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  1. We got a comment about please try next year for Mids/White Lodge (my daughter is 8/yr 4) so a typo there!
  2. No for us too. Good luck everyone else
  3. How exciting! Maybe she's down to the last few? My daughter's were watched twice about a week apart, but not at all in the last few weeks (since mid-September). Fingers crossed for you.
  4. Results update for group 1 - stand down team until the end of next week! 😬 (Yes I emailed back, all the while worrying that by being annoying I might be reducing DD's chances! and got this lovely response) Hello Rachael, Thank you for your message. We are still finalising the results for the London group, but we hope to have those out to everyone by the end of next week. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Many thanks, Kim
  5. Mine really enjoyed Sunday too! It was a bit worrying just to wave her off into the building but sounds like she had a great time. It seems like group 1 go to go to a different studio to do Pilates after their class. My daughter particularly enjoyed the repertoire class with the older children.
  6. Yes, this is the email Hi Rachael Thanks for your message. We are aiming to let all applicants know their results a month after their video submission date. This may vary slightly, but you will not have to wait until the end of the audition process in order to find out the results. (Unless you are in the last group!) I hope that helps. Thanks,
  7. London is group 1 I think they only ask for a second recording if they can't access your original one.
  8. Maybe they wanted to get all invitations out and dealt with for all 4 groups before moving on to releasing results? And perhaps the auditions team are having lunch now, before they start sending results out this afternoon... We should know one way or the other by the end of this week - surely!!
  9. I understand from the year 6 chat that if the RBS couldn’t access a video they were contacting parents directly to resolve the issue. The auditions team were lovely when I emailed them to ask when we might hear the results, so I’m sure it would be fine for you to email to check. If anyone else wants to ask them again about group 1 results then do let me know what they say! I submitted my daughter’s videos a few days before the closing date but they weren’t viewed until a few days after, Good luck!
  10. So group 1, should be this week... Anyone think it will be tomorrow? However keen I am find out one way or another, there is something nice about this time of not having had a no yet! Anyone else?
  11. It’s on their knees so not much room needed
  12. It's this one on 15th-19th (lots of different types of dance): https://www.tringpark.com/associated-courses/summer-dance-course-2-2020 We're also looking at her auditioning for Paris (POB) summer school as we have friends there we could stay with - but not holding out much hope - I think is as hard as RBS to get into! Maybe RAD earlier on in the summer as an alternative - she was down to do that this year. My daughter was supposed to be doing EYB Swan Lake this summer but it got postponed to next July - so there will be lots on if hopefully it all goes ahead!
  13. It was me who emailed the RBS to ask when results would be out! My daughters 1st choice was London 24 weeks and 2nd was Eastleigh so that's why I asked as I wondered if we'd have to wait until all of the auditions were over because of second choices. But no, they said 1 month after submission closing date for each group. So that would mean 4 weeks is up next Tuesday and 1 calendar month next Thursday. I really thought we may hear this week though! We've just booked my daughter and her friend onto the Tring summer residential for next year - looks great and comes highly recommended
  14. Maybe the person watching had a dodgy internet connection!
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