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  1. @BellaF - It’s all depending on individual venues and any local lockdowns that may occur, but in part, yes, and day changes for some centres too. My DS wasn’t keen on the recorded lessons either but did them and didn’t want to do hardly any of the tasks in the weekly newsletter (he has spent most of this time upset at the loss of social dancing so can be a bit stubborn - lots of talk of quitting ballet and many tears shed from him ☹️) but we were very grateful for the lessons/resources - it was good to have something, even if it wasn’t ideal (everything else stopped for us). DS did read through every newsletter and enjoyed looking at artwork and recognising names of classmates on the lovely pieces in the ‘students corner’ section of the newsletter but he didn’t want to submit anything himself. So the effort that went into it all was definitely appreciated. The end of term Zoom meeting was much needed too. ❤️ I can’t imagine it is easy to provide something of particularly high quality to be done at home and in such short notice AND still manage to pay overheads hence I understand them asking for 50% of the fees (I felt awful about submitting the refund form but had to and we’ve also had to think long and hard about being able to afford another year’s fees). As I’m sure everyone is, we were desperately longing for some sense of normality, the high quality training we’ve come to appreciate, and had hoped that JA classes would give us all that again. But I do understand the difficulties they are facing so no criticisms from me - I’m just not looking forward to having to make difficult choices about where we go from here. It could be much worse (I have to keep reminding myself of this).
  2. 😢 It really does. Lots of children will have clashes, I think. I hope further updates will be more positive for us all. My DD was due to audition for yr5 RB JAs back in May but given she’s had no classes for the last three months her technique has gone to pot so I think the very tiny chance of her being accepted (we were going in with have fun but no expectations, just as we did with DS) will be down to none by the time auditions finally happen. ☹️ So her staying at her other associates class is a must. Training at home has been so difficult (I have no dance background so am of no help to them) and losing the social side of training has really knocked their motivation.
  3. Oh gosh. I hope yours will be better than ours. Ours means Zoom classes (which I’m not sure I can bring myself to do as DS really dislikes them and I don’t want ballet to become a battle, which it has been a bit during lockdown) or having our younger daughter give up her associates class (elsewhere) so DS can attend on Sundays (which is really unfair on her) and then travel, it takes us over two hours by train and Sunday service is appalling where we are. I really appreciate the lengths they are going to to make things workable though, it just might not be doable for us.
  4. We are coming from Seaford on the south/east coast. It’s good to know it’s doable and we won’t be the only ones needing to travel so early. 😊 Have you all seen today’s email? It’s thrown a huge spanner in the works for us.
  5. That’s horrible. Same regarding grade. My DS was waitlisted so we thought there might be some hope but now none. (He’s also G3) :( Have you seen today’s update? London classes likely moving to Sunday for the autumn term. Trains don’t run early enough for a Sunday lesson for us if it’s the same timing so we may have to decline. While I understand completely and appreciate their efforts I’m not sure I can justify those fees for Zoom classes either (my DS really dislikes them so it’ll become a battle - not what we want when ballet is supposed to be enjoyable). Also, both my DS and DD attend another ballet associates class on a Sunday in Twickenham - we could drop it for DS but it really wouldn’t be fair to stop DD from going to hers because of this change. I’m feeling truly gutted about it all. :(
  6. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Gosh! That was my fear. We’d have to leave home via train at 6.30am. And that’d still be ‘close’ time wise. Eek! But on the plus side it does give us the rest of the day and he doesn’t miss lunch (he always comes out absolutely starving despite eating before going in at 11.30). I really should have asked this before putting it on the form. Oops! I guess it’s just for one year. 😬😁
  7. Hi @Lara Eschler. I hope you are all well. My DS has been offered a JA4 place now (yay!) - can I just check the class times with you? I feel a bit silly that I didn’t check this before so thought I’d ask you before going sheepishly back to ask admin. Oops!
  8. Hi. Has anyone else managed to leave it till the last moment (we went back and forth on it) and now the form isn’t working? Or just us? supposed to close at 11am today.
  9. We’ve just had ours about the JA class at the end of the month being cancelled. I was sort of expecting this but it’s come sooner than I thought it would. I’ve emailed back to ask (but I doubt they know at the moment as they’ll be assessing the situation daily) but I’m assuming Chance To Dance will be the same. And then probably the Summer Fair. 😢 Disappointing but understandable.
  10. Oh it’s lovely there. You’ll enjoy it! Loads to see. Does get a bit expensive though trying to occupy yourself in the time they are in. 😰 The shops are all really expensive (if I look, I tend to buy - oops!) and I find sitting in a coffee shop trying to make one hot chocolate last as long as possible a bit painful. 😂 The art galleries in Trafalgar Square are great though (and free) and the British Museum is not too long a walk away. ☺️
  11. Thank you. 🙂 So there’s a mixed yr4 and 5 class, an all boys yr5 and 6, and then two others for juniors. I think. 🤔
  12. Lara Eschler - is your DS in the all boys class? And yr5?
  13. I have no idea to be honest - I emailed and asked if we are allowed to change and the impact this might have (on changing class and teacher) and was told one teacher teaches 24 sessions (his current one) and the other teaches 32 and that it’s really up to us. Is there a mixed class with year 6s in? I thought there was but I could be wrong. Or is it two yr4&5 mixed ones and two yr6 classes (one boys, one girls)? My son actually really enjoys being in his mixed class as he’s made a lot of friends with the boys and the girls so I think switching to all boys might bother him (but I’m sure only at first). Lots to think about. We are very lucky either way. Our youngest DD is auditioning this year too (highly unlikely she’ll get in though) for a yr5 place. And our eldest DD (teen) is not overly impressed with all the travelling as is.
  14. JA1? If so, my DS is in that class too. 🙂 Their teacher is wonderful. I guess the upside is your DD won’t be alone - I can imagine others will change over too and she will still know some classmates (really considering it for my DS - he is also ‘new’ but a yr5 in the class so we’d be changing for yr6). And I’m sure the other teacher must be just as lovely too. 🙂 I emailed to query the session options and apparently it’s up to us and our family schedules (and I guess it must be down to places available too, I’m sure but sounds like they are open to people switching to more or less sessions).
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