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  1. *rather than accepting it
  2. Alternatively see a women's health physio. They deal with incontinence and pelvic floor issues and could be able to completely solve the problem relatively quickly. If it were my daughter I would want to try everything possible just accepting it as possibly genetic. Sorry, hope that doesn't sound harsh but having been fobbed off by GPs about my own pelvic issues I feel very strongly that women need to seek solutions to these problems rather than just accepting it and putting up with the symptoms. Hope you find a good solution. I would also second period pants. Modibodi are expensive but really good and they do ones specifically for incontinence that would be a lot more comfortable and less obvious than pads.
  3. As the ISTD online shop is now closed I'm desperately looking for this DVD. RRP for a new one is £30. Happy to pay this for a good quality second-hand one. Must be latest version (2010). Thank you!
  4. Is there anything that isn't on Instagram? I'm trying to avoid signing up to yet more social media.
  5. I really hope they don't cancel JA auditions, my DD has been looking forward to them for 2 years since her teacher told her she should do them! I wonder if they would consider other selection methods rather than group auditions e.g. video? It's harder in younger ones though as I think a lot of the selection process is seeing how they respond to what they are asked to do, rather than looking at technical ability.
  6. This is very strange to read as my DD has very wide feet and we have struggled to get any wide enough, but both Starlite and Katz are the ones that fit her! She finds all the others way too narrow. I've also been on the receiving end of having ordered 10 different pairs in different sizes and brands in a panic to get some that fit for an exam!
  7. Yes I thought it sounded as if translated from another language or written by a non-native speaker. Very interesting though. I can't imagine it can be healthy for a child to be at school/ballet from 8am to midnight!
  8. Have the WL finals all finished? I have some friends whose DDs are in the finals but don't want to constantly ask for updates!
  9. Thank you so much for the links!
  10. I really liked 322, Jemima Scott from New Zealand, after watching the classes /coaching but missed her performances.
  11. Millicent

    RBS JAs 2020

    Does anyone know what happens if the child is ill and can't attend the audition? Will they try to offer a different date? I'm thinking things like vomiting bug where you absolutely can't attend instead of cold/cough etc.
  12. Thank you. I am a newbie to all this 🙂
  13. I wonder if that applies to RBS? I assume not?
  14. I'm so enjoying watching some of this. A few girls in particular have caught my eye and then when they change leotards I get confused!
  15. Millicent

    RBS JAs 2020

    I think 9 is too young to have done an intensive? Sounds odd to me.
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