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  1. So her teachers recommend she leaves ballet because of puberty? All those other girls are going to go through puberty also at some point. If that’s the only reason I would decline the offer of changing programme. It doesn’t give a good message to your daughter or the other dancers. I actually find this kind of outrageous and I’m upset for you and daughter. Could you and her teachers try to help her feel positive about her body, help her with the emotions she is experiencing rather than moving her out of the programme due to body changes? I would just worry about the message that gives her about her body.
  2. I wouldn’t read too much into it, it was just a surprise that it had been viewed again at all. Could be someone opened it by accident or anything really!
  3. Would have to check to be exact but late last week I think? No she didn’t go to finals so we are not expecting to get MA’s, I was surprised it had been looked at again
  4. Well, we’ve had another view of our preliminary video so perhaps some decisions are being made? Or not??😂
  5. There possibly is? I don’t think there is a conflict from figure skating point of view, figure skaters will often do ballet classes to help with their skating. I can imagine there could be an issue the other way round, but it hasn’t been flagged up yet. So far, if anything, one seems to help the other. Certainly is a risk of injury though! Figure skating and ballet are equally physique dependent, figure skaters careers end possibly even sooner than ballet dancers? Music could definitely wait I guess This is the problem, no favourite at this stage! Both are equally competitive I think, it might be a case of which discipline ‘chooses her’ rather than the other way around in the end. Many thanks for your considered response, it’s much appreciated x
  6. Sounds fantastically well rounded! If you don’t go to vocational school at 6th form, what are your dance options at tertiary level? (Perhaps a question for another thread!)
  7. That’s great, so it worked out well that she kept her options open I guess
  8. Is she able to keep up her singing and drama? My DD’s interests are all performing art related also, more a question of specialising in one?
  9. At what point did your child ‘specialise’ in dance, as in gave up other activities to spend more time on dance? My 12 year old DD is a keen dancer and has had some success auditioning for performances and associate schemes etc, but is also a nationally ranked figure skater, and a gifted musician (She has a music place at a school where the ‘music’ places are highly sought after and competition for the places is strong.) If she is to have a chance of a career in dance, which is one of her ideas now, would she need to give up her other activities? And at what stage??? She is not ready to let them go yet, nor do I really want her to or think she should, but at the same time, do not want to limit her options if she continues to want to follow a dance career
  10. Thank-you, not sure we can handle any more video submissions!
  11. Are all of these summer schools selective? Or are they just pay and attend?
  12. My ballet teacher had me doing splits with my front leg on a chair back in the 1980’s
  13. I’m with you on the social media side - it seems to me that there is a privacy/consent issue with posting pictures and information of such young children on a public forum. Privately for family and friends I understand.
  14. Your last sentence has always been my attitude with my child. However, you can’t blame parents for wanting the best, and when seeing what others are doing questioning whether they are doing enough. All of us want to give our children the best chance of following their dreams. There will always be exceptionally talented children that get in with very little training, but they are the exception. All children who are accepted to RBS are extraordinarily talented without exception. But given how competitive entry is, it is fair to assume that more training would give an advantage, in a hypothetical situation of two children with similar potential. I think this is a valid and interesting discussion.
  15. Interesting. Is there a financial benefit to endorsing brands? And back to your original point, do you think it helps these kids get places in the schools they tag? And if so, why/how? (Im genuinely curious)
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