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  1. I think with any out of the house activity we each have to do a personal risk assessment these days. It sounds as if the pilates teacher has done a risk assessment - but there's nothing wrong with saying it doesn't meet your own risk assessment if you are uncomfortable. Distance is more important if you are facing than if you are side by side. Ventilation is probably just as important. Also the overall space in the room, and what happens in between sessions. As to whether the care sector are getting regular testing - I know that the care organ
  2. I believe that you can temporarily turn off the proximity scanning if you will be leaving your phone in a changing room/locker - for just this reason. As to where you need to give track and trace details - When using Cafes, bars, restaurants, close contact personal services (eg hairdressers), you must provide details for track and trace, either via the app or giving your contact details manually(they can refuse to serve you if you don't). There is no such requirement when using shops. I don't think the QR codes were really intended for use in shops.
  3. How's everyone doing? Just returned from my short break away in North Yorkshire. It was lovely to have a few days away from home and to get out walking in different surroundings. I am now bold enough to go inside a café for lunch. Still not quite ready for pubs! And decided not to bother with the few tourist attractions in the area (I've visited most of them before and they'll still be there next time). I'm just so glad I enjoy walking otherwise life would be really miserable! It was great to be away, but great to be home too.
  4. I think @Spamcathas judged this well - PLEASE don't read too much into when your videos were viewed and for how long. If the judges are viewing them from home in their own time there will be no rhyme or reason to it. I know this is really difficult but try not to read too much into what has been viewed and when. (PS - I'm so glad that we didn't have videos auditions when my dd was doing this - it must be so much harder for you guys now!)
  5. Lol - nothing like - but I have been around the block a bit! But thank you.
  6. Thankyou @Tulip. Some of the language in this thread was starting to make me feel uncomfortable. Just as we shouldn't generalise about dancers who don't fit the 'classic' ballet aesthetic, it is just as harmful to generalise about those who do. This too is body shaming. Slim dancers (I don't want to use the term 'skinny' as I wouldn't use the term 'fat' to describe a larger dancer) may be slim for many reasons - some may be to do with over dieting, but some people are genetically made that way. And they still have to be talented and dedicated to get a pl
  7. A couple more thoughts from me: It might help to schedule specific time for homework every day. eg if homework is supposed to take 20 minutes - maybe schedule a half hour for it each evening with no TV, no phones, and if it isn't completed in that time draw a line under it. Explain to the school you are taking this approach as it may take a few weeks to settle into it and there will be some days when homework doesn't get completed. If possible make a special place for her to sit and do her homework. This could be a desk in her bedroom, but it's OK if it;s the kitchen table if o
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54553828 I expect young Desiré never expected to achieve such international fame. Let's hope the exposure brings some unexpected success for her
  9. It is possible that the teacher simply doesn't understand how serious she is about it and the amount of training involved The way I approached it was to book an appointment with her head of year. I explained that she had a serious vocational ambition and explained the amount of training she was doing outside school. I drew up a little timetable showing her dance classes and travel time. Once the head of year understood this, she actually came up with options herself, potentially dropping a subject, and having some days not in school for a full day. She said they h
  10. These are the links to the Government Guidelines for Tier 2 and Tier 3 which gives a lot more detail than on the news websites. My interpretation is that associate classes can still run in all Tiers as long as there is no household mixing (whether you consider them education or exercise class) In terms of travel restrictions: If you live in a Tier 1/2 area and/or your class is either in the same area or another Tier 1 or Tier 2 area it looks OK to me - there are no travel restrictions for Tier 2 If you live in a Tier 3 area and your class is in the sa
  11. Frustrating for you - but as you say - maybe it is meant to be. Your dd must be very talented to have been chosen by Elmhurst. At least you do not have to make a difficult decision of having to chose between the two!
  12. And those where it isn't obvious which way is on and which way is off.
  13. Whilst I found the 'Fatima' ad deeply disturbing on many levels, I do think we should try to get across to our young dancers that if and when they decide that they no longer want to continue down the dancing route, there are many options open to them. When my dd was training many people asked about her 'Plan B' - would she become a teacher, or a physiotherapist. They presumed Plan B would be something dance related - but it doesn't have to be. My dd's second career, after she finished working on Cruise Ships, has been as a Web Developer. Admittedly she wa
  14. I would say let her audition (if you can afford to). There is no way to second guess what they are looking for, but if she doesn't try there will always be a 'what if' in future. Treat the audition as a fun day out, an experience in its own right. If she gets shortlisted it's an added bonus.
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