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  1. I don’t know the answers to this unfortunately xxx
  2. Yes.. when I read it I thought .. I can’t see our gp wanting to fill this out in the middle of a pandemic for a child to go to ballet school!!! I’m sure we will have something similar for RBS though xx
  3. Is this for RBS too? I thought you’d accepted WL?
  4. Not just international students auditioning on 19th xx
  5. There are a couple of UK students who couldn’t make face to face audition so are doing it on zoom! They could well get MA places
  6. Yes I had heard from a reliable source that zoom auditions are being held for a few boys who couldn’t make the finals & internationals on the 19th April so still a long wait for MA places
  7. I’m not sure ALL are but the ones I have dealt with in sending back acceptance forms etc are on leave
  8. They are all on leave until 7th April so maybe after that? Though date of acceptance of a WL place was by Wednesday 8th April
  9. They aren’t allowed to attend associates if they go to Elmhurst full time. I think Tring allow their students to do MA’s though xx
  10. Thank you.. it really is and one we definitely didn’t expect 😆😆😆
  11. A yes for my ds too!!! Now the tough decision of Elmhurst or WL... and yes I do appreciate what a fantastic position he is in and no, I can’t quite believe it!!! congratulations to the yeses xx
  12. I think the Northern ballet do a scheme .... ?? 🤔🤔🤔
  13. I also know of a girl and a boy on the year 7 waiting list for September
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