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  1. Ps. She’s taken her Adv2 tap and still copes with the DIY version 😉
  2. Hi. If you can’t buy one and your local timber merchants aren’t open, my DD has used a shelf from a built in wardrobe. Very sturdy. Just a tad narrow. But two positioned together stays in place when on carpet. Does look a tad scuffed after use but they do clean up afterwards. Just don’t think that a Lino flooring is an option!! Those scuff marks certainly don’t wipe off. 😂
  3. Welcome to the club. Having just received a lesson in ICT myself. The lessons are all steamed on instagram. Enjoy ☺️
  4. I totally understand. A personal friend of mine Jordan, will be streaming a jazz tech class on Tuesday at 4.30pm for an hour. Understanding that students still have lessons to complete. All levels welcome but probably aimed to those with sound knowledge of dance technique. Appreciate it’s not ballet but he is keen for all dancers to maintain their fitness and stamina during this down time. Just like he has to. As the class will come live from his own living room in London he will be fully aware of the limitations of most homes 😉 Jordan is a graduate of GSA, former cast member of Les Cage...... and current cast member of the WestEnd production of Mary Poppins. He’s also a member of the House of Jazz. And if that’s not enough he is a regular teacher at his old studios. Can be found on - @jerseyacademyofdancing. All are welcome. Keeeeeep Dancing. 🕺🏻💃🏼☺️
  5. There will be a live stream for a warmup/ballet barre class tomorrow(Monday) at 10.30am by Charise Logan, former cast member of Phantom of the Opera and currently a member of the teaching faculty for Urdang. @livestreamdancefitness @theurdang @dancebasestudios @houseofjazzcompany. Open to all levels and suitable for even the most ‘compact’ of workout spaces. Get your Monday morning Motivation off to the right start🙆‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🩰
  6. NBS closed at 6.30pm yesterday, immediately after they performed their Easter show behind closed doors.😢 Recorded for their assessments. Emotional time for all but they kept smiling through to their final curtain call 👏🏻👏🏻 DD flew home today, just hours after our Gov changed policy. We are now on a compulsory 14 day household isolation. Ballet Barre hauled out of storage and ready to embrace the online lessons that are going to be streamed. A past pupil of DD’s old studio who should be performing in the WestEnd is also going to stream a jazz class next week, designed for the more compact living room. 😉. Even some mums are going to give it a go !!! Ouch. I can feel the body aching before I start. Principal has encouraged everyone to share their photos as they ‘home school’ 😉😁. Challenging times ahead for all but I’m sure there’s going to be a fantastic (distance) dance community thriving. Finding amazing new ways to stay fit and connected. 💻📺📲 Stay safe everyone and keeeeep dancing 🙆‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🕺🏻💃🏼👯👯‍♀️
  7. I totally sympathise with you. There has been an announcement earlier today that RAD have officially suspended all examinations. RAD HQ is also suspending all their degree courses to at least the end of the Easter Holidays.
  8. That’s reassuring. My DD is being caught in the middle of not wanting to miss classes if NBS remain open but also like other pupils from European countries and Ireland being recalled home. But if she does come home she’s looking at the minimum of 6 weeks of no intensive training. The exact length of time as 1/2 a term. Lost. 😭
  9. I agree. It’s also reflected in the more tests done the more likely the positive results will increase . Not because there are necessarily more people infected in just a week just more tests done so the probable outcome will change. The authorities here have decided not to test anyone displaying symptoms of the virus just told to self-isolate, unless they have been in direct contact with the two residents who tested positive or a direct travel pathway from an infected country (probably easier to list those countries who haven’t got it). So at the mo we have no idea of numbers in the island. Ps. Considering how warm and sunny it is today it’s eerily quiet.
  10. Press release from RCS. https://www.rcs.ac.uk/audition-update-covid-19/
  11. Meanwhile our Chief Minister held a press conference yesterday. Message sent out :- Keep Calm and Carry on, including taking holidays. Yup they actually said that. 🤦‍♀️ But then added that they were ‘cancelling all non-essential Government business travel’🤷🏼‍♀️ ps. Even though airlines are cancelling flights right left and centre. As parents we are obviously concerned just like everyone else, how our children will get home should the UK start closing the schools. Can Boarders stay on the premises if they can’t travel home?
  12. MoveIt 2020 at the Excel have just postponed the entire event UFN.
  13. We (Jersey) have it slightly in reverse. Many travellers returning to the island from Italy after the 1/2 term break including a school group. 2 confirmed cases and 20+ in self isolation. The local Government are holding an emergency meeting to consider options to reduce the risk to the islanders. Airlines have already reduced flights. Being on an island we also have limited access to Health Care. Should the worse case scenario occur, and we follow Ireland then what happens to over 1500 local teenagers who are currently in the UK at vocational schools colleges and universities come the Easter holidays. Add into the mix, if COBRA make the decision to close the above then what happens to not just students from the Channel Islands but also all the international students? Preparing for the worst praying for the best.
  14. BBC News flash just announced. Republic of Ireland have just closed all schools and colleges and other public facilities from 18.00hrs this evening until 29th March.
  15. If the cancellation is related to current events concerning health, then it’s Interesting to know that MoveIt is taking place this weekend after receiving advice from the UK Gov and given the go-ahead.
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