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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there Folks, New here to ballet forum so hello to you all! So I run New Works Ballet Theatre, a new ballet company based in Bristol, with the intention of bringing more ballet to the South West of England and beyond, brand new inventive ballets and retellings and creating more jobs for professional dancers. The company also runs an Associates programme, which I am expanding on. Are there any young dancers out there looking to train more professionally who would be interested? The programme teaches not only ballet and contemporary dance, but also a variety of different dance workshops, choreography, ballet history, sports science, nutrition, how to run a company and put on productions to name but a few. Also the Associates regularly perform with the professional company and in their own productions. I really want the training that the youngers receive to be a gate way of training into the company, would anyone be interested in that? We have just started work on our Winter production of Little Mermaid. xx
  2. I've just spent a lovely Sunday morning doing a Progressing Ballet Technique workshop - a gentle introduction to the first level of exercises of this programme. My teacher has done the full training, and is starting to teach us the programme. I found it really interesting - the beginning level we did was not too strenuous, so I was able to work on form & breathing. The exercises working on attitude devant, and also from second to arabesque via a little promenade, were the most challenging, which tells me something about the access I have to my core strength (I have a strong back & core for all the lying down stuff!) and how I need to keep working on engagement of core in extended positions. My teacher is going to do a 45 minute class before our main weekly ballet class, which will be great. Like Pilates, it was gentle, and we were encouraged to work within our body's structure, but the additional stuff using ballet positions and turnout was really helpful. I also realised that I find a lot of the exercises easier in turn out than parallel. Highly recommend, if you live anywhere near a fully trained teacher of the programme.
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