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  1. Found this on FB. Now I’m never one to advocate any physical response but if it happened to be whilst en pointe executing a grand battement using the ‘box’ there could be some merit. 😉😂. Humour being the best form of defence at times like this. Hoping no one takes offence.
  2. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fpolitics%2F2020%2Foct%2F12%2Fballet-dancer-could-reskill-with-job-in-cyber-security-suggests-uk-government-ad%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0rPJAU2wiROd-ZhbAO-DFnQIfPZtezsFTZo_ucJ_6HFdPX6Vyt2zROozs&h=AT2sP_qppoplwgZ5bOlAZoVi0FI0jhtZ76rnCQlwPeJOgJH6wi6lZlYuyMSUOXh5069dvosJSni69kjmBsncUQX5tKHxh4adWDof6rwGhbQK-PHNzVdOU6HVAjATlac&s=1 This link expands on the insulting Gov poster. Hopefully it works My only comment to such a **** poster is that haven’t people within the cyber industry also been hit by unemployment/furloug
  3. The pupils are so excited. Staff have posted Pics as teasers for the pupils to show the changes. Looking so bright and fresh. Just heightens their excitement to return.
  4. @junedancer, such an upsetting experience for your DD’s friend. NBS in Manchester are still considering late admission for this Sept. Whilst not a BA the school offers a 3yr Diploma Level 6 for both classical and jazz focus. Enquires with regards admission can be sent to enquiries@northernballetschool.co.uk. Term starts on the 14th but staff are available online. Checkout their FB page, they’ve taken the opportunity of the extended break to redecorate and relaunch the school. Exciting times ahead for the small but perfectly formed very friendly school 🤞🏼😊🙆‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🩰 ps. I
  5. Whilst height can play a key feature for all dancers it’s more about a dancers physique and for the boys muscle strength incl silhouette, that will play a bigger role in their dancing career. Along with their technique obviously.
  6. We too may have experienced the same school. My DD would have only turned 16, just 8 weeks before the start of term. The person in question brushed off our concerns stating ‘well if they were in a ballet company it’s the norm’. Eeerr, that may well be the case but girls & boys do not join a ballet company just after their 16th birthday. They require a safe and nurturing environment to allow them to mature both physically and mentally to prepare them for what the future holds. We went elsewhere.
  7. Hi. Interesting dilemma. I’m very much into trying to instil some kind of normality to our children. By letting standards slip slightly in uniform may not allow the children to mentally engage with the return to studio and more formal teaching. Just like a school not requiring uniform and allowing all pupils to remain in their own clothes then express their concern over children not engaging with formal education. After all these months of embracing relaxation, I think it’s important to children to return to what they know best. Routine. As we know children can and will adapt. Usi
  8. News just released. May go someway to allay any concerns for those dancers. ☺️ Hoping the attached photo works.
  9. It’s still early day’s. The first year or so at senior school can be quite daunting academically coupled with dancing outside of the classroom. What helped us which is probably not easy for many. DD’s academic school was about a 8 minute walk to the studio. So she stayed on at school to complete some of the homework after the school bell then walked down the road to the studio. We lived a matter of minutes away (subject to the traffic lights). She developed her own little routine over time. Looking back this certainly was a contributory factor as she progressed through to GCSE’s incl Regular b
  10. Thank you for the link. All the floors I’ve seen appear to be so small or is that just me?
  11. Having been there I can totally sympathise with you. My DD remained at school. Taking the usual 11 GCSE’s, revision balanced between the 11-14 hrs of training per week at the local dance school. Auditioned in the Autumn of yr11 for US and was successful. No associates no mds schemes. Attending SS just the summer previous to her audition. There are truly some excellent quality teachers out there with many not even housed in the trendiest of modern studios. Research the teachers and not just the school. Do they attend regular training classes themselves and have there been past pupils who h
  12. Afternoon folks. Now we have survived the initial lockdown by simply rearranging the furniture. Sadly my DD has just been informed that school (studios) is definitely out for the summer. Lessons will continue on zoom. Up until now she has made do with either the carpet in the living room or more recently taking her jazz classes al fresco on the lawn. Obviously we are now looking into more of a long term solution. Suggestions please for a portable dance floor of a decent size. I say ‘portable’, not that I intend to move it but that appears to be the name given to
  13. The perils of the exceptionally fine weather. DD took her zoom lessons outside last week. Thursday was back to back lessons. By the evening she was sporting an incredibly dark brown tan but suffering from heat exhaustion. No long lasting ill effects fortunately. She did receive compliments from her teachers not just on her technique but also of her very bright blue sky back drop. Made a change from usual scenery. 😎 Hope everyone else is also making the most of the new normal. 🌞🙆‍♀️
  14. Oh I wish for that luxury. May eyesight is being tested (along with the battery life) of my iPhone to watch tv 🤓😂
  15. Aah brilliant. So delighted I’m not alone. Thus morning my darling DD topped it off by walking down stairs into the ‘studio’ carrying her dance bag!!! Taking this commute business a tad too far me thinks. I’m now barred. It’s raining and I’m not too impressed especially as the only tv is now in the ‘studio’. 😫. 🍷🍷🍷😂
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