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  1. "Night Tube strikes — until Sunday 4 December The planned strike action on Friday and Saturday nights on the Central, Jubilee and Victoria lines between 20:30 and 04:29 the following morning, has been extended until Sunday 4 December and will now also impact the Northern line. While Night Tube services are still running regularly, if you are using these lines on a Friday or Saturday between 19:00 and 06:00 the next morning, you should check before you travel. For the latest information on how services are expected to run, please visit our website. Tube Central, Jubilee, Northern and Victoria lines On Fridays and Saturday nights we expect: A regular service on the Central line(at least two trains per hour through central London) A regular service on the Jubilee line (at least three trains per hour). A regular service on the Northern line (four trains per hour expected through central London) A good service on the Victoria line If you are using the Central, Jubilee, Northern or Victoria lines on a Friday or Saturday between 19:00 and 06:00 the next morning, you should check before you travel. https://tfl.gov.uk/campaign/tube-strike?cid=tube-strike It's been bad enough trying to avoid Fridays and Saturdays when booking for the ROH, where I do at least have alternative options, but this is going to make it really difficult for Sadler's Wells, too
  2. Hello Parents and Dancers. Just a reminder that I have ballet coaching running all summer this year! Classes are based in Highbury, North London; but can also be taken on zoom for anyone who can't get to London. For information and fees please email me sarah@sarahtoner.co.uk or send me a direct message on Instagram sarahtoner45 I focus on confidence building; audition preparation; technique-technique-technique!! Artistry... Basically the whole banana... with humour and kindness! Self promotion makes me nauseous 😂 But I hope this helps for you to get to know me a little. I am a former dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet, London City Ballet, The National Ballet of Portugal and a whole gamut of freelance work in between! I love, love, love teaching and have over 35 years of teaching experience, 9 years teaching at Rambert School, and I have coached very many dancers; professional and students. I don't post my students or their successes (apart from my daughter because she's family and she has always allowed me to use her for advertising my classes!) it's the dancers hard work that gets them to where they deserve to be. I just deliver a good recipe to help them get there! However if it helps to know, my students are scattered throughout nearly every UK vocational school plus Companies all over the world 😉 I hope this helps but please feel free to message me, preferably by email or by DM on Instagram, with any questions! Love Sarah xx
  3. I have a private lesson with Claudia Dean when she visits London in August which I am hoping to sell on as I am no longer able to attend. Please DM if interested for further details.
  4. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a London based photographer for an audition shoot. Thank you!
  5. Hi, anyone know of any routes to try source accommodation for a 15 year old DD to enable attendance at ENBS Spring course - & possibly other things over next year too. Ideally to stay with another attendee so travelling to course with another/others. I cannot be there due to work commitments. As course is non residential I am trying all routes to make it possible.... have exhausted friends & family so am now asking the lovely Forum Family to see if anyone out there has the solution as am sure this is a common issue? Mobe thought I had was contributing to the AirBnB or similar cost of another dancing family booking accommodation or a commuting distance attendee whose family may have a spare room they would be happy to rent in bed & board basis? Hope it’s ok to explore this here... Thank you
  6. Hello, my 15 year old dd is looking for extra classes to supplement her regular ones. She would like ballet and contemporary in particular. Can anyone recommend something that might suit her? I don't think she is strong enough for very competitive programmes. We have looked at Tring Park Associates that might work but ideally I would like Central London so she can get there herself!
  7. Hello All, we are soon moving to London and I'd like to know what are the top schools for classical ballet there. We are auditioning in a few days at Royal Ballet, but I'd like to have a Plan B and C. When I look online, it can get confusing, as some highly rated schools also have yoga, ballet for seniors (nothing against seniors, almost one myself, but you know what I mean), etc... Any tips from local ballet experts would be very appreciated. My daughter is eleven.
  8. My daughter is year 8, and is not at a vocational school. She attends classes at two different ballet schools, and also an associate programme attached to one of the schools. I don’t think she is making the progress she could be or should be, and between the two schools there seems to be a lack of performance opportunity and a slight lack of ‘seriousness’ about the training, that I have seen in other places. So I guess I’m looking for recommendations of schools or classes for this age group in London area (we are east so possibly Essex as well), that will nurture her ambition to dance a bit more? Realising I need to make a change for her as what we are doing now is not really working, and she would love to dance seriously
  9. I'm going to stay at QAH this coming year, and I wonder if any of you have any experiences with it? Thank you
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for associate programmes that happen on a Sunday in or around London? Its for my 13 year old dd, she’s looking for extra ballet but also contemporary and maybe jazz to supplement her regular classes. Preferably something that isn’t too competitive to get in to! Thank you.
  11. We’re heading to London for DD’s first pair of pointe shoes. A very exciting rite of passage as I must admit I am a bit jealous as I never had the opportunity to go en pointe when I did ballet way back when. Am I right in thinking Dancia, Bloch and Freed are the places we should go to? Would it be better to go to Dancia first as an over view as such and then if they suggest Bloch or Freed shoes, to go to the specific brand shops? Are there any other dance shops worth trying in central London? Any other first pair shopping tips? Should we get elastic and ribbon or see what the fitters suggest? Does one generally get ouch pouches for first shoes or try starting off with lambs wool or something else?
