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  1. Thanks, Alison. Miami and Arizona Ballets also presented significant digital seasons...such as Peck’s Heatscape and Ratmansky’s Symphonic Dances from Miami...or several Balanchines and Ib Andersen’s “desert ballets” from Arizona (but filmed with one far-view camera, alas). We saw many, many ballets from the comfort of our living rooms during the past five months.
  2. Shall we select our “top five” ballet streams of the past five+ months? With last night’s closing program from Vail, an intense dance-stream season is winding down. I made my selections based only on “brand new” content that had never before been streamed or cinemacast before the COVID situation. In other words, either new works or, if already seen, danced by a company not before seen in a certain ballet. First, my top-15 (or so) shortlist, by city/company...all very generous with streaming: Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon Ballet: Coppelia in the beloved version danced by ABT for decades...yet never before filmed (that I know) Copenhagen, RDB: Jewels, especially gorgeous in Emeralds (Susanne Grinder!) London, ROH: The Cellist + honorable mention “Blessed Spirits” with Vadim M! London, ENB: Nora by Stina Quagebeur New York, NYCB: Donizetti Variations (Concerto DSCH close behind) New York, Dance Th of Harlem: Balamouk By Lopez Ochoa New York, Ballet Hispanico: El Viaje by Liang Perm Ballet, Russia: Fadetta, full 3-act rarity by Boyarchikov-after-Lavrovsky Philadelphia, Penn. Ballet: Trigger Touch Fade by Elo San Francisco Ballet: Anima Animus by Dawson Stuttgart Ballet: Initials R.B.M.E. by Cranko (with Haydee/Jurgen Rose Sleeping Beauty a close 2nd) Seattle, Pacific NW Ballet: their historic Giselle, even if not an optimal filming Vail Festival Digital Edition in general...Balanchine’s rare Elegie especially welcomed My Top 5 winners are.... 1. INITIALS R.B.M.E.!!!!!!! Stuttgart 2. Donizetti Variations, NYCB 3. Fadetta, Perm 4. Balamouk, DTHarlem 5. Trigger Touch Fade, Pennsylv. Bonus- Best miniature: Vadim Muntagirov In Dance of the Blessed Spirits What a crazy, fabulous ride we’ve had through these streams...yet tempered with the knowledge of the sad reason behind it all. Still, imagine how long it would’ve taken us (and at what cost) to travel the globe to see all of these amazing ballets.
  3. Reminder that the last of the Vail 2020 Digital Edition shows premieres tonight @ 8pm EDT. By now, I’ve become a Lil’ Buck fan, so I’ll be sorely disappointed if we don’t see him. 🙏 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmPWvm5mNynfYJYaq_dbRA
  4. Maybe someone can split the topics? Somewhat sacrilegious to use a memorial on one beloved dancer ( Fadeyechev) to post and chit-chat about others. 😢 Sorry if I am sensitive.
  5. Thanks, Bruce. I totally agree. I’ll never forget his beautiful performance in Peck’s newest ballet, Rotunda, just before the pandemic shut-down. LJ was a last-minute substitute for the injured principal, Danchig-Waring...imagine that. I kept wondering, “Who is that sinewy gorgeous mover out there?” I’m sure that the world’s choreographers will be creating great things on LJ. And this interview just seals my great feelings about him.
