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  1. Not new at all. My DD hasn’t worn knickers under her leotards for years. She graduates this year ☺️
  2. You are correct. Tring do offer scholarships. For both 3yr US classical and 2yr MT course. My DD has friends on both courses. Whilst they aren’t eligible for a DaDa (geographical location) there were no such rules excluding them from applying (and being offered) for their scholarships. It’s a % of the fees rather than an actual set monetary amount.
  3. That’s interesting to hear your DD’s schools take on a Trinity Diploma. In reality a level 6 Diploma is the ‘vocational equivalent’ of a BA(Hons). Our local jurisdiction Student Finance Dept only funds Degree level courses. Trinity level 6 Diploma is on their list of approved courses. I can understand how you've secured a Student Loan, which is excellent news as a DaDa is seen as a grant therefore they aren’t requesting ‘double funding’ by applying for a student loan to attend a uni. A loan that needs to be repaid. A DaDa doesn’t. Good luck for April. 😉
  4. Thank you for adding your view point. I’ve ‘suggested’ the MA route but my DD just doesn’t want to have to do any more essays!! Bless ‘er. So a dissertation is probably not on the cards 😉. The other point she raised is that she’s desperate to perform (like everyone else) so sitting in a classroom for an MA whilst watching some of her current cohort performing might just be the straw that breaks the camels back. Having survived the current restrictions. A yr can be a very long time if they really heart of hearts don’t want to be there. I just wish I had a degree in Hindsight to know what’s b
  5. Bless you Chamomile, thank you for sharing your experience. It’s a cautious tale that needs to be said. Wishing you all the best for your new endeavours and adventures in life. ☺️
  6. To try to make light of the lockdown and the zoom lessons (and there’s been plenty of those). I’ve suggested to my DD that her yr group save some of the more ‘you’ve been framed’ moments to make a compilation video for their teachers incl the outtakes from their showreels (I’ve seen a few and they are hilarious). Sadly I strongly suspect they won’t have a traditional graduation and party but at least they can hold onto those lighter moments and try to convince themselves it’s not that bad (even though we know deep down it is) 🥲
  7. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Antonio over the years and even at the tender age of 11 it wasn’t difficult to realise that he was one to follow. Whilst my DD crossed paths with him on several occasions over the years at competitors, she’s always said he was always so genuine and humble. Amazing young man and do so talented, I’m not surprised he was awarded Gold. Such a down to earth and genuine character who enjoys a laugh like the next teenager 🤩
  8. Thank you. I appreciate last years graduates had it hard but I can’t help but feel for this years grads. They have literally completed just one full year out of a 3yr training programme. I am praying that the industry does bounce back. Albeit veery very slowly.
  9. Thank you. Would that be for Europe as well further afield? Brexit coinciding with Covid I presume there hasn’t been any touring companies leaving these shores to test the practicalities across the channel.
  10. Interesting as that’s exactly what my DD was told. ie don’t bother until you hold an EU passport. We happened to mention this to her friend who is currently 6:1 as she has some Italian family members. Foreword planning by her family, she had already applied for dual nationality and after quite a wait she has secured an Italian passport. What I don’t know is how it works when a British company is touring EU countries? Do the company members have to apply for a visa before departure? That last question was just too much for the guy at the passport office 😂
  11. The old (British issued) Red passports with European Union imprinted across the top are still valid for travel (until their expiry date) and for staying in the EU up to 90 days however, holders can’t seek work like they used to. 🙁 A quick phone call to the passport office confirmed that. We were advised that if you have a close relative that lives in Ireland (our ancestors left in 1746 so that doesn’t quite work for us 😂) or the EU is to seek out and apply for dual nationality and then an EU passport.
  12. Throw in Brexit and the implications for those hoping to join a European Company is also looking less likely. My DD was told (during a recent zoom tutorial) that those company’s are only interested in applicants who hold a European Union or Irish passport.
  13. Hi. My DD is currently a pupil at NBS. She was just asked why she chose NBS and where she felt her career path lay post graduation. Briefest of interviews, as it’s the first and only real opportunity that the then Principal & founder of the school (retired last year) had the chance to speak to each prospective pupil on their own. Nothing in depth at all. In & out in about 10mins. I appreciate that now things may have changed for this years audition interviews but I’m sure the principle would still be the same. Good Luck.
  14. Hi all, I appreciate there are many topics on the subject of auditions for LS & US. I’m sure I’m not the only one on the other end of the scale with a DC due to graduate US this coming summer. Their three yr training programme having been devastated by recent events. Many I’m sure having probably managed one full year and two broken and fragmented 2nd and 3rd yrs. Advice, support or an open forum for parents to bounce off ideas trying to support their DC as they embark on their much longed for career in a decimated industry might be helpful. I’ve tried to suggest to
  15. A local teenager from my area was accepted at an US having only trained locally. We aren’t eligible for any funding for LS’s. She’s embraced the opportunity with both hands. Having since undertaken additional holiday programmes within the Uk and Europe (before our life was put on hold😷). Just seen images of her recent photo shoot 😳. The transformation is phenomenal 👏🏻 I am certainly not disrespecting LS but trying to show some positivity out of what can some be seen as a devastating blow to a child and the end to a dream, it’s not the the end. A NO could be seen rather as a ‘not at this
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