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Found 23 results

  1. A friend of mine has a son who has been accepted on this, she was under the impression it is run by Rambert. I hope I am correct in thinking that they just use their premises. She is anxious for him to be dancing with more boys. He is 12, does anyone know how many boys there would be in this age group. Has anyone current experience that they would be willing to share. Many thanks
  2. Ballet Boost.... Has anyone ever changed centers or asked to change centers?
  3. Hi, My daughter is going to a ballet boost audition. I was just wondering if anybody has any details on how quickly you find out if audition was successful and begin training?
  4. I have two sky blue Ballet Boost leotards for sale. In used but very good condition. Size 8-10 Size 10-12 £10 each incl 2nd class uk postage.
  5. Hi all My daughter (8) has been offered Associate places with TLBC and BB. I've read reviews on both and both seem really good. One question I have left tho is - is Ballet Boost really strict?
  6. Hi. My daughter started at BB yesterday and really loved the class. I was wondering when/how/if BB provide feedback and advice (eg on specific points to work on): does anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any preloved Ballet Boost Associates uniform for sale? Looking for a jacket and a bag. Jacket Size 11-12 or 13. Many thanks.
  8. I’m selling my Ballet Boost Seniors jacket - Capezio (XS) grey & black with BBA logo (excellent condition) and BBA Seniors green Capezio cross back leotard size S (good condition). £28 for both. PM if interested. Thanks x
  9. Now that all of the Associate programme results are back (or at least the ones I know of), and the dust has settled on decisions, acceptances etc I thought I would start a thread for those who will be a BBA in September (& those who already are) to share tips, ask questions etc. (I will also start an Elmhurst one too) My DD is 8 and we are reasonably new to this type of thing. She’s excited to start though! My (first) question is, how or where do you get the white ribbon bows that the girls have in their hair? Do you buy them like that or do parents make them themselves? This is probably the most ridiculous question I have asked! I look forward to meeting other parents of BBA 😊
  10. I am still looking for a Ballet Boost jacket for my DD if anyone has one for sale please. Preferably age 12 but would consider slightly larger. Thank you
  11. Hi, Is anyone selling any Ballet Boost items for Junior Associates please (age 10+); Leotard (Sky blue) Jacket Warm ups Muscle book Thanks
  12. There is a Ballet Boost Associates audition near us this month. What are people's opinions and experience of them? Is it a relatively new enterprise? are the standards high? DD wants to apply and she has a couple of classmates who have been doing it this year
  13. My daughter goes to ballet boost. She thoroughly enjoys it. It is not something that her dance school suggested. She applied and auditioned herself although got her teachers permission. Her teacher is keen for her to audition for York Dance Scholars. She admittedly doesnt know too much about ballet boost due to it being quite new but has had a number of students over the years attend YDS. I suppose my question is does anyone have any good ...or bad experience of BB or YDS...or even better does anyone have any experience of both and are able to advise on differences? I have no idea if she is good enough to get in at YDS but if she does I don't know how to choose! Thanks x
  14. Pale blue Wear Moi leotard with Ballet Boost logo on back. Size 8-10 years. Good condition. £10 including postage.
  15. Okay,I know what you're thinking. ..I just wanted to know when places release their dates. We missed everything this year due to holidays and I've promised DD she can go next year but I also like to book our holidays in advance. Thank you.
