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  1. @Proudmumofdd I think it’s going to be really difficult to get back any kind of rhythm for a good while yet. It feels like a hot mess. RB Associates changing to a Sunday will have a knock on impact on other Associate programs and other ballet classes that have always run on a Sunday. What will people choose to do, how will they choose? What if it changes back? My son has Ballet Boost Associates and Tring Classical Ballet Associates, do I give up both to keep his MA place???? They both run at the same times as his MA class will run now on a Sunday. Zoom isn’t working for him currently he absolutely hates it, so that wouldn’t be an option for him. And RBS have said with their Zoom classes there will be no guarantee that it will be their regular class teacher! I feel more annoyed than I feel uncertain.
  2. Does that mean there are only 16 boy MA places in the whole of U.K. for RBS?
  3. Thankyou both. My boy is MA London. I was hoping to change centres. looks like will have to stay put. 😕
  4. Could anyone tell me if there is a mixed MA class in the RBS Bath Centre? If so do you know the times. Thankyou.
  5. Have sent you an email. Sounds interesting.
  6. If you look online at this issue, it is massive. Many households cannot afford broadband having to choose between internet connection and food and bills. And whilst these families may be classed as vulnerable, they are only recognised as vulnerable if they are already known to schools, children’s services, and their education authorities. And many are not, this falling under the radar. It is an incredibly complex situation, and for me the current situation has really deepened the divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ @Jan McNulty you are right in saying shame, embarrassment and fear also stops people seeking help.
  7. @BalletBoysDad yes the JA and CBA class sizes are comparable. The JA year groups only expand if someone leaves. So a child can in theory be auditioning where there isn’t a place at all. You won’t know. You are right that there are fewer places in Y5/6 JA’s. My son got one of two Y6 places in the Centre he applied for. There are 8 boys and 8 girls in each JA class. CBA is about 12 per class.
  8. I thought it a great list too, for the places where it isn’t common sense at all unfortunately.
  9. I hear you with difficulty for your son sustaining his interest in ballet. My son has found it so hard to stay focused and motivated. He started off great, but is struggling with a virtual interface. It will be a full six months absence of actual classes once he returns in September. If they do!! He doesn’t want to do RB’s virtual offering whatever it is and I don’t blame him.
  10. @BalletBoysDad my son started with BBA and JA’s for Y6. This was his first step outside his local Saturday dance classes. He is now an MA and lots of his RB peers do CBA. My son has also been offered a place at Tring CBA seniors for September. He was lucky he didn’t have to audition. The main difference with BBA is class sizes and lack of boys in the lower groups. CBA is a specialist boys group and has much smaller numbers. BBA have been absolutely wonderful with my son, I can’t speak highly enough about it. However If your son is offered Tring I would opt for their CBA Boys classes for your son. Also someone else said it further back in the comments. For a Y5 age child, two Associate programs in one day with travel in the middle is a big ask physically and emotionally for them IMHO. My son is older now and dances a lot, but at Y5, age 9/10, one Associate class would have been plenty, (especially if his local dance school is good) with local dance school lessons, plus full-time school. He can always increase them as he gets older. There are always plenty to choose from.
  11. Interesting to see what RB offer in place of SI.
  12. It is extremely unlikely to run, Elmhurst just cancelled theirs unfortunately.
  13. That’s fantastic news for your daughter! Well done her. im keeping my fingers crossed that my son will take up his Y7/Y8 offer from Elmhurst. He got offered it after his Prelim in January. Was offered to start after Easter by the AD, but C-19 happened. If not he will I think go full-time non-res with his Russian Associate pre-vocational program which he absolutely loves. He is all anti ballet atm, but it is a weird time. So 🤞🏻🤞🏻he changed by September.
  14. @sunrise81 I was that parent completely captivated by everything RBS when my son auditioned for the first time and got a Y6 JA place and then MA’s. I am not at all impressed by RBS anymore, for me it was a very quick fall from grace. I realise now that the name and upholding the brand (as it was referred to in my son’s WL audition) can sometimes be much more important than the sum of it’s parts. ☹️
  15. My son Y7 is seriously thinking about not returning to his Associate program and stopping ballet. He has a Y8 offer from Elmhurst but doesn’t want to go now either. He is aware he is lacking motivation to train and exercise as he was before the lockdown. i am being very mindful just to validate how he feels and that if he still feels like this come September (as this is when his classes will resume again) then he can of course stop. He is anxious about the virus too, I am vulnerable and this scares him a lot. I don’t want him to stop, but it’s not my choice. My main focus is his day to day happiness and emotional well-being. He knows we are in extraordinary times, but he’s a child and doesn’t fully understand how this will impact on him emotionally and skew his immediate thoughts about his world. Zoom and virtual classes are amazing, but they are of course a strangely sterile environment for the creative process. In the meantime his focus is on cleaning his bike (which has been much neglected in the last two years) for a bike ride with me this afternoon. And choosing a new swimming pool is also a priority. 😁 Ballet as he knew it is on hold for now as it isn’t making him feel good atm. I never thought that would be a sentence I would ever write or think.
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