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  1. Our High School in Wales, not a vocational one are opening gradually from 29th June. To be honest my kids are ready for it, I’ve taught them all I can but struggle with some of the stuff they study! They haven’t seen any of their friends for 12 weeks and they are ready for going back. I haven’t missed being taxi tho! I’m a nurse on a Covid+ ward, I have worked right the way through and will have them all tooled up with the sanitiser etc etc! when they were first off the novelty of being at home doing school work motivated them, now I’d have to put a rocket up their bums to get them interested!! 😂 Come back teachers!! 😂😂
  2. Bless her, has she been to the GP? No young girl should have to suffer with this. I’m a nurse and there are things that can be done, various small ops and muscle strengthening exercises. If it’s the anxiety causing it, maybe address that first? Meantime maybe thicker tights or an extra pair? Ballet is focused on lines and maybe the worrying about not having the correct lines because of wearing the pads is exacerbating the incontinence? If that makes sense?? S xx
  3. We’ve been following stretching classes online but by far the hardest part was getting YouTube on the TV! 😂😂 I’m doing part of a step class with em later! One week in, it’s all still a novelty but it may wear thin next week! 😂😂
  4. I remember for DS at WL they had them improvise an under the sea dance. Pretending to be fish to see how they interpreted the music and story. They also took shoes off and looked at their feet, points and arches. Seem to remember him saying they tickled their feet, to make them relax and giggle. He said it was a fun experience. Lots of luck! 👍👍👍
  5. My daughter had an underwear leotard thingy, basically another layer, skin colour. Gave her a bit more confidence. xx
  6. I started F/T dance training at 18 and quickly realised how few people actually get jobs in the area. (My friend went to RBS upper and ended up with no work or sporadic work). I transferred onto a psychology degree, in a better academic university then a nursing masters elsewhere and never looked back. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing in my teens but as I got older and creakier, I realised it was a young persons game. Pleased to say I’ve never been out of work since I left uni, and will always be a dancer/spectator on the weekends! I have, however, two dancing children! All their own work, and love watching them grow and develop their own styles, it’s obviously a hereditary gene, dancing! 😆😆
  7. MrsMoo2

    RBS JAs 2020

    Yep, centre point for Manchester. Good Luck everyone! Sadly DS is too old now but he had a lovely audition there a few years back. xxx
  8. We did the Manchester one last year. Kids had a workshop and a little tour of The Lowry Theatre. My son loved it but he was still a bit young, so maybe audition for it in the next few years. I had a lovely coffee in the company of LS Lowry’s etchings! 😆😆 xx
  9. We wear capezio hanami here, DS has always worn white shoes in class. Once he wore grey for a show, they were tricky to get hold of! 😆
  10. MrsMoo2

    Magic Moments

    DH has just reminded me of the time we found him age 2 behind the sequinned scarves in Debenhams! 😆😆😆
  11. MrsMoo2

    Magic Moments

    I have a photo of my DS aged about 3, where we had gone to watch a Cinderella performance and the back stage curtain was pale blue and covered in sparkles. We waited for ages to get out after the show and he went missing in the foyer. He’d sneaked back in to watch the sparkly curtain from the back of the stalls with no one else in sight! On the photo, it’s just his back looking at the stage, leaning on the back row and it’s just magical. 💕💕
  12. MrsMoo2

    What's too old

    I don’t think there’s anything to stop you from getting involved in exams if that’s what you want. Only thing I would say is I’m 43 and wouldn’t attempt some of the dancing I could do at 19, not sure my bones and muscles would cope! Don’t push yourself to the point of injury. 😊😊😊
  13. Hi, I’m Shelley and can be a source of anything northern going on. (Well, above Birmingham!) My DS dances, and I’m an ageing dancer from long ago, trained at KS Dance, and BRB for a time before falling in love with contemporary on a dance degree. I love anything contemporary in my viewing. Especially Lea Anderson. Then anything by Alston or Cunningham. Confined to spectating now, but still have a good eye! 😆😆 Would love to join in the thread when time permits as I’m now a mental health nurse working with, among others, dancers! Full circle! 😆😆
  14. Yep, I’d second this, my DS is left handed and also on the dyslexic spectrum and has benefited no end from the discipline and precision of classical ballet. He used to be quite a clumsy child and is now quite graceful. I’d say his concentration has improved and he’s doing much better at school now. Happy to chat if you need any participants...👍👍
  15. Is she in year 9?? Only ask as the schools start with the GCSE pressure around then. If she goes to a mainly academic school, could she be worrying about fitting it all in?? My DS has had a few breaks for various reasons, and I’ve always tried to foster his love of spectating as well as taking part. Keeping the interest alive can inspire them to return. I remember one particular occasion that I took him, and his sister to the big smoke for the weekend, he so desperately wanted to be back on the stage once he’d seen it from the other side. Sending (((hugs))) all round...xxx
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