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  1. Oh. That’s interesting, when I did research this pathway I was told no because the applicant was too young. Another frustrating factor is that many schools/colleges offer a Diploma Level 6. As we know it’s the vocational equivalent of a BA but doesn’t carry the same merit when seeking Student Loans.
  2. From my research, no they can’t apply fur a uni route funding as the pupils are too young. Have to be over 18 which we all know at the time of starting US pupils are 16/17yrs. Parents can’t apply on their behalf either. Parents would have to seek independent loans from a reputable loan company but obviously that then holds the usual repayment arrangements as any loan would be unlike student loans. It is incredibly hard. Try your local authority for any Bursaries available in your area for some additional support.
  3. Not too sure where you are residentially qualified so this info may affect you differently. A DaDa (Dance and Drama Award) is a UK Gov run funding scheme in the way of a grant. But only those in the UK or the EU qualify. So not too sure what will happen to those pupils after Brexit. ENBS was £17,400 pa back in 2017 for UK/EU residents. The school quoted £11,000 for maintenance (accommodation etc). Very hard to locate actual fees like so many schools as they clearly promote funding by way of a DaDa. There are pupils that fall in between the gaps of funding ie not UK/EU but also not classes as overseas either. ie Crown Dependencies (Channel Islands). RBS - the lady I spoke to was incredibly helpful and encouraged my DD to apply. We fell outside DaDa jurisdiction but not an overseas pupil either. . Reassuring that I wasn’t to worry about the fees as ‘we have plenty of very generous sponsors who support our pupils’. Never did manage to obtain details of the fees. It will really be a matter of where you are domiciled.
  4. Happy to help. Same age as my DD when we took the photographs. Navy strappy sounds perfect. Definitely no embellishments. My DD also wore a belt as it held the leotard snug to her waistline. Some leotards don’t always fit where they should! Oh Bless, we’ve all been there. Teenagers and photographs. That’s why I leave them to their selfies.
  5. Just to add. Don’t stress too much about the photographs. So many do. My DD has her photographs taken at school in the corridor of the Art dept by the Art teacher! It worked 😉 A tip (in case you didn’t know) I learnt from the teacher to take the images from an angle looking slightly up at the subject (crouch down a little ) rather than taking the image straight ahead of you. (Lengthens the proportions of the body). Every little helps. Good Luck.
  6. Morning. Leotard and tights subject to age of applicant. Younger applicants would be bare legged for those pics as normally they would be wearing socks with their ballet shoes. Keep the leotard plain and simple. Pref thin straps no sleeves. Practice clothes also happen to be fairly subdued colours. So no pillar box red leotards! 😉 My DD wore convertible tights for her photos which enable the bare feet position and then En Pointe rather than changing into footless tights . And yes, you are correct. Images left and right are in pointe shoes the others are bare feet. Presuming you are applying for that age group. Younger applicants would be the images above. Hope that helped.
  7. I totally understand but an academic route/career path later on doesn’t have to include a Uni and therefore huge costs. There are many occupations that now offer internships/scholarships incl bursaries to enable the individual pursue a career within the private sector. There could also be incentives by the Government to ‘retrain’ for roles within the Public Sector. Our local authority have recently offered retraining for potential Secondary School Teachers and Nurses. As these skilled staff are in desperate need. Bypassing their own Regulations that would exclude some candidates from applying due to costs as they had already accessed funding for previous Degree level courses/qualifications. My previous example was of a British dancer who was a graduate of RBS and now ‘retired’. Now settles in an American medical school very close to graduating. Times are changing so It’s just a case of knowing where to look when that time does comes. And of course whichever country our darling children happen to call home by then. 🌎
  8. Hi. I invited my DD’s Dance School Principal home to have a chat over a cuppa. Away from distractions of the school and listening ears 😉 Very informative and helpful conversation. Weighing up going at 16 v’s 18 (post A levels). More importantly was it a viable option worth considering. It’s one thing to successfully gain a place at a vocational school/college but did my DD have the characteristics that would take her beyond the training and into the Performing Arts industry. It’s one thing to be a technically beautiful dancer (we’ve all seen them) but to have that drive ambition and sheer determination incl a very thick skin to survive. Obviously, ‘thick skin’ can grow over the years but worth knowing if the roots are there. We also had a conversation with a supportive teacher at school to gain an academic perspective on the situation. The Uni route was a serious contender as far as her predicted grades were but as far as a Degrees subject my DD hadn’t got a clue. Even choosing 3 A levels that didn’t interfere with her dancing was a challenge so it wasn’t that difficult to see where her mind was. Career teachers still do not understand that Performing Arts in all its genres is a career. So I would tread that path very carefully. Then there’s the question of:- 1) Do they want a regular pay cheque every month with a job of regular hours, stop dancing completely 😱 or keep dancing just as a hobby and a way of staying fit. or 2) Travel the world, love what they do and get paid for it but not have the stability of long term income beyond their current contract. There were many conversations over a period of time to ensure there was an opportunity for us to both think things through before making any decisions and counting the pennies 😉 We weighed up academic route and for my DD and we decided that she would ‘stock pile’ the best GCSE grades possible for a later date, if required either by choice or by circumstances beyond her control. Exams do not have an expiry date. There’s a life span to a dancers career but unlimited life in a more academic career, whatever that maybe. Friend performed in different European ballet companies for 8yrs and is now in Medical school, but takes ballet/Pilates in her spare time (as if medical students have such a thing😂). You can have it all, just have to prioritise what has age limitations and what doesn’t. Just don’t go through life with “what if mum had let me” coming back to haunt you in years to come. Good Luck with whatever you both decide on Ps My DD was also 14 when we started looking at dance as a career possibility after attendance at 2 SS’s.