  12. Would anyone be able to recommend a daytime class in London on Monday? I’m there next week and hoping to drop in somewhere as my classes have a full week off! Roughly around low intermediate level, similar to David Kierce’s improvers plus class that he does at central? I’m getting better at picking up combinations but not incredibly fast at it quite yet so someone who doesn’t do anything insanely complicated! I spotted possibly either a beginner or intermediate class at London Russian ballet school, or an afternoon class I think it was with Adam at Danceworks if anyone has any first hand experience with these? Thanks!
  13. As I will be heading over to the UK from America, I am curious to research about any places in greater London that... 1) run male technique classes for amateur adults 2) offer pas de deux training sessions 3) have good selections of dance wear for adult males (not online)
  14. Can anyone suggest a good tap class in Central/South London please? Ds wants to keep up his tap while studying Contemporary Dance (1 year Graduate Diploma) at Trinity Laban. He’s roughly Adv1/Adv2 standard and has Friday afternoons or anytime Saturdays/Sundays. A syllabus class would be ideal as he wants to teach eventually but any recommendations welcome. Thanks for the help.
  15. I have recently moved to London and would like to commence my child at a ballet school in London that provides good technique as well as dance quality and has a high success rate in the children progressing to vocational schools such as White Lodge. I find the Internet has a wealth of schools but it is very difficult to know which schools will provide her with the best training should she wish to continue as a dancer when she is older. In addition, it seems many of the schools have their own syllabus or are performance based rather than teach RAD, Vaganova or Cechetti. Is it better to send her to a school with exams and 1 of these methods?
  16. Hi My daughter has now graduated from Durham , she had a great time there both socially and academically and with her dance. She danced for a number of the DU dance teams, choreographed and danced in the Advanced Ballet team and also danced in the University Ballet Company. I would highly recommend Durham for those who want to still dance but for whatever reason don't end up pursuing it as a career. She is going to Imperial College in October to do her Masters so will be looking into her options for dance in London. There are dance societies at Imperial and shes aware RAD do run some external dance classes. Can anyone help with any further info or details,she is especially interested in doing her Advanced Ballet cert having passed Intermediate 3 years ago. Thanks.
  17. Hello, my daughter is beginning the audition process and I have some questions about the practical side of working with a company. She is currently auditioning in London. If she is offered a contract, I know the pay is very low and my biggest concern is how she will afford rent and how she will travel safely late at night after performances back to her flat. I have heard the tour bus delivers the dancers to a place where they can take night buses, but they still have to walk to their home at the other end. Rent looks terribly expensive, so I imagine her room won't be in a particularly nice area. Has anyone had experience with relocating for a company job, or helped their child locate? Thanks
  18. As I know lots if you frequent the Covent garden area I'm looking for child friendly places to eat in & around Covent Garden. Definatly has to be somewhere that does very plain, simple pub type food. The kids like pizza & pasta but I don't. Some places do steak but it will be very expensive to eat steak every night in London. The places I've found where I will eat don't have a kids menu & the places that do have a kids menu the adult food is too fancy!
  19. My daughter 11, would like to start ballet again - she had lessons from 3-7 years. We live in London, and I am currently looking at Central School of Ballet (Clerkenwell) and London Ballet School (N4). They both seem good, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations and advice. She is very keen to build up her strength to eventually do pointe work, also. She would like to go to both, but would that be advisable?
  20. The London Russian Ballet School is accepting applications for auditions for the vocational ballet course. Full-time training in the Professional Russian Ballet Method with outstanding teachers from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, plus a first class academic education. Applications are open for auditions for entry onto our full-time vocational ballet course with academic education. Auditions begin at the beginning of February 2019 and will continue throughout the month. Thereafter auditions may be arranged by request with the school. To apply, please visit: http://www.londonrussianballetschool.com/applications-auditions/ Send completed form to auditions@lr-bs.com or call 02074980498 for more info. LRBS is delighted to be able to offer 2 full scholarships for boys for our full-time vocational programme in 2018. These scholarships include world-class training in the Professional Russian Ballet Method for male technique, pas de deux, character and contemporary as well as top-level academic education (A Levels or GCSEs). For more information on the course please turn to the relevant section of the website and if you wish to apply, please see the information below or call the school.
  21. Hi, We are going to London at the end of August & I was wondering if anyone could recommend any drop in ballet classes suitable for a 13 year old currently studying RAD advanced 1 ballet but also interested in contemporary? I have been looking at Pineapple & Danceworks although I understand a lot of the classes are aimed towards adults so I was wondering firstly if there were any classes that she be allowed to attend & secondly I am unsure what level of class would be best suited to her. Thanks
  22. Hi all Looking for recommendations for a quick bite to eat before the Proms - something I've always struggled with. Occasionally treat ourselves to a cocktail and sandwich downstairs in the Albert Hall but can't sustain that for everyday living! Similarly the Barbican. I like the pancake house but I'm sure there are better (and cheaper) places in the area - but my knowledge of that bit of London is not good.
  23. Due to a number of scheduling factors for the autumn term my DD wont be able to get to classes in the week at her current school. Can anyone recommend a good school in central or South London with classes Grade 5 and above? I have a little one too so difficult to travel too far in the week. RAD, ISTD or free syllabus is fine. Just somewhere with good teachers and an opportunity to progress to higher classes. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi there Can anyone give any insight to the central preps audition please. What sort of things are the dancers asked to do, are they in big groups, etc etc. Interested to hear others experiences and where Parents went whilst waiting ? Thank you
  25. Hello my name is Sabrina I need a room with cooking facilities from 15 to 28 July during ENB summer school. Can you help me?
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