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Found 188 results

  1. Does anybody know the times for the Y4 class for Elmhurst young dancers in Birmingham? Are there any fortnightly options or just weekly? I couldn’t see this info anywhere on the website. DD is keen to apply but it would be a bit of a journey for us (although we have family in Birmingham so it could be broken up with a stay). I am thinking more of the effects on the rest of the family and how it would work. I do realise these schemes are very competitive and chances are small, but worth thinking in advance anyway. We are so limited with options for extra ballet where we live! Thanks so much
  2. Is anyone else auditioning soon? Dds are 14 and 12 and are advanced and intermediate. Yet they have been allocated groups 1 and 2 which on here would appear to be for much younger dancers. I have emailed to query but then thought maybe they had swapped the groups around.
  3. My daughter auditioned for Northern ballet associates last year and gained a place on the reserve list. We didn't apply for RBS juniors at that time because of a date clash. She was upset as she was keen to audition particularly when she hadn't got a place. This year we applied for both as the closing date for RBS was before the outcome for Northern. She got a place which is great and she is really happy. We have since had the date for the RBS associates audition. Her teachers are suggesting we should still go but I am anxious that if she was to get into both this would be difficult. I know this is unlikely but wasn't sure of the etiquette in this case. Do some children do more than one programme? It is it better not to audition that be in that situation? Her teachers think the audition will be a good experience.
  4. Hello all, I'm new here. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of the Elmhurst associate classes in Plymouth? My dd has just turned 8 and is desperate to audition for junior associates but I can't find out when/where the auditions or actual classes are held. Any info greatly appreciated ????
  5. Hello, my 7 year old daughter is auditioning for the Ballet West Edinburgh Associates on 27th April. It's our first audition and just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice in advance? Thanks.
  6. Any idea of the times of the SA classes in Covent Garden on a Saturday please? Also what is the uniform? We will be supplied with all the info we need in due course but I’m just trying to plan ideas for travel to London....... thanks in advance
  7. Hi Im new here so not sure where to post! I have a daughter who is auditioning for associates at Northern Ballet Leeds, I have had confirmation they have received her cheque and form, I also have a younger daughter who would like to audition but her form was sent later. We haven’t heard anything back from them so I’m worrying they haven’t received it and the closing date was yesterday. So my question is , has anyone else sent the form and payment but not heard anything back yet?!
  8. Hi all I’m new here so sorry if I’m asking a question already I’ve tried to find answer but couldn’t does anyone know if any of the associate program are Sunday’s ? My daughter (age 12)would like to apply for one but has dance on a Saturday we have looked at Ballet Theatre and Elmhurst but couldn’t see the day they run classes and maybe Cecchetti and Graham Fletcher also should you apply for them all and just see if accepted ? I’m not sure of procedure ! Her ballet teacher seems to think it was good idea but I’ve no idea even if she is good enough but she’d like to try
  9. When will results be out?
  10. I am trying to find a ballet associates course for my DD and I am hoping the once a month class will help her improve ..... opinions on this please? Do they really help? She will never ever be a ballerina but she could do with some extra tuition and good experience too I think. But we only have a Saturday free to do this. Does anyone have recommendations please? We are south west England but willing to travel as it’s only once a month. Thank you Clueless dance mum
  11. Where are these classes held?? are they all based in Birmingham? & what day of the week/time are they usually on.Many Thanks
  12. Hi, I’m new to all this. My nine year old has been dancing since she was three and currently does three classes a week and loves it. She has a great build for ballet, small, slim and an incredibly strong core. She has done a couple of Scottish Ballet workshops which she loved and shown an interest in the Scottish Ballet Junior associate programme. However she is very nervous that she will be out of her depth and the others will be far ahead of her at the audition. She is currently studying RAD 2. Can anyone advise on what the auditions are like, what they are looking for, how many are selected etc. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, Pretty new to this game so bare with, My daughter is 10 years old, very keen and pretty good (I am a little bias), she wants to start auditioning and to do more competitions, so here's where I need help...….I've looked through threads and found things like RBS junior associate, London Children's Ballet etc.. Is there more? Thanks in advance
  14. www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2019/01/14/new-associate-centre-to-open-in-scotland/
  15. South East Ballet Scholars Auditions March 17th 2019 South East Ballet Scholars Associate programme was developed in 2007. The programme is specifically for talented students who aspire to a career in dance and every student who has participated in the programme since its inception has gained a place at one of the prestigious summer training schools for classical ballet and past students have gained places at the following schools. The Royal Ballet School English National Ballet School Elmhurst School Rambert Classical and the Contemporary Ballet School Central School of Ballet Northern Ballet School Tring Park. Not just for girls, the SEBS programme has a Boys-only curriculum too so that talented young male dancers can reach their potential. The SEBS programme has been developed to complement student’s ballet training with their current teacher and they are expected to continue study with their regular dance tutor in addition to the SEBSclasses. JUNIORS AGED 7-11 YEARS MIDS AGED 12-14 YEARS SENIORS 15- 18 YEARS All classes are small and places ARE limited. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR YOUR APPLICATION FORM TODAY www.southeast-balletscholars.org We look forward to welcoming you to SEBS
