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Found 11 results

  1. The big premiere of Hubbe’s newest (3rd?) La Sylphide will be this Saturday! Has precise casting been announced? (The website indicates dancers of three potential casts.) Is a telecast or streaming being planned? Thanks for any & all insights.
  2. I really enjoyed this last night. From the one previous time I've seen it (on DVD) I'm not a huge fan of Nureyev's choreography. But thought the performances here were great. I was completely gripped by act 3 in particular - Cojocaru was incredible. But also something about the whole atmosphere made it feel even more intense than usual. This was another filmed version very clearly not meant for public viewing, with bits of the action apparently only available from what seemed to be some kind of security camera. Another angle showed the full orchestra playing while the dancing and the action un
  3. It was good to see the Bolshoi's La Sylphide- a ballet I haven't seen for years, with the most beautiful woodland set from Peter Farmer. We were told that Johann Kobborg was watching this, his production, from a cinema in London. Worth it anyway for Semyon Chudin with his lovely line, impeccable feet and that lopsided smile. Does anyone know what went wrong in the interviews? Anna Balukova (Madge) was being interviewed by Katie Novikova , but with her eyes constantly in the wings and a growing sense of unease, and then she cut the question short rather brusquely, it seemed, an
  4. Does anyone have any thoughts on either of the double bills? Did anyone see it in Manchester or Milton Keynes? Is anyone planning to see it in London? I'm contemplating going, but not sure which one. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts!
  5. Following today's announcement that English National Ballet will be performing La Sylphide next season, and combining it with either Song of the Earth or Le Jeune Homme et La Mort (http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/14828-press-release-english-national-ballet-announces-its-2017-2018-autumnwinter-season/#entry204503), what else have you seen it combined with in the past? I can recall: The Lesson / Dances from Napoli (Royal Ballet) Troy Game (Scottish Ballet) I don't think London Festival Ballet performed it along with anything else when they did it in the 80s, did they? Ac
  6. English National Ballet Song of the Earth & La Sylphide Romeo & Juliet / Akram Khan’s Giselle / Nutcracker National Tour Wednesday 11 October – Saturday 2 December 2017 Performance times and ticket prices vary www.ballet.org.uk Continuing its commitment to taking world-class ballet to audiences across the country, this autumn English National Ballet presents five productions on its national tour. Two works new to English National Ballet’s repertoire, Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s masterwork, Song of the Earth and Augus
  7. Hi all. I managed to snag a last minute ticket to the RDB performance of La Sylphide/Etudes next Friday as part of my also last minute spur-of-the-moment trip to Copenhagen! So I thought I'd start a thread in case (1) anyone else is going and fancies saying hello or (2) anyone has any insider tips of things to do in Copenhagen (or, for that matter, Malmö)! I've never seen RDB before, but I notice the website mentions they have some dancers from England. I can't spot them on the website though. Anyone know who they are? Is there anything else worth knowing about RDB or this production b
  8. Hi there, I am looking to take someone to see La Sylphide but can't seem to find where or when its showing. We live in London but can travel to Europe if its playing close by. Can anyone direct me in the right way please? Thanks, E
  9. Read it and weep. http://www.gramilano.com/2014/09/royal-danish-ballet-break-tradition-homoerotic-la-sylphide/
  10. Did anyone else see this at the cinema this afternoon? (or live, for that matter ). I was surprised to see how different a "feel" it had from the Royal Ballet version, which is presumably pretty much identical, which was performed a few months ago: it struck me as being rather less Romantic and less obviously Bournonville in style - or was I just not picking it up so much from the figures on a 20-foot (or whatever) screen?
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