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  1. Tring has an excellent ballet staff 1 of which used to be 2nd/3rd year ladies tutor at ENBS.
  2. I have no involvement in this brand but it caught my eye and as a new British start up they can possibly do with some exposure. lovely leotards!! Mods please remove if not allowed. www.modadancewear.com
  3. I would recommend contacting Rae and Paul at Chantry School of contemporary dance and Balletic Arts . Food luck
  4. This is absolutely spot on. My dd left the ballet world depressed, anxious and quite frankly broken. I was as lost as she was - I’m a problem solver by nature and there was nothing I could do 😭 Bit by bit she found her way , a 2nd stint at ballet - mistake!! Working in a local hotel which helped a bit as she was given positive encouragement . The breakthrough came when she went away for a ski season , again working in a hotel , this led to a job with the same group on her return. Still not out of the woods in terms of happiness ; this came in the form of a 2nd ski season where her mojo returned and she “found” the person who wasn’t the broken dancer. while away she completed an online diploma in digital marketing. On her return she secured an apprenticeship in the same and , I’m so proud to say, has just secured a position with an international boat company doing the same. please let her take as much time as she needs, there may well be a couple (or more of false starts, there maybe depression and anxiety and anger - these have to be worked through , god willing your daughter will emerge stronger and more beautiful than you can imagine right now . I wish her and you all the best. If you want to message me and chat , I’m here .
  5. Congratulations to all those with a yes - I’ll offer more perspective for those feeling bruised today. DD didn’t go away at 11 - she wasn’t even an associate at that point , knew nothing of WL or anywhere else. In year 11 she had multiple offers for Upper Schools both in the UK and abroad (she still didn’t become a ballerina) Enjoy having your DC at home for as long as possible - these are years that you can’t get back - going away at 11 can take a toll - vocational school is a stepping stone , not an end goal ; there are many routes that can lead to a career in dance . Good luck and best wishes to all of you and your DC .
  6. This is a fantastic thread and I think will be so useful to others that come to the end of the ballet Road, and at that time feel bewildered and alone with nowhere to turn. I walked in those shoes, my daughter suffered massively within the upper school vocational system. At times I felt that none of us would survive, let alone recover. It's been a long road, still bearing scars (they are deep), my daughter has taken time out, educated herself online and secured an apprenticeship as a digital marketing executive. 3 months in she was awarded a payrise and now after 6 months a permanent position. Through her own hardwork she has earned the respect of her boss and cohorts and this in turn has given her the self respect and self belief that her ballet school stole from her. Without going into specifics, before we left, just a term before graduation, I stated to the school that my beautiful daughter was broken - what could they do but agree, sadly they didn't seem to care. With hindsite I should have been strong enough to remove dd much much earlier, but for all the reasons so eloquently stated before, we kept the pep talks going, the physio appointments, the private lessons etc etc. We tried to buy happiness for our daughter, we tried not to let the dream slip away but in the end we all have to face the truth that the happiness and joy have to come from within, it can't be bought.... Once it slips away it is time to leave the ballet world behind because to keep doing something that brings pain and sadness is a form of madness and it will end in nothing but tears. Wishing all you wonderful ballet mums and your beautiful dancing children only good things. I do love to still watch the journeys that come to life through this forum. Thank you for sharing both the good and the bad. Always cheering you on!
  7. Has had little use. Retails at £170 + Asking 110 plus postage if unable to collect (South Coast Hampshire)
  8. A variety of pointe shoes all £10 per pair plus postage Bloch Sonata Strong C size 4 Bloch Aspirations SO105L 4.5 C 4 pairs Grishko Nova 2007 size 4.5 width XX Shank M 13 pairs Roll of Grishko ribbon £7
  9. If you ha e email or whatsapp I'll send pictures
  10. If you have email or WhatsApp I'll send pictures
  11. We are moving house and I'm having a clear out - I have many ballet books that might be helpful for vocational students. Please get in touch if you are interested
  12. Self help course from the centre of clinical interventions Australia. If you or your young adult are struggling this is a great programme. Free to anyone who it might help - postage required
  13. back in the day .... they have an assessment rather than a further audition , and then are offered a further year if allis good
  14. Prague masterclass is for dancers over 17 years - an amazing experience for those lucky enough to go
  15. Most of the girls live at a queen Alexandra House in South Kensington - safe and with meals available , or homestay. With the move that will probably all change .... this is for ENBS
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