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  1. I too am quite familiar with the operetta and hear elements of the slow section of Act 1-no. 4 (trio “Sa Muss Allein Ich Bleiben...”) in parts of this pas de deux (at the 1:30 mark of the film, for ex.). The arranger, Gamley, seems to have taken great artistic license, straying far from Strauss Jr’s original...but I recognize bits...slowed and lengthened. There also may be bits from Strauss Jr’s ballet, Cinderella. The souvenir programme (booklet) from the August 1980 tour of Petit’s Ballet de Marseilles to the Uris Theatre (NY-Broadway), which included The Bat, had a b
  2. The Hungarian National Ballet (Budapest) will livestream Messerer’s staging of the Vainonen/Asafiev The Flames of Paris. Tickets to the 6 February, 7PM CET, performance, costing 4990 Forint (€13.9; $17), can be purchased through this bilingual page from the Hungarian Ballet’s website: https://online-operaotthonra.jegy.hu/#/event/parizs-langjai-online-premier/79976ccd-a0ef-4c77-b129-232efbb988e3
  3. If you enjoyed BRB’s recent performances of Vicente Nebrada’s romantic piano ballet Our Waltzes (Nuestros Valses), you won’t want to miss Nebrada’s Arabesque as the latest virtual offering from Ballet Hispanico (NYC), commencing Wed, 13 January, 6:30pm Eastern US time. Arabesque is set to Granados’ piano pieces Danzas Espanolas. Details on this page: https://www.ballethispanico.org/bunidos/watch-party BH’s Youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCeBVCPHnWSLKF4c53fAqDRw/videos
  4. I’m hoping that the RB’s revival of Ratmansky’s Preludes - programmed for June 2020 - will proceed when live performances return.
  5. This will be available in the USA on 26 February. I found it on the Barnes & Noble site. https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/dvd-the-cellist-dances-at-a-gathering/35056382 The US version of Amazon is becoming very difficult to navigate...it used to be so easy.
  6. A lovely, substantial program from Munich...three (3) complete ballets, each between 20-30 minutes in duration. The Scarlett, which was controversial when performed by ABT in NY, was 'toned down' here, with the offensive groping parts filmed from a far distance. Bravo, Bavarian State Ballet!
  7. Indeed...and it's 2:15 PM in eastern US. I'm determined to catch the initial freebie edition later today.
  8. Bavarian State Ballet (Munich) offers its PARADIGMA triple bill, streamed for free only tomorrow. After that, it streams for a cost of 9.90 Euros, commencing 6 January, for 30 days. This is the bill that includes Scarlett's With a Chance for Rain. details, including time zone viewing info: https://www.staatsoper.de/staatsballett/stueckinfo/montagsstueck-viii-paradigma.html?fbclid=IwAR2auPFpQHtgkirGTmIq6gCx8m_vXOdus9wr7UEQJjlOaeu9DqIIt2mgkqE This will be on the Staatsballett's own system...not on Youtube.
  9. From Russia with Love... The Vaganova Academy students’ new year’s concert —part I (diverts) from the Hermitage Theatre and part II (Nutcracker Snow & Kingdom of Sweets diverts) from the main hall at the Vaganova Academy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i4-_kjZ8oAg Rector Nikolai Tsiskaridze introduces the show. Dances, dancers & pedagogues identified (in Cyrillic) before every number. As always, extraordinary talent coming up the ranks.
  10. Alison, I believe that the fear was that the Vienna dancers wouldn’t be able to rehearse and film the numbers during COVID...but they did so, splendidly. However, there was something haunting about the empty auditorium at the Musikverein...no clapping along to the Radetzky March at the end. Must admit to a few tears.
  11. In the brief times of seeing live dance during the first 2.5 months of 2020, my highlights were: National Ballet of Canada's tour to the Kennedy Center/DC with Nureyev's splendid Sleeping Beauty w/ Heather Ogden & Harrison James in the leads and Elena Lobsanova & Naoya Ebe in Bluebird pdd. Three trips to NY to see NYCB in various novelties...incl. premieres by Ratmansky (quirky Voices) and Peck (Rotunda)..and to view a rarity -- Balanchine's complete Episodes with the "Paul Taylor Solo" danced by ex-Taylor company principal Michael Trusnovec. As it turned out, I
  12. Goodness me. Just watched Sarasota’s Program 3 and am in seventh heaven. So many delightful rarities and discoveries in this...not least of all the Pas de Quatre from Peter Wright’s Summertide, in and of itself worth the price of admission. This entire show is so well filmed and danced...hands down the best of the three digital programs from the troupe thus far. BRAVI tutti! What a way to begin 2021.
  13. Ah, we’re in luck. There’s confirmation on the Vienna State Ballet’s FB page of its participation in the concert. Two numbers - Margherita Polka and Voices of Spring Waltz - choreographed by Jose Martinez and costumes by Lacroix: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3624575594266242&id=154993347891168 Several specific dancers listed at the bottom of this notice. Yay!
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