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Found 62 results

  1. Does anybody know the times for the Y4 class for Elmhurst young dancers in Birmingham? Are there any fortnightly options or just weekly? I couldn’t see this info anywhere on the website. DD is keen to apply but it would be a bit of a journey for us (although we have family in Birmingham so it could be broken up with a stay). I am thinking more of the effects on the rest of the family and how it would work. I do realise these schemes are very competitive and chances are small, but worth thinking in advance anyway. We are so limited with options for extra ballet where we live! Thanks so much
  2. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  3. We are just at the very beginning of this journey and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best age for vocational school? Year 7 seems very young but are you less likely to find a place in year 9. Cost would be a major issue for us and my initial feeling is the later the better but I don't want my daughter to miss out if the potential is there, a big if I realise
  4. Hello all, I'm new here. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of the Elmhurst associate classes in Plymouth? My dd has just turned 8 and is desperate to audition for junior associates but I can't find out when/where the auditions or actual classes are held. Any info greatly appreciated ????
  5. Can anyone tell me what the fees, excluding boarding and before all the extras such as exam fees, are for Elmhurst 6th form please? Can't seem to find the information on the website. I'm assuming its not just as straightforward as deducting a day place from a boarding place? Although the figures I have for that are from last year.
  6. Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows anything on ballet upper school open days, as I could only find information for royal and tring?
  7. Old-style Elmhurst formal jacket and tartan skirt size C3 (jacket may be a C2 but has fit my 153cm DD with lots of room for growth... will confirm with DD). Suitable for a Year 8, 9 or 10. Please note: current and new Year 7s are in a different formal uniform. £30 + postage
  8. Where are these classes held?? are they all based in Birmingham? & what day of the week/time are they usually on.Many Thanks
  9. hi, I'm currently 15 years old (year 10) and i'm starting to look at vocational ballet/dance schools to apply for when i'm 16. (Upper schools/6th Forms.) I'm a serious dancer, and i particularly love ballet, although do modern/jazz too. I train more or less daily alongside gym/pilates. I currently do festivals as-well and my mum coaches me for my solos (she's an ex dancer) I don't currently take any grades, but in class we've worked through the RAD advanced 2 syllabus and one of my teachers has suggested me taking the exam, so i'm around that level right now?? Anyway, I just wanted to know any info about dance schools... such as auditions, the standard, what it's like, personal experiences and also any way i can improve my training in advance for full-time training! Thank you!
  10. Hello Does anyone know (or have a rough idea) when applications will open for Elmhurst Young Dancers (Junior Associates) and/or Ballet West Junior Associates, for 2019? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  11. I have 2 tickets to the Elmhurst Ballet Company show 'Origins' on Saturday 9 February 7pm at Elmhurst Ballet School in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Good seats, C8+9 selling for £25 for both (bought for £35). For more info see https://www.elmhurstdance.co.uk/Elmhurst-Ballet-Company.html
  12. Elmhurst extended associate leotard by Freed. Bought new from Dancing Boutique Teal colour, size 3, ruched front lined, comes with belt. Good condition ..£10
  13. Hi My daughter auditioned for a year 6 place for Birmingham yesterday being 21st may. Does any one know how places work and how many are in a year 6 class? Also how long for a response? Do they email you regardless of outcome? Thanks in advance
  14. Dd has audition for this next week but I have heard of children who already have places. I thought the 25th was the only audition date. I am wondering if they have any spaces left?
  15. I had a skim through previous Elmhurst SS topics, but could not spot an answer (probably one very obvious, sorry!) Just wanted to ask if you need to send money in with your application? It says £25 discount before 9th March, but i know with RBS there was an application fee, wondering if it is the same for Elmhurst? Hoping to send the forms off today 😊 thank you ! 💕
  16. Hi All We are again running our 3 or 6 day Summer Intensives at the end of August 2018. If you have not got yourself a Summer School, or want that extra boost to go back to school in September. Please email for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. Price is £395 All inclusive Live-in for all classes, food and drinks etc. We work hard and have a lot of fun too. Kind regards Nicola x
  17. Does anyone have any experience of the sixth form final audition day? What does it involve etc? Also approx time the day finishes? Many thanks!
  18. Hello Could someone with a DC at elmhurst lower school tell me how many hours of ballet a week they do there? Also, is there any way of finding out which upper schools Y11s graduate to? Thanks
  19. Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard about audition dates for January yet?
  20. Hi need some advice dd keen to audition for central & Elmhurst, feeling concerned that if offered a place how do they cope at 16 with cooking, cleaning etc as well as studies? Seems very young & surely at that age would need house parents for guidance, does anyone have dc at these schools? Thanks 🤔
  21. Hello this is my first year doing elmhurst junior summer school and I'm very excited but nervous about staying over and what it will all be like ! If any of you could tell me what to expect and what the classes are like thank you
  22. Here we go again ????. The auditions dates are announced! Who is auditioning at Elmhurst this year? My DS will be trying for year 7 place. After dropping my older DD at vocational school this afternoon I will give myself a couple of weeks off before I start to worry about application forms and dreaded photos. But good to have the dates.
  23. Hi. Could any of you advise please. My DD would like to apply for Elmhurst's lower summer school. We have the application form with the details about the photographs but I cant tell if the drawings are showing girls wearing tights and ballet shoes or bare legs and no shoes. Also any general advice you could give would be very much appreciated. She doesn't have a classic ballet body shape but she is hoping that the summer school wont be as strict and so wants the photographs to show her in her best light. We are doing the photographs ourselves as it isn't a major issue if she doesn't get in as She doesn't hold out much hope but wants to give it a try. Also are there any other residential summer schools that you would recommend not too far from Birmingham. She really wants to have the residential experience. Thank you in advance. Admin sorry if this subject is already covered (I couldn't find it)
  24. Will anyone have any Elmhurst Year 9 uniform for sale at the end of this term? Looking for A blue formal t-shirt (Y9) and Y9 leotards. My daughter is quite small still so probably looking for C3 (think that's the larger of the child sizes?) as opposed to a small adult. I will have available Year 8 leotards and a pink formal t-shirt (for Years 7 and 8) plus a Small Child's formal jacket/blazer, available at the end of this summer term. I will need to check the sizing of the leotards but I think they be C2 - they're up at school with my DD who is currently wearing them.
  25. Does anyone know when the results for the Summer school at Emhurst come out?
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