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  1. I certainly don't want to see anybody put at risk from the virus but until we have a vaccine we will have to live with it, potentially for years. Ultimately businesses that cannot function (with or without taxpayer support) go bust. Quote: "I think it unfair to expect people to perform for me if they think there is any risk to them let alone other members of the audience." People who work in the supermarkets have been required to work throughout - despite the risk to themselves.
  2. Not according to Prof Carl Heneghan of Oxford https://twitter.com/carlheneghan/status/1289993340927139840
  3. Well I went to the Titian exhibition at the National Gallery today for which I had to book (and one would have to book to see the rest of the Gallery now anyway) but other than my name and where I live they know nothing about me!
  4. Out of interest do cultural institutions regularly survey the background/ethnicity etc of their visitors/audience - especially those for example those museums/galleries which are free?
  5. I wouldn't worry too much - the article goes on to say: "We didn't see any significant association with survival and the length of hospital stays with this mutation – we don't think this mutation is important in changing virulence. The effect seems to be on transmissibility."
  6. One step forward..let’s hope it’s not two steps back come the Autumn!
  7. Unfortunately the issue of redundancies was mentioned by Alex Beard in the 'Digital Event' this afternoon.
  8. Quote: "Philanthropists, Sponsors, Supporting and Premium Friends, and Baton Associates". Unfortunately I will be at work so whether I can listen in on my mobile without annoying anyone I shall have to see !
  9. From those I follow on IG, most seem to be on holiday at the moment! There is a 'digital event' on Thursday with Alex Beard so there might be further news from that.
  10. Its the UK Theatre Audience Confidence Survey. Having completed it, I am not entirely sure how helpful the responses will be for opening up, but we shall see.
  11. Hopefully if this new test developed by Oxford Uni works, it should help the fight (there are other similar tests that were mentioned in the news some time ago but they haven't been rolled out yet. Don't know why. https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2020-07-08-oxford-scientists-form-spinout-launch-rapid-covid-19-virus-test
  12. I enlarged the imaged and cropped it - from tomorrow's FT front page
  13. I see that the National Gallery re-opens on 8th July and the Wallace Collection on the 15th, both requiring pre-booked tickets (free), so it is good news that our cultural landscape is starting to re-open, albeit slowly. With the news regarding RB dancers returning next month there is some (small) positivity there as well.
  14. As I am on holiday (at home) this week, I thought I would try and catch a bit of the debate. Well, I say 'debate' a series of speeches isn't really a debate! I can't say I was very impressed at all - np mention of the arts and if the MPs I saw (on either side of the aisle) are the best this country can come up with then we're stuffed! Noting what Capybara has said I do wonder whether the people coming up with these rules have ever been further than the door of their office? Presumably they are the same people who thought that it would be possible for children to go back to school en masse and social distance at the same time?
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