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Found 6 results

  1. My beautiful red headed ballerina is developing a chest. To me it is proportional, not very big, and she looks stunning, but she is convinced it will ruin her chance of becoming a classical ballerina. She won't take off her crossover in class because she is embarassed. She has apparently thought this since her Royal Ballet Y8 audition in January when she compared herself to all the other 12 year olds and says no one else had "them". Oh dear. I had no idea she had kept this to herself all these months. She is very slim and very fit but does have a chest growing, but I am afraid she might make
  2. My DD is starting to develop and the leotards she has are fairly unforgiving. Can anyone please recommend leotards that are sufficiently lined in the chest area to prevent embarrassment?
  3. Anyone else with a 12 year old dd going through puberty who is all over the place and out of kilter/lack of co ordination and control/concentration/focus/usual enthusiasm? She loves her dance but things seem to be going haywire for her right now! Help!
  4. Hiya guys, How is everyone doing? Just a check in and a few question for parents of older dancers. My 10 year old DS is struggling with these long limbs that have appeared out of nowhere! He's developed a clumsiness that would put Bambi to shame and it's like his brain hasn't caught up with how fast he's growing!!! Bit of a problem for a dancer! ? So what age did your boys and girls catch up with their limbs?? Were there any particular spatial awareness exercises you came across? How can I help him through the Bambi/Goofy stage with his street cred! ??
  5. I am a little worried my DD has large thighs and possibly put weight on since starting vocational. It's really hard to know what is acceptable and not? She always used to have slim legs (not skinny) but this past year they've got bigger along with her bottom! Her waistline is also bigger I'm sure. I'm not saying she has started to look anywhere near overweight (she's still slim) but I worry because I am not keeping an eye on what foods she eats, she's started making more unhealthy choices. She hasn't grown in height for almost a year now though
  6. Some friends and I have been having a discussion about our dancing children (and young adults) and the issue of body hair and I thought it was time to spread the debate wider Most photos of dancers show pretty hair-free bodies but do the ladies shave, wax or use cream? Do the men leave hair under their arm-pits or not? What about hairy chests/legs???? This might sound like a trivial discussion, but once we started talking about it we realised how many others were wondering the same thing but were afraid to ask
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