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  1. Just got my newspaper through the letterbox announcing a new national lockdown - I won't put what I feel in words as it might offend! I will be so disappointed for everyone - particularly the dancers and other staff at the Royal Ballet and elsewhere. I suppose we shall just have to see what restrictions are imposed and hope for the best.
  2. I have to confess I watched a bit of it at work today (it was my lunch 'hour' in my defence), and as always it is absolutely fascinating. I shall watch more over the weekend as the weather is supposed to be horrid. I have just been watching the rehearsal from Within the Golden Hour with David Donnelly and Teo Tubreuil - just how dances keep directions etc in their heads continues to amaze. I am afraid with me, it would be in one ear and out the other!
  3. Excellent points there - I have often wondered about the size of its audience base. Perhaps a couple of well-placed interviews with Kevin o'Hare or Alex Beard in the press about re-opening?
  4. What an excellent idea - I will have to have it playing on my phone while I'm at work! Hopefully it will be available to view later in the day.
  5. I did manage to get single tickets - after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with dates and different parts of the auditorium!
  6. Glad you mentioned that - I was quite surprised - we may find ourselves sitting amongst the orchestra!
  7. Oh well better than a poke in the eye! There aren't that many cultural institutions that would have something so valuable they could sell without causing too much of a fuss. It will be interesting to see what further Government support they get.
  8. I seem to recall from his IG that he is carrying an injury but can't find it now - it may have been on his IG Story hence why I can't find it!
  9. They’re good aren’t they? Looks like a GDPR breach waiting to happen!
  10. Not as yet - probably won’t show up until late next week!
  11. I will be poised over my computer at work waiting to get in the queue at 10am!
  12. Just had an email from ROH saying that the invitation to apply for the ballot was sent in error! Not sure if that was just me or everyone who got the invitation to apply!
  13. If anybody was thinking of bidding for the Hockney - here at the details! https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/paintings/david-hockney-portrait-of-sir-david-webster-6285715-details.aspx?from=salesummary&intObjectID=6285715&lid=1
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