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  1. Congratulations to your DD. My DD took RAD Adv1 on the 28th June. Only received the results yesterday, 17th September! It’s been a long summer. Well worth the wait. A very solid Distinction. ISTD examination results were received within weeks.
  2. Just for guidelines. ENB along with many others use IF for younger set and 14yrs + for the older set as the split for their SS’s. Its only a guide but quite useful to know that that. Using that as a bench mark Yr8 does seem incredibly young for intermediate. It’s more than just knowing the syllabus. Whilst it’s also best to remember it’s not a race. My DD took Intermediate at 15yrs (week before her 16th birthday) and just received her results for Adv1 today which she took a few weeks before her 17th Birthday.
  3. I agree with Fiz, definitely one of those sit down moments. Maybe initially avoid the ballet subject and start with her peers at school. Settling in etc. Pick up the vibe then incl ballet and suggest compromises. ie meeting up with friends or invite them around whilst encouraging the continuation in dancing. Just tweaking it slightly. That is a lot of Dancing to totally give up and go “cold turkey”. Obviously do ask whether the decision has come from change of teachers/syllabus etc at the studio. Has there been a recent exam which produced a lower than expected result? Or is it pressure from the teachers at school not her peers regarding homework expectations. So many angles to come at it. Not necessarily all in one conversation. Whilst discussing it just a gentle reminder that as you’ve paid for the term your DD will have to continue attending until Christmas 😉. That normally covers the immediate reason whilst sorting out the actual issues. If that makes sense. Surprising how a simple thing about cost and commitment already agreed to can help someway. Even if we as parents stretch the situation slightly 😉 oh and if there’s a show coming up also helps. Obviously none of us would insist our children continue something they dislike but by the sound of things that doesn’t appear to be the issue. Good Luck.
  4. Self-confidence and singing is rather like the chicken & the egg. One benefits the other just difficult to know which way around it goes. Voice box is defined as a muscle. Just like a dancer exercises their body they also need to exercise the voice box. Something our darling children don’t always recognise when dancing is their first love. Many colleges don’t expect the next lead singer/soloist but they do like pupils to be able to hold a note and to be able to read songs straight from a musical score. So being able to read music helps. Maybe use the next 12/18months for seeking some singing lessons. Not necessarily all private but even joining a church choir/group could help and that training would be free. Gaining confidence surrounded by others without looking at the ‘audience’ straight in the face 😉. Am Dram clubs & societies are also a good way to have fun whilst exercising the old voice box whilst also having fun. Check out your local area for any suitable organisations. My DD’s loved their time with the local clubs. A form of escapism from regular studio work.
  5. Hi. Having had two DD’s follow both training pathways I have learnt so much. 16 definitely for classical route 18 for MT without a doubt. Not just my DD’s view as she went as 18 but also a member of the teaching staff at Birds has made it very clear but even though they accept 16yr olds they prefer the 18yr olds on the BA(Hons) course. Citing the following reasons. Obviously this is very generalised but still worthy. 1) Maturity emotional and physically 2) Costs, Degree is less than the diploma and therefore students can apply for a standard student loan 3) Physical strength & stamina (especially the boys). 4) Dancing standards are overall higher due to the increased training a pupil has received before starting. 5) Higher Level of academic education that supports their BA course. 6) The industry (according to the college) prefer the older graduates ie 21 not 19. I appreciate the industry is huge and you can’t rely on just one colleges view point. With the majority of pupils at 18 and over the younger pupils can sometimes get ‘lost’ in the year group as they cannot socialise with their fellow peers re pubs & clubs (if that makes sense). Many MT colleges are huge. Over 100 in some year groups. You also have the situation that 16yr olds some MT colleges have to live with host families. Whilst their peers live independently mainly privately rented. This might suit some but many I know frustrates them completely. Showing a divide amongst their older peers. Whilst I recognise that many go down the MT route at 16 I do think ‘why the rush’. Carry on your studies. Do the best you can academically as you can fall back on them if needed later on in life. Then embark on your MT training. Hope my rambles helped.
  6. Have you considered enquiring at Birds College? Obviously it’s not classical training but offer elite MT training like the others institutions you’ve listed. They offer both Diploma Level 6 for the 16yrs + and the BA(Hons) for 18yrs+. Only last yr they offered a place on the degree course to a young lady wasn’t going to turn 18 until the following March due to funding issues she was experiencing. The diploma was going to cost £13,800 but the degree course like all others was £9,250. Shows that they are flexible. Other institutions may have their hands tied due to child protection issues for pupils under 18 along with requirements for degrees and loans. Good luck.
  7. Please sign and share. https://www.change.org/p/good-morning-america-good-morning-america-should-amplify-the-benefits-of-dance-for-young-men
  8. Very sad news. Thoughts and prayers are with you at this time x
  9. Thank you Pups_mum for giving up your spare time (whatever that is 😂) to share your knowledge and experience. Wishing you & your family all the best for now and in the future. Xx 🙆‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🤩🍷
  10. I feel your pain. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. My DD is also awaiting exam results. Feels like an eternity but just shy of 6 weeks. ISTD taken the same week came through so quickly the additional waiting times has been made even more painful for the RAD. 😩
  11. A girl from my DD’s old studio has just completed her RAD teaching qualification by distance learning. Graduated a couple of weeks ago. Attending the RAD HQ a couple of times over the duration of the course. She’s now heading off to uni for a full teaching qualification PGCE. So she can combine the two qualifications within a school environment. She had attempted to do her training the other way around ie uni first but changed her mind at the last minute. As she felt she wanted to do RAD first so she could continue her dancing at her regular studio during her training and maintain her fitness and links with her old teachers. Obviously this would not have been possible if she had gone to uni first. She found this transition the easiest, obviously these decisions are very personal. But maybe worth considering
  12. Thank you. Cobbler suggested to return the shoes as they were in such god condition. Managed to source the receipt and the owner of our local dance shop contacted her supplier. Within a matter of days my DD is now the proud owner of a brand new pair of shoes at no additional cost. 🙆‍♀️
  13. I totally get where you are coming from. My DD’s old ballet school currently have a large cohort of students graduating this week heading off to either MT colleges or medical school as they are 18yrs old. There’s then a massive drop for the next noticeable age group that are just 15yrs. (My DD was caught in the middle). The studio will therefore have to rewrite their timetable for Sept to take into account the gap in grades and the needs of the pupils. Flexibility is the name of the game but also very challenging. Many people have no idea how complex a studios timetables are to compile each year. Nothing is set in stone. Academic schools however, know that they will have x number of students per year group. Year in year out. Without fail. Oh how I don’t envy the Principals/dance teachers at this time of year. 😉
  14. Do leather shoes shrink when wet? Just thinking if you were able to soak the soft leather, then dry using a hairdryer or leave out in the sun. As they saying. Nothing to lose. 🤞🏼
  15. Thank you for the suggestion. What I didn’t say in the post, was while we were packing up I binned her battered old pair (buckles/elastic and all) . DD has said she had the buckle. Eerrr that’s a nope. Ive sourced the missing items on Fabricland as suggested by Mrs Brown but there was no option for postage just collection. I’ve left a message hoping they could pop the items in the post. 🤞🏼🤞🏼
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