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  1. I had an email last night to say that they were still liaising with Uppingham School as to whether it could run or not and they’d let us know ASAP.
  2. Hi @Emmajayne - Olivia emailed this evening and said that they would try to let us know on Monday. Hope that helps!
  3. @Spamcat - which EYB is your daughter doing? Mine is doing Swan Lake in Bromley in July (rescheduled from last summer) and also wants to audition for Nutcracker in Crawley in November!
  4. Thanks for your reply @Raquelle- I also emailed Malvern and have already received a lovely reassuring response. I’ve signed her up! Anyone else going?
  5. I know this is a bit of an old thread but looking at the Easter course with boarding for my 9 year old. She’s not been away from home on her own for more than a night before, do many children of her age board? Thanks!
  6. It is in term time, and the sessions will be 6-10pm as they are New York time. We’re planning on my daughter having a lie-in and going into school late while she’s doing it, our school have previously been pretty flexible so hoping that will be ok! The other dates clashed with the summer school in Tring that we’ve already signed up to - really hope that goes ahead!
  7. @PurplePirouette - brilliant news! Well done to your DD! Which dates are you doing? We’ve gone for June...
  8. @PurplePirouette - the email came from summerintensive@abt.org and it was exactly 1 week after the audition. So fingers crossed for good news this weekend for you!
  9. This year they are doing a virtual intensive and possibly in-person too but the virtual work for us - 2 weeks on zoom. Times are a bit tricky as it will be 6-10pm due to the time difference but I think it will be really fun! My daughter auditioned on zoom a few weeks ago. https://www.abt.org/training/dancer-training/summer-programs/summer-intensives/
  10. After discussing with my daughter’s teacher, we’ve decided not to apply again this year (for year 5) and to wait for 2022 applications, when she’ll be applying for year 6 and it should be in person. She started at London Junior Ballet associates last September and is having a brilliant time there and is very settled. I do think she’s improved a lot, particularly when I look at the photos from over a year ago, but we’ve decided to give it another year. She has lots of fun things to do this year including EYB Swan Lake and the American Ballet Theatre summer intensive. Best of luck to you all t
  11. @Calea - that’s fantastic! Many congrats to your dd. What great news.
  12. @PurplePirouette - fantastic news, congrats! 🥳🥳
  13. Our results came through on Friday (exam in SE region on 29th November). DD was delighted with her distinction. 😁
  14. Does anyone know the target date for results for exams taken in Nov and Dec this year? I can see them on the RAD website for Jan/Feb 2021 (although doubt many of those will go ahead) and just wondering when we might expect my daughter’s grade 3 results. Her exam was on 29th November. I guess there will be a bit of a delay due to the Christmas and New Year bank holidays...
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