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  1. Hi. Nothing unusual in your question at all. We were like you when my DD’s reached about the same age as your DD. They both attended a lovely local dance school in a purpose built studio where their Auntie taught. Perfectly lovely for those pursuing dance as a hobby/pastime. They reached an age where they wanted more out of their lessons. First my eldest moved and before I could blink my youngest wanted to move as well. I must admit emotionally it was challenging as we were heavily committed to the first studio due to our family connections . However, as I was paying the fees and I could see my girls were outgrowing their studio we made the move. Never looked back. They have both thrived. The opportunities just fell at their feet at their new studio. I say new very loosely. It’s the oldest dance school in the island with a building to match! But the teachers skills and knowledge far outrank the appearance of the studio. Performance opportunities /festivals/competitions and more importantly there was a routine schedule for exams. Not solely based on their age/class but in their individual ability. No regrets at all. DD’s have thrived and have both graduated their respective choice of US & MT college. Which we didn’t know would happen at the time they moved. Just evolved but with hindsight there were possibly big hints at the time that I didn’t pickup on. My message to anyone that is considering a change. If you are considering a change then it’s the right time to change. Just remember, which I’m sure you will to have that conversation with your DD about additional friendships, travelling time and homework etc. As well as the impact on family (siblings if any) life if it will take up more time on the ‘commute’ Whilst also doing some discreet enquiries on space availability at any potential studio before raising your DD’s hopes only to find out that there’s no room at the inn 😉 ps. Don’t forget to factor in the notice required to be given to your current studio or you may have to forfeit a terms worth of fees 😕oh and of course the additional expense for the change of uniform! 💸💸 Good Luck in whatever you decide. 🍀.
  2. Fantastic news. I’m so pleased for your son 🤩🤩🤩
  3. Well our time at NBS drew to a close yesterday with an amazing showcase and graduation ceremony. Despite a significant number of pupils still in isolation with just 10 days to curtain up, many would have thrown in the towel and decided that the show could not go ahead. But nothing was going to stop them. I’m proud to hand over the baton to the new intake of pupils this Sept, safe in the knowledge that no matter what life throws at them whilst at NBS the pupils are supported and encouraged by the staff to never give up. A valuable lesson not on the timetable. 💃🏼🕺🏻🤩
  4. Thank you. Very positive experience. DD was happy and that’s what counts, which obviously helps with confidence going forward 🤞🏼
  5. Thank you. Made it to the 2nd day and then was cut at the last round. So close yet so far. Loved the experience though, still smiling. Onwards and upwards as they say.
  6. Thank you, so kind of you. Crazy couple of days. DD’s birthday was yesterday! Other non DD has an job interview tomorrow. I don’t think there’s enough tea in China that will keep me going today 😂🫖🫖🫖
  7. When your DD attends her very first pro audition on your birthday!! 😱 You are so nervous you polish the entire house top to bottom and even the cat, if you had one. 🤣 Oh my days this is worse than auditioning for US 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  8. I do hope so. My son lives in Perth and we have to be very careful when sending him parcels.
  9. I understand how frustrating it must be but it’s an issue that Channel Islanders have had for years with goods coming over just from the UK. Not that I’m trying to make Brexit any less frustrating or painful for those affected. We have to declare the value of all items being sent to the UK (last time I checked the limit before tax was £30!). It’s a nightmare to ship students belongings back and forth as both Uk Gov and ours try to claim tax on all their belongings. Even the much loved and rather fragrant old dance shoes!! Tax on new goods ordered are based on not just a single parcel but taxed on the accumulative value of several goods if they happen to arrive all on the same day? Ordering costumes over a couple of days to ensure you avoid the tax allowance, doesn’t work either as you discover that the goods all arrive on the same day! Customs eyes must light up as can claim their pound of flesh! 💷💷💷 Sneaky and unwelcome tactic. Our Tax can also be on-top of the UK VAT as there are still so many companies that don’t remove the VAT.
