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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, I was just looking through old threads on LCB ahead of the audition tomorrow. I kept seeing the issue of 'height' crop up. Do we think that with this year's production being Snow White, they will prefer the you get children to be shorter, rather than taller? My daughter is auditioning with the youngest group (she will be 9 just in time for the Jan 1st cut off date) but I know that she'll be somewhere in the top 15% height wise for her cohort. Luckily her only goal tomorrow is to get through to tomorrow's call-back so I don't think there will be a huge disappointment with the end result.
  2. Realised there isn’t a thread for next year’s LCB performance so thought I’d start one! My 9 year old (auditioning in 10 year old group as turns 10 at the end of this month) is through to finals on 21st November, hoping to find other parents who I can obsessively check emails with for the results. 😬 I know there is one more round of auditions to go this weekend too…
  3. For Sale: London Children’s Ballet DVDs, I have Snow White from 2009 and Ballet Shoes from 2010, both recorded at the Peacock Theatre, London. £6 each or both together for £10. P&P £1.50
  4. Has anyone's DD or DS on here done this? I have signed my DD up to audition and looked at the dates of rehearsal which will definitely clash with associate classes. If she gets a minor part, how likely is she needed for all of the dates? Can anyone impart any wisdom as to what is expected? Obv if she gets in, then we will totally committed but would like a good idea of what is realistic? Thanks
  5. Morning all! Registration seems to be open for LCB’s autumn auditions for their 2018 production of Ballet Shoes. It’s taking place in early July. Excitement in this house as DS is old enough to audition this year, but sadness too as DD is too old this year.
  6. Don’t miss The London Children’s Ballet’s upcoming performances of The Canterville Ghost at the Peacock Theatre 19-22 April. I caught a bit of a rehearsal last week and it is going to be a fabulous show - both moving and humorous- and the dancing is excellent! Who knows, you might spot the next Anna Rose O’Sullivan in the cast! Tickets still available from £14 https://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2018/london-childrens-ballet-the-canterville-ghost/
  7. Does anyone know if the children are told on the day of they have been successful or of they are told by post/email?
  8. Reading through different threads I have come across auditions for both London Children's Ballet and English Youth Ballet. Could someone please help me understand what the difference is between the two?
  9. Hello all! Does anyone know when the new LCB production and audition details will go on the website. We have been checking daily recently and thought it had been announced earlier in previous years. Any information would be fab!
  10. My DD is auditioning tomorrow for LCB for the first time. On the confirmation email it says that the audition is 30 mins and then we have to wait to see if we are needed for the recall on the day. My DD asked me whether you are out if you are not taken in for recall on the day or not. I wasn't certain from the info that we have received what the purpose of the recall is so couldn't answer. Is it a second stage for those they like or to look more closely at those that they are undecided about? Any experience would be welcome so that I can manage expectations tomorrow!!
  11. For anyone wanting some ballet Easter viewing, you will find that LCB have uploaded some of their ballets to you tube, including a personal favourite of mine Scarlet Pimpernel, choreographed by the late and talented David Fielding. ballet Shoes, Snow White, A Little Princess and Rumpelstiltskin also on there. Happy viewing
  12. This wonderful forum has helped me so much in the past so I was wandering if anyone has any tips for places to stay near LCB offices, Ladbroke Grove area of London. My DD is on the February tour and as we don't live in London I was thinking it would be best to stay up there for the tour rather than travel daily. Any recommendations or general hints or tips about the tour would be welcome! Thank you in advance.
