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  1. About 30 mins each. No overture with Scheherazade. The Bayadere A3 ended with the g-p classique (Solor-Gamzatti + 6). No Nikiya basket dance, etc. The wildest applause was for Kimin Kim crossing the stage on the elephant. (Also some wild applause for Kim’s leaps during his solo.) There were also some fluff films in between. Curtain calls, especially the last one, after M&A...for coach Kovaleva. MANY dancers of past and present came out with bouquets. Entire evening went on for 3 hours.
  2. The Gala performance portion of the Mariinsky’s WBD participation was about two hours long and consisted of: Bayadere A3/Diverts and G-P Classique - Novikova & Kimin Scheherazade complete - Tereshkina & Kimin Romeo & Juliet last act - Kondaurova & Belyakov Marguerite & Armand complete - Vishneva & Askerov plus nice long tribute to pedagogue Kovaleva at the end...many hugs and flowers!
  3. Update to the above: All of the Mariinsky’s WBD segments are/will also be streaming on their YouTube channel. I’ve already found & “lined up” the icons for the Chat and the Gala on my Smart TV! Let me link here, too... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GiVcZafQO_I The above is the direct link to the Gala that begins at 12noon EST (17:00 BST, I think; 19:00 StPetersburg). The same YouTube channel also has a link to the dancers’ bilingual chat, beginning two hours before the Gala. Ah...and I see that the morning class is there too (archived). Enjoy! Bring on THE PHARAOH’s DAUGHTER sneak peek!!!
  4. Exciting livestream from the Mariinsky today, if not an official “World Ballet Day” Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/d41d8cd9/ballet-gala-diana-vishneva-viktoria-tereshkina-ekaterina-kondaurova-and-kimin-ki/970442797020435/ A class, a discussion in Russ/Engl with young soloists THEN (12noon eastern US time) a gala concert that will open with a sneak peak at Ratmansky’s recon of THE PHARAOH’s DAUGHTER. ps It’s all on the Mariinsky.tv channel. The class, on the historic stage, is happening right now, led by Yana Selina. https://mariinsky.tv/e
  5. It appears so. Natalia Osipova in a group dance at the end?! She’s listed among the Celestial Bodies. A “Find her if you can” situation!
  6. The Mariinsky is scheduled for the Kennedy Center/ Washington, DC, in late-April 2022. As someone pointed out above, one wonders if by then the Sputnik V vaccine is accepted for entry to the US.
  7. The Mariinsky’s Nutcracker - M. Chemiakin version. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2019/1/3/2_1930/
  8. I enjoyed this a lot. It prompted me to book my ticket to the livestream performance. Cannot wait! 😃
  9. My copy arrived yesterday - hurrah! At first glance, it’s quite the tome! It’s more a “coffee-table” book in size & presentation. Profusely illustrated. Something to savour for a long time. There’s even a chapter of “funny” (negative) reviews...the one on the Mikhailovsky’s Spartacus had me in stitches. Can’t wait to read the rest!
  10. As for a report, I honestly have little to add to the bits above except that I felt honored to be in the midst of an historic event! Was it perfect dancing? No - how could it be, after 18 months away and the introduction of several novice or apprentice corps dancers (the raggedy edges to Bizet 4th movmt)? Even for principals, several coming from injury or motherhood (amazing Meagan Fairchild leading Bizet 1st mvmt after giving birth to twins a few months ago). Yet, it was a magical evening, with soon-to-retire principals Maria Kowroski and Ask laCour taking the cake in a haunting rendition of Wheeldon’s After the Rain. (Wheeldon’s D.G.V. was the last work performed before COVID on 1 Mar 2020.) The other “wow performance” for me was Joseph Gordon as the leading gent in Bizet-1st mvmt. His high leaps & zippy pirouettes unforgettable! The sold-out audience cheered to the rafters, sometimes in the oddest spots of ballets - as Serenade’s ladies pique’ed in a giant circle. We just couldn’t contain our enthusiasm! Just as confetti rained from above at the final bows, love rained from the public. Welcome back, NYCB!!! ❤️ 💕 💗
  11. Here are links to a few photos of bows: Serenade l to r: LeCrone - Sanz - Hyltin - Danchig-Waring - Bouder https://share.icloud.com/photos/03Q6NSYup7UVSL-PTjlk86AZg After the Rain pdd Kowroski - laCour https://share.icloud.com/photos/0w7oT-S6Aw59fP8jBpvJM4lFA Symphony in C Andrew Litton and full cast...Tiler Angle with shaved head, behind Mearns (2nd couple from left) https://share.icloud.com/photos/0uLaa814YVzSuYwSGp-EU1TEQ I hope that I’ve done this properly...incursion into high-tech.
  12. I’ll prepare a proper report later. For now, suffice to say that the grand NYCB reopening was a huge hit from an emotional perspective! The audience fired a volley of “Bravos” to dancers and orchestra, many times. The sold-out audience wore masks...but every seat was occupied. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0oPRbbNjqrmqFLjm8Vmse5i8Q ...ah, my train to Washington is approaching. More later, when I’m awake.
  13. Will a photo attach? Let’s try. Lincoln Center plaza. It’s still here after 18 months!
  14. Didn’t know where else to put this... THE DAY HAS ARRIVED! NYCB is reopening tonight! WHOOP - WHOOP! 🥳 At Union Station, Washington, DC, about to Board my train. Curtain up on Serenade at 7:30pm...and the orchestra has agreed to play. Big applause to them!
  15. I’m glad that this forum chose to keep this topic alive & not bury it. That said, the behaviors described in Jennings’ article are disgusting. They makes me feel like 🤮. Not blaming individuals. Not blaming any one institution or country. Enough said.
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