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  1. Same here. DD (and me) really didn’t want to audition for a school/college in London. Which was a challenge when looking at options. Moving out of home just 8 weeks after she turned 16 was also a factor. We had to look at the bigger picture. not just the school/college but also the accommodation/commute/living/travel home for holidays as well as maintenance costs etc. Just like you, Happiness comes top of our list as well.
  2. So true. I hadn’t thought of it like that. Just like my old academic (all girls) school along with old dance school as many girls attended both. Appears to have this invisible tight hold on all past pupils, constantly amazed at how far our little community stretch’s across the world. We laugh about there’s a little of us nearly everywhere you go. You only have to a strike up a conversation to join the dots makes the world feel a wee little bit smaller 🌍😉 Thank you. DD is loving life. Feet are not always in agreement though 😂.
  3. That’s why I liked NBS (1st choice). Selected an early audition date in Nov. Audition and acceptance letter (yup, no email) all done and dusted by the 28th Nov. Big sigh of relief and then could focus on GCSE’s. No idea how other yr11’s manage it. Not just the audition itself but all the travelling whilst balancing out the upcoming school exam season. 🍀
  4. Whilst I appreciate the support from the UK Gov who created the DaDa. I only wish our local education dept could do the same. But I can see the allocation procedure very stressful. Auditioning at several schools then being offered a place but then having to await notification if you are going to be awarded funding (aka DaDa). Which could turn out not to be your personal choice of school but have to settle on where the funding is. Living just outside UK jurisdiction but still part of GB all students apply directly to the local Student Finance Dept at Education run by the local Government. Based on certain criteria a student is then allocated funding (sliding scale subject to parental income). The student can then source their own institute be it vocational or academic route. Not relying on the schools/colleges/Unis to make that decision for them. All funding is made in the form of a Grant. The down side Is that our local authority have now set the max Grant to be equal to a standard University Degree. Which as we all know falls well short of Vocational US fees. Maintenance is also a standard amount which doesn’t reflect increase costs for those pupils based in London. Would be great if both Governments could meet in the middle and blend both kinds of funding and allocation to offer the best service to all.
  5. Lovely idea but are the badges sturdy enough. We’ve just displayed them in a cabinet and even then one medal lost its small link that joins the two parts together. One solid badge would be more robust?
  6. Thank you for all your comments. i celebrate my DD’s achievements but realise there are many that still class a uni degree whatever that maybe is worth more. I beg to differ that someone graduating uni with a degree like a BA(Hons) in viticulture is more likely to be employed in that line of business more than a graduate from vocational school securing employment. 😉
  7. A situation arose today which I’m sure many parents have experienced and I’m just wondering how they have responded/reacted DD currently in 2nd yr at US (17yrs). We met a dad today of a girl who is a few years older but was a well known name in the local dance circuit The dad was lovely but then dropped the old:- “My DD was encouraged to audition but as she is very good academically with fantastic grades, she decided to go to uni”. I don’t feel I should have to justify my DD’s decision to dance, she too also gained ‘fantastic grades’. Just wondering how other parents of US DC react to these type of situations. Feeling rather peeved off that dancers are still perceived as non academic even by some those that should know better. Thank you. ps. The dad did eventually disclose that his daughter missed dancing so much she is now taking regular lessons alongside her degree course.
  8. Just something to consider. Reasons for taking A levels? Along side full time vocational ballet training. If they are to be used as a backup plan for later on, please remember that nearly all uni degree courses require 3 A levels. Having just one or maybe two might not be worth the additional stress anxiety and workload at this point in time. I appreciate many pupils do take just one or two but I’m not sure if there’s any research as to whether the pupils use these exams in a constructive way in their future career plans. Hopefully I’ve explained myself without disrespecting anyone’s choice. Just points to consider in the great scheme of things. Ps I’m all for a strong academic education just trying to see it from outside the box.
  9. Good Luck. first piece of advice I can give is to have a 🍷 or two. Then sit down and come up with a budget for the audition process and any possible recalls. Don’t forget to incl application and photograph costs as well as overnight stay/travel etc. Costs soon mount up and can spiral out of control. Once you’ve decided on a set max budget sit down with your DD for a heart to heart about realities of life. ie every audition counts and not to use the opportunity purely as an experience. She has to be prepared to accept a place offered by therefore become home for up to 3yrs. Not all DD are suited to all schools. No different to academic schools. With Brexit happening goodness knows when just think carefully with European Schools unless you have the right nationality. No one has been able to confirm where UK students stand after the UK leave. Are you looking for A levels? Independent living or Full board? Career pathway/aim. Joining a Classical Ballet Company upon graduation or auditioning for different companies/performances that still require ballet as the core skills ie cruise ships W/E shows and touring companies. Funding? Self funded or relying on scholarships/bursaries. Fees and additional costs vary considerably. Obviously anywhere within London will require substantially more maintenance than another school based in the rest of the country. Can you makeup any shortfall in funding? From experience, no two schools offer the same so there’s no direct comparison. Even down to Diploma level 6 v’s a BA (Hons). They are both the same level just one is vocational the other is recognised as more academic pathway. The BA route obviously opens up funding opportunities but may stop any later applications for uni loans. Not that these qualifications are really referred to after graduation, just an indication of your training pathway. I tried the so spreadsheet method and gave up. If you can answer the questions above it may well help you to incl or exclude schools in the UK like:- Ballet West Central Elmhurst ENBS NBS RBS Tring Too many variables, whilst reading the prospectus’s help rely on the old gut instinct. Tends to work. 🍀
  10. I think most parents would prefer to drop in the exam fees rather than a badge! 😉😂
  11. Maybe. RAD started awarding metal badges with a pin along with certificates when my DD reached Grade 3 (2013) just for the graded exams not Vocational. Just not too sure when and where they are supposed to wear them 😉
  12. Congratulations to your DD’s. ⭐️ My DD has also been in the 90+ for both RAD & ISTD examinations. I haven’t heard of BTDA but I do like that top award recognition. There is as you’ve said, a huge difference of abilities with a mark of 75/76 compared to a mark of 92/94. I just feel that there’s no need to re-jig all the awards. Boxes on application forms are small enough as it is. Longer award titles isn’t helpful. Just needed to add a * to a Distinction would have sufficed. Think of the additional costs with the Increased variations of medals that accompany the certificates. ps. What happens where a pupil is awarded 90+ in their exam just before the new grading system is introduced? All of a sudden their Distinction doesn’t carry the same recognition as another pupil who takes their exam and awarded the same mark a few weeks/months later. 🤔. Can they apply the ‘High’ retrospectively?
  13. Hi. Classical ballet absolutely a bun. The only time I’ve seen the 1/2 up hair style you describe is when a youngish performer has entered a ‘Demi-character’ class in a festival. Ie wearing a dress with a prop telling a story. Hope that helps however please check individual festival rules as some may vary.
  14. Looking closely at the images each sq has a peel off sticky back. No additional adhesive/tape required. Like any sticking plasters always apply to dry feet. Slight dusting of talc may help the old tootsies. 😉
  15. When my DD applied for SS’s and then Vocational School we did include the mark next to the award as standard on the application forms even if they didn’t ask. Nothing to lose was our motto. Otherwise what’s the point of receiving the mark? 😉. Use it or lose it. 😊
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