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  1. Watching at a cinema screening - how joyful is Marianela? looking forward to seeing it live at the end of December
  2. What a shame for James - glad I managed to catch them both in rehearsal. They make a fine pairing
  3. Some pics from the RoH's Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157711978297698
  4. What a pain in the proverbial. Hopefully an usher will sort him out!
  5. I was going to try and upload the seating plan for the Spring Season but the pdf is too big! Will try and shrink it or something at work tomorrow
  6. I appreciate this is not on topic but...I was aware that this series was on YouTube, just hadn't got round to watching it (I do remember it when it was aired). Fascinating to see how the House looked before the 1990s renovations.
  7. Just had this in Insights The dates of the below Insights which were unknown at the time of your Spring magazine going to print have now been confirmed as: The Royal Opera House in Rehearsal on 22 April 2020 Elektra on 12 May 2020 Behind the Scenes - Film & Broadcast on 13 May 2020 Four further Insights have also been added to the Programme: In Conversation with Antonio Pappano on 27 January 2020, Linbury Theatre In Conversation with David Hallberg on 19 March 2020, Clore Studio In conversation with Francesca Hayward on 6 April 2020, Linbury Theatre Behind the Scenes Hair, Wigs and Make-up on 30 April 2020, Clore Studio
  8. That's interesting - the email which I too have just had implies that Calvin Richardson has been replaced in all four performances not that there has been a swap ! Don't they proof read these messages before sending them?
  9. I think William Bracewell is next on stage in December in Enigma Variations. Coincidentally I was thinking the same thing the other day
  10. Just had a reminder on YouTube for the next Insight which is on Monday at 19:30 (I wasn't aware of this beforehand so would have missed it!) - oddly its for The Sleeping Beauty - I would have thought that they would have broadcast this before the current run, but there we are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPSKJhC34Qw
  11. Some pictures from the RoH's Flickr account for your enjoyment https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157711750194633
  12. Absolutely - certainly one of the best insights I have seen (and that’s even watching on my phone in my hotel room!) I don’t think I’ve seen Leanne Cope presenting before- she was excellent
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