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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Starting BBA senior associate programme this Sunday, anyone know where to find the uniform Hunter Green leotard? It says it's available from Capezio but I can't find it...
  2. I have two sky blue Ballet Boost leotards for sale. In used but very good condition. Size 8-10 Size 10-12 £10 each incl 2nd class uk postage.
  3. Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any preloved Ballet Boost Associates uniform for sale? Looking for a jacket and a bag. Jacket Size 11-12 or 13. Many thanks.
  4. Now that all of the Associate programme results are back (or at least the ones I know of), and the dust has settled on decisions, acceptances etc I thought I would start a thread for those who will be a BBA in September (& those who already are) to share tips, ask questions etc. (I will also start an Elmhurst one too) My DD is 8 and we are reasonably new to this type of thing. She’s excited to start though! My (first) question is, how or where do you get the white ribbon bows that the girls have in their hair? Do you buy them like that or do parent
  5. There is a Ballet Boost Associates audition near us this month. What are people's opinions and experience of them? Is it a relatively new enterprise? are the standards high? DD wants to apply and she has a couple of classmates who have been doing it this year
  6. I am very excited to bring to you The Academy of Balletic Arts I have wanted to do this for 3 yrs now with my very own building but its hugely expensive!! In the mean time I am opening with the kind permission of Pineapple and am in talks with other venues too. So far I have space for Yr 7 , 8 and 9 to train 3 days a week from 4.30pm at pineapple. As this programme is aimed at those who fall just shy of White Lodge or Elmhurst or those who make a choice to stay at home longer - I would fully expect they have been with an Associate programme for some time and so will have
  7. Following the success of last year, we will be running our Summer Intensive Dance programme again from the fantastic studios in Beckenham. 5 and a hours of dance each day for 5 days with a demonstration on the final afternoon. This is suitable for ages 11+ who are Intermediate Foundation and above. Prevocational and vocational students attended last year from WL, Tring , Elmhurst etc. Fantastic line up of guest teachers already confirmed. Anna Rose O Sullivan ( Royal Ballet Company ), Russell Preston ( Matthew Bourne ) and Amy Hollins (American in Paris ) so far. Extremely good value compar
  8. AUDITIONS june 25th 2017 APPLY NOW! www.balletboost.com - Go to the the BBA page to apply at the bottom Ages 8 - 18 BBA is coming to the South West offering vocational training monthly on Sundays as a 'boost to their regular classes. Ballet Boost mentors and supports by nurturing and guiding both dancers and parents! Classes involve anatomy, pilates, technique, pointe, rep and contemporary over 3hrs to 4.5 hrs (depending on level) at the wonderful Dartington Hall. This is first class training on a par with all vocational schools in London. If you have an
  9. MUSICALITY & PERFORMANCE May 26th with Ballet Boost for ages 12 plus @ Central School of Ballet £50 Looking at how the correct understanding of musicality impacts technique, artistry and dynamics in a masterclass held by Emma Northmore lasting at least 2 hours. After lunch there is another masterclass which will take the information from the morning and combine it with their performance skills. Tapping in to the use of personality, energy and confidence to create the best possible performer. All this is aimed at vocational Ballet students and those hoping to
  10. I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 2nd April 2017 BBA will be holding auditions for entry in to the Ballet Boost Associate programme in September 2017. Sunday April 2nd 2017 Rambert School in Twickenham Apply via www.balletboost.com - online application form with Photo requirements. OR email emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for queries. Ages 7/8 to 19 across at least 4 levels which will possibly be expanding for September 17. Vocational level classes with a strong thread of anatomy. Please be aware this is a scheme for those dedicated to achieving a high level of training working alo
  11. Ballet Boost will be holding auditions on Nov 6th at Rambert School, Twickenham for all dancers aged 8 through to 19. BBA will deliver Ballet training for the 21st century in line with all vocational and international standards. With a knowledge of Anatomy threaded throughout and contemporary at least 2/3 times a term. Wonderful musicians to inspire musicality and fabulous teachers who are fully abreast of the latest discoveries in dance science. Children will be inspired and motivated to apply all they learn throughout their weekly classes and their development and progression to voca
  12. BBA Summer School 25- 29th July 2016 Fantastic opportunity for dancers age 10 - 18yrs to receive excellent tuition from amazing mentors in great facilities in Kent this summer. 5.5 Hours of Dance per day with a demonstration on the final day. 5 Amazing Guest Teachers confirmed. Each guest teacher will be taking two workshops on the day they are with us. One for the juniors and one for the seniors so all children get a unique experience. ANNA ROSE O' SULLIVAN - Ballet ( Royal Ballet Company ) JAMES LEECE - Contemporary (Matthew Bourne) CARRIE JOHNSON - Rep (Birmingham Roy
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