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  1. This is the link I referred to my earlier post - its from the IBStage 2017 gala (hope this works - and its allowed!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e_aZ-Ugpoo
  2. I've read through everybody's comments on the performances they have seen and as ever it is always interesting to see such differing viewpoints. I had not seen any of the two returning pieces before so didn't really know what to expect. I would normally say that I am not normally keen on contemporary works but having seen Asphodel Meadows earlier in the year and been so impressed, I thought I ought to go see and these modern works, and I am glad I did. Within the Golden Hour was wonderful and would be very happy to see it time and again. I managed to find an extract from 2017 on YouTube with David Donnelly and Teo Dubreuil and watched it over again several times today! Medusa was much better than I thought it would be. Bizarrely the electro-music worked better for me than the Purcell - the latter just didn't seem to fit the pace of the piece. As to Flight Pattern I wasn't really sure what I would make of it and at the start I thought 'oh no half an hour of this'. However after a few minutes I was completely mesmerised and about half way through to my embarrassment had tears streaming down my face (thank goodness for the dark). Rarely have I been so moved. An afternoon well spent. Next Saturday R&J!
  3. I've read through everyone's reviews of the performances so far so I will see for myself on Saturday afternoon! Particularly looking forward to Upon the Golden Hour.
  4. There is an article by Alex Beard in the new edition of the RoH magazine discussing new prices etc and that the RoH needs to react in the light of declining Arts Council grant.
  5. As it was behind a paywall I did add a link to a word version earlier this morning but this has been removed as it contravenes the Forum's rules . It is an interesting article though.
  6. That's good - something to look forward to when I'm at work ! 😋
  7. Presumably these are the same performances as on the DVD? (which I have !)
  8. Pictures are here (also Medusa and Flight Pattern) - https://photos.alastairmuir.com/Ballet/Royal-Ballet/Within-the-Golden-Hour-19/i-nXFQRv6
  9. Glad you mentioned the door numbering - I think it may take a little time for the regulars to get used to it! Very interesting comments all round.
  10. I wouldn't suggest this to the BBC as they might take it up !
  11. I did see Kevin O'Hare walking (striding even!) along Floral Street before the matinee on Saturday but i didn't want to embarrass either of us by going up to him! Glad you manged to see to Campbell afterwards - I wish I had stayed !
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