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  1. 😄 Oh lord ! Perhaps he thinks he's Bertie Wooster?
  2. Is he? I've never seen him before - I'm afraid I couldn't help a smirk and shake of the head when I saw him the cafe!
  3. I wouldn't normally book to see the same cast in a run, but as I was so impressed with Thiago Soares, Itziar Mendizabel and David Donnelly (plus the added advantage of an early start of 7pm!) I decided to book again, and am so glad I did. There is always the danger of a second time around that it might not be as good as one remembers but thankfully it was. I was much closer to the stage this time so was able to see the cast's facial expressions which I think is particularly important in something like Onegin. All the cast were excellent and I'm particularly pleased to see David Donnelly doing so well in such a major role. Hopefully onwards and upwards for him! Barring the glam Russian couple sitting next to me who kept whispering to each other during the first Act, it was a splendid evening. Just a shame it isn't filmed ! By the way did anyone see the chap in the top hat and white tie?
  4. I think it certainly does. I’m in the stalls for tonight’s Onegin compared to the GT earlier in the run.
  5. And from Dances https://photos.alastairmuir.com/Ballet/Royal-Ballet/Dances-at-a-Gathering/i-Tgz4vKB
  6. Interesting to read everyone's comments thus far. I have rather mixed feelings on the evening; I thoroughly enjoyed Dances (though possibly could have been perhaps a bit shorter?) Full of praise for the dancers and the pianist Robert Clark. Not quite sure what to say about The Cellist - excellent in parts and very moving. However the constant changing of the main set started to grate and I found it a bit of a distraction. The same applies with the supporting case - very cleverly used in parts but again sometimes they distracted from what was happening with the main trio. There were also a couple of occasions when I really didn't have a clue what was supposed to be happening. I would probably give Dances 8 of 10, and The Cellist 6.5. As an aside the survey I received from ROH today was the first time it had detailed questions, rather than just asking whether I enjoyed the visit and whether I would recommend a visit.
  7. Some more pictures from The Cellist https://photos.alastairmuir.com/Ballet/Royal-Ballet/The-Cellist/
  8. Photos from Dances at a Gathering https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157713148956048 The Cellist https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157713147502286
  9. Given that booking for the Gala opened for everyone this morning, I thought I would have a problem booking a seat. However I managed to get into the site with only a delay of a minute or so and was able to book for the front row of the amphitheatre.
  10. I noticed that when booking this morning - perhaps they gave up their Christmas bonuses?
  11. Is anyone planning to go? I will try and grab a cheap seat if I can - don’t think I can run to several thousand pounds for the top seats !
  12. It is a shame about the lack of a matinee. I have booked for the 18th and have had to take an afternoon’s holiday from work in order to get up to London !
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