  16. Hello! Last year I attended the RBS audition insight day and really got a lot out of it, as well as a lovely class and day out! I have also heard of the Ballet Boost course, which sounds wonderful. Really, I just wanted to know all of the options out there? My half term is very weirdly late (from 30th October) and I expect I will have to take a day off school! At the moment I am thinking Ballet Boost because of the feedback etc, but am nervous that I would be the youngest and worst there, as I would be in the Upper School audition category. Good luck everyone with the coming year, and thank you in advance
  17. Ballet Boost's Summer School is now open for Booking on a first come basis this year. Please see www.balletboost.com for full details. JULY 24th - 28th 2017 Juniors ages 8 - 10 £300 11am - 330/4pm. Age 10/11 over - £350 11am to 430/5pm Ages 8 to 18 in various groups based at Pineapple. (sibling discount available) Vocational Ballet training - Classes, Repertoire, pointe work, boys strength training, virtuosity, mime, floor barre, Contemporary, Pas de deux, Mathew Bourne's Red shoes workshop plus a Musical Theatre workshop! Every element for success today! Your child will leave feeling fulfilled and confident in their skills having made lovely friends and been inspired by an amazing faculty. 07958 725862/ emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for any queries Facebook - Ballet Boost
  18. AUDITIONS june 25th 2017 APPLY NOW! www.balletboost.com - Go to the the BBA page to apply at the bottom Ages 8 - 18 BBA is coming to the South West offering vocational training monthly on Sundays as a 'boost to their regular classes. Ballet Boost mentors and supports by nurturing and guiding both dancers and parents! Classes involve anatomy, pilates, technique, pointe, rep and contemporary over 3hrs to 4.5 hrs (depending on level) at the wonderful Dartington Hall. This is first class training on a par with all vocational schools in London. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask. I am excited to be helping your child fulfil their true potential! emmanorthmore@yahoo.com 07958 725862
  19. COACHING for COACHES! A rare opportunity to see world class coaching using dancers from the Royal Ballet Company. For all teachers, repetiteurs and dancers considering their next career move - this is a very special day with Maina Gielgud at Ballet Boost on Sept 1st 2017. It involves the whole day -watching a ballet class and then observing Maina teach mime and stage craft. After lunch Teo Dubreuil and Anna Rose O'Sullivan from RB Company will arrive to be 'coached' in various solos and we are hoping to share crucial elements that are necessary when coaching. Its so very different to delivering a class and will be invaluable for those working on YAGP, Prix de Lausanne or even festival solos. This is an interactive workshop! If you are interested please fill in the attached form or email me info@balletboost.com. It should be an enlightening day as Maina coaches dancers around the world!! The dancers attending the Back to Ballet course from aug 29th will be lucky enough to watch the afternoon rehearsal at no extra cost having finished the course after the mime class! Full details available on www.balletboost.com on the 'other courses' page or at www.mainagielgud.com. Cost is £70 for the afternoon and can be as interactive as necessary. £85 to observe the entire day from 11am with students attending their technique class (taught by Emma Northmore) followed by mime taught by Maina. Coaching for Coaches.docx
  20. MUSICALITY & PERFORMANCE May 26th with Ballet Boost for ages 12 plus @ Central School of Ballet £50 Looking at how the correct understanding of musicality impacts technique, artistry and dynamics in a masterclass held by Emma Northmore lasting at least 2 hours. After lunch there is another masterclass which will take the information from the morning and combine it with their performance skills. Tapping in to the use of personality, energy and confidence to create the best possible performer. All this is aimed at vocational Ballet students and those hoping to go in to vocational training. The afternoon will be Musical Theatre work which has been planned with the ballet student in mind and will help them find that spark they need to succeed. Consider 'An American in Paris' - does your ballet student have that stage presence yet? I want to help them get a step ahead! It will get them a place at a school and most certainly go a long way towards obtaining the type of job they desire. Directors are looking for that 'something special' , that 'inner spark' - the true artists of tomorrow. emmanorthmore@yahoo.com info@balletboost.com 07958 725862 LIMITED PLACES as just the one group!!!
  21. I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 2nd April 2017 BBA will be holding auditions for entry in to the Ballet Boost Associate programme in September 2017. Sunday April 2nd 2017 Rambert School in Twickenham Apply via www.balletboost.com - online application form with Photo requirements. OR email emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for queries. Ages 7/8 to 19 across at least 4 levels which will possibly be expanding for September 17. Vocational level classes with a strong thread of anatomy. Please be aware this is a scheme for those dedicated to achieving a high level of training working alongside their current classes. Running on alternate Sundays (with a weekly option from September.) www.balletboost.com for more detailed information 07958 725862 for worried/confused parents!! Feedback and assessments will be given. Fantastic Teachers Amazing Studios Wonderful Pianists International Vocational Level Training - Exciting times for the future of Ballet
  22. I thought I had decided on which summer school to do, until a kind member suggested OPES! Wow. It looks great to do up to 3 weeks of ballet! In weeks the English school system can do! So, could anybody tell me what OPES is like? RBS is my first choice of course, but I thought I had decided on Moorland. Can anybody tell me what Moorland SS is like too? I feel like I'm going to end up doing a week at Ballet West, a week Moorland and a week OPES, but I doubt my parents would agree! Thank you!
  23. Hi, is anyone familiar or have email contact details for the Ballet Boost summer course at Pineapple Studios? I have emailed the "info" email address on their website a couple of times already but have received no response. I know the summer course is from age 8, but I wanted to ask them if my DD will be allowed to join as she will only be less than a month from turning 8 when the course starts. We have found it so difficult finding holiday/summer courses that are purely dance/ballet (although there seems to be a wealth of musical theatre ones!) and was very excited to see this.
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