  9. I was going to add courses at the RCS worth looking at as Scottish schools break up earlier than the English ones therefore the SS’s are earlier . NBS in Manchester Wont hold their SS until August. Obviously not helpful fit you. So hopefully this link will work 🤞🏼 https://www.rcs.ac.uk/short-courses/summer-schools/ Glasgow is lovely and has great railway links as well as an excellent International airport. RCS is fairly central as well.
  10. I’m with you all the way on that one. Whilst waiting for major surgery on my shoulder injury I collapsed (pain related). Result. Left knee in brace, a week later post surgery I was completely lopsided with my right arm in a sling Not the Winter seasons best look. 😉 Pain, no matter what part of the body affects the whole of you. Even sleep there is no respite. I wish you all the best xx
  11. Back in 2017 after the SS I was introduced to Mr Robert Parker as the AD of the BRB however it transpired he was their former Principal of the company having moved to Elmhurst bHe had been involved in the upper age groups of the SS. Lovely gentleman and so supportive. He tried his best to secure funding support (an emotive subject for so many) but sadly as we don’t live under the geographic boundaries of the UK, So his hands were tied. I appreciated that a gentleman of his standing would get involved in such administrative but still important matters.
  12. A frozen shoulder develops over time when the joint is not exposed to its full range of movements. ” The bones, ligaments and tendons that make up your shoulder joint are encased in a capsule of connective tissue. Frozen shoulder occurs when this capsule thickens and tightens around the shoulder joint, restricting its movement” My injury started off as a niggling pain/discomfort after a fall. Started off at GP then the Hospital ortho team. As I too didn’t think it could be that hugely serious but it wasn’t until I saw a Specialist Shoulder Consultant that he diagnosed the full extent of the damage. The general ortho team has missed it for over 10 months. Sorry to sound so negative but after what I have experienced over a long period of time I can’t emphasise enough about seeking specialist advice care and attention for any injury.
  13. Hi. Your lack of movement sounds as if you’ve developed a Frozen Shoulder. A GP can’t help except refer you to the Ortho team at your local hospital. 2-4 months is a fairly conservative time frame for a recovery. Can be more like 6months, however that’s if treatment is consistent otherwise symptoms can go on for years 😢
  14. So sorry to hear of your injury. Painful. I totally understand and sympathise. Have you seen an orthopaedic consultant for the injury prior to engaging in physio? It’s unclear from your post. It is imperative that all other injuries are eliminated before any further activities are entered into. When I injured my shoulder in a similar fall but on dry/warm land the hospital only treated the location of the pain which actually masked the the true source of the injury that I had sustained. It’s taken a very long time to get to where I am today. Physio will reduce the risk of developing Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder). This condition can sometimes result in more pain than the original injury but the physio must be full aware of the extent of the injury and to what degree. Superficial will recover over time without surgical intervention. Severe tear could require surgery. Not all physio exercises are suitable for injuries to the shoulder. Please Please Please see a qualified Consultant preferably a specialist in shoulders to ensure a full and accurate diagnosis.
  15. Hi. We know of at least 6 pupils currently at Birds across the year groups as full time students. Two went at 16 the remaining four started post A levels. With about another 5 friends having attended SS at Birds but are either still completing their A levels or attending another MT/Drama college. Loved the SS. Challenging and exhausting whilst pushing them to their limits to see what they can actually achieve in a safe supportive environment. They were pupils attending a fairly traditional dance school in their home town so Birds was their first experience of what an MT college was all about. They all rose to the occasion and learnt so much. One of the pupils had been purely classical beforehand. They all came away from the Bird SS saying yes to a Dancing as a career 😉.
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