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  1. I have had a very reassuring conversation with the Intensive organiser Ana Carlsen. She has been lovely. The issues for my child are never the dancing, it’s the other bits that are trickier for them to navigate; but only initially. Found out the class will consist of 28 children, 18 of which are JA’s, so my child will probably know most of them. 5 are non-residential. My child super excited now which is a relief. 😁
  2. Hi all, My child 11 is on w1 non-res of WL Summer Intensive. Could anyone who’s child has done an Intensive at WL give me some information about what to expect. I would like to know is the day really well structured, what are the approx size of the classes, are the children supervised well in downtime. I am asking because my child has autism, RBS are aware, as my child is an associate with them. My child isn’t staying on in the evenings, they will be finishing after the last dance class of the afternoon. I am able to contact the Pastoral Care contact a few days before the course starts and make support arrangements with them should they arise. They were fabulous with my child at the WL finals, really supportive and accommodating. It would be v helpful for me to help my child prepare to know more from the parent perspective, not just the official RBS information given. 😊 i have some idea of how organised RBS are as my child has done workshops with them at Covent Garden, so am hoping for more of the same on the Intensive. TIA.
  3. RBS emails have come as late as 6pm for us!! So still time for you. 😁
  4. There are 12 in each JA class where my child dances. 12 Y4/5 mix and 12Y6. 12 seems to be the magic number, there will be 12 in his MA group. 4Y7 4Y8 4Y9.
  5. At MA level for RBS, speaking from my experience of the children in my child’s Y6 JA class, they really are all about physical facility as they like to call it. It becomes a much bigger consideration than at JA level. Also like glissade has said, understanding how to use what they have also becomes v important. musicality and other more abstract esoteric qualities are equally important, but RBS want it all. I can honestly say that IMHO RBS definitely have a body type, Elmhurst less so. RBS, slim, small head, long neck compact short to medium length torso, long arms, long legs that are proportionate, flexibility and beautiful feet with a high instep, especially for the girls. At the vocational training stage, not the professional hiring stage, exceptional talent and potential is still of course a huge factor too, but ...... Get feedback every time and like others have said get an honest assessment of your daughters dance potential and physical suitability for certain ballet training programs, they all are just that little bit different with RBS being about as purist as they come for classical ballet training. Your daughter is still young, but find out now if her body type is right, so that she knows where her ballet strengths and focus needs to be.
  6. My child auditioned for Eastleigh Y6 last May 29th. It was a 3 week wait for the result.
  7. @Balletmum55 my child was a Y6 JA, but didn’t want WL. I was told by his JA teacher to put down for WL because this meant that if my child got to the final which they did they were much more likely to get an MA offer which they did. All the 4 boy MA places went to existing JA’s who had all also been in the final.
  8. @Waverley I wish I had found this forum early on. It really makes a difference if you go down the vocational route, particularly the RBS route. It is a very particular training institution one you only get a real sense of once you are in it.
  9. The actual number for this years WL Y7 intake was 11 boys and 11 girls. All 11 boys are existing JA’s and 9 of the girls are JA’s. I suspect this is probably hijacking the RBS audition thread, but it is in its own way relevant and interesting. I often wondered before my child was a JA how weighted the system might be in favour of those children already in training with RBS. It seems it matters a great deal. Once you are inside the system and realise how it is working, I found it fascinating if a little scary. i did say on a previous thread, there are always the exceptional child stories going straight in off the street to WL, but the stats bear out how unusual this actually is in reality.
  10. @valentina I am talking about Y7 entry.
  11. For the new Y7 WL boys, of which the intake is eleven, 6 I know are JA's. The remaining 5 might also be made up of JA's as well, but I don't know them personally. All 4 original Y7 MA boys places were offered to existing JA's, but two took vocational training elsewhere. According to my child's JA teacher, WL does take a higher proportion of JA's to WL than children who are not JA's, this is also borne by this years numbers and the stats in RBS annual report. The Y6 JA training from September through to Preliminary and WLF auditions focuses exclusively on what to expect in the auditions right down to the improvisation piece that the children have to do. It doesn't make any sense at all that any ballet school wouldn't have a vested interest in the children they are currently training on their existing associate programs in relation to either vocational training or ongoing associate training
  12. I wasn't comparing them, I was stating that RBS take a very high % of their existing associates onto both WL training and ongoing associates training programs. The exact figures are in their annual reports.
  13. My son was in this years WL final, he is a JA, and all the other boys at the finals, bar two were JA’s. Of the 4 Y7 London MA places originally all the offers were to boys that had been JA’s. I think your % is the wrong way around. In RBS annual report they take around 88-90% of existing associates through to WL or on to the next level of associate training.
  14. Well @Balletmamatotwo I too thought that perhaps there really is no exact formula, but actually from being able to follow my son’s progress from a JA last year, through Prelim, Finals and MA audition selection; there does seem to be a very specific formula. All the boys from my son’s JA class that were selected for the finals, and offered places at WL or MAs, except for a slight height variation had exactly the same body type, physical proportions and the same flexibility in their physical facility. I also met two Y8 MA boys on a recent Intensive and again they were practically identical physically to my son with the same level of flexibility.. Even the shape and size of their heads were the same. So for me IMHO looking at these Associate boys, RBS absolutely do have a very exacting formula. There are of course exceptions but I suspect they are very few and far between.
  15. Hello @balletboy8 my son auditioned for the first time for a Y6 JA place last year, and just hated the audition. He was completely overwhelmed by the whole experience, they covered the mirrors for the audition and this totally freaked him out. He also made lots of little mistakes from nerves, and was completely thrown by the lack of dancing. But much to our amazement he was offered a place. And he is now due to start MA’s with RBS in September. So you really never do know. 😁
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