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  1. Another exciting stream from Ballet Arizona: TOPIA, Ib Andersen’s 2012 creation to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. Available for 24hrs only, beginning at 12 noon EST, Sunday, June 7. You can watch via the company’s YouTube page: https://m.youtube.com/user/balletarizona/videos This will be the full 45-minute ballet, rather than the “making of” documentary shown earlier. Enjoy!
  2. As it turned out, NONE of these originally-announced streams from U.S. presenters for June 5 happened. All were pulled or, in the case of San Francisco, replaced by films of panels of dance experts speaking about diversity (from the 2018 Unbound Festival).
  3. The same thing happened as I watched, Bruce. A few seconds were cut from the visual film, just before the ladies run offstage, but the music plays on. The three men kneel to the earlier music. It’s a beautiful rendering of the ballet, nonetheless. These RDB dancers do it justice, IMO.
  4. So much for this...PNB has postponed today’s HouseParty premiere of the Twyla Tharp https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157809074258952&id=21358443951 ...and I see that the link to the prev-announced Kochetkova program at the Joyce is down. Sigh. San Francisco may do the same with its Director’s Choice program but, for now, that one seems to still be on. https://www.sfballet.org/sf-ballet-home/
  5. We had smooth sailing with the Ailey program that premiered last night. Thank you, Lincoln Center! Streams premiering today from the US include Kochetkova at the Joyce Theatre, San Francisco Ballet with “Director’s Choice” of brief works by Wheeldon & Tomasson, and - for a donation - Pacific NW Ballet In Tharp s Waiting at the Station. All continue beyond the premiere for several days.
  6. The Ailey program’s “spot” is up on YouTube! “Premieres in four hours.” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UCsv5QlFo2Q
  7. Shall we give the Lincoln Center at Home series another chance? ”There is trouble all over this world” - the opening words in Alvin Ailey’s Revelations, a work that closes tonight’s scheduled stream of four works in a Quadruple Bill, beginning 8pm est. If it shows up on YouTube, it should be here: https://m.youtube.com/user/LincolnCenterVideos/videos info on the program: http://lincolncenter.org/lincoln-center-at-home/show/alvin-ailey-american-dance-theater-chroma-grace-takademe-revelations-173 They wouldn’t dare cancel/postpone this one too, would they?
  8. Thanks, Bruce. Actually, I Beta-recorded the whole show in Dec ‘83 (since transferred to DVD)...so I was reporting for others. And it appears that Lincoln Center has removed its website’s reference to the entire show...so not sure what’s cooking. Blackout Wednesday? Still, good to see your links to the individual ballets. This whole Lincoln Center “Dance Week” has been bizarre. It began swimmingly on Saturday with a glorious direct-Youtube-link Midsummer, followed by odd situations. Sigh.
  9. It’s an oldie goldie! ABT at its finest. As discussed in another threat, it’s a shame that the Lincoln Center organization chose to not allow a direct search on YouTube...so cannot be accessed on our Smart TVs for optimal viewing. NYCB’s Midsummer Dream was instantly accessible. Let’s see what they’re planning to do with tonight’s 1983 Balanchine Celebration.
  10. They haven’t posted it yet. That makes me a bit nervous that they may try to make it difficult to access on purpose (union rules or whatever?)...and we may have to sweat as we did on Sunday night, waiting for special accessing instructions on the ABT-1978 show...or that we may be zinged with a last-minute postponement, as with the SAB Workshop Show on Monday. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that tonight’s scheduled show will happen. 🥴
  11. The same JoyceStream link takes you to a delightful 36-minute documentary that follows students of the Royal Danish Ballet school, When I Dance. Included are scenes of the current RDB Nutcracker (staged by Hubbe) and a gorgeous segment of my favorite RDB ballerina, Ida Pretorius, rehearsing Odette. The Kochetkova program begins on Friday; in the meantime, enjoy this lovely Danish program with English subtitles.
  12. Reminder that Lincoln Center resumes its regularly-scheduled Dance Week offerings with today’s Balanchine Tribute program from Dec 1983 (Mozartiana with Farrell!, Who Cares? and Vienna Waltzes); then Alvin Ailey mixed Bill tomorrow...assuming no further changes....and we yet don’t know if there will be any barriers/ requirements to access, as with Sunday’s ABT 1978 show. https://m.youtube.com/user/LincolnCenterVideos/videos Yesterday’s Coppelia postponed to Saturday night, as reported earlier.
  13. Maria Kochetkova’s 2019 Show to be streamed by the Joyce Theatre.. https://www.joyce.org/engage/joycestream
  14. While I agree that it’s mainly movement, The Cellist is a compelling piece of theatre and music. I loved the filming and how it captured the main characters’ interactions with family, colleagues, etc. Timing was perfect too - neither too long nor too short.
  15. Right. The current ENB Spanish Dance has many elements of the Russian/Mariinsky-then-Kirov tradition. The more that we examine it, the less Ashton we see. In general, the current bonanza of streams has not been too kind to Ashton...we’ve gotten one Fille Mal Gardee early on and the bits in this ENB Lake.
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