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  1. Thank you both. Any idea of UK stockists for the SD55, Mamaderuby?
  2. I'm after recommendations, please. Full sole leather ballet shoes (flats). Which brands are good for narrow feet? DD is a size 6.5 or 7 (adult size). It's been years since she has worn leather ones, so I am clueless!
  3. Diva05

    MDS funding

    Could someone please advise how MDS is allocated at the top ballet schools if the student gains their place after year 7? My understanding so far is that there is very limited availability of funds if that is the case. Thank you in advance.
  4. Does anyone know which year the two London SWL offers were for?
  5. I am interested to hear (particularly from any ballet teachers here) about training from age 11-16, for girls. Is full time vocational school the best/recommended way? If not, what would you advise as an alternative in terms of weekly hours of training? Does anyone have experience of Upper School entry without full time training pre 16? Opinions/experience from parents very welcome too!
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