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Found 15 results

  1. Hi. DS, who will be turning 18 in June 2023, will soon be making applications for full time ballet training starting September 2023. He has decided to apply to Northern and KS to do Trinity diploma course, and Central and another school that can't be discussed on this forum, to do degree course. He has decided not to apply to Rambert or LSC. His real love is classical ballet, he also does jazz and contemporary. Is there any other school he should consider applying to? His age excludes him from Elmhurst and Tring. I think his age might exclude him from the ENBS also, but has been advised to make application anyway. Any advice from parents/dancers who have gone through the process of applying to, or attending any of these schools, advice would be very welcome. Anyone currently going through this, or preparing to, support would be gladly received and willingly given.
  2. Hi all, can’t find any thread related to 6th form auditions so thought I post a quick question instead of just reading DD did her Northern Ballet school audition today but forgot to ask how long until results are out. Before I contact them, does anyone know what to expect? Also as they did interviews and solos, I’m guessing they don’t do finals but she didn’t ask and they didn’t say. Thanks in advance
  3. “Summer School 2022 - Are you interested in applying for a place at Northern Ballet School, an international centre of excellence in training for classical ballet and musical theatre? Our free summer course offers you a taste of what that training is really like. This two-day course will introduce you to the building and facilities and some of the tutors. It will help to build your technique and performance, gain confidence and meet like-minded people. You will also get to watch our NBS Summer Show dress rehearsal in The Dancehouse Theatre on Thursday 7th, getting a real flavour of life as an NBS student and the performance opportunities given”
  4. Can anyone recommend the best hotel to stay in (location/parking/budget) near to NBS please?
  5. Hi all. Has anyone heard from NBS after their audition on the 20th November? Thank you.
  6. Long shot but if anyone has a dd or ds starting at NBS in September would you like to get in touch? Thought it would be good for them to make contact and may also help in sorting out accommodation!!
  7. Hi all, I'm just trying to do some financial calculations and would appreciate any information on accommodation costs regarding upper schools. I'm interested in general costs of accommodation in Chester with regard to attending The Hammond and also Manchester with regard to attending the Northern Ballet School. I'm looking at all options ranging from student halls of residence to flat shares and bed sits. Any information from students/parents/guardians with knowledge of these schools would be fantastic.
  8. Hi. My daughter was at a workshop recently and a dancer/choreographer who works regularly with The Northern ballet pulled her aside and encouraged her to audition for their summer school. She loves ballet and has a good technique but because she is more of a sporty/ jazz dance shape she has avoided applying for specialist ballet summer schemes as she feels that they are very selective when it comes to body shape etc. I just wondered if anyone has any experience of The Northern Ballet school in relation to this as I assume there is a cost involved in auditioning and it's several hours from where we live so I don't really want to go to a lot of expense etc for something that is very possibly a non starter. I know there supposed to be more of a move toward moving away from the classic and favoured ballet shape but from what I have seen albeit limited, ballet schools still do tend to favour a particular look and dare I say it (awaits backlash) this sometimes seems to be prioritised over talent and ability.
  9. I just wondered if anyone has a child who will be starting at NBS in September? My daughter is 16 and will be staying in New Medlock House, I though it might be a good idea to get pupils in touch before they go... make it less daunting!
  10. Has any one heard if the dada results are out yet for the northern ballet school or when they are usually sent out.
  11. Does anyone no how many dadas northern ballet school have to give out this year and also if they give scholarships. My daughter has been offered a place for September and just wondering what the odds are on getting a dada at 16. She wouldn't be able to accept a place without this.
  12. I like, from time to time, keeping up to date with what's happening with my two former schools; Northern, which I attended from when I was aged between 12 and 15 and Urdang, which I was at from age 16. Just been on Northern Ballet School's website and had a look at their Graduate lists. I can't seem to find any info on the graduate destinations for the last two years. Are they listed somewhere else or have they not been listed, for some reason?
  13. I have particular reason to be grateful to the Northern Ballet School in Manchester because I attend class in its studios with KNT at least once a week. Two of my favourite teachers in Leeds trained at that school as well as all my teachers in Manchester. The school hosts The Dancehouse theatre which is one of our city's institutions and the Manchester City Ballet which remains for the moment the only resident classical company in our city. The school has two focuses, namely classical ballet and musical theatre, At the end of each year the school stages a show for its talented students called "A Showcase of Dance". I saw the show last Friday and tweeted that it was not just a good students' show but a good show by any standards. The evening consisted of 20 separate pieces arranged in 3 acts which lasted nearly three hours. Even though it was a very long show and there were a lot of very young children in the audience the performers kept us riveted. Rarely have I sensed such excitement and enthusiasm. My favourite bits were a large extract from the second act of Giselle which had been slightly rearranged by the students' choreographer, Anton Alexandrov to allow his almost entirely female cast to shine. Myrtha (danced by Sayaka Sugimoto) and her acolytes Zulm (Meagan Hoare) and Mona (Sally Hind) had almost as much dancing as Giselle (Yukiho Kasai) and a great deal more than Albrecht danced by Carlos Felipe Oliviera. There was also a lot for the corps to do including the awkward bit where the dancers have to progress across the stage in formation in arabesque. Alexandrov did however give his boys a chance to show what what they could do in Lonely Town to Bernstein's music which was performed in the last act. The one female role was danced by Darcey Ferguson. Other ballets included Lisa Rowlands's A Thousand Good Nights to the music of Abel Korzeniowski and .Anthea Garrett's Final Dance. I had attended last year's how and had enjoyed it very much. This year's was even better. If anyone is interested I have written a fuller review in my blog,
  14. Anyone on here with current or recent experience of training at NBS Manchester? Any information on the standard of teaching, timetable, accommodation, graduate destinations etc. would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Northern Ballet School in Manchester? ?
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