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  1. POB list of streaming performances, again apologies if this has already been posted I couldn't find it when I searched. https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/news/performances-of-the-paris-opera-to-rediscover-online?fbclid=IwAR2897HpAQ5h9NiZPnN7BoT-1TQ0gfcv2arLRxKbXfmrtdug2UjEeoKXlYY At the bottom of the page they say this: "Due to currently unreleased rights, some of these broadcasts are geo-blocked for some territories. The Paris Opera is working on enlarging its broadcasting area." I also can't find a link to donate to POB, has anyone found one yet? If so could
  2. Paris Opera & Ballet will be screening various operas and ballets in the coming weeks. If I understand correctly available via www.operadeparis.fr https://www.lefigaro.fr/musique/l-opera-de-paris-met-en-ligne-gratuitement-ses-spectacles-pendant-le-confinement-20200316?fbclid=IwAR1g9tgzOGTs8qnxrrnb_tsfVOFfL-yDXGHTC0dFVqgmGKaQkf1r4VlJPq0
  3. Somewhat reduced due to 45 days of strike action ... Nice to see the Ashton ... 22/09/2020 Gala: Défilé/ Shechter/Robbins/Pite The Art of Not Looking Back/In the Night / Seasons’ canon 25/09-17/10/2020 Shechter/Robbins/Pite - The Art of Not Looking Back/In the Night / Seasons’ canon 27/10-14/11/2020 Cherkaoui/Eyal/Ashton – Sheherezade(New Work)/Après-midi d’un faune(New Work)/Rhapsody 4/12/2020-01/01/2021 Kylián - Petite Mort/Doux mensonges/Stepping Stones/Sechs Tänze 10/12/2020-02/01/2021 La Bayadere (Nureyev version) 4
  4. After nearly two months of strikes, Paris Opera Ballet returned to the stage at last with Giselle on Saturday. And what an evening it was! Firstly, I should explain that although we had excellent seats seven rows from the front of the stalls, two extremely large (tall and wide) people came and sat in front of us restricting the view of my six foot partner, let alone short dumpy me. This meant that all I could see for the whole evening was the right and left sides of the stage but nothing in the middle! It wasn’t a fault of the rake, nor the large people who after all didn’t choose
  5. Long ago I planned a lovely long weekend in Paris to see Raymonda, Le Parc and the Ballet School. I am none the wiser in respect of these performances as having negotiated a seat on a train not cancelled by Eurostar I arrived in Paris to daily messages saying my booked performances were cancelled. Cancellations are only announced on the day itself as the strikers have until a few hours before curtain up to declare themselves. The public transport strike is said to be rolling up until Christmas with a risk that performances will continue to be cancelled. Notwithstanding my disappointm
  6. When Paris Opera Ballet announced that the 19/20 season would include a new choreography by Crystal Pite, I thought JJJ. Exhilaration subsequently turned into hesitation when the company’s web site showed a planned duration of just 60 minutes plus interval for this new piece (it turned out to be around 90-100 minutes including interval) as I thought, well, not really, given Paris prices for tickets and travel … Things changed for the better when Bejart Ballet Lausanne announced that they’d perform Ballet for Life in Paris at the end of October. Adding a few temporary exhibitions, and there it
  7. Below a first set of announcements for the 17/18 season at various companies and venues in France. Bordeaux will announce their 17/18 season on 22 May; Ballet Nice Mediterranee, Mandalain Ballet, Ballet Preljocaj & others tbc. Feel free to add others. Theatre des Champs Elysees, Paris http://2018.theatrechampselysees.fr/saison/danse We’ve already known from toursenlair for some time that the National Ballet of Canada will perform Nijinsky in October. Further companies and works: St Petersburg Ballet Theatre (Swan Lake, Paquita, Chopiniana), LA Dance Project, a progr
  8. Paris Opera Ballet: Thanks, Bruce! I'm not sure what the geographic spread of these outside France is, but thought we should record it anyway.
  9. Has anyone’s child been to the Paris Opera Ballet summer intensive before? I’m wondering what a typical daily schedule looks like?
  10. 20 sept Opening gala 23 sept - 15 oct: Hiroshi Sugimoto/Alessio Silvestrin : At the Hawk's Well; Forsythe Blake Works 26oct - 17 nov: New Crystal Pite (60 segments in 60 minutes) 3-31 Dec: Raymonda 9-31 Dec: Le Parc (Preljocaj) 31 Jan - 15 feb: Giselle 3 - 22 feb: Concerto Barocco, 4 Temperaments. Serenade 25-30 March: POB School Coppelia (Lacotte) 14 april - 8 May: New Alan Lucien Oyen 12-30 May Mayerling 4-7 JUne Nederlands Dans Theater 26 June - 14 July Play (Ekman)
  11. For those with access to Arte, the performance of Cinderella by Paris Opera Ballet on 31st December 2018 will be streamed from 22h15 (French time) onwards. The POB site for Cinderella https://www.operadeparis.fr/saison-18-19/ballet/cendrillon states that the streaming will come with a slight delay compared to the live performance at the Opera Bastille (scroll down to the bottom of the page). According to the French site Danses avec la plume https://www.dansesaveclaplume.com/en-coulisse/1040649-adieux-a-la-scene-de-karl-paquette-le-31-decembre/, it will be the final act of Cinderella toget
  12. I have just spotted a tweet advising people intending to attend performances on Saturday 8 December at the Paris Opera. Presumably they are considering cancelling performances due to the planned demonstrations by les gilets jaunes. They haven't bothered emailing me to warn me that my matinee seat at the Bastille (for Nureyev's Cinderella) is in jeopardy. The news reports have focused on trouble near the Arc de Triomphe, some distance away, although the Bastille area can attract demonstrations because of its role in the French Revolution.
