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  1. First of all congratulations on receiving offers for those excellent schools. I always think it’s best to acquire as many qualifications along the way as we all know dance is a short lived career, even for the best. I completed a dance degree many years ago and it struck me how academic the thing was. We studied anatomy, physiology, Laban and Benesh notation, covered teaching, and performing and wrote more theatre critique than the Times arts correspondent! Alongside practicals every day, in many different styles, Pilates and Alexander technique. It is not an easy ride. I’d say sit down and weigh up the options as a family, finances are a huge consideration. I worked on a few independent contemporary projects but earnt most of my money from teaching. I went back to uni in my mid 30’s and studied mental health nursing. At one point I owed the student loan company £24k! 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Don’t tell the husband! 😂 My classmates now work as accountants, on cruise ships, are primary teachers, chemical engineers and work on oil rigs! 😆 Having said all this my DC dance and have always encouraged them, so it can’t have been that bad! xx
  2. DS is 11, nearly 12. 😁 I’m actually a Mental Health Nurse so more aware than most. Not sure that’s always a good thing! 😆😆😆
  3. Thanks guys, it was really nice, there were only 2 or 3 girls hammering the warm ups before we went in, so less daunting. When we got there we found out DS was the only boy! He’s used to that tho and quickly made some new friends. CAT as a whole sounds fantastic, big commitment though, every Saturday all day and twice in the week. For us it’s a 90 minute commute with no traffic, longer if we get stuck. Both DH and I work full time so it would have to be a military operation! Cost isn’t prohibitive, there is the MDS award for each participant, means tested but potentially could halve the costs. Lots to think about, seems a lot friendlier than other things he’s auditioned for. Time will tell. Their official audition day is 8th June, when we are on holiday so will be refreshing e mails till then! 😆😆😆😆 xx
  4. Hi there, Wondered if you had any advice. DS is auditioning for the Lowry CAT scheme this weekend, came as a complete surprise as the actual audition is in 2 weeks when we are in spain and they’ve said they will just watch him at the open day. Anyway, he gets really anxious at auditions, and wondered if you had any tips to chill him out before hand. One thing I haven’t done this time is tell him it’s an audition, well it isn’t, technically! So he’s going to a “workshop” with his sister and I’d imagine lots of others.What do you say to your DC just before an audition? How do you get them to relax a bit and not be wound up like little springs? He’s a lovely little dancer and has improved no end in flexibility and musicality lately, I’d absolutely love it if someone would believe in him. He’s taken on more gymnastic type classes to improve upper body strength and the results are fab. Any tips?? xx
  5. I have a friend who went to RBS upper school from a little BBO school near home back in the 80’s. Possibly different back then but still an achievement! 👍👍
  6. Yes, great article and an independent body to investigate concerns would be a great idea. We’ve witnessed a few of these and also teacher-parent bad behaviours. 😟😟😟
  7. Hi guys, just wondered how you get on with taking your DC out of school for things. Primary school were ok with us, but now in HS, year 7, they seem to be a bit funny about us taking odd short days here and there for auditions etc. There’s a chance that in year 8, we may have to finish early two days a week for dance stuff, and I’m wondering how to approach them. Also, how do your kids get by in HS without getting injured in sports stuff? My DS school play a lot of contact rugby, it’s a very sporting school. DS hates it, but they have to do it. I honestly can’t watch! 🙈 xx
  8. MrsMoo2

    CAT schemes

    The young man who won the contemporary section of the BBC Young Dancer this year went to The Lowry CAT scheme in Manchester. Talented lad, DS messaged him to congratulate him, man to man and he even replied telling him to keep dancing. Do think they are more contemporary based but def worth a look...👍👍👍
  9. Hi Cam, I studied A level Dance many years ago and remember my syllabus revolving around the work of Merce Cunningham. I remember it being much more difficult than people gave it credit for. Notation was the bane of my life! Lots of luck with it! 😁 I’m guessing they will be looking at the effect his style had on popular thought around dance at the time. He introduced dance to a very different audience and made it more reachable. Before this you could compare to the types of audiences who would go to watch ballet. There’s a whole essay in there somewhere on demographics of theatre attendance in the first half of the 20th century! 😁😁 xx
  10. I totally agree, having a DS who is flexible but not particularly good at gymnastic type moves. It worries me that this hyper mobile extensions will damage the young dancers for the future. Legs are simply not made to go certain ways!! 🙈🙈🙈
  11. I pray for a male dance wear shop, anywhere!! Just imported some from the US and had £12 in customs charges! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 xx
  12. We went to the matinee yesterday, was amazing! We had front row seats which I wasn’t sure about having had to lean back in other theatres but this wasn’t an issue. DS (11) said he almost felt he was on the lake with the swans, especially when he was enveloped in dry ice! 😆 Our favourite parts were when the ballet was staged in the ballet and obviously the dramatic build up and ending. slight issue with someone who had taken a maybe 4 year old, who then consequently squealed for a fair bit of the show. Why do people do that?? Overall though, was a good experience, Liam sent DS a tweet to say he’d seen him on the front row, and hoped to dance with him which made his day. We went home on the train humming the music and wondering if in 10/15 years DS might have his name on the cast list. (He’d pretended to write it on while we were there!) 😁😁😁😁😁
  13. I did A levels in Dance, Performing Arts Psychology and Theatre Studies. This is back in the day but all my fellow dance students went on to do dance degrees at LJMU, LIPA, Roehampton, DMU, St. Martins, and Laban. Most of them now are teachers, one works for P&O still in the Carribean and I went back to study psychology and now work with ex dancers and others with mental health issues. DS is now the dancer in the family! 😆 xx
  14. MrsMoo2

    New School...

    It went really well! I think over time DS had forgotten that in the midst of classes, auditions and workshops it’s supposed to be fun! 😁 Yesterday’s classes weren’t classical ballet, they were jazz, contemporary, acro and musical theatre but as soon as the music was on he was dancing. The dancers were an eclectic mix from a 5 year old to a 17 year old. For now, it suits us. It’s given him his passion back and he’s even talking about CAT and other more contemporary styles. In just under 3 hours we went on a journey from Lewis Capaldi to West Side Story, with the teachers 3 year old joining in at one point. For anyone with a child who is thinking of a change of direction, I’d consider one of these as an alternative. Thanks for listening...xx
  15. New dance school today for my DC. It seems to be the polar opposite of the one we have just left so hoping it’s the right one! 😆 It’s just opened so in its infancy but the teacher/s seem nice and it’s more local. Focus is on jazz, MT, acro and contemporary. Ballet thrown in along the way. No uniform, no ballet buns, just bare feet and stretchy pants! The fees are almost half of the old one and much smaller classes, More competition based which I’m not sure about, but hey, worth a try. Hoping DS will regain his passion for dance after a nasty bullying episode at school and little support from his old school. Wish us luck!! xx
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