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  1. Takes us 1 hour 20 minutes... but worth it !
  2. They are usually held at the BRB studios joined into the hippodrome which is always a delight to wait in their foyer however due to Covid they couldn’t have lots of children in every week and just Keir studios for the company so now at Nicholson studios about 10 minutes away
  3. Have they viewed Group 3’s videos yet? How long after closing date did they view them?
  4. So a bit of a wait still for those results... 2-3 weeks 😬
  5. Any group 4’s had their videos “ viewed” yet?
  6. There are only a handful of boys in year 5 in Birmingham at the moment , 4 or 5 I’d say
  7. Yes we indeed, there were more last year for sure. All the year 6 Birmingham boys got places at either White Lodge or Elmhurst... they did very well!
  8. My son is year 6 Birmingham . There are two in his class and I think 2 in the 24 sessions classes
  9. Wow!!! All 3 of mine took about 20 minutes in total to upload onto YouTube via iPad.
  10. My son has been taught by both teachers and he loves them 😊
  11. Have any of group 4 had their videos viewed yet?
  12. I filmed my student today and uploaded it for Birmingham. Now the long wait
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