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  1. I haven't been on here for quite some time and hope that everyone is enjoying the wonderful world of Ballet!! I read with interest the thread " not vocational " and felt it time to present to you something I have designed purely to help UK Ballet dancers. During my years teaching and coaching, and especially after the work I have been doing this past year, I have noticed there is a gap in standard with our students here and the international ones I see. I believe a large part of the difference is a deep sense of self confidence that burns through every step thats taken to create an entirely different effect as a dancer. And like anything in life - If you believe you can perform that movement, well you are far more likely to pull it off! Obviously other factors exist but this has become a clear denominator now - upper body, artistry, dynamics and confidence! Technique can only work to its best with all these areas combined. And so I present to you The Performance Platform. An opportunity to be seen and taught by well connected industry professionals whilst focusing on performance and artistic skills. To be awarded mentorship, scholarships, bursaries and many more opportunities to inspire and ensure talent keeps training in these post covid times. Its about providing access and opportunity. The long term network created via this platfotm will also prove crucial as the dancers move through the years - alot of 'open doors' and opportunities arise through who you know and timing as much as what you can do.😉 Overall the aim is to inject a renewed sense of community in to the Ballet world where we all come together to offer the best chances for UK students and above all else to hope to instil a sense of self in to each and every dancer so they fulfill their potential. I see so much talent locked up inside unsure dancers. UK students ARE as good as international ones they just don't have the same self belief! This self belief colours everything they do and will lead to greater progress. Take a look - Gary Avis MBE and Aniya Young MBE are amidst the mentors and patrons. The uk ballet scene is coming together to help uk students.😍 www.theperformanceplatform.org.uk
  2. Did anyones DC attend the auditions yesterday? My dd did and said it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
  3. Hi - does anyone know if dancers can audition for upper schools such as Tring and Elmhurst at 17 - one year after GCSE or have they missed their chance if they don’t go immediately after GCSE?
  4. I just wondered if anyone is auditioning for Moorlands this year ? If so are the audition dates out yet ? Thank you
  5. Our 16 year old has developed an eating disorder while in the middle of auditioning for upper school. She is about to be treated at an eating disorder clinic. Will there be a record of her illness that schools and, down the road, companies will see?
  6. Daughter has auditioned to 2 stage schools and been turned down for both so far 😢. I know that’s just the industry but honestly how do you pick your child up from the rejection and frustration.
  7. Just wondering why these leotards are so sought after and why they hold their value so well? My DD had one but I didn't think it looked half as good as her grishko or wear moi ones
  8. The Royal Ballet School have just announced “exciting changes” to their audition process. I can see that the dates have been brought earlier than they were this year, but it just looks like they’re reverting to the pre-Covid system of in person prelims. Am I missing something?
  9. We are just at the very beginning of this journey and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best age for vocational school? Year 7 seems very young but are you less likely to find a place in year 9. Cost would be a major issue for us and my initial feeling is the later the better but I don't want my daughter to miss out if the potential is there, a big if I realise
  10. So, please can someone enlighten me on how to put all video sections together? i don’t want to film in one go so how do I put the videos together if using an iPad for example? Is there a handy App I can use ?
  11. Hello everyone! I am new on this forum but have found some threads very helpful so decided to put this question to all the knowledgeable people here. I have just received the Tring online audition guidelines for March 2021. My daughter is only 7 years old and starting to work on RAD Grade 2. I forwarded the audition requirements (for the video) to her teacher who said that some exercises are more like Grade 4 syllabus. Does anyone know if the video requirements are different for different age groups or are they the same for everyone? I am trying to establish if a 7 year old is expected to know such complicated content ... then we might not even try. Thank you!
  12. Hi Have found this forum really helpful as I'm a newbie dance parent. So asking after your wealth of knowledge and experience once again. Whilst my child ponders her yr7 direction and is looking to audition for various vocational schools, which the short list is now Elmhurst, RB, Hammond and Tring... lol got to love the enthusiasm! 😂 so whilst mentally going through my dance hit bank account I am wondering if we should even go to the expensive and logistics of the Elmhurst prelims as she was turned down for the Young dancers video audition? She was offered YD last year but we had to turn it down. DD is an RBS JA and her W/L prelims will be done at the MA audition. My thinking is because she got in YD last year but not this year, that maybe this signals the end of the journey with Elmhurst?? I really can't fathom all this out 😂😂 Thoughts or previous experiences please as my head hurts thinking about it now haha (DD is fully aware that it's all highly competative)
  13. Hi all, This might have been asked before so apologise in advance, I couldn’t find anything while navigating. How long has anyone waited after sending the screening information to get a response about applying to audition? TIA
