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Found 9 results

  1. Moving this out of the "Germany ..." thread so it doesn't get lost among 3 dozen pages: Munich:
  2. Hi there. I am an academic in cultural tourism working on a project on Opera Houses and destination image. If you love ballet and attend ballet performances at lovely theatres, please take a moment to complete this short, anonymous survey: https://lnkd.in/dRb66DM My University profile including list of publications can be found at: https://bucks.ac.uk/about-us/our-structure/staff-profile?profile=30595 Grazie a tutti in advance!
  3. Hi. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice on going to see a ballet/folklore performances in Moscow? School trip next year (July) as part of GCSE History for my son and his year group (yr10), have been given the opportunity to go to the theatre one evening. None of the boys are dancers but they are used to the theatre and it does seem an excellent cultural opportunity which would be too good to be missed. I only have experience of ballets at the London Coliseum. Not even sure if July is the season for Russian ballets or more likely to be an evening of Russian Folklore dancing. Therefore would there be an issue of language? If any of this makes sense. Thank you. Ps. Yes, I am jealous and would love to go myself. 😉
  4. Hoping to get tickets to see NB Casanova at Norwich Theatre Royal, and wondered if anyone could suggest where the best seats would be, without a restricted view. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. I am hoping to visit this Spring and I have no idea where to sit. Can anyone help? I am willing to pay for a good seat and don't want to be at a great height.
  6. In November am going to St.Petersburg and there is a performance of Giselle while we are there. Does anybody here know the theatre well enough to recommend where to sit? For example are the Stalls reasonably raked? Or is it better to sit higher up.....is there an equivalent area similar to the height of the Amphitheatre? Any info gratefully received Many thanks Linda
  7. When visiting a theatre what are your basic requirements? For me there's only one thing, and that's comfortable seating. I'm 6ft 3ins tall and need a lot of leg-room and so always book early to get an aisle seat, or somewhere else I can stretch my legs. Of course this means I don't get the best view or acoustics, and it might be quite draughty where I'm sitting, but needs be. I regularly visit the theatres in South and West Yorkshire and am always able to get somewhere appropriate, whether at the old Victorian theatres, the modern theatres...or the various other venues. What are your preferences and priorities?
  8. Has anybody any advice on where best to sit in the Milton Keynes theatre - this for opera not dance? Many thanks.
  9. Does anyone go to this theatre regularly? Please can you advise on the best place to park!
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