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  1. Here one can find the personal blog of Holly Jean Dorger, the principal dancer of the Royal Danish ballet: http://turnedoutpointeofview.com/ Hopefully it will be interesting for many ballet lovers. I wonder if some other leading dancers have similar blogs?
  2. I myself liked it enormously, so nice to know the others also enjoyed it! 🤗
  3. This year we'll celebrate the 100th anniversary of the rejoining of Southern Jutland and Denmark. On the 10th of January in the Royal theatre there was a Gala performance dedicated to that event where it was possible to see the new pdd of John Neumeier to Beethoven's music " Persistent persuasion" , created especially for this event, danced by our leading ballerina Ida Praetorius and Alexandr Trusch from Hamburg ballet (approx.10th minute of the recording) as well as Pas de sept, from Bournonville's "Folkesagn" , danced by Caroline Baldwin, Kizzi Matiakis, Holly Jean Dorger, Emma Riis-Kofoed, Gregory Dean, Jon Axel Fransson and Jonathan Chmelensky, all them, but Emma are leading dancers of the company and Emma is considered to be a new rising star ( approx. 59th minute of the recording). Unfortunately I can't say, how long will be this kept on the Danish tv site: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/program/genforenings-galla_162378
  4. I'd like to tell about my experience of the trip to Russia to see ballets in Moscow and St.Petersburg in the end of November of 2019. I wanted to do this trip for quite some time and for a few months ago one of my friends persuaded me to go ahead with it. So first of all I looked at the web sites of the main theatres of Moscow and St.Petersburg and found out that in one week of the end of November I have the possibility to see 5 different ballets in 3 theatres ( later I dropped one ballet because of practical reasons). So, I was aiming to see the new Ratmansky's version of "Giselle" in Bolshoi, "The fountain of Bakhchisarai" and "Don Quixote" in Mariinsky and "Cinderella" in Mikhailovsky theatres. I could in principle also see "Giselle" in Mariinsky and "The Nutcracker"of Jakobson theatre but decided against it because of budget limitations. Actually I was pleasantly surprised that evidently it's no problem for Mariinsky theater to switch from one production to another EVERY day! So, when I decided what performances I would like to see, I started to buy the tickets - actually, I bought the tickets ( online, of course) to "Giselle" and "Don Quixote" as I prefer good seats and even 3 months ahead there weren't plenty of those. Then of course I had to think about visa. My friend who visited Russia earlier this year, gave me the contact information of the travel agency in Russia issuing tourist vouchers. I paid 10 euro to them and got the invitation to visit Russia as tourist. Then I looked at the site of Russian consulate and learned about other documents I had to show in order to get visa. The application form was very simple, just two pages, no tricky questions. Then I had to present a medical insurance covering Russia - I had to call my insurance company and they sent me the required document by e-mail (actually on the consulate site it's said you have to give in the originals but in my case the prints from e-mail were OK as well). Two color photos were of no problem, of course, actually mine weren't even of the best quality. Then I reserved the time for the visit to the visa center. I did it slightly less than 3 months ahead of my trip, just to have enough time, and I believe, it should be done not less than 1 month ahead of the trip. As I understood, the normal processing time is two weeks. After that I bought the other theatre tickets, looked about possible accommodation solutions ( many offers on Booking.com) and when I got visa ( the visa fee was about 60-65 euro), I bought the airplane tickets from Aeroflot company. I flew to Moscow on the 22nd of November staying there in the B&B (a room in the plain apartment in the center with a shared bathroom and kitchen). The host also lived there, a nice elderly lady with fine knowledge of English. I saw "Giselle" next day, the morning performance, and liked it enormously, I'll try to write some comments about it in the corresponding topic. It was a pleasure to do sightseeing in the center of Moscow, not too many tourists this time of the year, and the weather was sunny and dry, though a bit cold (around zero degree). On Monday, 25th, I went to see Galina Ulanova's memorial apartment, also in the center, with a beautiful view over Moscow river and Kremlin. It was a great experience, just to see the place where one of the greatest ballet dancers lived. I was the only visitor ( you should book the visit by phone, but the lady responsible for booking spoke English, so it wasn't a problem). It made me wonder if there are other memorial apartments like this