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  1. That is so sad. Those schools will reap what they sow over a period of time. New applicants may well be very savvy and look closely on how all schools and institutions took care of their pupils during these unprecedented times.
  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your DC’s personal experience. We haven’t experienced anything like yours as yet. Teachers have been there be via email as some gave recently been from the pro life/auditions etc so can empathise with them. But still doesn’t take the pain away from what they all endure to pursue their dreams. I’m constantly checking out other dance reels second guessing my DD‘S but then trying to put it into context that it’s only a taster of what they can offer. After-all nearly every graduate this year and last are in the same boat. Preferably the life boat and not The Titanic 🙏🏻🤞🏼
  3. 😳. None at all for the graduating year?
  4. I’m not too if this is any help you aren’t alone as my DD received only a few IT lessons via zoom on how to create a showreel and was left to get on with it. The final cut consisted of previous edited show clips from 1st yr, in-class videos and choreography taken on her phone and recorded by her brother (unbeknown to me) in our garden and yes I did flinch when I saw that our lawn & weeds were in desperate need of a mow, now saved for posterity on her showreel. 🤦‍♀️ I was amazed at the creativity and surprised that the pupils aren’t awarded a degree in film & media for all their efforts. Beforehand I honestly believed that showreels were created by professionals not the dancers themselves. 🎥📱💻 ps. DD detested IT lessons at her old school.
  5. Thank you for your kind words. The older teenagers/young adults are the ones that are being hit the most and their life being impacted the greatest. Except where the vaccines are concerned. They are the forgotten generation. As if they don’t matter.
  6. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve booked flights and hotel to attend the graduation but I’m not hopeful as the situation is not improving 🙁. My DD isn’t even coming home afterwards, as she would be sent into 10 mandatory isolation whilst I don’t have to as I’m double jabbed. Truly sucks for them😢
  7. I totally feel your pain. NBS have had to cancel their Graduation Ball after Boris’s most recent announcement. 😢 The Ball was to be straight after the year end show. Same attendees that had been in school continuously since March, been swabbed twice weekly then performed on stage and shared changing rooms but according to the rules they can’t then sit down at a venue for a meal to celebrate their graduation (as it’s not a wedding) is beyond words. 😡😡 The show and ceremony can still go ahead with a socially distant audience.🤞🏼🙏🏻 I then see today’s announcement that they are allowing up to 60,000 in Wembley Stadium for the footie. 🤬
  8. Hi. My DD had only just turned 15 when she attended. We sourced a little flat through Air BnB. It was only about a 10min walk away so no public transport required which was helpful. That was a couple of years ago but maybe worth a having a look. Definitely more budget friendly than a hotel as I was able to cook and do the laundry during our 2 weeks stay. Hotel living and dining would have blown the budget completely out the window.
  9. They did used to have a list of contacts. Not sure if they still do. No harm in asking. That’s for sure.
  10. The school is currently running a full programme for their pupils. The pupils undergo regular swab testing. The test kits are available from NHS, maybe worth requesting some in preparation. Wont do any harm and the kits are free anyway. 🤞🏼
  11. Hi. My DD attended ENBS Summer intensive a few years ago. Doubtful they have changed much over the years. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Ps re packed lunches. There are plenty of food outlets in the surrounding areas for lunch. Even at the nearby Petrol Station has a mini food market. Definitely take the food with them at the start of the day as the pupils were not permitted to leave the premises during the day. Plus the breaks weren’t that long. I’m not sure where your DD will be staying but as we were in an Air BnB we were able to prepare packed lunches at our accommodation. Certainly helped with the budget. Hope that helps. ☺️
  12. If anyone asked me now, would you do it all over again? Mmmm I may not. But then we don’t have any regrets either. We started off on a slow stroll until about yr9, winding up to the 100m sprint by the start of yr11 (audition season)!! It is terribly difficult as it’s not just one element ie homework to sort out (if only life was that simple) it’s a whole plethora of things to consider . Including demands from other siblings, work commitments, health, wealth, friendships, school trips, sports days 😩social life (what ever that is🤣) etc .......... What works for one might not work for another. By all means listen to others but don’t question yourself and been swayed by peer pressure. You will know deep down what is the right thing for your Dd and your family. I wish you all the best. Just remember nothing is set in stone, every dancers journey to their end goal is different. 🩰🤞🏼
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP0BjJtHU-j/?utm_medium=copy_link
  14. Hi. I think the answer is in your geographical location and availability. We balanced secondary school and ballet (amongst other genres) purely because of the distance between home/school/studio. School was about a 10 min slow stroll from school. My DD was not alone as some of her peers at school also attended the same studio. They completed their homework and revision on the floor of the changing room amongst hair spray, hair grips & other parents! Goodness knows how but they thrived on the discipline and pressure that their surroundings put upon them. They did and their grades were testament to their dedication. Not forgetting the interruptions for US auditions. Everyone that applied, secured a place at their chosen School/college with one student opting for Medical School. The added bonus for us was that home is a 6 min drive from the studio (traffic lights permitting!). By the time my DD sat her GCSE’s along with her cohort were attending on average 11/14hrs dancing per week as they all had RAD exams thrown into the mix. I still look back at that time and ponder on ‘How did she do it?’ But they are all so driven focused and determined to reach their end goal they rise to the challenge. We even flew back home (after her audition) in the morning for a GCSE examination that afternoon! Pressure? What pressure 😂 Upon reflection it could have boiled down to behaviour breeds behaviour. Not that she followed because her cohort were pursuing a dancing career but rather she was ably supported by her cohort as they were all in it together. There was absolutely no pressure from the teachers at all. I can’t deny that being surrounded by others was incredibly beneficial. It must be so much harder for those who are on their own amongst their peers. ps. During a parent/teachers consultation one of teachers announced that they all wanted dance students in their class. As “they are all so focused and dedicated”. Work was always in on time unlike those students who don’t have sport or dancing as a focus. They lose track of time as they have too much time on their hands and therefore are distracted, their work suffered as a result. Just to conclude the key to all of this is to stay in control of the school work don’t let the school work overwhelm your DD (if that makes sense), maintain a regular bedtime routine, well balanced diet with a dose of fresh air ie a good walk, to escape from everything and time to talk and touch base and stay connected to their siblings. Which actually is relevant to any student who is studying for any exams be it GCSE’s or A Levels. Good Luck.
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