  10. Oh wow, that’s great news for your DD. 👏🏻
  11. Besides the inevitable ‘kit list’ from RBS. Besides that just celebrate your DD’s achievement in being awarded a place at White Lodge. Awesome achievement. That alone shows that she already ‘fits in’. Anything else could be deemed superfluous. Congratulations and best wishes to your DD. ☺️
  12. My Niece has just finished her 3yr teacher training degree at the Royal Academy of Dance. She knew from probably about the same age as your DD @Confusedmum that she wanted to teach ballet. As soon as she was old enough she immersed herself in helping out with the younger classes at her dance school. As well as operating the music for the exam season. She became so adept at the latter that several other schools asked her to do the same for them, which was a great insight into how other studios operate and their overall standard. She also took part in several SS’s offered by local studios. Again to experience other teaching methods away from her own studio but still at grass root level which is where the vast majority of dance teachers are. Including teaching ballet for SEN pupils within a studio. She then stayed at school for A Levels (3). I do believe that RAD may have their own criteria for which A levels they prefer, rather than a student duplicating on the ballet exams. To supplement her Ballet degree she’s now about to embark on an intensive 4 week DDE course weeks, to enhance her skills but also to make herself more employable. With so many studios now offering many genres it makes good business sense and timetable flexibility for a Principal to employ teachers that are qualified to teach other genres. Just like your DD this has been a longterm well thought out plan in the making. Which has also helped with budgeting. The only adaptation to all of this has been the decision to stay on for her Masters due to the unsettled situation we all find ourselves at the mo. Best wishes to your DD. It’s not easy to make a decision different from her peers as the pressure can be quite overwhelming at times. Not just from her class but also the mums! Teaching is a very rewarding but certainly not easy career choice and one that should be celebrated. 👏🏻👏🏻
  13. Thank you. Sadly two of her siblings are unable to travel as they haven’t been vaccinated as yet. I’m going no matter what. I say no matter what whilst fingers and toes (en pointe obviously) firmly crossed. 3rd yrs currently in isolation. It’s going to be tight but hey they have faced other challenges during their training I’m sure they will conquer this one. 🤞🏼😳 DD’s showreel didn’t have access to any fancy technology. Just an iPhone and an old reconditioned MacBook. Besides the images of a lawn in desperate need of a mow there's also DD dancing at sunrise and the end of the breakwater to capture not only the sun but also high tide! . Hoping the stunning backdrop may distract the person watching.😉 Teachers complimented the ‘beautiful sunset’. If only! Eeerrr nope. Flippin’ freezing morning with mother 🙋🏼‍♀️standing out in the open trying to hold the iPhone steady all for the love of her DD 🥶 I do think there would be an appetite for all the outtakes from these show reels to be edited together to create a film all of its own and show others what life is truly like. Not just the finished polished product🤪 I wish your DD all the best in these most challenging of times ☺️
  14. That is so sad. Those schools will reap what they sow over a period of time. New applicants may well be very savvy and look closely on how all schools and institutions took care of their pupils during these unprecedented times.
  15. I’m so sorry to hear about your DC’s personal experience. We haven’t experienced anything like yours as yet. Teachers have been there be via email as some gave recently been from the pro life/auditions etc so can empathise with them. But still doesn’t take the pain away from what they all endure to pursue their dreams. I’m constantly checking out other dance reels second guessing my DD‘S but then trying to put it into context that it’s only a taster of what they can offer. After-all nearly every graduate this year and last are in the same boat. Preferably the life boat and not The Titanic 🙏🏻🤞🏼
  16. 😳. None at all for the graduating year?
  17. I’m not too if this is any help you aren’t alone as my DD received only a few IT lessons via zoom on how to create a showreel and was left to get on with it. The final cut consisted of previous edited show clips from 1st yr, in-class videos and choreography taken on her phone and recorded by her brother (unbeknown to me) in our garden and yes I did flinch when I saw that our lawn & weeds were in desperate need of a mow, now saved for posterity on her showreel. 🤦‍♀️ I was amazed at the creativity and surprised that the pupils aren’t awarded a degree in film & media for all their efforts. Beforehand I honestly believed that showreels were created by professionals not the dancers themselves. 🎥📱💻 ps. DD detested IT lessons at her old school.
  18. Thank you for your kind words. The older teenagers/young adults are the ones that are being hit the most and their life being impacted the greatest. Except where the vaccines are concerned. They are the forgotten generation. As if they don’t matter.
  19. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve booked flights and hotel to attend the graduation but I’m not hopeful as the situation is not improving 🙁. My DD isn’t even coming home afterwards, as she would be sent into 10 mandatory isolation whilst I don’t have to as I’m double jabbed. Truly sucks for them😢
  20. I totally feel your pain. NBS have had to cancel their Graduation Ball after Boris’s most recent announcement. 😢 The Ball was to be straight after the year end show. Same attendees that had been in school continuously since March, been swabbed twice weekly then performed on stage and shared changing rooms but according to the rules they can’t then sit down at a venue for a meal to celebrate their graduation (as it’s not a wedding) is beyond words. 😡😡 The show and ceremony can still go ahead with a socially distant audience.🤞🏼🙏🏻 I then see today’s announcement that they are allowing up to 60,000 in Wembley Stadium for the footie. 🤬
  21. Hi. My DD had only just turned 15 when she attended. We sourced a little flat through Air BnB. It was only about a 10min walk away so no public transport required which was helpful. That was a couple of years ago but maybe worth a having a look. Definitely more budget friendly than a hotel as I was able to cook and do the laundry during our 2 weeks stay. Hotel living and dining would have blown the budget completely out the window.
  22. They did used to have a list of contacts. Not sure if they still do. No harm in asking. That’s for sure.
  23. The school is currently running a full programme for their pupils. The pupils undergo regular swab testing. The test kits are available from NHS, maybe worth requesting some in preparation. Wont do any harm and the kits are free anyway. 🤞🏼
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