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  1. Is she able to keep up her singing and drama? My DD’s interests are all performing art related also, more a question of specialising in one?
  2. At what point did your child ‘specialise’ in dance, as in gave up other activities to spend more time on dance? My 12 year old DD is a keen dancer and has had some success auditioning for performances and associate schemes etc, but is also a nationally ranked figure skater, and a gifted musician (She has a music place at a school where the ‘music’ places are highly sought after and competition for the places is strong.) If she is to have a chance of a career in dance, which is one of her ideas now, would she need to give up her other activities? And at what stage??? She is not read
  3. Thank-you, not sure we can handle any more video submissions!
  4. Are all of these summer schools selective? Or are they just pay and attend?
  5. My ballet teacher had me doing splits with my front leg on a chair back in the 1980’s
  6. I’m with you on the social media side - it seems to me that there is a privacy/consent issue with posting pictures and information of such young children on a public forum. Privately for family and friends I understand.
  7. Your last sentence has always been my attitude with my child. However, you can’t blame parents for wanting the best, and when seeing what others are doing questioning whether they are doing enough. All of us want to give our children the best chance of following their dreams. There will always be exceptionally talented children that get in with very little training, but they are the exception. All children who are accepted to RBS are extraordinarily talented without exception. But given how competitive entry is, it is fair to assume that more training would give an advantage, in a hypothe
  8. Interesting. Is there a financial benefit to endorsing brands? And back to your original point, do you think it helps these kids get places in the schools they tag? And if so, why/how? (Im genuinely curious)
  9. I honestly didn’t realise that Instagram was a thing for young ballet students. What is the aim of having an Instagram account for a child of 10 or 11 years, or even younger? Is there not a safeguarding or privacy concern, given the age of the children? Maybe I’m old fashioned but I would not allow my children to have social media accounts at this age. Nor would I share pictures or details about them publicly. Perhaps because I’m a ‘vintage’ Mum 😂
  10. @Motomum I take your point that based on probability it is more likely to get a place in MA if you have been previously a JA or a WL finalist, but it does not make it a certainty either way. That was the point I was making.
  11. I wouldn’t assume anything when it comes to MA results - having been a JA or a WL finalist does not guarantee a place, and conversely not having been a JA or a WL finalist does not rule out a place. Second guessing the RBS is a minefield!
  12. Oh gosh I didn’t realise Justin Howse had died, he treated my knee injury when I was a young dancer
  13. My daughter attends two ballet schools, has done since she was 7 (she is 12 now). It’s never been a problem? I wasn’t aware it wasn’t the done thing, we just did it! Others we know have done the same. It was what worked for us, surely that is what matters?
  14. Yes she can roll through. They are really flexible, my daughter doesn’t have the strongest or most flexible feet, I was a little worried she wouldn’t be able to bend them at all or get up on to the shoes but they are really good actually. I’m impressed!
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