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  1. Thanks @Kate_N for clarifying about use of elliptical machine. As I said - I'm not an expert
  2. I am not an expert - but personally I have found pilates very good for developing strong but long muscles. I wonder if the elliptical machine work is building muscles bulk which isn't quite what she wants. I would also say that contemporary courses seem to look for a different body shape to ballet schools, so maybe aspiring to a ballet physique isn't the right thing for her in any case.
  3. I think you are probably right - that hadn't occurred to me! Made me think - at vocational school do girls have the chance to go shopping for 'unmentionables' and for toiletries and things? Or do they have to take enough with them from home?
  4. Let's hope its finished while she's still young enough to enjoy it! At the moment it's progressing in fits and starts because of fitting it in around work. I also stalled big time at the start of the COVID epidemic - couldn't do anything creative at all!
  5. Maybe I should have titled it Swan Lake 'Bath' Ballet. Sorry for getting your hopes up!
  6. Thankyou to everyone who has responded to the thread about pointe work. So much information, and some wonderful anecdotes. It hadn't occurred to me how stressful it must be for an 11 year old, away from home for the first time, being faced with pointe shoe ribbons to sew! Now I have some questions about timetabling at vocational schools. How much ballet do students do in Year 7? Do boys and girls have separate classes? What do they do in the way of other dance genres? How does the dance timetable fit in with the school timetable - eg do they do school work in the morning and dance in the afternoon, or is dance mixed in amongst other lessons as PE would be at a regular school. Do they do ballet exams? I appreciate it is probably different at different schools. I'm just keen to get an idea of how things work so that I can make my story as realistic as possible.
  7. The Swan Lake Bath Ballet - both wonderful and weird. I'm sure it should come with a disclaimer about the dangers of dancing en pointe in the bath tub Enjoy.
  8. Equality rather than equity? Reminds me of my Dad's tale that, as a teenager, his younger sister was given more pocket money than him because she had to buy make up! (Sorry - that was way off subject!)
  9. Hard work really does pay off. But I remember dd saying to me when she was about 12...'Mrs x says if you work hard enough you can do anything you want. But that's not true is it?' I had to agree with her. It's true of many things in life, but perhaps more so in dance, there are so many other factors which come into play. It's not a bad lesson to learn. The motto she lived by was one another teacher gave her. 'If you try you might, if you don't you won't.'
  10. There could be many reasons why someone wouldn't take up a place They may be offered a full time vocational place somewhere Family circumstances may change - if mum/dad looses their job they may not be able to afford the course and the travel involved any more They may get injured or ill They may have conflicting offers and realise they cannot fit everything in They may decide that they no longer want to be a dancer. I know of at least one person who got an offer from SWL. Mum was so shocked when she got the phone call she thought it was someone playing a prank.
  11. Feeling for those who weren't successful this time. It is hard, especially after all the waiting and anticipation. Please encourage your little ones that one 'no' doesn't mean you will never get any 'yes's'. If it's what you want - keep trying and the right thing will happen for you when the time is right. And if nothing else - this audition was a practice for the ones to come.
  12. I've been having a bit of a tidy out and came across a couple of folders of ballet training stuff from when my dd was younger. Back then everything was on paper - and I guess I'm a bit of a hoarder because I had kept everything. What struck me, going through it today, was how many rejection letters there were. How on earth she kept going I don't know. But amongst all the rejections were the few, treasured 'delighted to offer you a place' letters. Despite all the rejections she went on to get a funded place at dance school at 16 and to become a professional dancer. When you read the posts in this forum it is easy to think that everyone is being accepted for everything they apply for. This isn't true. Many people don't want to post their disappointment. You don't need to be accepted by every school or training scheme. Sometimes just one offer of the right thing at the right time is all you need.
  13. Does anyone darn pointe shoes these days?
  14. @fwr I wouldn't worry too much about it if I was you. I doubt you will be penalised for submitting your application close to the closing date. And you won't be the only ones to do that.
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