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  1. @FlexyNexypm’d you x
  2. I also read somewhere last week that they were trying to allow 2500 VIPs to avoid quarantine restrictions to attend the final/semi-final!!! It makes very little sense to me. I really feel for your dd and her peers- that’s so disappointing after the past two years that they have had! It just feels like we are never going to be out of this!
  3. If you want a good night’s sleep, I would advise against the Ibis Budget hotel. It’s very close to the studios but I would honestly sacrifice that in order to be able to sleep. The Ibis Budget has laminate floors and the sound carries. Spent two very noisy nights there - NEVER AGAIN!!
  4. My dd has also done a few of Laetitia’s classes and absolutely loved them. She is such a lovely teacher and my dd got so much out of the classes. I would highly recommend them.
  5. Hi, I can’t answer any questions about ENBS but I can about the DaDA. There is a sliding scale based on your household income and this decides if you’re entitled to any help with living costs. The scale can be found on this link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales-2018-to-2019-academic-year Hope this helps x
  6. Yes, but it is proving impossible to get a covid test for us. Can you get one at your nearest airport? Just a thought, as some of these centres have sprung up to allow people to test before travel.
  7. Thank you 😃 Thank you also. This is good to know, especially in the current climate. We aren’t at the graduation year yet but always good to have other options just in case.
  8. Thank you for the advice 2dancersmum. That’s interesting as I was under the impression that from reading this forum that student finance would only pay for a second degree/ higher education if it was related to a health professional role. Maybe that has been the case in the students that Cotes du Rhône was talking about?
  9. Both mine had Dadas and obtained the Diploma. The school has said that because they never did the extra modules to turn it into a full degree and the Dada funding isn’t student financed, different pot, they are entitled to funding. Every student that has left the school after 6:3, whether Dada funded or self payers have obtained student finance at University ☺️ Thank you 😃
  10. Does this still apply to student finance if they received a DaDA?
  11. Brighton Academy have started up a BA degree with ballet as the main focus. They took some second and third years from another ballet school that closed and can’t be mentioned on this forum. I think they are offering a first year from Sept 2021 but you would need to check that out. Have you thought about any that offer Dance and Drama Award funding? They are means tested and dependent on your parents’ income, you may get some help with living costs. KS Dance in Warrington or Northern Ballet School in Manchester have options to study ballet as a main subject with other dance styles included. I hope this helps 😃
  12. I was also going to suggest Einaudi... I giorno is lovely, also there are also some lovely Yiruma pieces that might work for you.
  13. Devastated for all the dancers and performers! With a dd at vocational upper school I do worry what the future holds 😭
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