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  1. Just received a letter from Elmhurst in the post... nearly had heart failure... just DS invoice for this terms young dancers classes 😂😂😂😂
  2. Last year definitely were letters but then who knows what will happen this year .... xx
  3. Am I right in thinking they should get a letter inviting them to finals like they did last year? Elmhurst I’m talking about
  4. That’s such a shame . This pandemic has so much to answer for 😭
  5. Sorry to hear that 😞 What year was she applying for? Did they suggest she try again next year?
  6. Anyone had any views on their Elmhurst video yet?
  7. Yes I think we will hear by end of this month given boys finals are early- mid March. They like to give at least a month preparation to students
  8. I nearly spat out my drink when I saw an email from the auditions team!!! X
  9. They’ve said they hope to let us know by the end of February so I’m afraid it’s going to be along old wait. They will have hundreds to filter through and sift out into Yes , No and Maybe xx
  10. Did you send the link to anyone else? Teacher? Family member? As they might have viewed it .
  11. How long for? We had one just after I sent it in but it was for 2secs to check link worked I think xx
  12. We haven’t had our Elmhurst video viewed yet so can’t imagine we will find out anytime soon
  13. That could also be down to the fa t that they are looking at year 6 young dancers in smaller groups this term so maybe getting a better idea of them than just the short video 🤷🏼‍♀️... I could be wrong of course x
  14. Well Done to your children!! How long after the closing date did you get results? Was it a video audition?
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