  14. Hi, is anyone else as worried as I am about putting together the video audition?
  15. Hi, I wonder if anyone could answer a few questions for me please. I have searched the old threads but haven’t found what I was looking for. My dd is interested in auditioning for the dance course and is currently in year 11. She is pretty academic and we want her to do 3 A levels alongside- is this actually doable? I find it hard to comprehend how you can give 100 % to either area, there are only so many hours in one day. We live within driving distance but it would be complicated to get her there. Do you think boarders settle in more than day girls, would they feel excluded? If you are a boarder are you able to come out during the week to attend other classes elsewhere as long as you are back at a certain time? Are there lots of new starters in the 6th form or do the majority come up from the lower school. From the website it says the audition dates should be published in September but I can’t seem to find them. Lastly I have looked at the funding information. Am I correct in thinking that Tring can offer a 10% scholarship plus a further bursary which is no longer means tested if your income is over £90k. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  16. Ljmk


    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some information regarding applying at RBS. It states on the website you pay relevant fee when applying, but I cannot see how much this is? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong section, but could anyone enlighten me to the cost. TIA
  17. Hi everyone! I am thinking of auditioning for the Hammond lower school dance to start in year 8, so I was wondering what type of exercises you do in the ballet and modern classes, what type of solo to prepare, and what they do to test your flexibility? It would also be helpful if you could tell me what kind of ability/grade they expect you to be at so I can see if I am ready for this (it’s a big jump from just dancing for fun a few times a week, but I have been thinking about it for a while). Would you also recommend doing a few extra classes to prepare for the audition? Thanks and sorry this is so long!
  18. I hope it's ok to start a thread for 2020 auditions for The Royal Ballet School. I see there is an Elmhurst thread and it's been lovely to read. We're on the audition circuit this year for year 7 and always find it helpful and supportive to find a thread with people going through the same thing. Good luck to everyone auditioning this year and big hugs to the supportive parents who ride the rollercoaster with them! X
  19. hi everyone, I'm new to this forum chat but I find It really useful to find out infomation about lots of relevant things. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has any knowledge of the extended young dancer programme at Elmhurst Ballet School - preferably for the year 11 Does anyone have an idea of the ability of dancers who apply and go for an audition in year 11. Is everyone who turns up absoutely amazing and your typical prima-ballerina or are there a mix of abilities. Also,what happens in an audition? what is the class like? is it really hard/challenging. thanks
  20. Hi Looking for experience please, would someone be kind enough to tell me what generally happens at the first auditions for Year 7 RBS and Elmhurst please. Things like do they need to do splits both types front and box, froggies, improvisation etc that sort of thing... do they take their shoes off etc. All this is new to us and I'm on a fact finding mission 😂 thanks in advance 😊
  21. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me with what the solo should be as DD has a Middle School Dance Audition for Tring 😊 As she is already doing a Ballet and Jazz class as part of the audition, should the 1 minute solo be in Ballet or some other style of dance, as starting to get very stressed now😧 Thanks in advance
  22. I’ve just noticed that RCS and Elmhurst finals are on the same day! Did it happen previously? What do you do in this situation? It’s so unfortunate! If a DC can afford to audition just to a few schools, is lucky to get finals and then put in this situation it’s just not right. I know I should wait to see if my DC gets any finals and then worry but just planning ahead
  23. Hi there, Wondered if you had any advice. DS is auditioning for the Lowry CAT scheme this weekend, came as a complete surprise as the actual audition is in 2 weeks when we are in spain and they’ve said they will just watch him at the open day. Anyway, he gets really anxious at auditions, and wondered if you had any tips to chill him out before hand. One thing I haven’t done this time is tell him it’s an audition, well it isn’t, technically! So he’s going to a “workshop” with his sister and I’d imagine lots of others.What do you say to your DC just before an audition? How do you get them to relax a bit and not be wound up like little springs? He’s a lovely little dancer and has improved no end in flexibility and musicality lately, I’d absolutely love it if someone would believe in him. He’s taken on more gymnastic type classes to improve upper body strength and the results are fab. Any tips?? xx
  24. My DD has an audition in May has anyone else been before? Any advice gratefully received x
  25. Balletbabe


    Hi everyone, so after auditioning for the past 2 days at WL year 7. I'm curious to know how everyone feels about recalls as a lot of the girls were crying as they left. Do we feel it's the end or there is still light at the end of the tunnel? My DD really thinks she doesn't stand a chance now. But the top dog did say it doesn't mean yes or no. I would love to hear your opinions as I'm going crazy 🤪 xx
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