  13. Le Figaro published an article on 15 April 2018 containing the results of the a survey carried out among the POB company. The article is behind a pay-wall, but it has been summarised in an on-line ballet press round-up in France: https://www.dansesaveclaplume.com/hors-scene/584214-revue-de-presse-dansee-s17-18-ep24/ It appears that almost 77% of dancers who participated considered they had either been the victims of or had witnessed episodes of moral harassment (I think this is probably "bullying") and 26% considered that they had been the victims of sexual harassment
  14. To my astonishment I was given a set of earplugs at the Paris Opera Ballet mixed programme, prior to Schechter's piece, The art of not looking back. (The message on the plastic cover said, in French, 'So that the music remains a pleasure"). Has anyone been given ear plugs at the ballet before? Unfortunately the ear plugs didn't prevent someone in the central stalls being seriously incapacitated during the piece. Like the music, the choreography was often dark and aggressive, and contained words blaming his mother for leaving him. Danced by nine women it contrasted utterly with a ba
  15. I was delighted with POB's performance of Don Quixote last night, but imagine my delight when after the show Aurelie Dupont came on stage to promote Valentine Colasante to Etoile!! Valentine had just danced a fantastic Kitri with some amazing long balances so I was already impressed but so must the boss have been!! It was quite something to see. As I am currently still on the hoof my best photos of the occasion will have to wait but hopefully this gives you an idea. https://mobile.twitter.com/Scarfie1/status/949423935862575104/photo/1
  16. The anniversary performances of Jewels started in New York last night. If anyone has been please post your thoughts! In the meantime this lovely film from the curtain call has appeared on You Tube via Twitter. Enjoy. Http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4LL8rdTsQzg
  17. Emmanuel Thibault is retiring from the Paris Opera Ballet. I vividly remember watching Paquita at the Garnier, my companion was seeing Thibault dance for the first time, he was so excited at what he saw, he nearly went over the parapet. He is, unsurprisingly, a huge admirer of Lopatin too. Thibault had an army of admirers, his first leading role was in Don Q., conveniently a matinee, that had fans from across Europe congregating in Paris for the event, Clement Crisp and John Percival were sitting together in the front row of the stalls. The atmosphere was very special
  18. Brigitte Lefèvre organised a number of – I understand informal – choreographic events for the company’s dancers when she was at the helm of POB. Benjamin Millepied changed this into something more formal and set up a Choreographer’s Academy, with Sébastien Bertaud, Simon Valastro, Bruno Bouché and Nicolas Paul – all dancers with POB – participating, and with William Forsythe as – then – mentor (I’ve read somewhere that Aurélie Dupont has since put the Academy on standby, and I can’t see any choreographic events scheduled for next season at all). The mixed programme at Palais Garnier last week
  19. A collation of announcements of the forthcoming 2016/17 season at various companies in France. Please feel free to add others to the list. Théâtre du Capitole (Toulouse) http://www.theatreducapitole.fr/1/saison-2016-2017/saison-2016-2017-2093.html?lang=fr A million kisses to my skin by David Dawson. Kader Belarbi’s version of Don Quixote. Etc. Ballet Nice Méditerranée http://www.opera-nice.org/fr/calendrier# Jiri Kylian’s Sinfonietta. Liam Scarlett’s Vespertine, created for Norwegian Ballet. A new Firebird. Eric Vu-An’s version of Don Quixote. Etc. Opéra National du Rhin (Stras
  20. Paris Opera Ballet and The Bolshoi are to collaborate with New York City Ballet in 5 performances next summer, 20-23 July 2017, to celebrate 50 years of Balanchine's trilogy Jewels. POB will dance Emeralds, NYCB Rubies and the Bolshoi Diamonds. Later in the run NYCB and the Bolshoi will swap. Each company will use it's own costumes, so Lacroix for POB, Karinska for NYCB and Zaitseva for The Bolshoi. Should be a fantastic treat to see this!! http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/30/arts/dance/celebrating-balanchines-jewels-with-an-international-flair.html?smid=tw-nytimesarts&smtyp=cur
  21. I am about to book tickets at the Opera Garnier for November triple bill by Paris Opera ballet. Please can I have some advice about where in the theatre is a good place to sit and any tips about visiting the opera house. Thank you
  22. Last Saturday there was a 'soiree' to celebrate France's most famous 20th century ballerina, Yvette Chauvire. The Palais Garnier was full of distinguished ballet dancers from the past but the event was a shambles. There was no introduction. It opened with a defile of all the current Opera dancers, as impressive as ever on the huge raked stage; but from then it went downhill. In all there were only 33 minutes of live dance, badly under-rehearsed. The orchestra played so badly they were booed at the end. The Grand Pas Classique, which was created on her, was poorly danced, and brought back
  23. Hi, has anyone applied for this summer school? Does anyone have any info on chances of getting in and when they release the results. Thanks
  24. A new documentary about the Opera de Paris has been in cinemas throughout France since 5th April. I saw it in Nice on Sunday. The documentary traces individuals, groups and events behind the scenes and on stage over at least one season. In doing so, it shows what I would summarise as the human side of work at an opera house – such as facial expressions of participants in discussions (e.g., expressing disagreement), worries and doubts of performers during the rehearsal process as well as the successful performance, challenging managerial aspects (dealing with a strike that has been announc
  25. I think Paris Opera Ballet School are doing their first ever summer school from 8-18 July; see link below: http://www.operadeparis.fr/en/L_Opera/L_Ecole_de_Danse/Stage_ete_EcoleDanse/
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