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  1. Hi, can I go for the viola please?
  2. Congratulations @DancingShoes! Should have said, my DD is 9 and will be attending the junior course.
  3. Absolutely thrilled that my daughter has just been offered a place on this! Anyone else going?
  4. @KitKat23- yes my daughter does do repertoire and has really enjoyed it. It was mainly because we have quite a journey so thought it would make the trip more worthwhile. Not that many of the level 1 children did do it - only a handful of them and all the juniors are in together. My DD found the steps challenging but doable.
  5. That’s so lovely to hear and I’m sure she’ll love LJB. Hopefully see you at some point in September - if you have any questions do just let me know, although our first year hasn’t exactly been typical!
  6. Congratulations @KitKat23 - what great news! My daughter’s friend also made it too .
  7. Does anyone else have children who have successfully auditioned for the November EYB performance of the Nutcracker? My nine year old found out that she has a place on Tuesday afternoon (she’s very excited) but all of her friends are still waiting to hear...
  8. My daughter’s friend auditioned and I don’t think she has heard yet. Last year we heard the same day as the auditions so it is obviously a bit different this time. Fingers crossed you get good news soon!
  9. I’d also really recommend London Junior Ballet - my 9 year old has had a lovely year with them, despite most of it being online. Happy to discuss if you have any questions.
  10. Just been informed that the course has been cancelled. No surprise there. Does anyone know of an online course running that week? 6th- 9th.
  11. Would highly recommend London Junior Ballet Associates - my DD9 has has a fantastic first year with them and they’ve offered great lockdown provision. Auditions in May and September: https://www.ljb.org.uk/auditions
  12. I had an email last night to say that they were still liaising with Uppingham School as to whether it could run or not and they’d let us know ASAP.
  13. Hi @Emmajayne - Olivia emailed this evening and said that they would try to let us know on Monday. Hope that helps!
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