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Found 11 results

  1. Size petite. Black and bright blue with Ballet Boost logo on the back. Good used condition. £10 including postage.
  2. A friend of mine has a son who has been accepted on this, she was under the impression it is run by Rambert. I hope I am correct in thinking that they just use their premises. She is anxious for him to be dancing with more boys. He is 12, does anyone know how many boys there would be in this age group. Has anyone current experience that they would be willing to share. Many thanks
  3. Hi, My daughter is going to a ballet boost audition. I was just wondering if anybody has any details on how quickly you find out if audition was successful and begin training?
  4. Can someone direct me to the website where I can buy Ballet Boost JA uniform ? Welcome pack says Dance Unlimited but there is nothing available on that site. Thank you
  5. I have two sky blue Ballet Boost leotards for sale. In used but very good condition. Size 8-10 Size 10-12 £10 each incl 2nd class uk postage.
  6. Hi all My daughter (8) has been offered Associate places with TLBC and BB. I've read reviews on both and both seem really good. One question I have left tho is - is Ballet Boost really strict?
  7. Hi. My daughter started at BB yesterday and really loved the class. I was wondering when/how/if BB provide feedback and advice (eg on specific points to work on): does anyone know? Thanks!
  8. Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any preloved Ballet Boost Associates uniform for sale? Looking for a jacket and a bag. Jacket Size 11-12 or 13. Many thanks.
  9. I’m selling my Ballet Boost Seniors jacket - Capezio (XS) grey & black with BBA logo (excellent condition) and BBA Seniors green Capezio cross back leotard size S (good condition). £28 for both. PM if interested. Thanks x
  10. Hello, please excuse me if a same or similar thread exists. I’m just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or knowledge on comparisons between Tring CBA and Ballet Boost, if indeed it’s fair to make a comparison. This would be for my DS who is applying for Y5. He’s been accepted for BBA London via video audition which is excellent news. However, Tring CBA audition is now on early September. I believe they both run on the same days. It feels like a very long time to wait for a Tring CBA audition, which is entirely understandable. But if there was success with Tring, it’s incredibly short notice to make a decision. Of course, there is no guarantee of success at audition for Tring CBA, it’s purely hypothetical. I’m just wondering how other people might have thought about a similar situation where a place is available now, but there’s a long wait to audition for something that runs on the same dates.
  11. I am still looking for a Ballet Boost jacket for my DD if anyone has one for sale please. Preferably age 12 but would consider slightly larger. Thank you
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