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  1. Yes it was lovely - luckily I was staying overnight in London (back when we were allowed to) so didn't have to rush for the train. Perhaps they will show the Dream and Symphonic Variations too as they were part of the triple bill?
  2. I think its the one filmed performance where I was actually in the audience - it was Zenaida Yanowsky's last performance before her retirement.
  3. I appreciate this isn't necessarily the most exciting topic ever posted (!) but some might be interested to know that the ROH's latest accounts (year to August 2019) are now available (via Companies House): https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/00480523/filing-history/MzI4NzQyODc3NGFkaXF6a2N4/document?format=pdf&download=0
  4. Happy Christmas to everyone. I had two gift certificates from the ROH from two friends/colleagues from work - I see they expire in 36 months so (hopefully) plenty of time to put them to good use! Here's hoping for a better 2021! 🤞
  5. I have to say I didn't notice that, but her mention of two performances on the same day and all the younger dancers being in the same studio (plus James Hay's hair being much longer (!)) made me think it was from a few years ago 😄
  6. Something a bit more cheery - behind the scenes with Anna Rose O'Sullivan by Andre Uspenski (DancersDiary on IG) https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJEZMYvgU4G/ (I think those who don't use Instagram should hopefully still be able to watch)
  7. Such a shame but the ROH website now says that the livestream has been cancelled (apologies if posted elsewhere) “Due to London's Tier 4 status, we must with sadness cancel all further performances and the live stream of The Nutcracker. Individuals who have bought access to the live stream on 22 December will be contacted and refunded”
  8. Its also on BritBox (together with the Sleeping Beauty)
  9. It is farcical but unfortunately ministers (irrespective of party affiliation) officials and experts don’t want to admit to errors so I suspect we will be stuck like this until the Spring. Let’s hope the vaccine rollout proceeds smoothly and at pace! 🤞
  10. From Anna Rose O'Sullivan's IG - such a shame she won't be able to perform as the Sugar Plum Fairy this run. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI6NtTmFArO/
  11. To quote James Kirkup in the Spectator [re the easing of restrictions next week even in Tier 3 areas] "The sheer inconsistency and gaping lack of logic borders on black comedy."
  12. I’m afraid it’s all starting to look rather ominous. The Health Secretary is to make a statement this afternoon 🤞
  13. Just read your comment on the T'graph's comment section - I agree entirely. I'm afraid the paper has been going down hill for some time.
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