were on the high side so decided not to attend. I'm sure the organiser has calculated what people are willing to pay and priced it accordingly, but that does mean some people rule themselves out. As long as there are enough people who are willing to pay the prices (and there appear to be), then all is well for everyone. I think personally it would have been better if they could have got sponsorship to allow them to offer some cheaper tickets.
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