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  1. I’m a bit weird I never really worry. My son is having such a lovely time at RBS Mids and his ABA classes through Ballet Boost at Pineapple he’s not really bothered either way. For him it’s a win-win. He still gets to do what he loves either way, even with ‘no’s’. i doubt very much that he will take the Elmhurst offer but as Miss Emma said from Ballet Boost, ‘What a lovely confidence boost for him going forward.’ Sons’ RB Prelim is next Sunday. If it’s a no, he will try again for Y9, and then if still no, he’s off to a vocational scholarship with the Russians. He will try again for RB once he is 16. He has a plan, unless the Bolshoi come calling. 😁 Good luck to all the girls doing the RBS auditions tomorrow. There are quite a few of you we know. So fingers and toes crossed for you all. X
  2. @Keoghcar yes it was my son. He was the boy dancing with ‘the friends’ group at EYB and chatted with your daughter in the breaks. Yes the man on the audition panel was Robert Parker Elmhurst Artistic Director. My son said he was really lovely. Fingers crossed from both of us for your daughter. Is she going for WL Y9 as well?
  3. The results come out next week, midweek. I phoned and spoke to the Lauren Brumby, coordinator of the Intensive programs.
  4. My son auditioned for the Preliminaries on Thursday 9th Jan at 10am for a Y8 place. Elmhurst phoned me yesterday to say that the Artistic Director Mr Parker would like to offer my son a place to start straight away as he was so impressed by his dancing!! 😮 And my son hurt his foot at the end of the audition and had to stop so he is very happy. I didn’t sit in and watch because my son didn’t want me to. He has been invited up at the beginning of February for the day to join in with the Y7 ballet classes, have a full physio assessment, and for both of us to look around. His heart still lies with RBS training where he is currently an MA, but if he doesn’t get WL this year, we will seriously consider this wonderful opportunity.
  5. Sammy Camejo left at the end of their 2019 run. She was lovely.
  6. I've just gotten home from watching Cats with my 11 yr old and his friend, I loved it, so did they, giving it 8 out of ten. I agree. I went expecting to hate it. I hadn't seen the stage version, so had no comparison as a starting point. It really was a festive treat, Francesca Hayward was lovely, appearing in just about every scene. She has a really beautiful expressive face which added to her role. I was surprised that she sang, I am hoping it was indeed her. Steven McRae's tap dancing was phenomenal! I can't work out why the film received zero or only one star reviews, I didn't read them beforehand as I really wanted to come to my own opinion without the critics words and spoilers reverberating in my head. Three people walked out of the screening this afternoon, about 30 minutes in; this got me thinking about the negative reviews on the way home. I think perhaps this is a film where there is no middle ground, you either just love straight away, or you don't. It has an unusual rather unreal quality to it, not quite magical, but an unusual 'feel.' If you love the poems of T.S Eliot and the music of ALW, and want to watch some wonderful cats with human faces, then go, suspend disbelief and enjoy.
  7. Is it worth applying for a Y8 place, given that WL don’t assess children out in Y7?
  8. @Anna C is right I really want the specifics of all aspects of identity for the school, my child, other children to remain anonymous; or at least as anonymous as possible. I will post an update once the SI has finished.
  9. My child has at least enough awareness of their areas of difficulty to know not to even enter into this, but lots of children don’t and would feel awful with this approach. You are right though, this way of teaching is outdated for exactly the reasons you have outlined. I’m all for healthy competition but there are better ways that get better results from all students equally.
  10. The non-residential students have all been allocated a dorm and a bed and a locker. The lock in occurred because the key code changes daily but my child did not know this so only had the old code and couldn’t get out for class.
  11. Thankyou all for your responses I feel much calmer now. I will talk to the Intensive Coordinator once the week has finished. I will post once I receive their feedback. I want to end by saying this post was not about my child’s SEN, there were other children involved and on the receiving end of the teachers displeasure. Slow processing speed has nothing to do with intelligence, it is linked to Dyslexia, and means some children have difficulty accessing stored information quickly. It is a SpLD. The points allocated were not the issue, it was the divisive use of the points that bothered me. The school have made all the adjustments required for my child’s SEN. This has never been an issue in any aspect of their involvement with my child, they have been outstanding in this area as they should be as what they offer is outlined in their SEN report.
  12. My child’s additional needs do not manifest themselves in that way. My child wasn’t the only child who didn’t receive applause, but as per forum guidelines we can only write about our child’s direct experience when talking about vocational schools. This is not about my child’s SEN, this was about the teachers behaviour. And yes you are right if my child had sensory issues around noise he would not be dancing. Usually noise sensitivity with autism is when the child is under particular additional stresses, and also it is usually particular sounds, not all sounds.
  13. I Know myself well enough to realise I won’t be able to leave it alone. I will wait until my child has finished the week. Something similar happened one time when my child was a JA that was brought to my attention by another parent and I let it go then. It’s a strange position to be in as parent, usually I am assertive and a strident advocate for my child. The ballet world has me somewhat disempowered, and I think it is one because my child has SEN and I know this makes aspects of their dance life more tricky to navigate, and two because I don’t want to ruin their path through training by what might be something that is just part of the fabric and culture of vocational training schools. its certainly has me thinking lots today.
  14. @joyofdance this approach has nothing to do with discipline; it is toxic, and IMO emotionally abusive. It gives our children the wrong message, the wrong aims, and creates vulnerabilities and divisions in an already highly pressurised, competitive environment. @SissonneDoublee you are right, this is only a week, but for the children who are subjected to this on a regular basis so that it because their normal worries me a great deal.
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