  13. http://londonchildrensballet.com/training/ballet-boys/ From the above:- Registration for Ballet for Boys is now open!We are delighted to announce that Erico Montes, First Artist with The Royal Ballet, will once again lead the Ballet for Boys sessions for us this coming year. Dates: There will be 8 classes on Sundays between January - April 2016 First 4 classes: 10, 17, 24, 31 January NB. Occasionally classes might have to change due to Erico's busy timetable. If this happens we will email you so please make sure to clearly write your email address. Venue: TBC Times: Sunday afternoons, exact time to be confirmed Cost: The cost per class is £6, totalling £48 for the term. In cases of financial need we are able to offer grants for the programme. If you wish to apply for a grant please do not submit this form but contact the LCB office instead. In cases of financial need we offer grants. If you would like to apply for a grant, please request a form from us when registering. *DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: MONDAY 21 DECEMBER 2015*
  14. Thinking of auditioning this year (not me, DD, lol!), but have a few questions for any parents who have done it before. DD is year 6 at school and just beginning the auditions rounds for vocational school . As the rehearsals are all in the Spring term and it looks to be an intensive schedule would this be too much with audition demands? Also, I noticed that prelims for Royal are on Sundays in Jan when there are rehearsals and the registration form says very clearly that you have to be available for all auditions, so we would definitely have to miss one there. Does anyone have experience of doing it in this academic year, i.e the year their DC were auditioning for vocational lower schools? If so, was it too much with all the auditions as well? Are they that strict or would it be ok to miss one rehearsal for audition? Thanks!
  15. My DD is doing her last day at LCB junior summer school and she has loved everyday and doesn't ever want to leave!! Even though on her first day she didn't know anyone there she has made some really lovely friends that she will hopefully keep in touch with. She loved her rep teacher (Victoria) but she also learnt a lot from every class she took and loved them all! She was pushed a little (in some variations) but not too far as she had 7 hours a day of dance-including breaks.!! She loved it and would definitely recommend it to anyone from the age 9-12!!
  16. Hi I'm new to balletcoforum so don't know much about it! But I was just wondering whether the London Childrns Ballet Summer school is good? My DD is 12 but we are not doing the senior one as we are away.(we are doing Juniors) it is our first year doing it so was just wondering whether it is good and if it will help her with technique and performance skills?? We are doing it through the audition as we got a lovely 'no' from LCB and did not get a call back either. Could anyone help us on what it will be like at the junior summer school 2015??
  17. My daughter auditioned for LCB on Sunday for the first time. She got to the call back stage on the day, they then said we would receive the results in the post. Today she received a letter, asking her to attend again for finals in a few weeks time. Can anyone shed some light on what is involved in this next part. How many get through, past this round. We are used to EYB, finding out on the day! Thanks in advance, any info or tips gratefully received x
  18. My daughter has just finished the London Childrens Ballet Summer School and she absolutely loved it. I used this forum to get information re summer schools earlier this year and it was following recommendation from members that I signed my daughter up for it. She had a ball! Many many thanks.
  19. Registration for auditions for 2015 (Snow White) is now open:- http://www.londonchildrensballet.com/current-season/auditions/ My daughter auditioned for Nanny McPhee last autumn - she didn't go forward, but enjoyed the day. I suspect both she and my son (who is now old enough) will want to audition this time around.
  20. A friend of mine has asked me to post the following questions (I have an interest too but for the future) as she doesn't have Internet access easily. How do you get involved in the London children's ballet audition process? Is the age taken at application, audition or for show date? When and where do they do rehearsals? Does cost much - costumes etc And any other info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  21. I have just come across the website for the London Childrens Ballet and wondered if anyone could give me an idea of how it compares to an EYB production or if anyone has done it before. Any information regarding the audition process especially how many children might audition would be really helpful too. My dd is available to audition in October but is signed up to do panto when the casting day is on. Although that is me thinking ahead. !!!! But any audition experience is always beneficial isn't it?
  22. Has anyone got experience of this? I am looking for a non residential summer course for my 9 year old dd. The other one I looked at was LCB but I think we've missed the closing date?
  23. Any other forum members at Dance Attic with their DCs next Sunday? I will be there with my 14 year old ds. Thought it might be a chance to meet some forum members.
  24. London Children's Ballet (LCB) are running classes for boys (aged 9-16) on Sunday afternoons. The classes will be taught by Royal Ballet's Bennet Gartside. More information and application details here: http://londonchildrensballet.com/workshops%20-%20ballet%20for%20boys.htm
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