anywhere in the world? The same evening, 25th of November I took the night train to St.Petersburg ( I bought the train tickets online already being in Russia - the B& B had wifi- I don't know why, but I couldn't do that from Denmark). The train was fine, there were a great many of chinese tourists in it, almost the whole train. You have to show your passport and ticket when entering the carriage, but otherwise everything is normal. Actually everywhere in the metro or railway stations there were a lot of security guards as well as scanners to check the luggage or even bags ( also in the theatres). St. Petersburg is just marvelous place to visit, even now when it's getting dark already at 3 pm. Mariinsky theater is a paradise for a ballet lover. "The fountain of Bakhchisarai" is a beautiful ballet with a lot of dances ( especially polish and eastern), and I was lucky to have Olesya Novikova and Ekaterina Kondaurova as main protagonists. The two principal male dancers were Andrei Ermakov and Roman Belyakov. Everything was just superb! The next day I saw "Don Quixote" with great - can't find another word - Victoria Tereshkina and brilliant Kimin Kim. Pure joy from any point of view! Other performers were also fine - Oksana Skorik as the Dryade Queen, Ekaterina Chebykina as the Street Dancer and Anastasia Petushkova as Mercedes. Finally on Thursday, 28th of November I went to Mikhailovsky theater to see "Cinderella" with Ella Persson ( very nice young dancer from Sweden) and Ivan Zaytsev. An interesting performance, also because of the clever use of projection mapping. In St.Petersburg I also stayed at B & B. I came back to Moscow by day train Sapsan ( 4 hours travel), quite comfortable. I should add that there were a lot of signs in English in the metro and other public transport, some places they even announce the stops in English. It was easy to make purchases ( credit cards accepted most places) and pay for cafe/restaurant. I came back wishing to repeat my trip next year- should keep an eye on Mariinsky, etc. playbill!
  5. I watched this ballet last Saturday and my thought was that "Emeralds" and "Rubies" parts were performed better by RB and RDB. In "Emeralds" we saw Elisa Carrillo Cabrera and Cameron Hunter in the 1st PDD, and they were splendid, as well as Jenni Schaferhoff and Alexei Orlenco in the 2nd PDD, pas de trois' performers were Alexander Bird, Cecile Kaltenbach and Luciana Voltolini and somehow I wasn't impressed by them or by the rest of ensemble. In "Rubies" there were the same performers as in the ballet seen by Don Q Fan, and I pretty much agree with her opinion about the performers, I missed the precision, sharpness and jolliness of the movements. Sara Brodbeck, to my mind , is a dancer of too majestic proportions to perform solo in "Rubies". Dino Tamazlacaru was, however, absolutely charming! But "Diamonds", performed by Polina Semionova and Alejandro Virelles were superb! Absolutely enjoyable from all points of view, perfect partnership indeed! So I'm very glad that I could see this performance!
  6. I'm going to see it but not before February. However here's a review by Eva Kistrup : https://danceviewtimes.typepad.com/eva_kistrup/2019/11/without-words-.html#more
  7. I saw ballet for the first time in my life in Cuba in 60s, it's quite possible that it was one with Alicia Alonso in leading part, the only reminder of the performance is my own drawing ( and I was 5-6 years at that time), so it looks like it made quite an impression on me. Then I took my kids to the ballet in Cuba - and it was superb, though again I don't remember exactly if Alicia was dancing. What I do remember is her appearance on the stage after "Don Quichote" performance for some years ago in Paris - what a noble and great lady - even if she needed assistance to come to the stage! Thank you, Alicia, for everything you've done for the ballet in general and for Cuban ballet as well and particularly for me: my love for the ballet comes from that first performance in 60s, in GranTeatro de La Habana!
  8. I myself plan to travel to Russia this autumn (late November) and will apply for the visa in a few days. The only thing I ordered until now were tickets to Bolshoi ( just one day performance), still more than 2 months ahead and there are only quite expensive or restricted view tickets left. I also plan to go to StPete and luckily Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky look more promising!
  9. I'd love to see at least one ballet out of great classics, " Swan Lake", " La Bayadere", " Giselle", " Corsaire", " Don Q"... Balanchine's " Jewels", please! And " Nutcracker" for Christmas - I see it every year! And one mixed programme of modern ballets!
  10. My pleasure. Indeed, living far away from the big cities, I try to attend several performances in one go, having a chance! Next visit in August - Bolshoi and Matthew Bourne's " Romeo and Juliet"!