  16. Hi all. I've been browsing the forum for some weeks now, lots of great information. My daughter is 9 years old, school year 5, and loving ballet and dance in general. I'm just wanting to give her some more opportunities to enjoy ballet and see where it goes. She does seem to have a natural ability for ballet, enjoys the focus, very flexible, lovely extension when dancing without really trying!! Her teacher and others have said the same thing. She passed her RAD primary with distinction last year and has now moved up to a grade 3 group. She started a bit later than some I suppose and I think RAD primary, while she was older than most others there, was a good place to start learning. Now she is more with her peers and doing very well. She also attends 2 musical theatre sessions, tap, stretch and started in the Elite group so all around, lots going on. So I believe we have the RBS junior associates scheme, mentioned by her teacher and lucky that a centre is not far from us. After lots of research I've concluded that theres nothing to lose in auditioning so we'll probably give that a go for a year 6 place. I've looked at EYB and seriously considered the York performance but ultimately decided that it's a bit too much logistically due to distance and costs, we'd have to stay in the area on a number of rehearsal dates. I'll keep an eye on that for the future. I've just seen the YBSS which I hadn't come across before, the Easter sessions looked interesting but clashes with her dance school musical so a no BUT I was wondering about standards for that. Would she be out of her depth skills wise for these? Looks like they have to have passed grade 4 for summer school!! Is there anything else in the local area I'm missing? BRB are at The Lowry soon and yesterday I discovered that they do repertoire workshops so got that to watch for going on sale. It just seems there are lots of small things that I'm coming across so might be missing other things. Thanks a lot xx
  17. Hi everyone! My DD has just completed The London Ballet Company summer intensive for the second year now, and has been reaccepted as TLBC Associate from September as well so just wanted to give a huge shout out to the Director, Sophie and her team who have just been amazing! The Associates run once a month on Sundays in Battersea and it’s an excellent addition to existing ballet training to get the creative juices flowing and for anyone who is interested in contemporary ballet. Another one of their amazing features is YoBallet which focusses on strengthening the core and using all the right muscles. They also have a school in Wimbledon that is worth checking out (although we don’t currently attend as it quite a distance for us) but what’s different about them is that they don’t follow any strict syllabus and work by strengthening and stretching the right muscles and correcting posture to get the best results. Just had to post as it’s been a little secret of my DD for a while now and she comes out beaming after every session :) The facilities are of an excellent standard too and since I ran a search and couldn’t find any posts on them so I thought I’d get the word out there.
  18. Hi there, My daughter had an audition back on the 14th January for mid-associates. We've been told we will hear something either way around Easter. Just wondering if anyone has heard back already?
  19. Ever since my daughter's ballet teacher told me that she's should consider auditioning for the RBS JAs I've been lurking on here trying to work out whether it's a good idea. She wants to do it so we've decided she can go for it, although we/she knows the vast majority of people don't get through. However I still feel I'm in a world I know nothing about and trying to make decisions and know how to help her is tough! When I was younger I had no desire to do ballet at all. I loved riding, so I understand what it is to have a real passion for something but not dance. As an adult I love to watch ballet and I'm lucky enough to get lots of free tickets - so I do really appreciate and admire it - but the last few weeks have taught me I know nothing! (Kind of thought I did after watching so much - so wrong there). I've got a few questions to ask and hoping someone can help. The first 2 are simple I think. The last one's trickier and guessing there's no right answer but interested in the views of people with a lot more knowledge than me. 1. I've been looking at the cost and it's quite pricey! I wouldn't have thought we'd be eligible for help as we're ok but spend a large chunk of our salaries on (low) private school fees so don't have much to spare after that. But I see there are a variable number of lessons priced up. Can you choose how many you do? What are the pros and cons of doing fewer? Obviously we'll save money but would she miss out? Or at 8, would it be better not to do too much to start with anyway and see how she goes? 2. I think the answer to this isn't what I want to hear! - are the lessons in Richmond Park or Covent Garden? I'm guessing Richmond Park. CG is so near to us - Richmond Park somewhat further! 3. Lastly - and I know all this is very previous, but I like to think things through! - if she got very into ballet and wanted to be a professional dancer, I'd be worried. From an outside perspective it's so tough to get into, a hard life in many ways if you do, low pay and a short career. Am I wrong? I know I don't know much about it and this is an outsiders view. Do I have the wrong perspective? Most importantly is it unfair of me to encourage my daughter now if further down the line, I might be actively discouraging her? What do people who were ballet mad youngsters think? Very grateful for any answers/thoughts.
