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  1. Stuttgart Ballet live-streams the premiere of a new evening with five creations by company members on this Friday at 19.00 CET- for the links check the calendar.
  2. Berlin State Ballet also reports a dancer with Covid, but as the 91 dancers work in separate training groups, divided according to the productions in which they appear, they will be able to go on with the performances, f.e. the premiere of new LAB_WORKS COVID_19 today. The training group was immediately isolated and examined. By tracing the contact chains, the isolation and the receipt of negative test results it could be ensured that there are no chains of infection within the company. One choreography will be modified due to the circumstances. The Staatsballett Berlin has been wo
  3. Due to a single dancer infected with Covid, Zurich Ballet had to cancel two performances of Christian Spuck's Sleeping Beauty. They hope they will be back for 27. Oct. Also Bavarian State Ballet will have to cancel two Swan Lakes due to six Covid cases in the company. In general, most theatres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are playing now, but with reduced audiences everywhere.
  4. DIORAMA | Maria Kochetkova & Daniil Simkin | Kronos Quartet | Staatsballett Berlin
  5. He kisses her, but she doesn't wake up. One more kiss, another urgent one, almost comical, the male fairies shake their heads, everybody is worried. Then comes Carabosse, whose child Aurora's childless royal parents stole in the first scene, and drops a kiss on Aurora's forehead - the real kiss of love, as I read in the summary in the programme, and on we go with the story. Well...
  6. A small report from Zurich Opera House, where I saw Christian Spuck's new Sleeping Beauty yesterday (not one step from Petipa, the fairies are very campy men and the kiss doesn't work - don't ask): They play for a full house, with people really sitting next to each other, but everyone has to wear a mask during the whole evening. As I know it from German theatres already, people do care for each other and try keep a distance, I saw no-one dropping the mask. There is an intermission, but no orchestra in the pit - the musicians play live at their rehearsal stage 1 km away and the sound comes from
  7. At Zurich Ballet, the cast of Christian Spuck's new Sleeping Beauty is online here. The premiere is on Saturday with 900 people in the audience.
  8. At Bavarian State Ballet, the December premiere of Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella will be postponed to one of the coming seasons. It is replaced by a triple bill called "Passages": young German choreographer Philippe Kratz contributes a new creation called "To get to become" with music by hip-hop songwriter Milo. Russell Maliphant‘s "Broken Fall" returns, the third work will be confirmed. The performances of John Neumeier's Nutcracker will be replaced by Giselle and Swan Lake.
  9. John Neumeier's new work "Ghost Light" will be streamed live from Hamburg Ballet's tour to Baden-Baden on 10. October, 18.00 CET on arte.tv. It's available for two days. https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/099933-000-A/ghost-light-ein-ballett-in-corona-zeiten-von-john-neumeier/
  10. The Award Gala will be streamed live at 18.00 CET and then for 24 hours as Video-on-Demand. It promises the rare treasure of Béjart's Bolero with Friedemann Vogel Programme here the Link for 17. October: http://www.deutschertanzpreis.de
  11. During the opening ceremony, Reid Anderson just declared that the rights/royalties of the Cranko heritage will go to the new school, "to protect the school forever". He called it "a living monument to John Cranko".
  12. Here's a short video (in German language) with pictures from the new Cranko School https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/heute-in-deutschland/ballettschule-der-superlative-100.html
  13. Due to the virus, the big opening of the new building of the John Cranko School at Stuttgart will be reduced to some 30 people in the new, big theatre at the school. BUT they will stream the event live on Friday, 28. September 19.00 CET. Surely you don't want to listen to lots of Swabian politicians delivering speeches, but they promise some videos of the new building and performances by students and dancers of Stuttgart Ballet - no idea which will come when. I'm sure we will find the video on their website later. The new building is really huge and glorious from the inside - eight b
  14. Berlin State Ballet announces some performances of Giselle for October. Patrice Bart himself has adapted and shortened his choreography according to the distancing rules of Covid, there will be fewer Wilis than usually. Cast: Iana Salenko and Daniil Simkin on 28. and 30. October, Ksenia Ovsyanick and Dinu Tamazlacaru on 29. October. The music will be played live in the pit in a smaller orchestration. For the third part of the Gala "From Berlin with Love", they will show the ball scene from Swan Lake with 29 dancers, among other highlights. They also continue to show "LAB_WORKS
  15. A Corona cluster has been detected at a smaller University theatre in Vienna last week, but until now I know nothing about infections at a theatre in Germany or Austria - most cases happen at private festivities or in bars. With their very strict hygiene rules, theatres seem to be rather safe places. When I visited the reopened theatres at Stuttgart in July (we're still on summer holiday here), people behaved very carefully and treated each other with respect - theatre audiences are friendly, peaceful people, I guess that makes a theatre visit easier than, let's say, a football game. And
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