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  1. Oh dear - that is really bad. ☹️ Is it permanently stained or have you managed to shift it at all? Was the belt bought from the RB shop? If so, I reckon it'd be worth complaining. That good to hear SJBallet and BattementBatty, glad your DDs enjoyed it. DS enjoyed it too. We had an absolute nightmare of a morning, very stressful, which really wasn't the best way to start a new programme but he came out smiling and said everyone was really nice - much to my relief. Their teacher seems lovely too. We're looking forward to the next class. 😊
  2. Personally it feels like we're ALWAYS 'at dance' 😰 but that's more because I have three children who dance. Individually it's not a crazy amount at all. My son (he's 9) does 40 mins of each ballet/tap/modern (normal class) and then has a 30 min private session with his teacher per week - though the private class is fairly new, just a few months, as was to get him exam ready - it's worked out well and his teacher is really great with him so we're trying to keep it going as long as we can this term. 😊 You can be a one session a week student (or have zero previous ballet experience as some professional dancers have proven) and picked for associate programmes if you have what the ballet schools are looking for, I'm sure. Or do hours and hours of training and still not picked if you aren't what they are looking for, unfortunately. My eldest daughter does a lot more actual ballet than my son (she's G6 so naturally it requires more time-dedication) but she can't keep up if she goes to a one-off intensive class/workshop at a vocational school (she's tried - she's good but definitely not a natural and I doubt any vocational school would look at her twice - she only dances as a hobby and has a completely different career path in mind so thankfully it doesn't bother her one bit).
  3. I've had the email from our London teacher and she's said no yoga mats. Not sure if this applies elsewhere though. We've been told one large towel (I guess for laying on) and one tea/hand towel size.
  4. I can't see why not (I don't remember seeing anything about it in the information booklet) but if you are wary of not upsetting them there are other Royal Ballet hoodies in other styles. They sell them at nearly all RBS events/auditions and there is a seller on eBay (but not sure if it's an approved seller though they look exactly the same as the ones that were sold at the auditions). I didn't buy anything there incase he didn't get in (I didn't think he would) πŸ˜† I didn't want to get his hopes up. I too quite like the exclusive associates ones though. It's almost like a badge of honour. 😁 Though I think I'll be protecting it so much that he'll only wear it for classes and any events that might come up (I'm hoping there are some!). ☺️
  5. Though, now you've said that, if/when he ever asks for one (a barre) I think I'm just going to point at one of the dip station bar things (the 'den'). πŸ˜‚ Truly multipurpose.
  6. Haha, ours is really weird fitting - gives him four bum cheeks and I didn't think he had enough weight on him for that ever to happen. πŸ˜‚ He'll have to live with it as the size 2 would be huge on him. Nooo! It's one of my husband's dip bars (or called something like that) but it mostly gets used as a play thing - the kids are currently sat with a blanket draped over each side to create a den (crazy in this heat), pigging out on snacks while they are watching Beauty & the Beast. 😁 It never gets used for it's intended purpose. πŸ˜‚ My eldest daughter (13) does have a cheapie portable ballet barre but she doesn't let the younger two use it much. It's a bit flimsy - ok for her as she's learnt to be much more controlled, the younger ones tend to pull on it more which makes it unstable. I can't say I recommend it - holding the back of a chair as a makeshift barre works just as well, if not better, at this age.
  7. It might be ok. If you do wait for it to arrive and see if it fits please could you let us know? I'm intrigued to know if there's a big difference. Also, I bet quite a few children will be wearing them pretty big at first.
  8. Oh, bless you - well I'm so very glad for your presence. 😊 My eldest is similar, though she fairly recently ditched all the others in favour of more ballet (which confused me as it was her least favourite of the three: ballet/tap/modern) but she wouldn't ever entertain the idea of applying for anything at all (I don't mind really as it's less stress for me). She dances for herself only and that's fine by me. To be honest, of all three of mine (two girls and a boy) I never thought it'd be the boy child that we were doing all this for. 😁 But here we are. I hope both of your girls enjoy their dancing, whatever form it is and however often they do it. ❀️ That's the most important thing really.
  9. Got the photo upload to work finally. Hope I'm allowed to do this and that it's useful. So, he's 9 but tends to be smaller and skinnier than most boys his age. Height 129cm Zip Up RBS Jumper is 7-8yrs - spacious but doesn't drown him. Joggers are Asda school dept ones (slim leg style - Β£5) age 8-9yrs. Had to snip and tweak the elastic but now fit perfectly with growing space (Thank you Mrs Brown). The colour is a very, tiny bit darker on the bottoms but also the closest we could find. And as you can see, it's not noticeable.
  10. Oh you are a star! Thank you!!! His Asda pair now fit perfectly. So simple but I'd never have thought of doing that. I just need to figure out how to add a photo (file too big apparently) but just wanted to show fit of both the joggers and zip up jumper incase it might help others with their orders and sizing.
  11. Oh that makes sense. Thank you! I'm going to try that.
  12. We found them small. I phoned the shop and was advised they are very tight so measure and order either the exact size or one size up (because they should still be nice and tight). We ordered next size up from his waist size and they fit perfectly (and he's super skinny).
  13. Welcome and 'Hi' to all the newly-joined 'newbies' Congratulations too! πŸ‘ Exciting times ahead.
  14. Yes, we tried those too - completely wrong blue unfortunately.
  15. I think it's just sewn on bits that look like they are drawstrings but aren't...but now you've said that I'm going to check in the morning. Fingers crossed I can just cut the stitching and tighten them. Thank you.
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