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  1. News just released. May go someway to allay any concerns for those dancers. ☺️ Hoping the attached photo works.
  2. It’s still early day’s. The first year or so at senior school can be quite daunting academically coupled with dancing outside of the classroom. What helped us which is probably not easy for many. DD’s academic school was about a 8 minute walk to the studio. So she stayed on at school to complete some of the homework after the school bell then walked down the road to the studio. We lived a matter of minutes away (subject to the traffic lights). She developed her own little routine over time. Looking back this certainly was a contributory factor as she progressed through to GCSE’s incl Regular bedtime. As far as other pupils heading off to vocational training, that can be all down to the current cohort rather than the studio not being of the required standard. My eldest DD when she left the studio the entire cohort of 18yr olds went off to different MT colleges. That was back in 2013. Then there was nothing from the same studio until 2017 then 2019. When the seniors left and entered vocational training bar one who went to uni. Only one classical the rest MT. Probably won’t see that happen again for the foreseeable future but then it was never planned or actively talked about. It just happened that way. Just take each year as it comes. Mindful of the long game but stay in the present. A lot can happen over time. Good luck.
  3. Thank you for the link. All the floors I’ve seen appear to be so small or is that just me?
  4. Having been there I can totally sympathise with you. My DD remained at school. Taking the usual 11 GCSE’s, revision balanced between the 11-14 hrs of training per week at the local dance school. Auditioned in the Autumn of yr11 for US and was successful. No associates no mds schemes. Attending SS just the summer previous to her audition. There are truly some excellent quality teachers out there with many not even housed in the trendiest of modern studios. Research the teachers and not just the school. Do they attend regular training classes themselves and have there been past pupils who have successfully moved on to vocational training. Obviously that’s a hard one to research as not every pupil that attends a local dance school wants to pursue a career in dance.
  5. balletbean


    Afternoon folks. Now we have survived the initial lockdown by simply rearranging the furniture. Sadly my DD has just been informed that school (studios) is definitely out for the summer. Lessons will continue on zoom. Up until now she has made do with either the carpet in the living room or more recently taking her jazz classes al fresco on the lawn. Obviously we are now looking into more of a long term solution. Suggestions please for a portable dance floor of a decent size. I say ‘portable’, not that I intend to move it but that appears to be the name given to flooring that one that can be laid on-top of other existing flooring like carpet which is also laid on a concrete sub floor and not meant to be a permanent flooring like in a studio. I’ve given up the living room and have no intention of removing the carpet as well! Not just for ballet/contemporary but the flooring must stand up to the rigours of tap. Preferably no smaller than 8 x 8 ft. Feeling hopeful. Thank you.
  6. The perils of the exceptionally fine weather. DD took her zoom lessons outside last week. Thursday was back to back lessons. By the evening she was sporting an incredibly dark brown tan but suffering from heat exhaustion. No long lasting ill effects fortunately. She did receive compliments from her teachers not just on her technique but also of her very bright blue sky back drop. Made a change from usual scenery. 😎 Hope everyone else is also making the most of the new normal. 🌞🙆‍♀️
  7. Oh I wish for that luxury. May eyesight is being tested (along with the battery life) of my iPhone to watch tv 🤓😂
  8. Aah brilliant. So delighted I’m not alone. Thus morning my darling DD topped it off by walking down stairs into the ‘studio’ carrying her dance bag!!! Taking this commute business a tad too far me thinks. I’m now barred. It’s raining and I’m not too impressed especially as the only tv is now in the ‘studio’. 😫. 🍷🍷🍷😂
  9. The ballet barre had been consigned to the storage unit since DD had gone away but strangely it’s the only thing I went to collect before lockdown. Forgot the summer clothes and garden furniture but hey at least my DD has her barre. Meanwhile I’m melting in winter clothes 🤣. Priorities!
  10. Oh yes. I have received the “can I tap on the kitchen floor” eer no you can’t dear. Unless you want to pay to replace it. Have a tap board instead. Don’t you just love ‘em.
  11. Brilliant. DD came home on the 20th but was quite poorly so took a while to recover. Discovered that a tap board on the patio in beautiful sunshine enabled multi tasking. Zoom lessons and sunbathing. Amused the neighbours no doubt with the sounds. Now it’s more formal lessons timetable as it’s a new term. Keeeep Dancing. 💃🏼🙆‍♀️😎
  12. We have tried the kitchen in the past but resulted in a badly bruised foot. Went off centre in a pirouette and caught the worktop. Not mine I might add. Never again or words to that effect were mentioned at the time!! 🙆‍♀️😬
  13. I’m so pleased I’m not the only one. No seating in our kitchen so I’m resigned to my bedroom!! Bring back the sunshine so I can escape to the garden. How long is this on for? 😫
  14. A light hearted post at these unprecedented times. Out of interest how many other parents have relinquished their living room UFN for their darling US DC to create a studio? I’m sure I can’t be the only one. With vocational training now online (new term today) with registration at 10 with lessons right through until 4pm. I found myself spending Sunday afternoon rearranging/stacking all the living room furniture just create enough clear floor space. Even removing the centre light fitting for safety reasons and to create more height. Am I crazy or am I joining an ever growing band of like minded (slightly crazy) parents. Uni students require a laptop and desk Ours on the other hand ......................... 😉🙆‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🩰🕺🏻💃🏼😂
  15. ENBS like so many other schools bury their fees and funding deep within their website “Our ethos is to ensure talented young dancers from all over the world to train with us .......... To this end we offer financial assistance in the form of a DaDa” As we all know a DaDa is only available to pupils from the UK/EU countries. After Brexit I’m not too sure of the latter. If a pupil falls outside a DaDa residential criteria (ie Channel Islands & Isle of Man) there is no bursary or scholarships available offered by ENBS. Fees are £18,500pa 2019/2020 Maintenance was last quoted at £11k pa back in 2017/2018.
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