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  1. I think we have to be proud that we have raised kids who have such determination, confidence and tenacity from being young. I have a DS dancer (13) and my other DD is a tennis freak! We spend most weekends split between the dance studio and the tennis court! Quite often we draw straws for who goes to which. (The tennis club having a nice warm clubhouse with coffee!) 😆 Both children are pursuing their hobbies fervently and as long as they’re keen, so am I. (Maybe not the bank manager though!) 😆😆😆 We are under no illusions that they will be the next Graf or Nureyev but, they’re having fun trying
  2. Just as a side interest my DS was horribly bullied when he started HS at 11 for his love of ballet dancing. We sat down and set him up on Instagram so he could find other boys and feel less isolated. It works brilliantly for us. We both manage it, and he will quite happily say, “put this on my page” when he has something he wants to share. We’ve met lots of other dancing boys, found out about Phoenix Boys, LBBC, and other boy opportunities we would never know about living in rural Wales. So although you have to take some content with a pinch of salt, it’s given him people to aspire to, people
  3. Going back a few years I was rejected from vocational training, I went to do A levels in Dance and Performing Arts then moved onto a degree in Dance. Contemporary was my focus so it may be different if she’s after a more classical focus. Tell her there are many ways to crack an egg, lots of different ways of being involved in a creative career without actually being the artist. I found I adored reviewing dance pieces and writing about it. I loved stage management and the process of creating. My own kids have had different types of disappointment, my 13 yr old DS was turned down by vocational s
  4. Seem to remember mine was about £800 per term and covered my full board halls and a fair bit of partying! The food was lush! Lol! 😆😆 I did once get a National Express coach hone one weekend to save money and it stopped about 15 times en route!! xx
  5. Yep, there wasn’t much variation, a leotard was a leotard! Lol! I had a black one and a raspberry one, and was chuffed because the mulberry one had a RAD logo on it! 😆😆
  6. Just thought I’d start a thread for us oldies to reminisce about where WE studied dance when we were younger! I started out at the Jean Borgeson School of Dance and danced there till I was 13. Then Kate Simmons SOD, now KS Dance. I was a RBS JA, although I think it was called something different in the 80’s before doing A levels in Dance, and Performing Arts, the best time of my life! Eventually I went on to a Dance Degree in Leicester at DMU. I auditioned for RBS Upper, Rambert, LIPA,( Paul Mc was in on my audition). Lancaster St Martins, Roehampton and Nottingham Trent. Back in the day un
  7. My DS likes using music from films. He did one of his best ballet solos to the theme from The Hobbit - concerning hobbits... 😂 (minus the furry feet!) 😂😂
  8. Bear in mind there’s no dada at Moorland, we looked at it for DS but the fees are astronomical without any sort of bursary. Great if you have a lotto win in! 😂😂
  9. DS has some anime comic type books, that are based on a boy ballet dancers experiences. Think Stephen McCrae had something to do with them. DS was so pleased when he found them, I’ll try to find it and post the title...xx
  10. I used to read a book, you’d be surprised how people forget you’re there and don’t like to interrupt! Top tip that! 😂😂
  11. From our experiences, I’d say to enjoy the stage where your DD is now, and try not to get too whipped up in the whole vocational school thing at 11. DS did start to lose some on the joy of dancing once it got a bit serious. If I think back to the concert his school gave when he was 10, he was just loving everything, randomly free styling at the end during the encore and throwing his hat in the audience! That’s the kind of dancing I want him to experience and I’m thankful that now at 13, he has found his own path, which isn’t necessarily traditional classical ballet, but dancing which absorbs h
  12. Sounds familiar! We have encountered it in previous school. I first noticed it when we were on the other side, our teacher would e mail me saying how talented etc she thought DS was then offered to let him into the “advanced” classes. Obvs we were flattered (and a bit naive!) so paid for all the extras. Little did we know that the teacher had moved onto the next talented child and we fell from favour. The teacher from then overlooked DS, letting him get a bit cheeky in class and fooling around. When it came to audition time for vocational school, the teacher choreographed the other applic
  13. We auditioned two years ago and DS was unsuccessful x2. What we did notice was the ones who got in were generally associates at that establishment, and although they say it doesn’t give them an advantage it’s hard to not think they know these kids really well from their classes and know what they can do. If you’re not successful, make sure you ask for feedback to give you pointers for the future. DS was told to work on his upper body strength and musicality. Two years later he’s obviously grown, and upper body strength seems to be something that has come with age. I’d just say 11 is very yo
  14. I’m confused! Are we allowed to go out of County to an Associates class this weekend?? My brain is fried! 🙈😆🙈😆🙈
  15. Incidentally my friend went to White Lodge Upper school in the 90’s and is a social worker now. She’d got in at year 11 entry and stayed for two years to leave and return home following a period of drug abuse and mental illness. These institutions are quick to boast their successes but don’t forget not all the stories end as happily. xx
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