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  1. As I’m on holiday this week I have watched some of World Ballet Day on my phone but as that has done my eyes no good at all I will leave it until I am back home. However the R&J rehearsal looked fantastic from what I could see - very tempted to book and see Bracewell and Kaneko a second time. Hope those going on Saturday enjoy them as much as I did.
  2. The chap sitting next to me on Saturday put his on, so that's one person! I was in the GT on Saturday and mask wearing seemed pretty good.
  3. Some rather wonderful photos of Bracewell and Kaneko from the ROH's Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157720031365270
  4. You’re not the only one! Waterloo Station is a bit of a let down after that!
  5. What marvellous performances this afternoon from William Bracewell and Fumi Kaneko. Rather an early start but London at 10am was rather lovely with the sun shining through the mist.
  6. Apologies if I am missing your point but if you save the link in your comment as a bookmark that will take you there every time. For some reason the newer cast sheets aren't in pdf format anymore. However if you print to pdf you can save them as pdf documents for future reference/printing.
  7. A five-star review in the Telegraph from Mark Monahan: (behind paywall) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/dance/what-to-see/romeo-juliet-royal-ballet-review-sexy-stirring-nail-biter-evening/
  8. In anticipation of the Royal Ballet's Autumn season which starts on Tuesday 5th October, here are some rehearsal photos to whet your appetite! William Bracewell and Fumi Kaneko certainly seem to make a lovely pairing - which is good as I am seeing them on the 9th! https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157719943466395
  9. It's a shame - I'm also booked for that performance (I don't live in London but not too far). I do hope that most of the remaining seats sell in time. I suppose there is almost a fortnight to go, so fingers crossed.
  10. Lord Gowrie in the 1980s perhaps? Obviously pre-culture department.
  11. So many u-turns from the Government on this issue, it's really quite ridiculous. I have the upmost sympathy for anyone involved in running or working in an 'entertainment venue'. The Government is just making a pretty dire situation much worse.
  12. For something that is supposed to start at the end of this month, the Government's proposals still seem very vague. Does legislation need to be passed in order to ensure enforcement/compliance? If so they are cutting it fine!
  13. Hi - As Alison has mentioned they have had the requirement for ID for some time but I have never been asked for it - certainly not prior to the pandemic or on my visits since December last year, so you should be fine!
  14. I think if you are in the first (or second) row of the Balcony but fairly central then you should be fine. Unlike the Grand Tier as you move away from the centre in the Balcony the rail etc starts to impede the view quite considerably. Personally I prefer the front two rows of either the Grand Tier or the Balcony as I can be sure of an unimpeded view. Having said that, in the many times I have sat in the Stalls I can't recall having much of a problem (and I speak as someone who isn't that tall).
  15. Pleased to say that my booking went relatively smoothly today and so much easier than under the temporary arrangements. The website was very slow first thing and it wouldn't let me log in - wasn't sure whether the slowness was the ROH's website or my employer's internet connection! Have had the complication of trying to anticipate a possible (second( operation in the autumn so have left a big gap between R&J and Giselle and hopefully I can fit it in then!
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