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  1. I think @Nama raises a fair point. I remember asking my child's JA teacher for private lessons. They said all the time a child is linked to the RBS either vocationally or through Associates they are not allowed to teach or coach that child privately. The reason given 'Conflict of interest.' I also think it is always important to ask questions and request transparency of new business ventures be it dance or plumbing. In the current climate I believe it is no longer OK to just accept things on the basis of 'that's how it's always been.' The posts are sli
  2. You have taken what I have written completely out of context and jarringly so. You also make assumptions about me based on things I haven't even written in my post. Please be careful reversing the genders here it is completely skewing what I have written. Completely. I would have the same reaction to a woman ballet dancer with large muscles. Muscalature and body fat are not at all the same thing they are the complete opposite. Your implication is just a bit odd. A person can still be large with long lean muscles. Act
  3. You raise interesting points. I notice in the Kathryn Morgan video that the AD used a minor elbow injury in her PDD partner to stop her performing and yet when she asked to swap to another male partner it was still a NO from the AD. Challenging the exisint images of particularly female dancers will be an immense task as it seems to me that the culture of thin is so deeply engrained in the system; where would do you start first? I don't know the answer but I remember looking at what young girls were eating when I was a chaperone for EYB and thinking how wi
  4. KM was very kind and magnanimous in her account of what happened at MCB. They treated her appallingly as soon as they realised she wasn't going to shape up 'thin,' so this is happening now, no changes, no learning, just words and soundbites from certain companies. Words that mean absolutely nothing without actions. Recently a vocational ballet teacher said to me, boys in training can eat anything, girls can't. I will say though that watching the RB gala last night it was refreshing to see many of the leading female dancers looking very beautiful indeed, whilst a
  5. This ^^^^ is most definitely a 'thing' which might be acceptable in upper school training and beyond, but for me it has no place as a teaching approach in children younger than this. There is a difference also as a teacher in supporting a child to find their own internal teacher by breaking this concept down from an abstract into a more concrete form of self monitoring. A good teacher would be able to do this. Without clarification for the child it is my opinion either a very lazy way of teacher or an I know and you don't type of approach which often ime creates uncertainty
  6. Different take for me. He sounded extremely defensive and overly sensitive to questions/comments that related to his changing physique in a classical ballet context. Nobody was body shaming him, but I too have thought about the extent of his musculature in relation to Ballet. Not about him being smaller or thinner but that his muscles aren't long and strong. He does to me look more like a body builder than a ballet dancer. How I feel about the aesthetics of his body bears no reflection on his dancing. He puts himself out there all over social media never wearing a top in
  7. Thankyou @Namaand @JaneI am in the process of sorting private counselling but I hadn't considered the school might support this.
  8. The writer has been so refreshingly transparent and open about her mental health, this is absolutely the kind of honesty needed. My son is struggling with acute anxiety on return to a new vocational training program after lockdown. The pandemic has added another layer of stress to an already stressful pursuit for some of our children. Like the writer I worry about speaking out and letting the school know in case this reflects negatively on him further down this path. Or I speak out and no support is forthcoming. I feel just awful as a parent even having those thought
  9. @FlexyNexywas the training of a high standard in your opinion. would you recommend it as non-residential option to training with a view to upper school applications? the school approached my son and he auditioned for Mrs Kremen during lockdown and has been given a scholarship for their vocational training program. i have lots of questions but you might not want to answer them. ๐Ÿ˜
  10. Thankyou Was your daughter on the vocational training program offered at the school?
  11. Does anybody have any experience of this school? Where itโ€™s vocational students go on to etc i have searching on here but came up empty. thanks.
  12. @Proudmumofdd I think itโ€™s going to be really difficult to get back any kind of rhythm for a good while yet. It feels like a hot mess. RB Associates changing to a Sunday will have a knock on impact on other Associate programs and other ballet classes that have always run on a Sunday. What will people choose to do, how will they choose? What if it changes back? My son has Ballet Boost Associates and Tring Classical Ballet Associates, do I give up both to keep his MA place???? They both run at the same times as his MA class will run now on a Su
  13. Does that mean there are only 16 boy MA places in the whole of U.K. for RBS?
  14. Thankyou both. My boy is MA London. I was hoping to change centres. looks like will have to stay put. ๐Ÿ˜•
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