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  1. Many congratulations to your DD. Wishing her a very successful and happy career.
  2. Many congratulations Primrose. Its wonderful that your hard work has received recognition. Hopefully through all your work and efforts important lessons will be learnt to ensure this does not happen again.
  3. You must be so proud of your son and all that he has achieved. His journey will be so inspiring to others. I wish him every success for his training at Central.
  4. A big thank you to you Sim and all the moderators for all the work and effort you put in to keep this wonderful Forum going. It's lovely to read all the support given to and knowledge from everyone contributing to the Forum and especially at this difficult time. Happy New year to you all, Moderators and Members and here's hoping for a better 2021 for us all.
  5. Hi Adrian I've completed and submitted your survey. I hope the replies are of help to you!
  6. This is brilliant, so, so funny!!
  7. I totally agree. It's a great forum and source of help and information. It's amazing that they all continue to make time to look after the forum during their busy days. Thank you all.
  8. Wishing you the very best of luck Balletbear for your auditions and to all the dc of baller coers for their upcoming auditions.
  9. Brilliant news!! Delighted he has at last received this honour. Many congratulations Sir David.
  10. Hello Sim A very big thank you to you and all the other moderators for all the work, time and effort you all give to running this wonderful Forum. It's a font of knowledge and also lovely to see how members support each other as their children go on their ballet journey. Here's to the next 8 years! Wishing you, all the moderators and Forum members a happy Christmas and a happy ballet year in 2020.😊
  11. That's fantastic news cavycapers. Many congratulations to you!😉
  12. It's great to hear that your dd has someone standing up for her. I hope this is the start of better times for your dd- and you of course!
  13. What an amazing experience for you Jenny - it doesn't get much better than that. Ballet heaven indeed!! Thank you for telling us about this and the performances you enjoyed.
  14. Congratulations Red Shoes!! You should be feeling really proud of yourself on your wonderful achievement!
  15. That's a great achievement! You should take up your place as its an amazing opportunity for you. The school has spotted that you have talent so go for it!!
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