  6. DTofHarlem’s complete quadruple-bill show at Jacob’s Pillow 2019 begins streaming tonight, including Balanchine’s Valse-Fantasie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wt27huTwvI
  7. This is turning out to be an excellent series of programs. For we NYCB and ABT fans, it’s a late-summer bonanza to see many favorite stars & up-and-commers in unfamiliar roles. For example, I believe that Vail A.D. Damien Woetzel had the “goods” on Roman Mejia way before his first appearance at the festival in 2017, while still a student at SAB. He was featured in the 2nd show’s The Personal Element and yesterday's 3rd program, in an excerpt from Neenan’s The Farewell. He closed the initial program with a bang - performing Ratmansky’s Fandango in the role created on Wendy Whelan & later by Sara Mearns. We also saw snippets of Mejia in Rubies pdd. He’s also listed to dance in one of the two full works on the last show (Dorrance’s “we seem to be more than one”). I’ve also enjoyed seeing so much of ABT’s Herman Cornejo. Vail has uploaded his full Suite of Dances on their Yt channel...if you enjoyed the 4th movement earlier, you can now see the full thing, as well as a conversation about the Robbins ballet: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NudXLr3IyVQ
  8. p.s. I just purchased my “ticket” for this performance. No problems with my being from out of state (not in the university system). In fact, during the ordering and payment process, one of the pull-down menus was for country (USA one of many). At some point, I ticked “fulfillment delayed-mobile delivery” option...so some sort of mobile confirmation or code will come to allow our household to watch this. Receipt sent instantly to my email account. So I’m all set to enjoy a live complete Don Q from ABT eight months from now. On my calendar, so I don’t forget...ha ha! 🤪
  9. Great news. I was sent the following email by a good friend who subscribes to a dance series at the University of Minnesota, where ABT is set to tour its Don Q in April. One of the performances will be a livestream option for $25 a household. No details yet about casting or platform to be used (locked Youtube, Vimeo or other). The notification from the university: https://tickets.umn.edu/northrop/online/default.asp?doWork%3A%3AWScontent%3A%3AloadArticle=Load&BOparam%3A%3AWScontent%3A%3AloadArticle%3A%3Aarticle_id=9F1C3F79-885E-4CBF-B1E1-2C605531684C So will other dance companies be touring/performing with video crews? Very exciting possibilities!
  10. The new “Pioneer Suite” Ballet by Sergeev looks adorable!
  11. Too much Lil’ Buck for my taste but these programs are meant to showcase variety. That said, as mentioned on the general thread, s out Program 1, I loved Peck and Fairchild in Limon’s Mazurkas Suite and Carla Korbes in Balanchine/Stravinsky Elegie. not performed since 1982.
  12. Of course, it’s in the eye of the beholder but I happen to agree with you. It’s not just her beauty (God-given features) but, more importantly, how she uses eyes and the rest to emit a sparkling quality (Fonteyn had this, too) that comes across as sincere. It is rehearsed...they are pros, after all. But it doesn’t come across as fake. I happen to feel the same about the ageless Roberto Bolle, among the guys. 😍
  13. From the Teatro Colon, a rare treasure: the version of Coppelia that is danced at ABT and throughout the Americas, by Enrique Martinez...yes, the version with the six Demi “friends” couples in the A3 Waltz, with each girl successively leaping onto her partner’s back, in “fish” position, carried off, running, into the wings...finally filmed! Storybook designs by Jose Varona. Filmed on June 15, 2018, with the first cast: Swanilda- Macarena Gimenez (a fave of mine since I saw her live in Aug 2015 debuting as Ashton’s Sylvia! Still in corps back then.) Frantz - Juan Pablo Ledo Dr. Coppelius - Tindaro Silvano A3 solo “Dawn” - Camila Bocca A3 solo “Prayer” - Paula Cassano Conductor, Martin West https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BHatmSmpRk
  14. The one-week Virtual 2020 Vail Dance Festival began last night. The initial show blended ballet and modern.tap offerings...with a heavy dose of Lil’ Buck in his white sneakers. Lil Buck & Tiler Peck feature in almost all four performance/excerpt shows. In last night’s opener, I especially loved seeing Tiler Peck & Robert Fairchild in Limon’s Suite from Mazurkas... performed back when they were a couple (either married or about to be). Our knowledge that they divorced soon after this film gives special pathos to their parting waves at the end of the ballet. Sigh. Carla Korbes in Balanchine’s 1982 Elegie was the other highlight for me. It’s a work never performed since 1982 until this Vail revival. So catch this rare Balanchine solo, to Stravinsky viola, while you can! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmPWvm5mNynfYJYaq_dbRA
  15. By the way, I’m assuming that Wu Siming is the guy because the name came second in the credits (!). If anybody can share the link of the troupe’s current roster, with names in English & photos, would be most grateful. The newest that I have is from a 2015 US tour, so not all of the gala’s featured dancers are listed.
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