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  1. Wonderful news from SFB! A true digital season with complete works - either full-evening ballets or triple bills of complete one-act works. However, it is not cheap - $34 for access to 1 show (for 24 hrs) or $289 for full season pass (longer access for ea show). The latter half of PacificNW Ballet’s digital season will also be like this...full works in spring/early summer.
  2. Webb’s little intros didn’t bother me because it was a program of diverts and extracts. The only thing that I may have done differently would’ve been to vary the speakers, eg, Barbieri, Volpe or one of the senior dancers, such as Kate Honea...perhaps filmed against different backdrops in Sarasota. Nobody was trying to pretend that this was a live show, filmed on the same day.
  3. Just watched this fabulous programme. It was a special treat to see the Romeo & Juliet Balcony pdd, delicately performed by Ellen Overstreet and Ricardo Graziano. Ashton’s R&J was the first programme that the troupe had to cancel/postpone after the pandemic hit...and the first of my spring 2020 trips to be canceled. 😢 Meditation from Thais - passionately danced by Katelyn May and Ricardo Rhodes - was another highlight but, to me, they are all special. Oh - and the excerpts from Facade, so adorable! The hilarious Tango ending (Ivan Spitale & Marijana Domin
  4. Thanks, Don Q fan. It was a real treat! I remember the final “laser lights” solo (Wave) from one of Bolle’s recent New Year TV specials...surely a signature piece for him? Glad that the concert included a good balance of pure-classical and modern ballet.
  5. Colorful! A “young hag” female Madge. Ok, ok. Looking forward to seeing this some day.
  6. Agree with almost all that you’ve reported, Bruce, except perhaps less enthusiasm for Tiler Peck in the excerpt of Mercurial Maneuvers, as my memories invoke the ravishing Jenifer Ringer in the work (with Ringer & Jock Soto leading the May 2002 PBS telecast of the complete ballet...or Miranda Weese at the premiere!). Also... I felt like screaming “Get the videographer of BalletMet here, immediately!” at some of the editing/zooming choices tonight...such as the far-shot filming of most of the Year of the Rabbit pdd...or the zooming & angular choices during the last exce
  7. Premiering tonight: 21st Century Voices. Direct link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HKO1FfGLAAw
  8. The big premiere of Hubbe’s newest (3rd?) La Sylphide will be this Saturday! Has precise casting been announced? (The website indicates dancers of three potential casts.) Is a telecast or streaming being planned? Thanks for any & all insights.
  9. I know that BRB’s new triple bill featuring Will Tuckett’s Lazuli Sky opens this week and will be filmed for future streaming. Any word yet on when it will be aired? Apologies, if it’s already been noted elsewhere in this forum. This is exciting! 🥳
  10. You’re welcome, Jan. You see why I was gobsmacked as I watched? This is a very complex ballet, with interesting clusters making patterns throughout the 14 minutes. Very tough ballet to film adequately. The videography team really did its homework ahead of time. Even the placement of a camera behind stall/orchestra seats to capture the standing ovation of the wildly cheering audience...just right. The moment when the guys, one by one, prance over the others who are down parallel on the floor...or when the dancers are holding hands and slowly “fanning out” as the lead guy performs a solo...the
  11. If you add up the rest of the truly moderns - not the two balletic moderns, One Body and Red Angels - it was way more than 20% - more like 50%. Not just all of the second half of the show except for the 4-minute finale of Red Angels at the very end, but also, in the first half, the two excerpts from FOIL: the three women with naked backs, facing backstage and moving arms...and the solo by the woman surrounded by corps members carrying a lit coronavirus cluster in each hand (or so it appeared). Like you, I was happy to finally see the words “Swan Lake” flash across the screen. The 1
  12. Reminder that BalletMet’s stream of Peck’s In Creases just premiered & will remain up for only 3-4 days. DO NOT MISS THIS if you wish to see an example of perfectly-filmed ballet. I’ve seen this ballet live & on film several times, by several companies, but have never truly enjoyed it quite as this. Masterpiece of filming...number of cameras, editing choices, audience reactions, etc. Also very well performed. https://www.balletmet.org/virtual-performances/
  13. PNB’s opening digital program was a delight! I had no problems accessing it...sharp, crisp, clear sight and sound. The dances offered a mix of traditional ballet (bits of Swan Lake, Jewels and Robbins’ DAAG), modern ballet (the late Albert Evans’ One Body - gorgeous male solo by the elegant Christopher D’Ariano) and perhaps too much time devoted to non-balletic modern dance (including a 15-minute solo to a mixture of Bach & ‘80s rock that seemed to never end). Why? - in a 75-minute program, why? Sigh. but... Heck, it was a start & I loved seeing th
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