  11. I just want to add a few words about my impressions from seeing " Romeo and Juliet", evening performance, last Saturday. First of all, I liked a lot beautiful design and staging, it was like watching a true life of Verona for centuries ago! The costumes were exquisite! As to the dancers - Natalia Osipova is a great ballerina and great Juliet. She just lived on the scene. I can't say the same about David Hallberg however. To my mind he doesn't suit Romeo physically, nor was his dancing and acting on the same level with Osipova. Actually I was wondering, why does she prefers him to other partners? I was quite impressed by Ryoichi Hirano - he created quite a trustworthy image of Tybalt, also James Hay (Mercutio) and Calvin Richardson ( Benvolio) were brilliant. Out of three harlots, Itziar Mendizabal was especially wonderful, though all three girls actually were great. And what a beautiful mandolin dance - Benjamin Ella is just a balm for the eyes of a ballet lover! I left the Covent Garden wishing to come back soon - thanks to the Royal ballet!
  12. I was at the programme B performance last Friday and was very much impressed by all three so different ballets - it's impossible for me to say which one did I like most! 1. The Infinite Ocean by Liang - I was conquered by its beauty - the beauty of music, costumes and dancing. Also, like it says, it hovers in the space between life and death and is sort of based on the words of Liang's dying friend :" I will see you on the other side of the infinite ocean". I happened to be in the theatre together with a friend who herself balanced on the edge between life and death this winter ( cancer) , maybe that's why we both looked at that performance through the eyes of someone who experienced the closeness to that " infinite ocean" and we're very touched emotionally by what we saw. All dancers involved were great, but most of all I remember Sofiane Sylve with Tiit Helimets and Yuan Yuan Tan with Vítor Luiz. I liked the beauty of classical movements in the contemporary piece; I liked the unisex costumes but very clear different sex choreography, and the music was extremely beautiful - IMHO! 2. Snowblind. I 've been a fan of Cathy Marston since I saw her " Dangerous Liaisons" created for the Royal Danish Ballet in 2017. Plus, Ulrik Birkkjaer was dancing the lead part here - and though I miss him greatly, now I 'm glad for him to be a part of a wonderful ballet company! Thanks a lot to Alison for a link about the synopsis of the novel, I read it while flying to London and was a bit more prepared for the evening. Here I liked the choreography most of all - each movement in its place, well describing the person involved! All three principal dancers were superb, but Mathilde Froustey was especially touching and vulnerable. This piece made me wish to read more of Edith Wharton's novels - as well as wish to see Cathy Marston in Copenhagen again! 3. Bjork Ballet. Well, that was surely a revelation for me, sort of a ballet umami, quite fresh and unexpected ( to say the truth, I wasn't acquainted with Bjork's creations until that evening). What a beautiful choreography, costumes, dancing! Each piece was a masterpiece - I can't name any specific part that I liked more than others and all dancers were perfect! I didn't think that Arthur Pita can create something like this! All in all, I'm very glad I saw this programme and I'm looking forward now to SF ballet's visit to Copenhagen in the end of October - to see their " Romeo and Juliet"!
  13. I've been to the matinee performance of "Rasputin" on Saturday and liked it very much. Sergei is surely a very talented and capable dancer, at some moments he just seemed to be a real Rasputin, at least he managed to create a very impressive and true image of this person. I will be following his creations and would like to see him more. Also, I liked a lot Djordje Kalenic (Tsesarevich Alexey), a very promising young man! Alexey Lyubimov (Tsar) and Semyon Velichko ( prince Felix Yusupov) were also fine; can't tell the same about Elena Ilinykh ( Tsarina) - she was very evidently out of this league, very amateur, to my mind, though evidently she did her best. All in all, a great experience that gives a lot to think about - also about the Russian/European history. I like the performances that make me want to know more about the subject! So - good luck, Sergei, with future plans and interesting themes for the new ballets!
  14. I saw Ryan Tomash both as Golfo in " Napoli" and last Sunday as Armand in " Kameliadamen". What a brilliant young dancer, I liked him enormously and especially as Armand he showed himself as a very good partner to our lovely Ida Praetorius ( Ida was superb this season - great Giselle, wonderful Cinderella and beautiful Marguerite, the true one! I look forward to see Ryan Tomash in other significant roles next season!
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