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  1. Has had little use. Retails at £170 + Asking 110 plus postage if unable to collect (South Coast Hampshire)
  2. A variety of pointe shoes all £10 per pair plus postage Bloch Sonata Strong C size 4 Bloch Aspirations SO105L 4.5 C 4 pairs Grishko Nova 2007 size 4.5 width XX Shank M 13 pairs Roll of Grishko ribbon £7
  3. If you ha e email or whatsapp I'll send pictures
  4. If you have email or WhatsApp I'll send pictures
  5. We are moving house and I'm having a clear out - I have many ballet books that might be helpful for vocational students. Please get in touch if you are interested
  6. Self help course from the centre of clinical interventions Australia. If you or your young adult are struggling this is a great programme. Free to anyone who it might help - postage required
  7. back in the day .... they have an assessment rather than a further audition , and then are offered a further year if allis good
  8. Prague masterclass is for dancers over 17 years - an amazing experience for those lucky enough to go
  9. Most of the girls live at a queen Alexandra House in South Kensington - safe and with meals available , or homestay. With the move that will probably all change .... this is for ENBS
  10. Gutted not to able to attend .... Sadlers Wells 04 April - L15 for sale £25 (restricted view) E ticket so able to forward
  11. Have you tried Bowen therapy for you knee injury ? non invasive, safe and often helpful
  12. Can you pm your email address please
  13. So much wasted time, effort , years of education - not to mention money - it’s heartbreaking - wishing all of your dancing young adults eventual success- unfortunately passion and talent alone do not pay the bills - exploitation- makes my blood boil ! probably controversial, but so many dance schools have sprung up , IMO there are now far too many graduates ,and this is fuelling the behaviour of the dance companies - a bigger and bigger pool of candidates chasing an ever decreasing meaningful contract opportunity.
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