  20. My child’s JA teacher recently recommended Central Ballet School Associates as an excellent program offering both classical and contemporary ballet training. I asked for a recommendation because my son wants to broaden his ballet training, as he really enjoys Contemporary ballet as well. Does anyone’s son train with Central on their Associate program? Would love to hear a bit more about it. Thank you.
  21. Hello all! Newbie here after some advice . My daughter has been taking ballet classes, alongside lyrical, musical theatre, character dance and body conditioning. She is now 10 (11 in May) and started a year ago and is about to take her grade 1 RAD exam (I know she's a bit behind but only really decided she wanted to dance in year 5) I would say she is now becoming ballet obsessed and has a one hour one2one lesson a week as well as her normal classes (4 days at the dance school) and her dream is to audition for the royal ballet school! Like all young ballerinas ! I have looked at the mid associate programme as feel this would suit her best (I am no expert though!) I wondered if her lateness to start will cause her any issues? Her dance teacher said she has excellent strength, spring, musicality etc but she is still unsure of the moves (the names etc) physically she is very good and her teacher said once she's aced her turn outs she will fly, so it's all very nice to hear but does this mean she may have some potentional to audition for the mid associates despite still be fairly new to ballet. She does need to work on her flexibility but that is also coming along nicely now. I wondered how the new dancers fair at these auditions? I just think the experience in itself would be wonderful but I don't want her to feel out of her depth with the bendy, experienced dancers! Regardless of the outcome, I just want her to enjoy it! My daughter also looks very young for her age (she was born 4 months prem) and is still on catch up, I'd say physically she looks more like an 8/9 yr old but with very good muscles (she's a long jumper! Long legs!) and I wonder if this will also make a difference. thank you in advance, L X
  22. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and a newbie to dance in general.My daughter has just been turned down after a RBS JA audition.It was her first audition for anything as she has only recently joined a ballet class (gymnastic background). Whilst she was a bit down at first she has asked me to look for alternatives. I would be very happy to hear alternatives please from parents who know what is what! Thank you so very much
  23. Has anyone had a child who has auditioned / been accepted for Ballet Cymru Associates? Thanks x
  24. Hi there, With encouragement from her teacher, my 8 year old has settled on her dream to be a ballet dancer. I’m hoping to get some advice about how to provide her with the best opportunities and pathways to reach her dream. I’m very aware of how competitive ballet is so i’m keen to make the journey as enjoyable as possible for her. She’s currently in a Grade 2 class for a hour a week and will be taking an additional associates-type class from September (not JA). I think i’m struggling to know whether to get her to audition for JA next round, or to see how the additional classes go and wait until she’s a bit older to audition for associates? She’s desperate to get into the CAT programme so would a JA class make this more likely? Thanks for any advice xx
  25. Good morning. I have been lurking and reading, trying to find to some information about Northern Ballet Associates, Renaissance Arts Scholars and York Dance Scholars. I've found some on the internet, but not the answers to my questions, and I hope you can help. I would welcome all comments and advice and or suggestions for other places to consider. Thank you. DD is 12, and keen to do some extra ballet. we live along the A1M corridor, and Leeds is easy to get to. Northern Ballet - Does everyone who applies get an audition? How many re in each class, and what is the drop out or assessed out percentage each year. DD knows a friend of a friend who attends Northern Ballet, and she has told DD that you HAVE to go to the summer school, and you can't miss any classes for any reason. it would not be possible for DD to attend the summer school due to previous commitments, plus it is a daily summer school, and both DH & I work, and would not be able to get her there and back. Renaissance Arts - How many in each class, and again what is the drop out or assessed out percentage each year. do they offer a summer school? York Dance Scholars - I can't find anything about it now it has changed; times of classes, teachers, or anything! again though, do you HAVE to attend their summer school? Thank you in advance. This is all new to me.
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