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  1. Welcome Mrsmac. Most schools in England don't break up until 10th July or later, so you may not find much happening before the wedding. Scottish schools break up earlier so their courses may be earlier. I see that Royal Conservatoire in Scotland in Glasgow have a course starting 13th July which is probably worth a look. Their website helpfully says that students should be working at Intermediate Foundation or Intermediate Level. Glasgow could make a good base for a family holiday too. It's a long time since my dd was doing summer schools, so I can't really recommend any based on recent experience, but she always kept going back to Northern Ballet summer school. She loved the way she got an insight into the life of the company. Yorkshire would also be a great base for a family holiday.
  2. Not about technique - but on the fiction front look at 'No Ballet Shoes in Syria' by Catherine Bruton. A book about a Syrian refugee girl who is also a brilliant dancer.
  3. I see no reason why students at stage schools shouldn't be allowed to take regular dance exams. RAD/ISTD/BBO exams are open to everyone (as long as they meet minimum age criteria), and have strict grading criteria, so from that point of view are very fair. Dance is a competitive life, but your sister should try not to see dance exams as a competition. They are a measure of the individual at that time. Your little niece is still very young and there is plenty of time for her to gain in technique and confidence. If your sister feels that her DD is disadvantaged, perhaps she should speak to her teachers about whether she could take extra classes to improve her performance in exams, or whether there is anything particular she can work on. For my dd at that age it was performance and stage presence.
  4. If you are coming from Manchester - is getting the train an option? There are direct trains from Manchester to Leeds, and Leeds station is about 15mins walk from Yorkshire Dance (or a short taxi ride).
  5. Not on that day but on another day... leading to a successful career working as a dancer on cruise ships
  6. ..but very well explained and a good analogy. One of the things that dance training gives is experience of the hard knocks (sometimes not completely fair) which come in later life. Dance life can seem particularly unfair. My dd went to one professional audition where, after the first exercise at the barre, the director split the room in half and sent away everyone in one half because the studio was too full! (DD took the opportunity to nip across to Covent Garden to another open audition which was taking place the same day). But..GBC - persistence pays off, so encourage your child to keep trying at every opportunity which comes up. Their time will come.
  7. I suggest you speak to the principal and explain your dilemma. My dd's teacher was happy to let her go to classes at other schools (with her approval) to give my dd a broader range of experience which the school was not able to offer at the time. The original school was always dd's 'home' school, even when she was older and probably doing more classes elsewhere. Of course this depends entirely on the approach of the principal of your current school, but she may be happy to be flexible so as not to lose your dd.
  8. You may enjoy Barre Pilates classes. These aren't really ballet classes, more an exercises class based on ballet principles, but great for strengthening and improving balance and flexibility. The majority of the class is at the Barre - with some traditional ballet barre exercises and some which focus on strengthening bits that ballet doesn't always get to Classes vary depending on the teacher, but often centre work is replaced by something more like a pilates matwork section. Claire's Pilates Studios in Garforth may be accessible for you. I used to go to her classes when she was based in Leeds City Centre and they were excellent.
  9. Well there's no better reason to dance! And there are lots of different paths that dancers take. There are very few Darcey Bussells, but many people make a living in dance because they love it.
  10. Shellym - don't let one 'No' put you off applying again if your DD wants to and you can afford it. Young dancers can change a lot over a year or two, and you never quite know what the audition panel are looking for each time. Nerves can play a big part in how your child performs on the day too. Also audition practice is valuable. Every audition is a rehearsal for the next one.
  11. The wonderful local dance school my dd went to rarely advertises (other than through newspaper articles celebrating student success), and even now doesn't have a website. I assume that the power of 'word of mouth' and a reputation dating back many years enables them to fill the classes. When dd was ready to be stretched beyond what was available at the school, the principal arranged for her attend suitable classes at other local schools, but she stayed in control of dd's training and guided us through associate applications and auditions until dd left to go into full time training at 16. We were incredibly lucky.
  12. What a shame you didn't enjoy it Julie, but if we all liked the same things the world would be very dull. I have to agree that sometimes I felt the close ups distracted from being able to see the whole dance, but it must be very difficult to strike the balance on a live broadcast. Hope you feel better soon.
  13. The way I always looked at it was...you can do academics later in life - you can only train as a dancer when you are young. If it is what your child passionately wants to do, if they are gifted enough and lucky enough to get a place at vocational school let them grab it with both hands and enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Most of the professionally trained dancers I know are very employable in other fields as well because of their strong work ethic.
  14. Did anyone else get to see Dracula in their local cinema this evening? Wasn't it wonderful? Although we are lucky enough to live close enough to Leeds to see Northern Ballet regularly, it was perfect on a work night to be able to stay close to home and see it in our wonderful local independent cinema with a mug of tea in hand. I really hope there will be many more live broadcasts by Northern Ballet.
  15. Oh LinMM - what an inspiration you are. Most 70-somethings would be happy just to be walking properly 6 months after their accident, let alone dancing. Good luck with your recovery.
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