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  1. I thought it might be nice for those with children starting at LJB associates on 27th September to have a thread for questions and comments, although I’m not sure if there are many of us on here! Does anyone know how many children there are in each class?
  2. We really don’t expect my little one to get a JA place btw, but you can’t help hoping! She starts London Junior Ballet associates on the 27th Sept so that should soften the blow.
  3. Me! I guess next Tuesday will be three weeks from closing date so it could be anytime from next Tuesday to the following one. They did say it would be a full month but fingers crossed!
  4. Hi, can I get the white and blue please? Thanks
  5. Timing of results I emailed the auditions team to ask when we might be informed of the results, and this is what they said: ‘We are aiming to let all applicants know their results a month after their video submission date. This may vary slightly, but you will not have to wait until the end of the audition process in order to find out the results. (Unless you are in the last group!)’
  6. YouTube for me - you can get really detailed info from the YouTube studio app that is free to download. I’ve tried to attach an example of our video 3 views in last 48 hrs. The video was just over 9 minutes long but there was quite a bit of standing/listening.
  7. Yes we’re group 1 (London). Ours were watched today and they watched all 3. Looks like they watched around 75-90% of the time of each video so probably skipped through the chat to the exercise/dance bits I would have thought. My friend, also in group 1 (who submitted the day before the closing date) hasn’t had hers looked at yet.
  8. I think my daughter’s videos have been viewed on YouTube - although I did send the link to her teacher so she may have looked at them again. Looks like all 3 videos may have been watched. Anyone else?
  9. It looks like year 6 all heard on the same day around 3 weeks after the deadline. But I think their submission date was the same and not staggered. Has anyone who has submitted has their videos looked at yet? You can see the number of views on YouTube and Vimeo I think...
  10. So we did our videos this afternoon for the London group. All was fine and 8 year old really enjoyed it! As everyone has said, it is pretty simple stuff and really not worth looking at before you film it. I think it would have been obvious if my daughter had seen it before hand. She made a few mistakes, including moving back into the wall during sautés! But I think it did give her a good chance to show how she can dance. A few things that might help - there is no clear verbal end to the videos, just text on the screen. This was a bit of an issue in the first one, my daughter was in a
  11. We still haven’t filmed ours yet as on holiday but planning to do so this Saturday. Hopefully there will be no technical issues!
  12. Has anybody had confirmation as to whether the results will come out group by group - e.g. 4 weeks after submission date for that group, or all together at the end (so probably November time)? Thanks
  13. Thanks - that's great to know! Was it kneeling (just arms) or standing? And did they get chance to hear the music first or did they go straight into it?
  14. Thank you for the information @Whiteduvet - that's really helpful.
  15. I found this on the RBS website - in the photos section: Female dancewear: for photographs and when attending an audition class girls should wear a plain-colour leotard (simple-style: no skirt, no frills, lace, high fancy neckline or multi-straps), short ballet socks and bare legs (no tights), ballet shoes with elastic (no ribbons). Hair neatly groomed. Male dancewear: for photographs and when attending an audition class boys should wear a close-fitting t-shirt or dance leotard, dance shorts or plain-colour swimming trunks, short white socks and bare legs (no tights), ballet shoes.
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